20 January 2011

I Am Featured In Another Magazine

I stopped by DeLorean Motor Company in Garden Grove, today.  Picked up the latest issue of DeLoreans Magazine.  There is a six page spread on the Hot Wheels DeLorean, technically written by me.  The article talks about how I made the DeLorean and brought it into the line.  If you were one of the few that read the post I wrote about the Hot Wheels DeLorean, about a year ago, that was pretty much the article.  I took that post down when DMC wanted to use it for their magazine.  Now, it is out.

If you want, you can get a copy of the magazine from your local DeLorean Motor Company or at delorean.com.  I have a copy, too, if you just want to check it out. 

DeLoreans Magazine Volume 5, Number 2.

16 January 2011

Random Thoughts IV

It is half way into the month, I guess I should write something.

 I have begun working out again.  Getting ready for the hockey season in a few months.  You really notice a difference in fitness when you do not work out for a few months.  Two weeks into the program, I am starting to gain back the15 pounds I lost during my recovery.  I should be ready for hockey, soon...just need to get used to skating.  The goal is not to break any bones this season.

For those of you interested, I am doing Insanity for now, and maybe throw in a little P90X later when I get more strength in my wrist.  I also plan on some bike rides, at least a few rides to and from work, maybe a century.

Flames are doing better than earlier in the season.  Mathematically, they are within reach of a playoff spot, but I am not holding my breath.  Excited for the Heritage Classic in February.  It will be interesting and scary to see who the Flames will trade before the deadline.  This will depend on their playoff chances.

There are plans to update the suspension on the DeLorean this year.  This will hopefully include:  New springs and shocks - for lowering the car and better handling.  New polyurethane bushings - for better handling. Updated brakes - current brakes do not feel right.  And, a look at the fuel system - try to get better gas mileage.  I am currently acquiring the parts necessary to do this, it make take time as I am trying to space the spending of money on the parts.  Actual 'updating' may not happen until the middle or end of the year, maybe next year.  I have had the front lowering springs since last April, and they are still sitting in the box.

15 January 2011


I actually have a New Year's resolution.  Like most resolutions, I will most likely not stick with it.  Anyways, I plan on giving each telemarketer that calls me an ear full.  This will of course include cursing, yelling, and belittling of the person on the other end.  Anything to make me feel better about myself...and perhaps change someone's life in doing so.  If I miss the call, I may call back, just to fulfill my goals.  Or...I will just ignore this assholes.  Either way, all calls will be reported here.  Because I know how you love reading this series of posts.

31 January 2011
   800-632-5212 - selected "2" to opt out of service
   800-632-5212 - yeah, called five minutes apart.  This time selected "1" to yell at someone.  I fucking yelled at "John MacDonald", told him that calling twice in five minutes is bullshit and to take my number off their list.  That little bitch said, "okay, we will remove your number from our list".  Yeah, I will be holding my breath.

30 January 2011
   Blocked Number - no message, equals telemarketer.

26 January 2011
   949-637-3165  Orange County, CA  (via text message)

21 January 2011
   407-545-6413  FL, USA

20 January 2011
   832-703-7064  TX, USA
   914-339-5611  NY, USA (Called 8 times before.  Finally got to talk to one, one of my goals this year.  Asked for "John", then proceeded to sell me a debt service.  I called his bluff and he hung up.  Safe to say that this is the last time I get a call from this number.)

18 January 2011
   914-339-5611  NY, USA

12 January 2011
   602-396-4345  Phoenix, AZ
   406-219-2304  Bozeman, MT

8 January 2011
   781-296-5272  Waltham, MA (via text, same text as others)

7 January 2011
   715-255-3810  Loyal , WI (via text, same text as others)

5 January 2011
   314-627-6955  MO, USA

4 January 2011
   404-891-6987 GA,USA

3 January 2011
   404-891-6950  GA,USA