20 June 2020

NHL Jersey Numbers Do Not Belong on the Shoulders

Hey, another hockey related post.  Here we are, one hundred days since the last NHL game played before the league shut everything down due to the global pandemic.  While the league and its players are getting ready to restart play, we would be celebrating the Cup Champion around this time of the year.

So, why are we here.  Jersey numbers.  Specifically, the location of jersey numbers.  We can all agree that number do not belong in the front of the jersey.  Currently, I think only the Buffalo Sabres are the only team with numbers on the front, on the right chest.  This looks stupid.  Heck, even Jack Eichel is complaining about his disappointment in the Sabres organization because of the numbers being on the front of the jersey.  Yeah, pretty sure that is what he was disappointed about.  I mean, this is why Buffalo is not getting into the playoffs...where are they going to put the Finals patch?

Anyway, there is another place where jersey number simply do not belong.  The shoulders.  There are a few teams that do this, mainly on their thirds.  I am too lazy to research which exact ones.  Florida is the one team that has numbers on their main home and away uniforms.

Florida home jersey (pic stolen from internet)
Note the stupid numbers on the shoulders. A total eyesore. There is a very simple fix to this.  The Panthers have these beautiful patches on the upper sleeve that can, and should, be placed on the shoulders.  This will leave room for numbers where they belong.  Here, I did a little mock up for you...and the Florida Panthers.

Cleaner look
Look how clean that looks.  I bet Aaron Ekblad would love this.

Another one that violates aesthetics is the Penguin's third jersey. 

WTF? (pic also stolen from internet)
Yes, I know the history of the jersey. It did not look good in the 80's, it does not look good now, and it will never look good to have numbers on the shoulders.  It just looks so top heavy.  There is no excuse here, not like there are patches on the shoulders that need to be moved...and we already proved that moving patched is easy peasy.  Again, simple here.  Numbers go on the upper sleeve.

So much better
Quick mock up, I even took the time to change the colours so they pop. 

There might be another team or two doing this.  But, I think you get the idea of what I am getting at.  Just look at how much cleaner and balanced the jerseys look when the numbers are properly placed on the upper arm. 

Next time, maybe we talk about fixing some jerseys that just missed the mark.

03 June 2020


There are crazy things happening right now.  If you are reading this some time in the future, just look up 2020.

2 June 2020

 Unknown - Hmm...an "unknown caller".  Well, you are not on the guest list, so fuck you!

3 June 2020
  201-528-6736  Rutherford, NJ - Is there a new term for 'telemarketing via text'?  Maybe something like 'telemarketexting'?  

Do you see what is happening out there?  Who the fuck wants to go out during this pandemic and civil unrest?  Oh, I am going to take a Uber and risk my safety as well as some stranger's, too?  

And, at 6:36 in the morning?  So, I am barley up, possibly still asleep and you are randomly asking if I want a ride somewhere in a time when we are on lockdown and under curfew?  Know your audience!  

This is clearly an automated marketing tactic, most likely from a spoofed number.  Reply with STOP to unsubscribe?  Nah, you just got blocked.  Fuck you!

Oh, by the way...if anyone wants an Uber code, go ahead and take mine.  My gift to you, totally re-gifting...although, there is a strong chance that this may not be legit.  Stay safe.

  310-849-6886  Beverly Hills, CA - And we are back with the Beverly Hills numbers.  I wonder if the yesterday's "unknown caller" was from BH.  Fuck you!

  310-849-1852  Beverly Hills, CA - So, the first attempt from the old BH came in at 11:25. This one, at 12:42.  Beverly Hills is trying hard to make contact with me.  Again, fuck you!

  310-849-3475  Beverly Hills, CA - What the fuck is going on?  Calls are coming in like rioters breaking into a Best Buy.  Fuck you!

  310-849-7601  Beverly Hills, CA - This is an all out attack.  Fuck you!

  310-849-5917  Beverly Hills, CA - Cannot recall the last time I received five calls in one day.  Fuck you!

4 June 2020
  310-849-7392  Beverly Hills, CA - Good morning.  Here we go again.  Can we get more than five callers, today?  It is only 9:30.  Fuck you!

  785-367-9596  Osage City, KS - Fucking pattern breaker!  All the way from Osage City.  Okay, I had to Google that shit.  Osage City is 35 miles South of Topeka.  A small town of 2821 people (2018), a drop from 2934 people, according to the 2010 census. Wikipedia says, it has a total area of 3.29 square miles (8.52 km²), of which 3.21 square miles (8.31 km ²) is land and 0.08 square miles (0.21 km ²) is water.

Now, that is a small city...more of a town, if you ask me.  How many of those 2821 residence of Osage City, center of the USA, do you think are telemarketers?  Is the whole town a bunch of telemarketers, and 113 of them died off between 2010 and 2018?  Or, maybe they left and found real jobs, maybe machines took over.  One machine took over 113 jobs in middle America.  They are attacking is from with in.  Fuck you!

  269-941-6076  Michigan - Oh, hello.  We have a Call Protect sighting.  A few calls from the BH, slipped by the CP, but this one did not.  "Fraud Risk Auto Blocked".  Indeed.  Fuck you!

5 June 2020
  949-674-8936  Newport Beach, CA - Your typical scam using a large retailer as a facade.


Again, know your audience.  We have been on a lock down for three months, and I have not purached anything from anywhere. Why would I get a $100 bonus?  I cannot even remember the last time I purchased anything from Amazon.  Pretty sure I spent less than $100.  In fact, I bet it was just over $35, so I could qualify for free shipping.  Most likely, I was looking at something that was about $29.99 and spent the next hour looking for something that was $5.01, just to reach that $35 mark.

 So, there is no way someone with my 'customer loyalty' would have earned a $100 bonus.  Fuck you!

8 June 2020
   213-474-328  Los Angeles, CA - First result in a quick search..."Robocaller Warning!"  Fuck you!

10 June 2020
 310-849-9612  Beverly Hills, CA - You know the routine.  Fuck you!

  269-941-6076 - Gonna give a shout out to Call Protect for this one.  Oh, Michigan...again.  Mich-again?  Fuck you!

11 June 2020
  937-303-3301  Ohio -  This text went out to two other victims, a total of three.  The theory of using a wider net in hopes of getting more phish.  See what I did there?  One idiot actually did the old reply all with ‘Stop’.  Yeah sure, numb nuts…that is totally going to work in this situation.  You just marked yourself for all telemarketers out there.  Good job!


Every time we get one of these ‘make your car look shittier by slapping on some branded junk and we will pay you basically nothing’ ads, we have to ask ourselves:  Do I even have a car for said junk to be installed onto?  Are people even going to see this ad you are paying for?  Spoiler Alert:  Still on lockdown, still not going to put some random ass shit on my vehicle.
Also, RC Cola?  Fuck you!

  310-849-7238  Beverly Hills, CA – Here we going again.  Fuck you!

12 June 2020
  951-768-0675  Corona, CA - Another texting scam.  Go ahead, do a quick search for the number.  You could be receiving anything from a new iPhone, iPad, Nintendo Switch, Amazon gift card...whatever it is I am sure is it totally legit.  Fuck you!

22 June 2020
  949-436-1754  Antioch, CA - Did not get this until the next day, but here we go with these phishy texting scams.

What the hell is CALEITC4me?  Never heard of it.  Therefore, this is a obviously a scam.

But wait, there is still time to file taxes?  It is fucking June, I thought taxes were due in April...on Tax Day.  Oh, I get cash back, too?  Fuck you!

  949-424-4868  Livermore, CA - Back to back texts, about three hours apart.  At least I have heard of Costco.

For the record, there is no Costo attached to this number.  Oh wait, could this be a scam?  No, not Costco.  Fuck you!

24 June 2020
  310-985-0497  Santa Monica, CA - Surprise, another spoofed number.  Fuck you!

25 June 2020
  310-849-8924  Beverly Hills, CA - Same old, same old.  Fuck you!

  310-812-2928  Hawthorne, CA - Another random number, which pretty much means this another spoofed number.  Fuck you!

27 June 2020
  917-514-5836  New York City - Guess what.   If you guessed this was another texting spam, you guessed right!  Fuck you!

30 June 2020
  310-849-9536  Beverly Hills, CA - Last day of the month.  I guess robots need to meet their quota.  Fuck you!