06 June 2013


Have some fun with telemarketers

Well, last month's entry on telemarketers was a hit.  Apparently, there were a over a thousand of you out there that received calls from the same assholes that called me.  That puts last month's post in the top five most views of all time for this blog.  I hope you have enjoyed my brief rants.  Thanks to those who took the time to leave comments.

My cousin sent me the picture above.  But unfortunately, most calls are automated, there is rarely a human on the other end.

Anyway, new month...new calls. 

6 June 2013
   989-624-8438  MI, USA  D-Day.  I say we all storm into a telemarketing firm like it was Normandy in 1944.  I have been saying all along, telemarketers are terrorists...we should declare war on them.  What better day than today?  Fuck these guys.  Our drones against their robo-dialers.

12 June 2013
   801-877-5855  Provo, UT  Fucking Utah?  I guess ski season is over, they have nothing better to do.  Not like they can go out drinking.  Although, I have to admit that the Salt Lake City area is really clean.  Provo, on the other hand, and I have no idea where it is and I am too lazy to look it up, is a shit town.  I am solely basing that theory on the infestation of at least one telemarketer in their shit town.  So, have one of your wives from the clan disrobe your magical undergarments...and go fuck yourself.

This is also a return caller from February 2013.

21 June 2013
   601-389-1457   MS, USA  Mississippi?  Hey, remember when you were in elementary school and you would randomly spell Mississippi?  Maybe a teacher taught it to you.  Most likely, it was some class clown that started it in class and it was all the rage at recess.  You know "M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I", you would kinda sing it in the playground, sometimes whilst skipping rope.  It was a fun state to spell.  Heck, I cannot type or write it without singing it in my head.   Ah, those where the days...days without fucking telemarketers calling you.  Fuck you!

23 June 2013
   740-368-0299   Delaware, OH.  On a fucking Sunday?  Who fucking calls on a Sunday?  How dare you disrespect the Lord's day...and by 'the Lord', I totally mean Lord Vader?   May the Lord (Vader, that is) strike down upon thee as he did to Alderaan.  Delaware, Ohio....well, which is it?  Fucking Delaware or fucking Ohio?    It would be pretty awesome if there was a universal Force choke hold on these fuckers. 

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