08 December 2017

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 011-014

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean, Issues 011-014
The most recent shipment of Issues 011-014 came in a nice little box.  The box is perfect for storing the booklets until I get my binder...which they still 'owe' me.  Speaking of IOU's, I received another IOU, this time for the OUTATIME licence plate.  So, for those keeping count, that is two things they owe me.

Issue 011 contents
Issue 011 - Engine Support

I like this easy build.  This one is pretty straight forward, and introduces a new screw.

Assembled engine support
Depending on your luck, you may have an easy time with the screw bosses.  It might be a good idea to pre-tap the bosses.  Having a better screwdriver, with better leverage, is also a plus.

Once the engine support is assembled, it gets mounted onto the frame.  We will check on that towards the end.  On to the next issue.

Issue 012 contents
Issue 012 - Rear Left Suspenson

This is a difficult one to tackle.  There were many screw bosses that needed pre-tapping.  Some screws just did not want to screw all the way down easily.  Again, a quality screwdriver helps.

Screwing into the top linkage is quite a challenge.  There is not a lot of area on the linkage to grip, and the hole, with paint, is very snug.  For the inner drive shaft, there is virtually no grip and leverage to torque the screw.

Another area that needed attention, or modification, at least for me, was the caliper and disc.  The registration holes were too small for the pins to fit into.  I had to scrape paint, maybe some metal on the disc and modify the pin on the caliper to make it fit.

Most of this assembly is done on the frame.  The rear springs, while awkward, were easier to work with than the front springs.  Oh, there is a new screw introduced in this issue.

Issue 013 contents
Issue 013 - Rear Wheel

Same method as the front wheels, this is pretty simple.  Heck, you have done it twice before.

Assembled rear wheel
 I imagine that the other rear wheel will be the same.

Issue 014 contents
Issue 014 - Rear Right Suspension

Now that I have tackled the rear left suspension, the right side should be a little easier.  Knowing what obstacles will be coming helped in this issue.

I think the rear suspension assemblies have been the must difficult, so far.  This is based on fitting and torquing the screws.

The completed frame, up to Issue 014, looks like this:

Frame with rear suspension and one wheel installed
The rear wheel fitted in nicely and there was no need to adjust or modify like I needed to for the front wheels.

Note that I do not plan to make modifications unless structurally needed.  As mentioned, there are many other builders that are doing excellent mods such as painting the frame the correct colour, and other modifications.

There are also two 'floating' pieces, the Inner Drive Shafts:

Inner Drive Shafts
The next shipment of issues 015-018 will include the transmission (Issue 016) for the inner drive shafts will mount to.  I am pretty sure that 015 will be the last wheel...unless there is a spare.

Now the fun par, the extra screw count after 14 issues:  16-AP, 6-BP, 2-CP, 3-AM, 6-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 4-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 2-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM

to be continued...

05 December 2017


Final month of 2017. Everyone is on holiday mode...except for the fucking telemarketers.

5 December 2017
  310-849-4134  Beverly Hills, CA - Obviously, this is another spoofing call. I wonder if these fuckers are going to pick it up for the holiday season, like how some retailers hire more staff to cover for the mass shopping season.  Oh wait, telemarketers are usually bots.  Do bots have holidays?  I know they sometimes get weekends off. Sometimes I get calls on Saturdays. Where am I going with this?  No where, just like telemarketers.  Fuck you!

  423-405-1562  Athens, TN - There is already an Athens in Greece. Come up with your own name.  Fuck you!

8 December 2017
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - For those keeping track, this is the eleventh time this number has called, dating back to May of this year.  Fuck you!

11 December 2017
  201-579-9233  New Jersey - Not one...

  201-579-9233  New Jersey - Not two...

  201-579-9233  New Jersey - Not three..

  201-579-9233  New Jersey - But four calls from this number.  Oh, it gets better.  Four, count them, four calls in less than a minute.  Fuck you!

I downloaded an app called Call Protect which pre-blocks number s that are from potential fraud callers. My phone did not even ring, just a notice...well, four...that calls were protected.  It is free, try it.

13 December 2017
  310-849-8558  Beverly Hills, CA - Another spoofed number from Beverly Hills.  You know the routine...it looks legit, but it is a fucking telemarketer/spam.  Because of the spoofing, the app I downloaded did not pick this up as a potential fraud.  Oh you fucking telemarketers, are so sneaky.  Fuck you!



05 November 2017

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 007-010

Building the Back to The Future DeLorean, Issues 007-010
New shipment came in and it was a bigger and heavier box than usual.  Parts from 007-009 came in large poly bags, while 010 was packed in its own box.

Issue 007 contents
Issue 007 - Steering Rack and Top Plate

A simple build.  Six part, only five are used in this issue, and two screws.  You will save the front plate for later.  Good thing I am getting four issues at once.

Issue 008 contents
Issue 008 - Anti Roll Bar and Bottom Plate

Another simple build as you are just screwing in the two anti roll bar bases into the bottom plate.  Save the anti roll bar itself for later.

Issue 009 contents
Issue 009 - Front Wheel

This is the same build as Issue 003.

Finished assembly of issues 007-009 should look like this.

Steering Rack, Top Plate, Anti Roll Bar, Bottom Plate, Front Wheel
After three issues of kinda easy and boring builds, now it gets interesting.  Get ready for the the next issue...

Issue 010 contents
Issue 010 - Frame

This is exciting!   The frame is one hefty piece of metal.  There is really nothing to assemble with this issue as there is only one piece, the frame, included with this issue.  But, you do get another screwdriver for your collection...and introducing two new screw sizes.

In addition to the parts from this shipments (007-009), you will need to the assembled builds from 003 (Front Wheel), 005-006 (Front Left and Right Suspension).  Finally, all (well, most) of those parts you have been gathering and assembling have something to attach to.  Most of the assembly of this issue goes pretty smooth.  There are areas where one should pay extra attention to.

As I mentioned previous posts, it is a good idea to pre-tap some of the screw bosses before final assembly.

When you get to attaching the wheels to the front suspension assembly, you will notice there is quite a lot of wiggle room.  There is a small shoulder for the wheel to rest in and a relatively small diameter shaft for the wheel to sit in.

Disc plate sketches and ideas
One way to fix the wobbling wheels is to give the wheel a larger shoulder to sit on.  A simple plate or disc will work.  It does not have to be perfect, just a plastic disc with about 1.150" diameter with a 0.420" hole.  Disc should be about 0.100" thick.

Finished discs
Since there is a screw holding the caliper in place, adding little 'feet' will uniformly raise the plate to line up with existing shoulder.  Feet are 0.040" tall.  You can see the discs in the photo above, along with styrene feet about be glued to the discs, as well as the finished discs.  I made a extra in anticipation of the rear wheels...and another set, just in case.

With these installed, there is still a little wobble, but far less than without.

Pro tip:  When screwing the wheels in, make sure to over tighten as this will prevent spinning.  Also, leave the wheel caps off for now.  Once you pop in those wheel caps, it is very difficult to remove them (as me how I know).  You may want to adjust that screw or make additional modifications to the mounting area in the future.  Save your wheel caps until the later.

The completed frame, up to Issue 010, should look like this:

Frame with suspension, anti roll bar, and wheels installed
The rear bumper, front left fender, and reactor pieces are still and will be waiting for additional issues before they can be mounted on.  Folks in other markets that have started months ahead are still no where close to mounting these parts from the first few issues.  Hopefully, you have kept those parts in a safe somewhere.

Extra screw count after ten issues:  14-AP, 5-BP, 2-CP, 3-AM, 4-BM, 2-EM, 2-CM, 4-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 1-GM.

to be continued...

01 November 2017


Winding down to the end of the year.  Halloween decorations are coming down to make room for Christmas ones.

1 November 2017
  262-203-9060  Lake Geneva, WI - There is a Lake Geneva in fucking Wisconsin?  The first I have hear of Lake Geneve outside of the lyrics in the song West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys:

You got a heart of glass or a heart of stone
Just you wait till I get you home
We've got no future
We've got no past
Here today built to last
In every city and every nation
From Lake Geneva to the Finland station
(How far have you been)
In a West end town a dead end world
The East end boys and West end girls
In a West end town in a dead end world
The East end boys and West end girls
West end girls
Well, this is strange.  This call went straight to voicemail.  No ringing to entice me to receive the call.  The system left a robo voicemail, the funny part is, I have a pretty long intro to my mail box. So, it cut off most of the intended message.  Of course, I was wishing for something relating to Pet Shop Boy...sadly and obviously, it was not.  Fuck you!

2 November 2017
  714-707-6170  Silverado, CA - Silverado...like the truck?

Telemarketer truck
Fuck you!

4 November 2017
  410-39 - Yep, you guessed it.  Another on of those numbers that do not make sense...and a text message.
 Yeah, a customer survey from "Amazon" yet the link they provide is Magnumseven.com.  These are for condoms, right?  Take that condom, put it over a shoe, and shove it up your ass.  Fuck you!

10 November 2017
  510-947-0283 Walnut Creek, CA - This came in as a text.  I did a search with this number, as I do with many unrecognized numbers.  So, really quick, this seems like a legitimate number.  One would think that this is spoofing...but, that is not why I looked up the number.  Here, look at the text:

 Fucking Lori and and fucking Door Dash.  I blocked the previous number from Door Dash.  I was hoping that Lori would starve, since she is too lazy to go pick up her own god damn food.  They found another number to text me...but fucking Lori did not update her number.  Lori is a fucking cunt!

The best part is, the driver called me to let me know that Lori's food is here.  Uh 'here' is about 400 miles away.  I kindly let the delivery person know that - Lori has been using my number for two years, I have been trying to contact Door Dash to have my number removed, I am not in Northern CalifoI have talked to another driver about removing my number and telling Lori to update hers...I asked the driver to do the same.

Fuck you, Lori
Later, after the food was delivered to Lori, I got another text to rate.  I gave them a 0.  Since the only options are 1-5, and the system is automated, I gave them a 1.

Fuck you, Door Dash
Oh good, a place where I can "provide more feedback".  Not really.  There was no place to really express my thoughts.

Lame options
I have nothing against the restaurant.  I only beef is with Lori and Door Dash.  Why is there no way to contact Door Dash? Not on their site, not replying to these text updates, not in the feedback.  This is not a good business plan.  This lack of customer service can only lead to their doom.  Fuck you!

29 November 2017
  937-249-8140 Aberdeen, OH - You might be thinking, "gee whiz, it sure has been a long time since the last call".  Well, no.  I  was on holiday the last two weeks and my phone was turned off.  So, there is no way to tell if I had any awesome telemarketers calling.  Thanks for calling, fuck you!

31 October 2017

Bremont Propeller Arms

The Fifth Annual Halloween Competition is going on at the Alt1tude Forums.  I was lucky to win the last two years.  This year, one of the prizes is the new Bremont NATO strap...and stickers.  I love stickers...and straps.

Bremont logo
My entry this year is propeller arms.  One day while staring at my watch, I noticed that the propellers in the Bremont logo kinda looks like two arms coming together.

Original sketch of propeller arm idea
Most of the photos were taken through a mirror, photos of me were taken by my wife.  Obviously, my hands are occupied during this process and could not operate a camera.

Standing in front of mirror, testing out the concept
Next step is to get some paint or make up.  Yes, another painted submission.  Funny thing is, I am not much of a painter. 

Halloween make up
I got a few packs of Halloween make up and some brushes, pencils, and sponges.  I ended up only using the sponges. 

Laying out the artwork
I used an eyeliner pencil to layout the artwork.  For normal people, they would have to prepare their arms, possibly by trimming or shaving their arms.  Lucky for me, I am a freak of nature and have (virtually) no hair on my arms. 

Sponging on the white
First paint to go on is the white.  The idea is any mistakes can be covered by the black later. 

More white
I painted most of the arm, wrist, and back of hands.  This leaves the fingers last so paint would not contaminate the sponge.  Once most of the white is done, I move on to the black.

Laying on the black
The black I got was not as opaque as the white, so applying and blending was more involved.  Lots of dabbing and blotting

Working with a mirror
As with my first entry, working in the mirror is the hardest part.  Sometimes I have to flip the image in my head before applying it to myself.  Also, I stumbled with where I was in relation to my reflection.

Finishing touches
The last parts were the hands.  I left unseen areas unpainted.  Also, I should have worn a black shirt and not an Underdog shirt. 

All that for this one shot
After two hours of dipping and blending, we did a quick photo shoot.  Other than holding still, the hardest part was trying to hold my arms and hands at the right angle and shape of the Bremont propellers.

Okay, obviously, I could not include one of my Bremont watches in the the shot.  Hopefully, I get a pass.  Entry submitted and hoping to get at least a sticker...perhaps a NATO strap.

07 October 2017

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 003-006

Building the Back to the Future DeLorean, Issues 003-006
Yay!  New shipment from Eaglemoss arrived last week.  The shipment was supposed to include a binder for issues.  Instead, I got a note saying they are on back order.  No worries.  Ready to tackle the next four issues of the build.

Issue 003 contents
Issue 003 - Front Wheel

With only five pieces and three screws, this issue was an easy build.  The detail on this is simply amazing.  Eaglemoss even got the tread on the Goodyear Eagle GT tires correct.  One minor 'mistake', they made chrome wheels.  While DeLorean did make some chrome wheels, the screen used car has the light grey powder coated wheels.  No big deal.

Issue 004 contents
Issue 004 - Reactor & Mr. Fusion

These are the parts that help generate the 1.21 gigawatts of power need for time travel.  The Reactor Disc is pretty straight forward.  They even designed it so you can lock and unlock the cap with a twist.  The cap is removable, but there is a base, so I doubt there will be plutonium tubes in the future.  Unless, they give you a new base so the plutonium can slide in.

The assembly of Mr. Fusion is quite involved.  Get ready for a lot of screws, and new tiny screws and springs.  Good idea to have those tweezers handy.  Because of the size and colour of the AP screws, some might find the screw heads are too distracting as they are quite obvious on one side of the Krups 223 coffee grinder.  This does not bother me since my final assembly will be with the nuclear reactor disc.  Dare I say it, I am not a big fan of the Mr. Fusion version of the Time Machine.

We are introduced to tiny screws and springs when putting together the latch for Mr. Fusion.

Pro tip:  When installing the micro springs on the latch system, pre-screw the CP screws on the hinge base (black) with the screws slightly protruding.  Use your handy tweezers to hook one end of spring on to the latch nubs (red).  Then hook other end of spring on to slightly exposed CP screw, then screw away.  Do this one at a time.

Issue 005 contents
Issue 005 - Front Left Suspension

There are seven different screws used in this issue.  This is the most complex issue, so far.   Most of the piece are die-cast, it might be a good idea to pre-tap the holes before final assembly.

Pro tip:  Do not over tighten screws on the control arms until the spring is in place.  You will need the front suspension assembly to be a little loose so you can slip the spring into place.  That spring is pretty strong, you will need compress it as you screw in EM.

I ran into a problem on this build.  The left front tie head did not have holes drilled all the way through.  When trying to screw from the top, the DM screw bottoms out.  You will need to drill out this hole so the screw can sit in properly.

When screwing the brake disc to the same front tie head, the DM screw will also bottom out.  Again, you will need to drill that hole.  Before you start on this issue, check the holes on the front tie head piece, make sure the holes are through.

Issue 006 contents
Issue 006 - Front Right Suspension

This is the same as Issue 005, just reversed.  Now that you assembled the left side, the right side will be a lot easier.  Heck you may not even need the directions this time.

Fortunately, all the holes were properly drilled through on the right front tie head piece.  But, I was prepared with small hand drill in hand.  Oh, do not use a powered drill, just a drill bit and a few twists will be enough.

As with the previous issue, pay attention when dealing the little spring and small parts during the brake disc segments of the build.

Finished assembly of Issues 003-006 should look like this:'

Front Wheel, Reactor Disc, Mr. Fusion, Front Left Suspension, Front Right Suspension
Extra screw count after six issues:  11-AP, 4-BP, 2-CP, 2-AM, 2-BM, 2-EM, 2-CM, 2-DM, 2-DP.

to be continued...

04 October 2017


Exciting time of the year.  We have leaves falling, seasons changing along with retail store displays.  And, as usual, spooky calls from telemarketers.

4 October 2017
  424-356-4658  Inglewood, CA - I have been waiting for this call, our first of the month.  This is also a return caller from last month, no doubt selling the same shit.  Fuck you!

10 October 2017
  310-875-5634  Santa Monica, CA - Santa Monica home of hipsters and beach bimbos.  Also famous for issuing random parking and traffic tickets.  Now, they have telemarketers.  Fuck you!

13 October 2017
  310-849-1314  Beverly Hills, CA - Ooh...Friday the 13th.  Could it be Jason Voorhees calling?  I mean, if he talked, it could be him.  But no, it is worse...it is a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

  310-849-6837  Beverly Hills, CA - Perhaps Friday the 13th, Part II.  So, am I going to get a call for each damn sequel?  Fuck you!

23 October 2017
  310-849-9830  Beverly Hills, CA -  Been a while since I got a text.  This one is kinda special.  It seems that these fuckers have stooped to a newer low...text spoofing.

I think you mean, "May I..."
It is pretty obvious what is happening here.  They send a text asking "Can I call you later?"  My first thought was, 'this is a telemarketer'.  Second thought..."you man "May I...".  Fucking telemarketers cannot even get their grammar together.  Fuck.

So, the trick is to get you to answer.  Whether with a "Yes" or "No".  Or, even a "I think you mean, May I.  Who the fuck thought you grammar, you flunky?".  Heck, even a "Who the fuck is this?" return text would carve your number in their 'call this idiot' list.  Fuck you!

24 October 2017
  876-854-2186  Jamaica - Uh, yeah...Jamaica.  As if there is any doubt this is a scam.  Fuck you!

31 October 2017
   310849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - Happy Halloween!  This must be the trick.  Fuck you!

07 September 2017

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 001 & 002

Eaglemoss Build the Back to the Future DeLorean, Issues 001 & 002
By now, you should have heard about the Eaglemoss Build the Back to the Future DeLorean project.  This subscription based model kit (if you will) is 130 issues.  Each week, you receive a new issue with new build parts for your 1/8th scale Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine.  Yes, 130 issues...130 weeks.  If my math is correct, this build will take over two and a half years just to acquire all the pieces.

Each issues includes parts for the build and instructions.  That alone is pure awesomeness.  But, you also get (as part of the instruction booklet) a magazine with articles on the production of the Back to the Future trilogy, behind the scenes stuff, production notes, concept art, cast and crew interviews, facts and trivia, etc.  At the end of your subscription, you will not only have the most accurate Time Machine, you will also have one heck of a book on the history of Back to the Future.

If you are in the UK, Japan, and other countries, you are almost 40 issues in.  So, for weeks...months, those of us in North American have been waiting for this to become available.  Well, it is about time.  If you want to get started with your subscription, go to deloreanbuildup.com

The subscription also includes other goodies along the way:  posters, display stand, license plate, binders for your magazines, etc.

There are plenty of blogs, forums, videos, social media groups, out there on these builds.  You may even see me in one of these videos in the future.  The builds are simple, with about 5-10 pieces per kit, with an assembly time of about 5-10 minutes. For this series, I will just do a 'before and after' format with some random commentary.  The format may change as the build progresses.

Issue 001 contents
 Issue 001 - Rear Fascia

The build starts off with one of the more recognizable parts of a DeLorean, the rear fasciaThis is also (one of) the first part you see of the Time Machine as Doc rolls it off the van at Twin Pines Mall.  Did I mention that this build includes die cast parts?  This is heavy!

Pro Tip:  The kit does come with a screwdriver.  I think it is a #0.  Many have said that this is not the best quality tool and recommend investing in a better screwdriver.  There is and will be a lot of screwing around with this project.  The included screwdriver works fine, at least for now. But, I found that a #1 screwdriver works better for the AP and BP screws you will be working with. While not included with the kits, it is a good idea to have some tweezers and an X-acto blade handy.

The completed Issue 001 kit should look like this:

Rear Fascia, License Plate Bezel
Looks like you will be able to switch out the license plate if/when there is a 2015 license plate option.  Resist the urge to install he license plate bezel until you install the left rear light assembly...which you get in Issue 002.
Issue 002 contents

Issue 002 - Left Front Fender

DeLorean owners and enthusiasts know that the left front fender is a rare part.  Not too many 'extra' panels were made, so these are hard to find and very 'valuable' in the DeLorean community.

The kit also includes the left rear tail light that you have been waiting a week for.  North American customers received Issues 001 & 002 at the same time, so we did not have to wait...although, we are still twenty something weeks behind folks in other markets.

Pro Tip:  While the screws are self tapping, it might be a good idea to pre-tap some of the screw bosses...especially those on the die cast parts.  Slowly and carefully pre-screw a screw into the hole and back it out.  Then put the parts together and screw away.  I had trouble with screwing into the die cast parts on a later issue, more on that in the future.  The screws go in to plastic with relative ease.  Get yourself a little storage container with little compartments for your left over parts* like screws.

The finished assembly of Issues 001 & 002 should look like this:

Left Front Fender and Rear Fascia
You will not need the fender or rear fascia for a while as the next 20+ kits will be wheels, suspension, chassis, and other areas of the car.  So, keep these parts in a safe place.

Pro Tip:  Hold on to the inner and outer blisters from Issue 002.  You can store that coveted left front fender in there for the next few months as you work on other areas of the Time Machine.  Also a good place to store your left over parts until you get a storage organizer.

*Extra piece count after two issues:  5 AP screws,  3 BP screws, extra registration labels.

Left over parts after two issues
Bonus trivia:  Today in Back to the Future history, 7 September 1885.  The Shonash Ravine run of the Time Machine that sent Marty back to 1985.  This resulted in the Time Machine being destroyed by an on coming train.  Now, we start the journey of putting the DeLorean Time Machine back together.

to be continued...

04 September 2017

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2017

September is a month of change. The end of summer.  School starts. Your favourite television shows are starting up.  New car models are hitting the showrooms.  Telemarketers continue to call.

4 September 2017
  323-454-2892  Los Angeles, CA - What, on Labor Day?  Telemarketers do not even get a National Holiday off?  They do not even let the robocall machine have a rest.  Oh, the humanity.  Fuck you!

5 September 2017
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - This fucknut, again.  Spoofing.  Fuck you!

20 September 2017
  310-777-2109  Beverly Hills, CA - Well, this is a surprise.  Been a long time since our last call.  Kinda felt like a pre-teen girl waiting for that boy to call me.   Finally, after a fortnight, I get a call.  While nothing showed up on a search, this call is from Beverly Hills with the usual no message.  Therefore, according to my logic, it classifies as a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

25 September 2015
  732-865-8789  Farmingdale, NJ - Is it me or does 'Farmingdale' sound like another one of those sappy shows on the CW?  Great looking cast, but just a shit show.  Fuck you!

  424-356-4658  Inglewood, CA - Exciting!  Second call of the day but, from a totally different number.  What if the first number from the East Coast was a set up.  Then  hours later, they call from the West Coast...hoping that I will pick up...so they can sell me some typewriters or something.  By the way, "typewriter" is the longest word one can spell using only the top row of letters on a QWERTY keyboard.  And...fuck you!

27 September 2017
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - Ha, we all know this number.  I wish it was a person on the other end, and not a robot.  I might consider answering next time just to have a chat...nah!  Fuck you!

01 August 2017


Sometimes I get the feeling that telemarketers work on a quota system.  Calls seem to come in waves, usually towards the beginning of the month.  They usually die down towards the end on the month, then get right back at it the next month.  Other times, it is random.

1 August 2017
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hill, CA - First day of the month, first call of the month.  When his happens, I often think it will be a full month of calls.  I also wonder how long they can sustain, how many days in a row can they call me.  Oh yeah, another spoofed number.  Fuck you!

  310-724-6589  Beverly Hills, CA - I write these entries as they come in.  Meaning, as soon as I get the call, and to a computer, I write down the number and city and update the info.  I have no idea when the next call comes, so the previous entry was totally random.  I also do not plan out what I am about to say...as you can tell by my lack of structure in writing.

Anyway, second call of the day. New prefix to a Beverly hills number.  Pretty sure it is spoofing, did not even bother to check.  See, no structure.  Oh, and fuck you!

2 August 2017
  310-849-7163  Beverly Hills, CA - I wish this was some luxury boutique in Beverly Hills calling me.  Unfortunately, it is your garden variety telemarketer calling from a spoofed number.  Fuck you!

3 August 2017
  205-221-3461  Jasper, AL - Whoa, Alabama!  Been a while since I got a call from Alabama.  Now, what business would I have with someone in Alabama?  Nothing!  Of course this is a telemarketer.  I am just happy it was not from Beverly Hills...and kinda excited that August looks like it is going to be a full month of harassment from these assholes.  Fuck you!

  231-209-6437  Suttons Bay, MI - Another call, second of the day.  I kinda like these calls from around the country.  I have thought about getting a map to track every call.  Similar to a 'places I have been' map, but this is a 'fuckers been calling me from here' map.  Fuck you!

I stole this image from the internet.
7 August 2017
  323-274-2573  Los Angeles, CA - Now, how am I supposed to complete my map if I keep getting calls from the Los Angeles area?  Come on, is that all you got?  Fuck you!

9 August 2017
   310-849-8586  Beverly Hills, CA - Beverly Fucking Hills.  Fuck you!

15 August 2017
   310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - They like this number.  For those keeping track, this is the seventh time his number was used/spoofed to call, since May 2017.  How dumb are these fucknuts?  If I am not picking up after the first six times, what makes you think I will pick up on the seventh?  I will patiently wait for the eighth call.  Spoiler alert, I am not going to pick up.  Fuck you!

21 August 2017
  702-874-3529  Jean, NV - Add another pin to the map.  Pretty sure this is the first call from Jean, Nevada.  Where is Jean, Nevada?  I have no clue, and I am too lazy to Google it.  I did, however, do a quick search on the number.  Nothing came up, but we all know that any number can be spoofed.  No message was left, no one from Nevada would be calling me...so, basically qualifies as a telemarketer call, in my book.  Congratulations, Jean, Nevada.  You have eared a pin and with that a complementary...Fuck you!

23 August 2017
  310-849-6686  Beverly Hills, CA - Boo...no new pin.  Another spoofed number.  I wonder if they will go through all the number from 0000-9999.  That would be awesome.  Maybe instead of that map, I get a chart and mark off every number from 310-849.  Yeah!  Fuck you!