13 June 2013

The Ridge - Kickstarter

My Kickstarter items are slowing coming in.  This week, The Ridge:  Front Pocket Wallet arrived.

The Ridge:  Front Pocket Wallet
Three months ago, I backed this project because I like minimal wallets.  The designers did a great job with a simple yet effective design.  I have to admit that what really won me over was an option to get one in titanium.  As you know, I share a special bond with titanium.

I already have and use a minimal or front pocket wallet.  But, this one is in titanium.  It will take a little getting used to as my current wallet is leather, much softer but not as awesome as titanium.  I guess it is no different than carrying a mobile phone.

It will be a few months before my next Kickstarter item arrives.  Hint, it is made of titanium. 

Update:   I have transferred my cards and cash to my Ridge.  Cards fit fine, but a little tight.  Well duh, how else are the cards going to stay in the wallet?  I am curious to see how long the elastics will last.  They look and feel like it will last quite a while.  So, I am not worried there.

Some things I need to get used to, the walled it the same size at a regulation credit card.  For cash, there is a slight speed bump.  On my other wallet, I just fold the bills in half and place in magnetic money clip.  On The Ridge, since it is narrower, I need to tri-fold the bills to they fit within the footprint of the wallet.  That is a 50% increase in thickness of bills.  I do not carry that much cash, so it is not really a problem.  Also, the titanium clip feels like it can spring back and last for a lifetime.

One minor issue I have with the design is, it could be a bit thinner.  Because they used an aluminum liner, it has to be a certain thickness to hold the elastic in place.  My solution, use more titanium.  Yes, I realize that would increase cost.  Like I said, this is minor...and I just want an excuse to have more titanium.  I would like to have had the corners, where the notch is cut out, to be more rounded.  It is a little sharp for an area where your finger needs to access and can potentially damage pockets.  Again, very minor issue.

Overall, the Ridge is an excellent product that is well designed and will last a long time.  Major points to the designers to offer up a titanium version.  I love that titanium.  The option of stainless steel is/was also available...as you know, I love stainless steel, too.

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