09 June 2013

Random Depeche Mode Sightings

Depeche Mode is currently on tour, supporting their new album, Delta Machine.  Today, I saw two random commercials featuring Depeche Mode songs.  Both within about 30 minutes of each other.

This was a surprise from HBO Documentary Films, as it was seen on broadcast TV.  Welcome to My World is the first track off their new album.  Not recognizable to most since it is not a 'classic Depeche Mode hit', but as soon as I heard the opening note...I though it sounded a lot like the intro to Welcome to My World.  It was!  An odd choice, but the song works for the subject of the advertisement. 

Behind the Wheel was featured in this ad for Christian Dior.  I hear the music and immediately recognized the 1987 hit.  The name of the ad campaign is "Secret Garden 2- Versailles"

Looks like Christian Dior is doing a series of "Secret Garden - Versailles" advertisements with Depeche Mode songs.  Part one features Depeche Mode's 1990 hit Enjoy the Silence.  Here is the long version:

DM Trivia:  There is a song by Depeche Mode called My Secret Garden from their 1982 album A Broken Frame.

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