04 May 2018

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 035-038

Issues 035-038

Big box coming in with this shipment.  Issues 035-038 include the base for the Time Machine.

I could be off, but I think some in the UK were around Issue 035-ish when the first North America costumers got Issue 001.

Issue 035 - Front Wheel Arches

Contents of Issue 035
The two large front wheel arches are die cast.  They simply attached to the front of the car over the wheels.  Nothing fancy...just heavy.

The wheel arches on a DeLorean are part of the fiberglass pontoon.

Issue 036 - Rear Pontoon

Contents of Issue 036
They call these parts 'rear pontoon' but they are not exactly like the pontoon on a DeLorean.  I was trying to guess what these were, but did not recognise it as any part of a DeLorean.  They will eventually be hidden.  Four pieces, two screws, and you are done with this Issue.  The parts attach to the rear wheel arches in the next issue.

Issue 037 - Rear Wheel Arches

Contents of Issue 037
Just like the front wheel arches, these attached to the frame with easily.  The car is slowly taking shape.

Issue 038 - Headlight, Front Flux Band Wiring

Contents of Issue 038
Note that the instructions call for JM screws, and NM screw are provided.  Not sure if the instructions are miss printed or they put the wrong screws in the parts bag.  The NM screws fit, so build on.  The KM screws are used to hold down the wire bridges

Pro tip:  Make sure you check your wires.  Start by straighten the wires as they are a little twisted for shipping.  I found a cut wire, so I had to repair with solder and heat shrink.

The wires are labeled with tabs, printing, and colour so there is little confusion.

Jack stands
What, jack stands?  Yeah, this issue comes with jack stands.  As I mentioned, the wheel arches that come with this shipment are die cast and add more weight to the already heavy chassis.  I am sure the weight will cause a lot of stress on the (in my opinion) weak axle design.  For the past few weeks, I have been elevating my chassis with hockey pucks to put less strain on the wheels.  So, it is a good that Eaglemoss included jack stands to alleviate stress on the axles.  Oh, and it complements the large base you get with this shipment.

Your assembly up to Issue 038 should look like this:

Progress up to Issue 038
...and the screw count.

38-AP, 7-BP, 2-CP, 12-AM, 10-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 16-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 8-FP, 2-JM, 1-HP, 1-GP, 3-NM, 1-MM, 2-KM, 1-LM

to be continued...

02 May 2018


Normally, I have a lame introduction at the beginning of each month.  This time, we skip this and get right to it.  Although, I guess this is my lame intro.

2 May 2018
  714-555-2740  Santa Ana, CA - Not even shitting you, I got a call from a 555 number.

Do people really have 555 numbers, now?  Does this mean that I am in a movie?  Is Moviefone cold calling me to tell me when and where movies are playing?  Fuck you!

  530-555-2610 - Where do I start?  Labeled as Suspected Spam.

Initial search comes up as Yreka, CA.  Oh, and another 555 number.  Hollywood is out of ideas.  Fuck you!

   408-455-9580  Los Gatos, CA - Three calls from three different numbers.  Something is happening here.  I predict a world event is about to go down...or, this is all a coincidence.  Fuck you!

   408-455-9580  Los Gatos, CA - So calling was not enough, they strike back with a text...

   408-455-9580  Los Gatos, CA - ...well, two texts.


Like, what the fuck is that even supposed to mean?  Health?  MI?  Michigan?  Oh look, a 'Report Junk' button.  Click.  Fuck you!

3 May 2018
  760-555-4139  El Centro, CA - Another 555 number.  El Centro?  What kind of self-centered name is that.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - We all know this number.  I have lost count how many time they have called.  The number had been blocked and intercepted by Call Protect.  Fuck you!

4 May 2018
  707-555-1689  Vallejo, CA - Another 555 number.  Hmm..May is the fifth month, and I am getting 555 calls.  Coincidence, most likely.  We will see if I get calls from 666 next month.

Oh, and today is Star Wars Day.  I wonder if there are telemarketers on Tatooine.  You know how they have those holo-projectors when they get calls.  I wonder if there are holo-telemarketers on Star Destroyers.  Imagine what a photon torpedo can do to an exhaust port of a telemarketer base.  Fuck you!

7 May 2018
  661-555-4926  United States - Origin listed as 'United States', but I know the 661 area code is sorta the central lower part of California.  So, I wonder...when movies from other countries use fake phone numbers, what do they use instead of 555.  Really liking these 555 numbers, since a quick scan tells me this is fake/telemarketer call.  No need to do a little mental math of 'local' spoofed numbers.  Fuck you!

19 May 2018
  31 110 87 06 9  Netherlands - Wait what, a call from Netherlands?

Who do I know in Netherlands?  Exactly, no one.  Fuck you!

  800-531-5000  Apparently, this is DirecTV.  I do not have DirecTV.  Obviously, they are trying to sell me something.  So, that makes this a telemarketer call, it also makes me NOT want to purchase anything from this company.  Fuck you!

  310-849-1885  Beverly Hills, CA - This is going to be one of those days.  Three calls already and it is barely just pass 10AM and within an hour.  Fuck you!

14 May 2018
  310-849-2489  Beverly Hills, CA - Some of you may be asking, "Do I just sit around waiting for telemarketer calls?"  I know it seems that way.  But no.  I am just like you, sitting, sometimes standing around, watching Netflix while working.  So, it pisses me off when I have to pause my Netflix.  Fuck you!

15 May 2018
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - Well, look who is back. Call Protect intercepted the call. Thanks, Call Protect!  Wait, I thought I blocked you. Oh, I did.  Fuck you!

18 May 2018
  310-849-7710  Beverly Hills, CA - They keep calling, I keep ignoring and blocking.  This is a never ending game.  Fuck you!

17 April 2018

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Missing Piece 22G

Missing piece 22G
I mentioned in the previous post that I was missing a small injector piece (22G).  There should have been six of these, but only five came with my issue.  While I contacted Eaglemoss, hoping to receive a replacement part, I figured I could make a stand in piece until I hear back from Eaglemoss.

Measuring the part
I took measurements of 22G with my trusty calipers.  In the photo above, you can see the tiny piece that I am trying to replicate.  Once I got all my numbers, it is off to modeling.

Screenshot of 22G
Modeling was simple.  I think it took me longer to take measurement than it did to model the piece.  For sure, it is taking me longer to write this than measuring and sculpting the piece.

Next step is to get some of these printed.

Tiny pieces
I had a full set printed, so they will all match.  There was a little clean up of support, but over all happy with the parts.

Painted parts
Parts were double-stick taped to a Popsicle stick, then painted.  Done

As these pieces were being printed, I got an email from Eaglemoss stating that my replacement Issue 022 was on its way.  Even though I was getting new parts, I decided to finish this small project.

All I needed was the small injector parts, but getting the full issue means I can experiment with the fuel lines.  They look a little long, since I will have spare lines, I am going to cut them down to clean it up a bit.

I have to say that this is great customer service on the part of Eaglemoss.  My replacement issue should be here next week.  All before my next shipment of issues.

UPDATE:  Replacement parts arrived.  Eaglemoss sent me the parts baggie for Issue 022, no booklet.  Funny thing is, in the bag, there was an extra distributor cap.

I shorten the fuel lines so they were to sticking out too far.  Per instructions (from back of car to front of car), is it long, medium, short (on both sides).  I shifted the lines one over and trimming the longest line shorter. See image.

Replacement 22G and slightly modified fuel lines
Lines are now medium, short, and trimmed long line.  I cut off about 15mm.

to be continued...

11 April 2018

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 020, 032-034

Finally, after three months, we have the elusive Issue 020

Issue 020
There were at least four Issues being put on hold until this issue arrived.  As mention in previous posts, you need the contents of 020 before you can finish building the engine.

Issue 020 - Intake Manifold

Contents of Issue 020
Not a lot of parts, in this one.  Pretty simple build.  One thing to watch out for, when mounting the assembly on the top of the engine block, make sure the manifold is facing the correct way.  Guess who put it in backwards and had to take it apart and do it correctly.

Good to finally see the engine come together...almost.

I had a small piece missing from Issue 022.  There are six injectors, but only five came with my issue.  That is an issue.  I have contacted Eaglemoss and hopefully replacement parts will come with my next shipment.

In building the remaining engine issues we are introduced to a few new screws.

Issue 032-034
Issue 032 - Fuel Tank

Contents of Issue 032
This is the first part with electronics.  The battery box is incorporated into the fuel tank, how clever.  Make sure your wires are properly connected to the battery box and switch.  I had a loose wire, but was easily fixed by soldering it back on.

Issue 033 - Fuel Tank Closing Plate

Contents of Issue 033
With the batter box being the fuel tank, it only makes sense to have the battery door be the closing plate.  I think they could have made the entire closing plate the battery door.  But, not many will be looking under the car once the car in finished.

Issue 034 - Luggage Compartment

Contents of Issue 034
One hunk of metal.  Once assembled, the luggage compartment stiffens the chassis and adds more weight to the build.
Other than that small snafu (with the missing part), we are all caught up with no back order issues...for now.  The assembled Time Machine, up to Issue 034, should look like this:

Assembled up to Issue 034
Ah, I did not forget about the screw count.  Note that this includes Issues that were previously omitted due to Issue 020 being on back order.  In the process, there were three new screws making their debut (MM, KM, LM).

37-AP, 7-BP, 2-CP, 12-AM, 10-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 13-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 8-FP, 2-JM, 1-HP, 1-GP, 2-NM, 1-MM, 1-KM, 1-LM

to be continued...

03 April 2018


We had two full moons in March (as we did in January).  We call this (two full moons in a month) a blue moon.  I just learned that. All this time I never gave much thought to the song.  I wonder what you call it when a telemarketer calls more than twenty times a day.

3 April 2018
  844-791-7356 - Another return caller, this number was flagged by my phone last month.  Like Jesus rising from the dead, a blocked number rises and still calls.  This time Call Protect intercepted the call.  Science and technology at your service.

I finally did a search for the number. It appears to be a toll-free number, with links to spam, telemarketer, Spectrum, suspicious spam, etc. Fuck you!

And, if it is Spectrum trying to up sell their bundle for $29 for internet, cable, landline...EACH.  Fuck you, too!

NOTE:  I was on a business trip for a few days. The phone was still on in case there was an emergency back at the ranch.  Little to my surprise, I had a few calls.

5 April 2018
  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Oh fun, we get to play this game again.  One....

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Two...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Three...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Four...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Five...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Six...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Seven...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Eight...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Nine...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Ten...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Eleven...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Twelve...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Thirteen...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD  - Fourteen.  Fourteen calls by this number.  But here is something interesting.

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD
Notice how the first call came through, but additional calls were intercepted by Call Protect.  Oh, here are the other calls from the same number.

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD
 They also left a message. Since it is tax season...you guessed it...it was another one of those "the authorities are at your residence"calls.  The fun part is, my phone attempts to transcribe this message.  Take a look.

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD
One more thing.  Fuck you!

  310-843-2415 Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, you thought we were done?  Nope, we are still on Thursday,  4 April.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - If you have been following along, you should know this number.  Still calling.  Fuck you!

  310-849-2509  Beverly Hills, CA - If you are keeping score, that is seventeen calls in one day.  Fuck you!

7 April 2018
  467-67 - Well, at least this was not a 'call'.  This one came via text.

So they are basically spamming me, asking me if I want to use my car as a mobile spam device.  Fuck you!

9 April 2019
  310-849-7198  Beverly Hills, CA - Back from the business trip and without missing a beat, another spoofed number from Beverly Hills.  Fuck you!

13 April 2018
 323-792-1167  Los Angeles, CA - Good old phone marked this as a telemarketer. Telemarketer or not,  do you really think I am going to answer the phone on Friday the 13th?  Shit, the call could be coming from inside the house. Fuck you!

  215-402-5060  Springfield, PA - Oh, this on e is good.  Again, this was marked as 'telemarketer'.  So, obviously, I ignored it.  Then I noticed that a message was left.  This lead to a little digging on the internet machine.  I found this entry:
Received a call to our cell VM left was "... MaryAnn Johnson from Client Care" She was following up on a letter sent about discounted prescription benefits; provided a reference number: MD008121 and we should call back at 877-833-0642.
  Yep, that is exactly what I got.  Cold calling people with the same reference number and call back number from many reports.  Obviously, a scam.  Fuck you!

19 April 2018
  310-849-4836  Beverly Hills, CA - We all know this is a spoofed number.  Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.  Fuck you!

23 April 2018
  310-849-2107  Beverly Hills, CA - Basically, they are going to try every 310-849 number, until I answer the phone.  I am a pro a ignoring calls...and not just from telemarketers.  Bring it, bitch.  Fuck you!

24 April 2018
  310-849-5446  Beverly Hills, CA -  Guess what time these fuckers called me.

Wake up call
Pretty sure I did not ask for a wake up call.  Half the country is not even up yet, and these terrorist are already cold calling people with spoofed numbers.  Fuck you!

26 April 2018
  213-807-8665  Los Angeles, CA - Good news:  Not Beverly Hills.  Bad News:  Still a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

27 April 2018
  310-849-1056  Beverly Hills, CA - Well, speak of the devil.  Fuck you!

28 April 2018
  310-848-4764  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh look, another call from Beverly Hills.  You know, they should remake the Beverly Hillbillies, but instead of hillbillies, the plot revolves around telemarketers.  Fuck you!

17 March 2018

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 028-031

Issues 028-031
Issue 020 is still on back order, but some are reporting shipments of 020 and other back order issues.  Hopefully, I will get 020 in my next shipment.  Meanwhile, the new parts allow us to continue...for the most part...without the missing issue.

Issue 028 - Radiator

Issue 028 contents
You will need the Radiator fans from the previous issue (027).  This is another simple build with only three parts.  All plastic parts in this bag.  The best part is, you get to mount the radiator assembly on to the frame when done.  These four issues all mount onto the frame.

Issue 029 - Chassis Plate

Issue 029 contents
The Chassis Plate, as they call, is one large hunk of die-cast.  Obviously, in a real car, this is part of the fiberglass tube, not a metal floor as in most cars. No big deal, it adds weight and value to the model kit.

There is also a center plate that comes with this.  Only two screws on the back end holds this plate down for now.  No worries, the other two screws will be part of the fuel tank cover plate.

Bottom of the chassis
On the bottom of the chassis in marked with 1/8 1982 Delorean DMC-12 

There are two mistakes with this mark.  First, the year should be 1981.  Second, and many people make this mistake, DeLorean is written with an upper case "L".  Check the old DMC documents, see how John DeLorean wrote and signed his name.  Every time you write it with a lower case "l",  you die a little inside...much like smoking a cigarette.  I guess that is your pro tip of the day.

Issue 030 - Water Pipes

Issue 030 contents
These parts are a little tricky.  Pay attention to the orientation of the pipes and were the screws holes line up with the chassis.

There are two black hoses that need to be mounted on the finished engine. If you are missing parts of the engine, hold on to these two hoses for later.

Issue 031 - Air Deflector Plates

Issue 031 contents
These are plastic parts.  In a DeLorean, the Air Deflector Plates are metal (I think aluminum).  The idea is, as air is rushing along the bottom of the chassis, these 'deflect' air into the rear brakes.  Most DeLorean owners have removed these from their car.  Mine were removed, I have yet to reinstall them.

For such a small and 'unimportant' piece, there sure are a lot of screws used to attach these.  Seven on each side for the model kit.  Air Deflectors on a full size car only use three nuts to secure the plates.

At the end of Issue 031, your car should look like this, but hopefully with an engine in place.

Assembled car sans engine

Now the best part, the screw count, omitting 020, 022, 024, 025, and 026.

26-AP, 7-BP, 2-CP, 9-AM, 9-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 10-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 1-EP, 4-FP, 2-JM, 1-HP, 1-GP, 1-NM

to be continued...

12 March 2018


A new month is always interesting as I 'reset the counter' for telemarketer calls.

12 March 2018
  323-315-0150  Los Angeles, CA - Usually, on the Monday after a time change, it is one of the least productive days of the year.  Well, not for robocalls.  I guess the good news is, this is the first call of the month...almost two weeks into the month.  Another good is, this was branded a "telemarketer" call by my phone.  Obviously, the bad news is the same news...we are still getting calls. Fuck you!

13 March 2018 
  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA - See...when I 'complain' about not getting a call for nearly two weeks they hit me with this shit:

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA - #2

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #3

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #4

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #5

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #6

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #7

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #8

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #9

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #10

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #11

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #12

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #13

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #14

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #15

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #16

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #17

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #18

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #19

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #20

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #21

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #22

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #23

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #24

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #25

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #26

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #27

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #28

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #29

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #30

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #31.  Yep thirty one calls, all blocked by Call Protect app, from the same number, in a span of about two minutes.   Fuck you!

15 March 2018
  727-394-4166  Saint Petersburg, FL - The robot left a message.  Hey folks, it is tax season.  So, be aware of these calls.  Yep, it is the typical robot telling me that I have issues with my taxes...and the cops are at my place.  Same scam they have been running for a few years.

Uh, you have a robot call me on something this 'urgent'?  Maybe put a human on this.  Oh wait, I have not even filed my taxes yet, because, guess what...they are not due for another month...like it is every fucking year.  Oh, one more thing.  Why would someone...or some robot...in Florida call me about my California taxes.  Surely my federal and state taxes are the issue here.  You are clearly out of your jurisdiction. Fuck you!

16 March 2018
  310-849-8308  Beverly Hills, CA - Another (no doubt) spoofed number from the 310-849-XXXX, Beverly Hills numbers.  Fuck you!

  310-849-2425  Beverly Hills, CA - Well, the first number did not work.  What makes you think I give a fuck the second time?  Fuck you!

Calls from 310-849-XXX on 16 March 2018
I thought I would check Call Protect did its job. Well, look at this.  Six calls came in, and four were pre-blocked by the app.  Two slipped through, but still registered as telemarketer calls.  Note that they are all from the same area code and prefix.  These are most likely spoofed numbers.  Fuck you!

20 March 2018
  310-849-0946  Beverly Hills, CA - Auto blocked by Call Protect. If you have AT&T, look into downloading this app, it works.  I am sure there are similar apps for other carriers and phones.  As for telemarketers, fuck you!

22 March 2018 
  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA - Recognise the number?  Here we go again.  Count with me. One...

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA - #2

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #3

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #4

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #5

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #6

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #7

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #8

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #9

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #10

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #11

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #12

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #13

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #14

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #15

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #16

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #17

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #18

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #19

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #20

  323-430-8296  Los Angeles, CA -  #21.  Yep twentey-one calls in about in a minute.  Luckily, this was blocked by Call protect.

323-430-8296 x 52
With thirty-one calls earlier this month, that makes it fifty-two calls from this one number.  Fuck you!

27 March 2018
  844-791-7356 - Branded as "Suspected Spam".

Also, labeled as "SS".  So, not only telemarketers, these fuck nuggets are also war criminals.  Fuck you!

28 March 2018
  310-849-7170  Beverly Hills, CA - Another spoofed number from Beverly Hills. Looks like there will be an end of the month push from these fuck nuts.  Fuck you!

30 March 2018
  310-849-5659  Beverly Hills, CA - Looks like Call Protect is having some issues with some spoofed numbers.  No fault of Call Protect, I blame the fucking telemarketers.  Fuck you!

31 March 2018
   844-791-7356 - Branded as Telemarketer.  Return caller.  Funny, previously this number was branded as 'Suspected Spam'

 At least the phone is telling me not to answer.  Thanks, phone.  As for the telemarketer/suspected spam, you know the drill.  Fuck you!

11 March 2018

Time Change

Well, it is that time...again.  Welcome to my bi-annual rant about setting watches and clocks.

Every six months or so, we have to go through this unneeded, useless ritual of springing back and falling forward...or is it fall back and spring forward.

Whatever.  My point is, there is no need to do this.  The planet tilts and orbits closer to the sun, giving us more daylight hours in a twenty four hour period.  Why do we need to adjust our time telling instruments every March and October?

Side note*.  Did you know that not everyone observes this dated ritual.  You have heard this before.  I am not just talking about some countries.  Some states do not even deal with this crap, while other states are looking into banishing this ridiculous observance.  Furthermore, other countries do not change their time on the same day.  The UK (and I am guessing some of Europe) does their time changes over a different weekend as their North American friends.  I do not even know when or if Asia or Oceania and other areas of the word changes  their clocks.  Argh!

Here is another interesting fact.  It takes about three days for the average person to acclimate to this, what is essentially, jet lag.  So everyone on Monday morning is driving with jet lag, causing an increase of 17% of accidents the Monday morning following a spring forward.

For the states and countries that are already not following this dark age convention, good.  You keep doing what you are doing.  For the governing bodies that are fighting for the elimination of this archaic practice, keep up the good fight.

Obviously, we cannot agree on one thing.  Heck, there are some countries (well, two) that are still stuck on the Imperial system.  Anyway, here again, is my proposal:

We not only stop this nonsense.  But to please everyone, we meet half way.  She want one hour ahead, he wants one hour behind.  #TimesUp  We set the clocks a half an hour off and leave it.  That is it.

We pick a day, the Winter Solstice seems like a good one, with the sun and the daylight and all that. Since we would be on Standard time during the Winter, everyone follows according to their originally assigned time zone and set their clocks forward a half an hour.

All the atomic clocks will follow this change.  That way, all our computers, globally and in orbit, will be all set.

Tangent:  Of course, I am writing this before we are supposed to set our clocks.  At 2 AM, the clocks magically jump to 3 AM.  So, I am trying to set this to post at 2:XX AM and it defaults to 3:XX AM.  Wow, we literally really lost that hour.  Anyway, I set this to post at 1:59 AM.

We will all sleep better and function better the next day...and forever...knowing that there will never be any unnecessary setting of clocks and watches.

World leaders, get on this.

...or, we can just all go by Swatch Internet Time (or beat time).

*Update:  Today in the UK, they are celebrating Mother's Day.  No time change for them.  Good luck telling mum her special day is an hour short.

10 February 2018

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 024-027

Issues 024-027
Still no Issue 020.  Without this elusive issue, we are unable to continue to build off the engine.  Issues 024 to 026 finish off the engine assembly.  While we wait for Issue 020 to arrive, we can look at the issues and parts from this shipment

Issue 024 - Pulleys and Belts

Issue 024 contents
This looks fun, there are pulleys and belts to assemble.  I thought I could build off of that I had since none of these parts directly connect to anything from Issue 020 or 021.  As you may recall, you need 020 to work on 021.

Anyway, the upper parts of the engine assembly need to be assembled in order for the belts to go on.  Sure, I could have just mounted the pulleys.  But, what is the point?

Issue 025 - Heat Shield and Exhaust Pipes

Issue 025 contents
Again, some of these parts can be build on to the existing block.  But, the heat shield and brackets need to be on top of the pulleys and belts...which are not on the block yet because of missing parts.  Argh!

Issue 26 - Exhaust and Mounting Engine

Issue 026 contents
Remember the two inner drive shafts from Issue 014?  Well, this you can finally mount them when you mount the engine on to the frame.  But, that is only if you have all the issues and parts up to this point.  Otherwise, you will need to wait for parts.

Reports of Issues 022, 023, and 024 are also on back order.  I guess the good news is these are all engine parts.  You could just move on to another area of the car...which brings us to...

Issue 027 - Radiator Fans and Horn

Issue 027 contents
Finally, we can build something.  We also get introduced to three new screws!  This issue is quite easy to build.

DeLorean owners/enthusiasts will notice that there is only one horn, on the driver's side.  A DeLorean has two horns, one on each side.  Yep, the DMC-12 has stereo horns.  Actually, one 'high' note, one 'low' note to create that distinctive 'dying duck' sound.  Side note:  One of the items of the bottom of my list is to replace my horns with something that has a little more umph!

The radiator fan build is pretty straight forward.  Just mount the fans onto the frame.  You will have to set these aside until (I guess) you receive the radiator itself.  Then they will mount on the radiator brackets.

Another note.  The fan blades are a little off.  The blades on a DeLorean fan are off set.  More of an 'X' shape than a traditional 'cross' shape.  Here we have four blades that are 90° from each other.  On a DeLorean, the blade are set at about 60° apart.  Think of a six-bladed fan, and remove the top and bottom blade.  Look here is a picture:

Stock cooling fans
These are stock.  Perhaps Doc replaced these goofy off set fans and replaced them with a 'normal' fan design.

Okay, with Issue 027 assembled, it should look like this:

Horn, radiator bracket, and cooling fans assembled
Now, we wait and hope for 020 to ship along with the next issues.

Screw count.  I did not work on Issues 024-026, so there are no 'extra' screws to add to the collection.  As mentioned, there are three new screws introduced in 027, so here is the count, omitting 020, 022, 024, 025, and 026.

24-AP, 7-BP, 2-CP, 8-AM, 6-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 8-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 1-EP, 2-FP, 1-JM, 1-HP, 1-GP, 1-NM

to be continued...

01 February 2018


The telemarketers closed off last month with a strong push with 13 calls on the last day of the month.  Not letting their foot off the pedal, as a call rushes in bright and early on the first day of February.

1 February 2018
  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY - An early call from "Suspected Spam".  Oh, how I love that my phone and/or carrier occasionally brands these fucknuts with "Suspected Spam".  It saves me time from looking up the number.  Heck, it saves me time from even looking at the phone for too long...wondering who the fuck is calling me at 8 in the morning?  Oh, it is suspected spam...well fuck this shit!  Ignore, click.  

Suspected Spam
A call on the first day of the month.  Looks like it is going to be a long month.  Oh wait, February is the shortest month.  So, looks like it is going to be a short month...argh, you know what I mean.  Fuck you!

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY -  Call

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY -  Protect

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY -  blocked

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY -  an

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY -  additional

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY -  eleven

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY -  calls

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY -  from

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY - these

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY - cocklicks

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY - If you are keeping track, that is a total of twelve calls...so far.

  315-280-8585  Oneida, NY
My guess is once the phone recognizes the number as "Suspected Spam", see above, Call Protect will block future calls from the number.  Day is young, will I get more calls from Oneida, NY?

Apparently, they also left a voicemail.  Well, robo-voicemail...and my phone dictates the message for me.  Check it out:

This is the voice
Fuck you!

  818-603-0340  Los Angeles, CA - Another one blocked by Call Protect. Boy, I am popular today. So many calls in one day.  Fuck you!

2 February 2018
  310-248-9965  Beverly Hills, CA - First call of the day.  A little late in the day compared to yesterday.  Oh look, a call from Beverly Hills...imagine that.

Good news is the phone flagged this as a telemarketer.  If a telemarketer calls on Groundhog Day, we get six more weeks of telemarketer calls.  Fuck you!

5 February 2018
  310-849-0946  Beverly Hills, CA - Mother Fucker!  The only reason you should get a call before 8am is in case of emergency.  Calls from family members, friends, or work.  Why are these fuckers calling me at 7:50 in the morning?   Fuck you.

Wait.  One more thing.  Only family, friends, or work should call me, period.  Telemarketers DO NOT fall in either of those categories.  So, again, fuck you!

8 February 2018
  323-430-8296  Montebello, CA - Marked as "Telemarketer" like a scarlet letter.  Fuck you!

19 February 2018
  310-846-451  Inglewood, CA - What the fuck is this?  No, there is no typo here.  The number came in as "310-846-451", no last digit.  Clearly, this is a telemarketer with an attempt to fool us.  Fuck you...actually, I should say, fuck yo!

  323-430-8296  Montebello, CA - We have a return caller!  Again, this was marked as "Telemarketer".  I love technology, and I love ignoring calls.  Fuck you!

   310-469-7256  El Segundo, CA - Another marked as Telemarketer.  Another fuck you!

22 February 2018
   310-296-5857  Gardena, CA - You bare the mark of shame, the mark of Telemarketer.  Shame on you and your family.  Fuck you!

   816-988-3701  Blue Springs, MO - Blue Springs is a pretty cool name for a town.  Too bad your town is infested with telemarketers.  Now, your almost cool town is a shit town.  Fuck you!

28 February 2018
  323-419-3044  Huntington Park, CA - Branded by phone technology as a Telemarketer. You shall wear it in shame.  I piss on thee and the grave of your ancestors.  Fuck you!

Recents calls from telemarketer