15 February 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 106-109

Another shipment, another "skipment". 

Missing Issues:  076, 077, 085, 086, 087, 092, 095, 096, 099, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105

That is 15 issues missing...which in total, is more than 10% of the entire build.  Issues 099-105 were skipped since the last shipment.  That is seven issues!  Almost two full shipments.

Issues 106-109
Again, nothing I can really build because these parts assemble on top of parts we are missing.  Anyway, here is what you get in Issues 106-109:

Issue 106 - Rear Flux Boxes

Contents of Issue 106
Oh, more wires.  Maybe something lights up...who knows?

Issue 107 - Driver's Side Flux Bands

Contents of Issue 107
Looks like there are photoetched parts to create that 'holey' look of the flex bands.  I had photoetched parts on the Hot Wheels Elite Time Machine, and  as I recall, they were expensive to make.  So, on a positive note, Eaglemoss is spending money on photoetched parts.  Too bad they are no spending money on getting me the 15 missing parts.

Issue 108 - Passenger Side Flux Bands

Contents of Issue 108
Once you finish one side of flux bands, you get to do the other side of flux bands...that is, if you have all the parts.  Or, you can be like me and wait...and hope...for (usable) parts to come.

Issue 109 - Time Field Generator

Issue 109 contents
They call these hoses and cables "Time Field Generator".  I am not sure what they are talking about.  These are the cables and hoses that run from the top flux boxes to the rear deck. 

Apologies for another boring post with no real updates.  I know you are here to see the screw count. Unfortunately, one has to play with the cards that one is dealt, and I got nothing. 

to be continued...

01 February 2020


Since this year is a Leap Year, I wonder if I will get a call on Leap Day.

1 February 2020
  562-548-5014  California - First of the month...and on a Saturday.  Luckily, it seems like Call Protect is working again, and blocked the call.  At least we know that Call Protect is running again.  As for the telemarketer, you know the drill...fuck you!

5 February 2020
  310-272-9395  Beverly Hills, CA - I guess we area going back to the Beverly Hills number for this month. Boring. Fuck you!

10 February 2020
  310-849-9096  Beverly Hills, CA - Another spoofed number from a telemarketer/scammer.  Fuck you!

  701-989-7533  Bismarck, ND - This is interesting.  The call came through, yet also intercepted by Call Protect.

No matter, since I 'missed' the call.  Looks like it will be a week of calls.  Stay tuned, and fuck you!

11 February 2020
  408-469-2252  Sunnyvale, CA - Could be a wrong number, but I am leaning to another spoofed number from your friendly neighbourhood telemarketer.  Fuck you!

19 February 2020
  559-596-3909  Dinuba, CA -  Dinuba?  Fuck you!

21 February 2020
  720-613-1690  Hudson, CO - Another spoofed number, this time from the mile high city.  Same old game they keep playing.  Same old response from me...fuck you!

24 February 2020
  599-596-3909  Dinuba, CA - Wait, is this our first return caller of 2020? I highly doubt this is a legit call.  Fuck you!

  760-473-9367  Carlsbad, CA - Ah, I know Carlsbad. That is where LEGOLAND California is located.  Maybe I won free tickets.  Not!  Fuck you!

  916-338-9546  Arcade, CA - If you are keeping track, this is the third call in about three hours.  Hey, I wonder if they have an arcade in Arcade.  What would you call it?  Fuck you!

Who calls me?

26 February 2020
  599-596-3909  Dinuba, CA - Remember this number?  They finally left a message.

Marketing through the telephone...telemarketing, classic.

Oh, so you want to thank me for my years of loyalty?  With what?  A "choice of streaming service"?  So, I need to pay more?  How about this...maybe you can thank my loyalty by not raising the prices every few months. Maybe give me a discount.  When I can questioning the amount of my bill in regards to your service, maybe give me a fucking loyalty discount, instead of trying to up sell me on something that I should be getting as a loyal customer.  How about just not calling me.  Fuck you!

28 February 2020
  310-730-8037  Culver City, CA - Been a while, this is another one of those calls that is in Chinese. I have no idea what they are saying.  The phone's transcription is not able to dictate what was said.  Fuck you!