01 January 2022


 We do know why we keep doing this.  There really is no point to all of this.  But, here we are again, another month, another year.

1 January 2022

  dulcedevallet3492@hotmail.com - Wasting no time, and coming in the the first day of the year...we have this gem. 


We are fascinated by these creative names for email address. Fuck you!

3 January 2022

   f73w4yw8@aol.com - We can go to our usual banter about the email address, or the mass distributions list.  


But, sending this at 2:16 AM is a bit rude.  Fuck you!

4 January 2022
  770-539-6628  Gainsville, GA - First call of the year from a number...again, most likely a spoofed number.  But, nice to see that traditional telemarketing is back in the game. Fuck you!

  kalama9900@gmail.com - Well, that did not take long


Maybe "Kalama 9900" is the name of the machine that generates these texts to hundreds of people.  Four days in to the month and we have three of these, only taking off on a Sunday. Fuck you!

5 January 2022
  512-447-0472  Austin, TX - Okay, we think there is a pattern developing.  At least for this week. Start the day with call from a spoofed number, then follow up with a text from random email address.  On the edge of our seats waiting for that text.  Fuck you!

  346-295-4970  Houston, TX - We have waited about a week for this.  First 'free gift' for paying our December bill.


First Austin, now Houston.  Surely Dallas is next.  Maybe tomorrow, since this came in at almost 10PM.  Who knows, we have been known to receive calls/texts at 2AM.  Fuck you!

8 January 2022
  888-731-1749 - One of those Saturday morning calls that we all love.  Remember back in the day, when you looked forward to Saturday Morning Cartoons?  Now, we have to deal with Saturday morning telemarketer calls.  Fuck you!

  346-295-5537 - Ha, check this one out:


What browsing history?  Basically a history of searches for numbers that text or call us.  Wait, is this the virus you are talking about?  Fuck you!

11 January 2022
  310-599-1001  Compton, CA - Ha!  These guys call so much, we immediately recognized the 310-599-xxxx number.  Welcome back, and fuck you!

12 January 2022
  amysnmay888@gmail.com - Fucking 5:40 AM!  Uh, 'tight wet juicy ready to play'?  Wait, water balloons?


Need to address the email address...see what I did there?  "amysnmay888" sounds so Asian.  So, Asian water balloons?  Fuck you!

  904-268-8474  Jacksonville, FL - Going old school with this one.  Another number spoofed by telemarketers. Fuck you!

14 January 2022

  332-262-8129  New York - At least this is something new.  As far as we can tell, one does not need to 'update membership' with Netflix.  There is no "membership".  When they change terms, it automatically 'updates' your account.  Either you are subscribed to their service, or not.  


Well...same shit, different asshole. Fuck you!

  833-830-3692 - Yes, three times.  Caught by Call Protect


Here is something interesting we found whilst doing a quick search.  The 833 area code is not assigned to any region, as it is assigned to toll free number, much like 800, 877, 888, etc. numbers.  While we did not find anything on this number in our search, the fact that Call Protect blocked this, automatically puts this in the telemarketer category.  Calling three times in less than a minute did not do them any favours. Fuck you!

15 January 2022
  301-353-1626  Rockville, MD - Damn, they named a city after Dwayne Johnson?  Fuck you!

04 December 2021


Here we go, heading into the last month of the year.  Surprised it took three days into the month to get our first call.  But, at least they made up for it by give us a few calls.

3 December 2021

   888-889-1193  -  Of course, we have no idea what this is.  Interesting results from a quick search, as some of them where blocked for being suspicious.  Nice work with getting an 888 number to make it look legit, at first glance.  Fuck you!

  804-737-2352  Sandston, VA -  Who the fuck in Sandston, VA is calling?  According to Wikipedia, Sandston is a 'census-designed space'.  Uh, okay.  Without diving any deeper, we are just going to assume that is some sort of government experiment...like the nuclear bomb testing sights.  Speaking of that, how about nuking telemarketers.  Fuck you!

4 December 2021

  903-871-4119  Whitehouse, TX - We highly doubt a 77 year old man from Whitehouse, TX...formerly from Fontana, CA...would be calling us on a Saturday. This is a spoofed number.  Fuck you!

5 December 2021

  657-384-6554  Santa Ana, CA - And, we are back to this clever little scam:


Be careful out there.  Good timing, good layout of text. This was very convincing...except for the link.  We are not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe trick. Fuck you!

6 December 2021

  973-748-7877  Bloomfield, NJ -  Ugh, these random numbers are being spoofed by telemarketers.  There are possibly more innocent victims to scams, from the owner of the spoofed number to the persons they are calling.  That is a double fuck you...fuck you!

7 December 2021

  916-222-1985  Sloughhouse, CA - Sloughhouse is just a weird name.  You have back to to back "ou" sounds...wait, there is another one...and a double H.  We also have a pretty easy to remember.  

First we have the area code, '916'...which looks the same upside down.  One could say the same about the prefix, '222'.  Triplet of 2's is easy to remember.  Then, you have a simple '1985'.  No need to swipe left or right, here is my number, too bad this is a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

8 December 2021

  916-725-5044  Citrus Heights, CA - Ugh, there is an obvious citrus joke here, like "why is Citrus Heights not located in Orange County?"  While it is in Sacramento County, the city of Citrus Heights is the next town over from...wait for it...Orangevale.  So, we are not even that mad about this call.  Oh, they left a message:


Typical robo voicemail from a robocall.  Love that the phone had a little trouble transcribing the voicemail.  Obviously, nothing big.  I wonder if they were trying to sell us oranges.  Fuck you!

9 December 2021

  623-842-8082  Phoenix, AZ - Okay, we did a quick search and this is obviously a spoofed number. The interesting part is, this number has a listed origin of Surprise, AZ.  How cool would it be to live in a city named Surprise? 

  541-205-3586  Klamath Falls, OR -  Here is your Jeopardy! clue in the category Science Fiction:  This is what happens when your calculations are in Klingon, and the results plummet.

Answer:  What is Kla'math Falls?

10 December 2021

 971-292-8445  Portland, OR - Normally, we do a quick search for the number to check if there are any record of it being a known telemarketer.   But, we were more interested in verifying the body of this text:


According to a leading online news source, this information incorrect.  We did not look very far, but it seems like this is important, so it should pop up somewhere on the front page.  Nope.  So, why do we care?  Why are you bothering us with this?  Obviously, this is some sort of trigger, in hope of getting us engaged in some argument.  Perhaps, give up some information.  

Either way, we really do not give a shit.  Again, this shit like this, the link is almost always questionable.  Come on, 'breath retail'.  Fuck you!

Update:  We just saw the President on the Tonight Show.  You would think he would mention this on the show.

11 December 2021

  269-668-5372  Mattawa, MI - Spoofed number comin' at'cha early on a Saturday morning. Fuck you!

  480-740-9069  Phoenix, AZ - Here we are again, second one this month:


Fuck you!

  747-253-1348  Los Angeles, CA - Oh, another one


Just how many free gifts are there?   These are different links.  You guys need to coordinate before sending these out.  Fuck you!

12 December 2021
  415-815-9945  San Francisco, CA - This is the fourth message from four different numbers/locations:


Totally possible to get ten of these by the end of the month.  Fuck you!

13 December 2021
  602-840-5563  Phoenix, AZ - Spoofed number from Valley, AZ.  Arizona has some pretty cool names for cities.  First "Surprise", now "Valley".  How about this for a city name...Fuck you!

  215-362-6593  Lansdale, PA - You need to get pretty Early to get us with another spoofed number.  Fuck you!

  310-599-3964  Compton, CA - That is three calls from three different numbers, today. Really trying to mix things up, hoping to catch people during the holiday season. Fuck you!

14 December 2021
  913-492-9272  Kansas City, KS - We have been getting many of these calls from spoofed numbers. Fuck you!

15 December 2021
  913-337-8468  Kansas City, KS - Another call from Kansas City.  Just like there are (at least) two Kansas City's...or is it Cities?...we have our second call from Kansas City.  How many time can we mention Kansas City until we say, fuck you!

18 December 2021
  808-626-2084  Honolulu, HI - All the way from Hawai'i, on a Saturday morning. Fuck you!

19 December 2021
  442-341-9181 Southeastern California - We have our fifth message from a fifth location for the month.

Wow, on a Sunday morning, too.  Fuck you!

21 December 2021
  310-599-3880  Compton, CA - We recognize this area code and prefix.  Fuck you!

  480-559-2590  Phoenix, AZ -  Well, we already have one from Phoenix.

That makes six for the month.  Fuck you!

22 December 2021
  402-383-6943  Nebraska City, NE - Nebraska City, Nebraska.  So nice, they named it twice.  Not really.  


Well, this one is interesting.  Follow along.  We have a call coming in from Nebraska, nothing strange there. As we get calls from all over the country.  A message was left.  Again, nothing strange there.  But, the number registered to the message is from a different location:


The origin of this message is from New York.  Ah, but the plot thickens.  They ask us to call them back at a third number.  The 833-208-2739 number is based in Virginia.  Oh yeah, we looked that shit up.  

This is apparently for some student loans...or is it?  We already went through our stellar education status.  So, we looked up Barents program.  Well, according to our extensive research, this has nothing to do with student loans.  The Barents Region is located in Northern Europe and Northwest Asia.  We have not idea what the hell they do.  Frankly, it was too much to read, and way above our educational experience. But pretty damn sure it has no damn thing to do with student loans.  

Anyway, this just smells fishy.  Fuck you!

23 December 2021
  calebawuku40@gmail.com - If it was not frowned upon, we would love to reply to these texts/emails with  dick pics.  If you thing about it, which is worse...falling for a scam and loose money, or looking at a random penis?


This is a pretty good deal.  Chillin at home and only working twice a week.  Look at all the free time we can have. Maybe we can work two two-day-a-week gigs.  The $1200 a month is not bad for only working twice a week.  Might consider this.  

Better yet, how about we send you two dick pics a week...for free.  Fuck you!

  917-951-3085  New York, NY -  Coming in at number 7...


Fuck you!

  213-509-0425 Los Angeles, CA - Hard push to meet that end of month deadline.  Second one of the day.


We have our eight version of this shit. Fuck you!

27 December 2021
  859-426-7865  Covington, KY - No Love here, just another spoofed number.  Fuck you!

28 December 2021
  318-385-9455  Arcadia, LA - Come on, guys.  Enough with these spoofed numbers, I need to be given more gifts for paying my bills.  Fuck you!

  310-876-9859  Culver City, CA - Ha ha!  One of the search results will take you to "FishyCaller".  By they way, this call came in about a minute after the previous one. Fuck you!

  661-654-8941  Bakersfield, CA - Again, there is no real reason a realtor should be calling us, so we are just going to classify this as another spoofed number.  Been a while since we got three random calls in one day.  Fuck you!

30 December 2021

  347-237-2662  Manhattan, NY - Where have you fuckers been? Wait, did you guys jump the gun?

We are still in December, and there is no way we have already paid our bill.  Hey, is this one of those scams...nah!  Okay, we will still count this as number nine for the month.  Tomorrow is the last day of the month, we want to get ten of these.  Will it be a "November bill" or "December bill" for our free gift?  Fuck you!

31 December 2021
  346-667-1085  Houston, TX - This came in at 6:15 in the morning, on the last day of the year.  Could this be a pack day as robots try to meet their quota for the year?


Sounds like a miracle pill.  Recommended by celebrities?  Which ones?  Depending on which celebrity, we may give this a try.  Surely there is no harm in a product that can 'burn fat like crazy' with just 'one cup before bedtime."  Wait, are you saying we are fat?  Fuck you!

05 November 2021

Traveling For The First Time Since Pandemic

 Like most of us, many have not traveled in almost two years.  The last time I was on a plane was the Winter of 2019, just before things were shut down.  That was just a domestic flight, so no big deal.  The last international flight for me was late 2018.

I just got back from a quick business trip from US to UK, then to Switzerland, and back.  That is four plane trips in three countries over five days.  This worked out to be over 11,800 miles and almost 24 hours sitting in a plane. Fun times!

Because of all that has happened the last two years, things have changed.  There are many forms to fill out, and many apps to download to make your travel experience a lot...easier...and stressful.  You pretty much need to be vaccinated in order to travel and/or enter another country.  If you happen to be one of the 'red flagged' countries...good luck with that. 

Side note:  Plane tickets are relatively cheap, it is the taxes that make it seem expensive.  The itemized breakdown of the tickets show that about half the cost is just in taxes.  Yikes!

Here is a fun tip.  If you happen to have 'special dietary needs', remember to request that when booking your tickets.  I usually go with vegetarian, just to be safe, since I am a picky eater.  No meat for me, but I can go with seafood.  I doubt they would serve seafood on a plane.  

While the plane will usually have a selection of meals, options like vegetarian meals may run out, depending on how far back in coach you are sitting.  When you pre-order a meal, you get served first.  Yeah, while everyone is waiting for the cart to roll to them and hope for some good choices, you are already munching down on some sweet plane food.  I actually like the food that is served on the plane.  Maybe because, the special meals are better prepared...or just easier not to mess up.

Also, this is a good time to travel, since not everyone is traveling.  You, like me will mostly get a whole row to yourself.  It seems like the airlines are assigning seats with an empty seat in between, then filling those when/if needed.  I was lucky to have the whole row on three of the four flights, and on both long haul flights.  Yay!

Traveling to UK

Going to visit the Queen?  You will need to complete a Passenger Locator Form.  Whether you are transferring at a UK airport, or staying for a bit, you need this form.  This form is a little tricky to fill out, as there are many questions regarding your heath status.  One thing you will need is a Booking Number.

What is a Booking Number?  The UK wants you to be tested to really make sure you do not have the cooties.  So, you will need to book a testing either in person or by self via mail.  How do they know you are going to be tested?  Well...this is open to debate.  You are required to have that booking number, but it really does not say that it is required to actually take the test.  Hmm...loop holes.

But!  But, you will need a negative test, within 3 days of travel, to return to the US. So, you should take that test.  Oh, me?  Yeah, I took the home version and mailed it.  It has been about three weeks, I still have not received results from them.

Pro tip:  If you are flying British Airways, download the VeriFly app, as it will help you through security.

Traveling to Switzerland

I traveled to Switzerland from the UK, so things might be different depending on where you are arriving from.  There where no special forms to fill out or yet another app to download.  

But!  But, you will need a special form, proof of vaccination, to enter certain facilities, like restaurants.  Out of all the forms and QR codes printed and saved on my phone, this was the only one that was actually scanned.  Most of the time, they just do a quick glance at your form to make sure you have it filled out, then send you on your way.

Since I was heading back to US in two days, I needed to take a COVID-19 test, and needed fast results.  There are stations at airports that will provide this service.  Very quick, very easy...but not cheap.  Cost was $75.  Yikes!  Results are emailed to you within the hour.

Of course, you will need these results to fill out more forms before you are allowed to fly into the US.  Still waiting on those results from the test I took in the UK.  Okay, this is probably my fault...I may have forgotten to fill out the information on the test tube.  Hey, there were a lot of steps to register the kit, and after partying for a few days until 4AM, I missed an important step.  Or, maybe the people I left it with, did not put it in the post for me.

So, there you have it.  A quick reference to international travel.  Check with the airline and local government for up to date requirements before traveling.  There is a lot more to do, but relatively easy.  Heck, if I was able to do it, anyone can.  Good luck and have a fun and safe trip.

01 November 2021


 Here we go, another month of telemarketing calls and texts.  What creative scams will we see this month?

1 November 2021

  alessandra-ashely-1761@outlook.com - Finally, a scam we can get excited about.  

Normally, we break down little details of the text itself or the address or number/location of the sender.  Heck, sometimes we go deep into misspellings and analysis of the link.  We really want to nitpick that link, as it looks like a cat walked on the center of the keyboard.  Although, we are intrigued by the repeating pattern of letters. Heck, if  the cat walked just a little to the left, and only walked on the D, F, and G...it could be notes to a song.  See, that H throws it all out of whack.

That extra space and lack of a comma after 'Now' is begging for us to poke fun at.  And, that is not the only grammatical issues we see.  So many flags being raised...among other things being raised.


  We are also not going to do talk about these matters, and we are not going to talk about the time of the incoming text. Because, we are really, for the lack of a better word, excited about this.

No way this is a scam, right?  Random chick just pick one special person to text and offer up their genitals to be tongue lashed.  Sure, it happens all the time. The name Alessandra Ashely totally does not sound like a made up stripper name to get the blood rushing to our credentials.  

Maybe tonight is the night we finally get lucky.  Normally, we end these things by saying fuck you, but in this case, we think it is appropriate to say, lick you!

2 November 2021

halanabegum774@gmail.com - Could this be the month of texts by email.  


No offers to stroll down Petticoat Lane, just a link.  A questionable link send at 5:21AM.  Fuck you!

310-849-9130  Beverly Hills, CA - Welcome back!  Good to see a semi-familiar number.  We know what to do in situations like this. But, slight twist, they left a voicemail, at 7:51AM.  All the bot was able to get through, after our long outgoing message...was just "goodbye"

Goodbye, indeed.  Better yet, fuck you!

310-436-8400  Gardena, CA - Meh, could be a wrong number.  Nothing came up on a search, so we will just classify this under telemarketer as default. Fuck you!

 3 November 2021

  +95 18185504  Myanmar (Burma) - Either this is a really wrong number...who would misdial a long distance number?  Or, they are not spoofing numbers anymore and car just calling straight from Myanmar.  Fuck you!

615-450-3396  Hartsville, TN - This is interesting.  While this could be legit, there are signs pointing to another scam. Join us, as we break this down.  First, let us take a look at the text:

The origin of the text comes from a number located in Hartsville, TN.  This claims to be from Walgreens/Kroger.  Walgreens has their headquarters in Deerfield, IL, while Kroger has their headquarters in Cincinnati, OH.  Yes, there is a possibility that William F Prince has an office in Hartsville.

Speaking of William F Prince...we looked him up.  There is no HR Manager named William F Prince that works for either Walgreens or Kroger.  You would think that someone up top like that would at least have some sort of professional listing.  Nope. We even looked up HR Managers for both businesses and none of them were named William F Prince.  Again, there could be a chance that a William F Prince is a regional or local HR Manager...maybe.

Some grammatical issues we see.  The ® should be placed after Kroger, not after 'stores'...and if you are going to have that ®, you should have it after Walgreens, as well.  There should be a period after F, in the middle initial of the name.  Why is Manager in parentheses?  There should be no parentheses in a job title.

The link, of course, is questionable...we have been through this part.  Also, why contact us for these 'tasks'.  Seriously, $350-$450 is good money to chill at a store for 20-30 minutes...but that is 20-30 minutes at a Walgreens and/or Kroger.  Fuck that, and fuck you!

5 November 2021

  615-572-3860  Tennessee  - Another text from Tennessee.  What is up with that large blank space?


Wait, is $100 credit for evaluating a Walgreens/Kroger?  Honestly, we have not left the house...you know, Global Pandemic and all.  Did just doing the research on William F Prince, looking up Walgreens and Kroger, earn us $100?

Maybe we should click on that link.  Maybe you go fuck yourself.

  424-209-5396  Culver City, CA - Tha' fuck is this shit?  Fuck you!

10 November 2021
  310-849-2963 Beverly Hills, CA - Ah, good old Beverly Hills numbers.  We know what to do with that.  Well, pretty much the same thing with all telemarketer calls, we just ignore it.  But, with these Beverly Hills numbers, we do not need to do a search to see if they might be legit.  

Maybe someday we will meet Jed and his family and see what this is all about. Until then, fuck you!

  615-450-3396  Hartsville, TN - This the same message as above from Kroger/Walgreens HR (Manager), William F Prince.


Wait, could this be legit?  Does not matter, fuck you!

  310-526-3714  Santa Monica, CA - Labeled as Spam Risk and caught by Call Protect.  That means you really fucked up in life, and you are working as a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

12 November 2021

  209-739-3641 Manteca, CA - Whoa, Manteca!  Back in the day, there was a water park in Manteca. In a time before 8:00AM telemarketing call, that water park was the crown jewel of Manteca.  Fuck you!

Update:  We got a voicemail


Student loans?  Ha!  You assume that we are educated and have student loans.  

We also looked up that 1-800 number, and it came up as a (possible) scam.  We looked up Student Loan Forgiveness Center.  Basically, it does not really exist.  There are complaints about this company being a telemarketing scam. Fuck you!

16 November 2021

  albinatimeayevf@outlook.com - So, this came in late at night, at 10:34 PM.  We were getting our beauty sleep when this came in.  If you know what we look like, you know we need our beauty sleep.  Writing this the next day, times and dates of this post are correct.

This is our favourite part...breaking it down.

First, the name.  Well, first...this was sent via email, from what looks suspiciously like a fake account.  It starts out like it could be some hot name from a hot chick.  But then, it just ends in a bunch of mangled letters.  


We continue.  So, is "Sexy Girl" your name?  Why would it be capitalized?  Did you mean "I'm a sexy girl"?  That makes more sense and sounds kinda hot.  Wait, did your parents name you "Sexy Girl".  Shit, going through life like that must have been hard with people making gun of your name.  Heck, with a name like that, the only career path would be some sort of erotic performer...like a stripper.  Oh wait, is that just your stripper name?  I like it, it gets right to the point. Nothing confusing like "SanDeE*".

Next line.  "I love fucking".  Cool, got it.  Again, straight to the point.  Not wasting time or characters.  Then, we have to call the Grammar Police, again.  Why is "Favorite Style" capitalized? and why is "Doggy" in parentheses?  This is so Confusing To (US).

Last line.  "Hit me its my personal link::"  Working backwards, you only need one set of colons.  Wait, are we talking about anal whilst in doggy?  Moving on..."its"?  You mean "it's", it is...as in , it is my personal link.   There should also be a comma after "Hit me".  For your consideration:  "Hit me, it's my personal link:". 

Again we have another link that looks way too suspicious.  That first part is just some intern taping on the three keys in the middle of a keyboard.  "Oh, look at me I am coding...ghjghjuhjfh".

Would it be inappropriate if we sent back a random dick pic?  Fuck you!

17 November 2021

  +33 3 60 35 71 62 Creil, Picardy, France - There is a 'Picardy' in France?  Is this where the Picard family is originally from?  Totally plausible that the Picard's migrated 500km Southeast to Le Barre, and one day Jean-Luc Picard was born.  Maybe they were on holiday.

Yes, totally going to gloss over the fact that this call cam all the way from France.  Make it so!

19 November 2021

  310-322-8706 El Segundo, CA - No message, no results after a quick search. Could be a  wrong number.  Very doubtful. Fuck you!

20 November 2021

  310-849-7359 Beverly Hills, CA - We can always count on Beverly Hills to call.  

Ha ha! Thanks to our  long and annoying outgoing message, all the robot was able to get was 'goodbye'.  Fuck you!

  asyatkhadzhiyevf@outlook.com - This is the same email text as previous.  Note the  time this was received.  Exactly the same time at 10:34PM, this is a pattern.  One more and we get a free gift.


However, the email address on this one is your typical 'cat walking on keyboard' name.  Clearly a fake address.  No need to send dick pic, as they will never receive it.

The link is slightly different.  Same random use of the letter at the center of a keyboard, just different configuration.  Basically, same cat.  Fuck you!

22 November 2021

  805-527-6940  Simi Valley, CA - Based on initial search results, this is very likely a spoofed number.  This might be our first call from Simi Valley, so we are exited about that.  But, not as excited to say, fuck you!

26 November 2021

  209-954-5655  Stockton, CA - We know the AHL affiliate of the Calgary Flames are in Stockton. But we doubt they would be calling us.  We are not season ticket holders to either the Flames or the Heat.  

No need for a search.  They left a message...and automated one.  You can see that it was cut off, and obviously not a human.  

Well, it is good to see that even robots are taking time off for Thanksgiving, but you fuckers are back at work for Black Friday.  Fuck you!

29 November 2021

  monaolagacerr4084@hotmail.com - Note the time.  Coming in at 1:51 AM.


We were hoping for some sort of message.  Maybe something about a Sexy Girl.  This is just to vague for us to randomly click.  Will probably click on link...maybe not.  Fuck you!

04 October 2021


 We are hoping to get more 'gift' offers this month.  It was a new trend that started last month and we received no less than eight of these text scams. 

4 October 2021

  279-399-2047  Sacramento, CA - We start off the month with a late evening call.  Based on search results, this looks like a spoofed number.  As usual, our theory is based on the fact that no one in the Sacramento area would be calling us.  Heck, no one at all would be calling us.  Fuck you!

9 October 2021

  201-713-7459  New Jersey - Here we go!  The first 'free gift' text of the month. 


We got nine of these last month.  Can we get 10 of this month?  

And, look what time this came in.  A little late to be in the day to be sending out notifications like this.  Do you think AT&T would contact anyone during non-business hours? Fuck you!

13 October 2021

510-210-1275  Richmond, CA - And so, it begins...fuck you!

650-456-1282  Pescadero, CA -  We got simultaneous calls and messages:

No, not back to back...at the same time.  There is no call record from this number, yet we have a voicemail.  Fuck you!

707-420-1470  Suisun City, CA - Same message, same duration, same time.


Fuck you!

19 October 2021

  1410100005 - What kind of number is that?  We already smell scam.  Spoiler Alert...and another red flag...we have not ordered anything nor are we expecting any shipments. 


Spelling counts.  Misspelling your company name is a huge red flag.  Most communication from corporate is automated and checked.  You mean to tell us that a shit load of these went out to customers with the company name misspelled...twice?  Fuck you!

20 October 2021

  310-849-5771  Beverly Hills, CA - Here we go!  Abandoning the 'free gift campaign and back to those Beverly Hills numbers. Fuck you!

  310-849-4254  Beverly Hills, CA - Strong move to call twice, trying different 'origin numbers'.  Fuck you!

24 October 2021

  susan.ssusansa52117@gmail.com -  Mass text via email, coming in at 23 minutes after midnight.  we assure you that there are more than the '20 people' received this text.   As with many of these, there are so many questions.


Why just the link?  It is customary to give a little intro.  Maybe something like, "free gift".  And, why the repeat of the link?  Obviously, character count was not an issue...it was wasted on repeating the link, instead of giving a little info to what this may be about.  Come on, tease me a little.  Make me want to click your link and fall for your scam.

The email address.  At first we thought it was random letters or some Eastern European name.  We have susan, then ss, usa, nsa.  "SS", like a ship?  "USA and NSA"...what is this, some sort of government organization?  Oh, gmail...nevermind.  Fuck you!

01 September 2021

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2021

 Here we go, two thirds of the year is over, and we are heading into the home stretch.  August was a pretty packed month of calls.  Typical.  

1 September 2021

  310-846-2715  Inglewood, CA - Whoa!  New number, what happened to the old stand by?  Do we have a new location and numbers for this month?   Been a while since we had a call from Inglewood.  

Anyway, first day of the month and these guys are already working on scamming folks.  To that, we say, fuck you!

2 September 2021

  310-504-8748  Redondo Beach, CA - Oh, here we go!  310-504-XXXX has entered the chat.  Back to basics with old number.  Fuck you!

8 September 2021

  310-504-8084  Redondo Beach, CA - Wow, long break.  It seems that robocallers have holidays, too.  Fuck you!

9 September 2021

  310-504-5960  Redondo Beach, CA - These guys just slowly creep up on you like a predator.  Fuck you!

10 September 2021

  800-347-9700  -  This could be Citibank, but it could also be a spoofed number claiming to be Citibank.  Do we have an account with Citibank?  Maybe.  We have lots of accounts with various banks around the world, most of them are legit.  We usually let our 'accountants' deal with our financial issues.  Then, we have other 'associates' deal with people like telemarketers.  Fuck you!

11 September 2021

  310-795-5057  Los Angeles, CA - We have no clue what this is.  Somewhere between telemarketer and wrong number.  By default, we lean towards telemarketer.  Obviously, we did a quick search, nothing came up.  But, maybe if you look it up now, you will see this post.  Congratulations, fuck you!

14 September 2021

  870-663-5286  Arkansas -  This is sneaky.  This is a straight up scam!


This number does not come up as an AT&T number.  Searching AT&T and this number give negative results.  This also means, this not not a 'free msg'. We are half way through the month and now last month's bill is finally processed?  No.  AT&T generally has their shit together, bills get processed early in the month.  Oh, little gift?  Most likely a fucking virus.  And, that link looks highly questionable.  Fuck you!

   347-604-0527  New York - Awesome, we get two of these on the same day.  This pretty much backs up our theory that this a scam.  You screwed up by not talking to corporate about who you were targeting.  We may have fallen for the first one...no really...but this second one was a rookie move. Now, we all know what to look for, and anyone ready this, all 5 of you, now know about this scam.


Sure, they changed the words a little and the link is different.  But we know that link will lead to some shady places.  Time to come up with something else.  Fuck you!

15 September 2021

  347-610-8856  New York - This is what we call a trend.


Fuck you!

  310-504-6908  Redondo Beach, CA - What, no "little freebie" from "AT&T", this time?  

Those paying attention will recognize the area code and prefix.  Yep, back to the old cold call.  Darn, we were hoping for more free shit.  Fuck you!

  469-981-2010  Royse City, TX - We get a little excited when we get a call from some random or new location.  So, of course we had to do a search and see what this place has to offer.  

Royse City is located North East of Dallas with a population on about 15,000.  For comparison, the American Airlines Center seats about 20,000, depending on the event.  You can basically hold a town meeting for Royse City in the AA center.

Anyway, fuck you!

  281-845-6211  Arcola, TX - Another small town in Texas.  We know they say to not mess with Texas, but y'all got telemarketers there.  Plus, Arcola has a population of less than 3000 people.  Fuck you!

16 September 2021

 800-347-9700  -  Is Citibank really trying to reach us?  Or, is this a spoofed call?  If it is Citibank, we are guessing that we have an account with them...so, what are the odds that this is an attempt to upsell some package.  We consider that classic telemarketing.  Fuck you!

17 September 2021

  310-504-5788  Redondo Beach, CA - Here we go, again.  Fuck you!

  310-504-5788  Redondo Beach, CA - Round too.  Fuck you, two!

  jeaninegsiemeringsp0266@hotmail.com - So, we back to this shit, again?


Where do we start?  Email address.  jeaninegsiemeringsp0266.  Do you really need the 0266 at the end?  All that mess in the beginning is hard enough to fit on a resume or business card, and what are the chances that others have taken the name jeaninegsiemeringsp...which would require you to add your birthday?

Come on, who is emailing people at (almost) 10PM?  Surely, this could wait until morning.

What the fuck kind of link is that?  No message, just a link.  Anybody clicking some random text from some shit ass email address, at 10PM?  Fuck you!

18 September 2021

  714-732-9199  Newport Coast, CA - We got another one:


This is the fourth one, this week.  Any guess as to how many we can get by the end of the month?  Think we can reach ten?  Fuck you!

  347-861-5632  New York - This is our second of the day, fifth one, overall.  


Most of these are coming in from the New York area with the 347 area code.  In our best, or worst New York accent...Eh, fuck you!

21 September 2021
  310-504-6002  Redondo Beach, CA - Are we just going to go back and forth with these 310-504 numbers and free gifts from AT&T?  Fuck you!

  929-215-7942  New York - Oh, we got another one.  Okay, ignore the fact that appologies is misspelled.  This one is a little sneaky, but we all know the game by now.


Hmm..."down time on September 16"?  How would we even notice this?  

But, get this.  Look at the dates in this post.  Note that we first started receiving these types of text on the 14th.  Then, as expected, on the 15th.   Then, what?  A break!  No text for 'free gift' on the 16th.  Is this due to "signal down time"?  Well...we did receive at least one attempted phone call, ignored, of course. So, there was no real down time in signal.  Fuck you!

22 September 2021

  209-630-4642  California - Another Silenced Call.  We were kind of  hoping for another free gift.  Fuck you!

23 September 2021

  917-860-8864  New York - We get a little exited when we get these kind of texts.  This is the seventh one.  This means we have about a week to get to ten.  


Fun to see the different wording to say the same thing.  At the end, the goal is to scam people.  Fuck you!

  862-225-1181  New Jersey - Meh, average call blocked by Call Protect and flagged by the phone.  Fuck you!

27 September 2021

  747-666-2435  Agoura Hills, CA - Interesting number.  Would be awesome if it was the devil.  Makes since, living in hell and making telemarketer calls all day.  Fuck you!

  559-394-9475 Reedly, CA - What is this?  We want our free gift from AT&T.  Fuck you!

  419-863-1455 Delphos, OH - All the way from Ohio, and we just ignored the call.  Fuck you!

28 September 2021

  909-304-2174  Chino, CA - Ugh, Spam Risk.  We know.  What happened to all those cool gifts from AT&T?  There is only two days left to get.  We want ten of these by the end of the month.  Fuck you!

  332-228-9423  New York - Hell yeah!  This is what we want.  Check out the clever wordage:


Oh wait, did you say "symbolic gift"?  Well, shit!  Sign me up.  Do I just click on that totally legit looking link you provided?  Fuck you!

29 September 2021
  503-334-4732  Portland, OR - Where is our 'gift'?  Fuck you!

30 September 2021
  310-354-0256  Gardena, CA - Uh, guys...this is the last day of the month.  We need some more 'free gift' texts.  Fuck you!

  973-394-2729  Boonton, NJ - What is this shit?  This is what we want:
  • A thank you for paying our bill
  • Some sort of apology for an apparent down time
  • Most of all, we want some sort of freebie, a little something, or a symbolic gift.
Fuck you!

  929-319-6894  Queens, NY - Finally!  We have our ninth scam text.  Check out new clever wording:


See, they switched it up.  Pretty genius.  Okay, we need one more to hit ten for the month.  Hurry, only a few hours left.  Fuck you!