28 December 2010

Darryl Sutter Steps Down As Flames GM and Executive VP

Face it, there has not been of the Flames that I could write about.  Who wants to write about a team that is almost last in their division and conference?  Well, something big happened today.  Darryl Sutter was asked to step down by President and CEO Ken King.  Replacing Sutter as GM will be Interim GM Jay Feaster.

Here is a great write up from hitthepost that sums up Sutter's reign in Calgary.  Go here.

My favourite part is about letting Theoren Fleury play in the preseason.  Perhaps Darryl can follow in Theo's footsteps and compete in next season's Battle of the Blades.

24 December 2010

Hot Wheels Back to the Future Time Machine

Image stolen from the Hot Wheels Facebook page.

Jacked these images from HotWheelsCollectors.com

Look for this in stores in February. 

23 December 2010

Titanium Plate

I snapped a photo of the X-ray when I went to the doctor yesterday.

Mugshots of the titanium plate and screws

Yeah, I know.  Pretty cool, huh?

Doctor says things are healing fine.  Bone mending is a little better than expected.  Damaged nerves are healing as expected.  The good news, my range of motion is way better than expected.  Especially, considering the damage I initially did to the area.  So good in fact, he said that there is no need to report to physical therapy anymore. I have to say that my therapist really helped the progression of my recovery. 
Strength conditioning can be done at home.

After looking at the X-rays and seeing the range of motion I regained, he said I could pretty much do anything right now and the wrist should be fine.  More strenuous activities, like pull-ups, should not be attempted for about a month.

I tired driving the other day.  There was pain when making sudden moves or trying to pull into a parking spot.  This is a strength issue that will improve with time.  Damn it, this means I have to wait a while before I can drive the DeLorean, again.  I plan on starting my strength training at the beginning of the year.  Some bike riding, Insanity and P90-X should get me ready for a return to hockey in June.  Heck, I may fit in a century ride, just for fun.

22 December 2010

DMC-California - 22 December 2009

A year ago today, I went to the DeLorean Motor Company in Garden Grove, California to see this:

These are photos that were used in the sales ad from delorean.com.

04 December 2010

Spam In Other Places

Yeah, it is December...and there is holiday cheer.  Well, let me bring you back down to earth.  Like you, I get a lot of spam in my email, and like you I get a lot of calls from telemarketers.  But there is spam in other places...see how I worked the title into the body of the post?  Yeah, cleaver.

In the social network (another title) like Facebook, people have been changing their profile pictures to childhood cartoons...to stop child abuse.  Imagine, you or your buddy Gilbert from college, can change your profile picture to any childhood cartoon, and child abuse stops.  It just stops.

Uh, you do realize that this is a form of spam.  Posting a picture or posting a message on your status does nothing but inform your network of friends that you are on a social network.  Most of the time, no one really cares about your damn photo or status.  This does nothing to stop child abuse or any good cause.  Although, it may increase your penis size.

Hey, I love social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and the like.  But seriously, unless you are someone like Tom Cruise (I love Tom Cruise), no one really cares.

By the way, while you were on your fancy computer looking for a cool picture of Turbo Teen to post...some kid, in a 'home' with no idea what the internet is, just got the shit beat out of him from his crackhead dad.  I would argue that for every Google search result for cartoon pictures, somewhere (just in) the United States a child is being abused.  Mission accomplished.

03 December 2010


So it begins, the December edition of this series.  You people are fucking terrorists.  I hope you fucking die a slow painful death.  Actually, when you need help, I hope your phone does not work.  In fact, you can only receive calls from telemarketers.  That will be your last memory in life.  FUCK YOU!

30 December 2010
   612-615-5898  MN, USA (via text message.  You guess it same fucking text as previous ones.  Another 20 cents you fucknuggets owe me.)

23 December 2010
   510-456-8581 CA, USA (via text message.  Same message as yesterday...another 20 cents you owe me.)

22 December 2010
  815-382-3294  IL, USA  (via text message.  You fuckers owe me 20 cents)

21 December 2010
   914-339-5611  NY, USA
   914-339-5611  NY, USA
   973-805-1141  NJ, USA
   914-339-5611  NY, USA  (Yep, three times in one day, five times in two days)

20 December 2010
   914-339-5611  NY, USA (Yeah, had my phone turned off for a while on vacation.  But these fuckers are right back on it.  Actually, I am pretty sure they tried to call while my phone was off.  What a bunch of assholes.)
   914-339-5611  NY, USA (Twice in one day)

9 December 2010
   404-891-6682  GA, USA 

8 December 2010
   646-558-6569  NY, USA
   561-379-8526  NY, USA (via text message)

5 December 2010  
   612-808-5589  MN, USA
   516-453-6736  NY, USA
   612-808-5589  MN, USA (Not a typo, called twice in one day...or eight times so far)
   918 442 0768  OK, USA

4 December 2010
   Blocked - What, too much of a pussy to show your real number?

3 December 2010
   612-808-5589  MN, USA
   786-358-6642  FL, USA

2 December 2010
   612-808-5589  MN, USA

The only good thing about this is it pretty much ensures that I post at least once a month. But still, FUCK YOU!

01 December 2010

Eight Weeks After Being A Righty

Well, it is been eight weeks since my awesome injury.  Things are healing up, range of motion is getter better, nerves are slowly waking up.  I have about four more sessions of physical therapy, then I am on my own.  You can see pictures of my injury and healing process HERE.

Earlier today, I was thinking that since I was out during the medical procedures...I totally time traveled.  It felt like I traveled through time...and space. Think about it.  Okay, just humour me.  There were gaps in time that I was unaware of, and I would reappear in another location.  Events and things happened while I was gone.  Sure, it was not a huge leap forward.  But, if one of my surgeries took like a day, I would have "lost a day"...or traveled forward one day.  Yeah, I totally time traveled.  Pretty awesome.


Oh, remember those shoes I wanted?  Yeah, I got a pair two pairs of them.  Did not get the cool box.  The special gullwing box is a press kit and not available to the public.  I learned that there were about 1500 pairs made 500 of those were either given to Nike people, DeLorean people, press, or just destroyed.  One thousand pairs were available to the public on 26 November at various locations around the country.  There were about 50-60 special gullwing boxes made.

When I get less lazy, I will do a photo shoot with the shoes and the car.  And yes, I do plan on wearing them when I drive...because I am that much of a nerd.