20 June 2014

DeLorean Car Show 2014 - Part III

DeLorean Car Show 2014
Saturday, 14 June 2014

It is car show day, this is what the event is all about.  The official count was 159 DeLoreans, the most for a show like this.  Heck, it may be the most assembly of DeLoreans since they were sitting at the factory.  There was even a unique reunion of sorts when three consecutive VINs were there, parked side by side by side. Surely the first time in thirty-three years that have been together.

In the trade show tent, there were representatives from DMC vendors from across the country.  Some debuted new exclusive parts ranging from tail light boards, front shock tower bars, front lower control arms.  There was shirts, movie license plates, jackets, photos, and of course.memorabilia from Back to the Future.  Everything and anything DeLorean was available.  There was even a table or two with Bricklin stuff.

"Bricklins, what DeLoreans would look like if they came in Skittles colours" - Jeffery Weissman
Oh, I forgot to mention this.  Along with the 159 DeLoreans, there was about 10-15 (do not know the official count) Bricklins there.  It was a convention of cars with goofy doors.

Hanging out with Bob Gale
I was not able to drive my car the 2200 mile to Dayton.  So, I brought a piece of my car, the driver's side visor, with me instead.  The hope was to get some of the cast of Back to the Future to sign it.  I first went to my buddy Bob Gale and asked him to sign.  He had already signed my car when he came to Mattel for a visit.

Don Fullilove, I like the sound of that
I saw Don Fullilove, better known as Goldie Wilson, and got his autograph.  He recognized me from last night as 'the Hot Wheels guy'.  He could have easily recognized me as 'the only Asian guy at the event'.  I would have been more impressed if he remembered me from Orlando 2012...I remembered him.

No caption needed
The one autograph I wanted was that of Christopher Lloyd.  It was known early on that he was attending the event.  He was part of the reason I wanted to go, and the reason I brought a piece of my car with me to the event.  Needless to say, Doc Brown was surrounded by people where ever he went.  It was hard to get to him through all those people.  Luckily, he had a table set up, but only for a few minutes.  I was fortunate to be near the front of the line to get to meet him, get his autograph, and shake his hand.  Wow, just wow.

But wait, there is more.  The Choir Club from Fairfield High School performed their Back to the Future production for the last time.  Many of the cast were seniors and came back just to do this final performance for us.

Fairfield High School performing Back to the Future
This was an amazing production.  Everything from the arrangement, choreography, props, costume, set...everything, just amazing talent all around.  I bet it was fun for the students as they performed not only in front of Back to the Future fans, but some of the cast from the movie

Wait, there is more. After the performance, there was a wedding proposal in front of 500 people.  Not a dry eye amongst us.  She said yes.

DCS wedding proposal
It gets better for the newly engaged couple.  Harry Waters Jr., Marvin Berry, said, "this one's for all you lovers out there".  Then sang Earth Angel, just as he did in the movie.  What?  Yeah, that happened.  How do you top that wedding proposal?

Fairfield High School cast with Back to the Future cast
One of the highlights for me was seeing the original prototype of the Hot Wheels DeLorean that never made it to production.  The only know prototypes were in the DeLorean Archive and I got a chance to see them up close. 

Hot Wheels DeLorean prototypes and other die-cast DeLoreans
 The curators of the items allowed me a private viewing...and touching...of this rare item.

Prototypes of the Hot Wheels DeLorean that never was
Image above from left to right:  My production Hot Wheels DeLorean (c. 2010), Hot Wheels DeLorean pre-production sample (c.1979), Painted resin casting (c.1978), Unpainted resin (c.1978), Pre-production sample (c.1979).

John DeLorean's hard hat and shovel from Dunmurry ground breaking
The DeLorean Archive curators even let us put on John DeLorean's hard hat and pose with the ground breaking shovel.  Truly an honour.

The closing ceremonies included a awards, raffle, and presentationwith the Back to the Future cast.  Bob Gale shared his "Doc Brown Doesn't Drive A Fucking Mustang" story.  I have heard it twice and it never gets old.  Right after the punchline was said, Ken handed Christopher Lloyd the famous shirt inspired by Bob Gale's story.

Doc Brown Doesn't Drive A Fucking Mustang
I received a plaque for Honored Speaker for my presentation.  Of all the awards I have received, granted I have not received many, I am most proud of this one. 

Marty and I, posing with our plaques
My buddy Marty won an award for Most Awesome Canadian Who Owns A DeLorean...or was it for Best Car with 75,000 miles?  I forget.  Notice his plaque is better than mine.  The difference between having one of the best DeLoreans at the show and some guy talking about toys.

That was the end of the show.  Before we left, we said our goodbyes.  We met up with Terry and Oliver Holler of Team Fox and took a picture next to their clock tower display.

Terry and Olver of Team Fox
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DeLorean Car Show 2014 - Part II

Packard Museum
Friday, 13 June 2014

Ken Koncelik had a big day of events planned for convention attendees that included trips to various car museums and private garages in the Dayton area.  First stop the Packard Museum. John DeLorean worked for Packard before he worked at General Motors.

One of the many cars in the Packard Museum

Packards have awesome hood ornaments

Big sign made from a big rock
About two blocks away was the Taj Ma Garj, a private collection of German cars.  The collection included unique examples of Volkswagens and Porsches, along with unique pieces of random art.  It definitely has a different feel from your normal 'museum'.

Rot Iron VW Beetle

Porsche Carrera GT

Carrera GT license plate, and my Tag Heuer Carrera watch

Slammed VW Beetle
Upstairs is a video game room.

 Next stop is Jim Arnet's private collection cars.  Almost every car had its hood up to display the engine. 

Hoods up

Would have love to see this with the hood down
Euro Classics is a full service auto shop with a collection of really expensive cars.  I mean, really expensive.  Hoods are down here, so you can see how expensive they are.

Shelby Cobra

Ferrari Testarossa

 This Amphicar is supposed to be the world's most accurate Amphicar.  So weird, yet so awesome.   It drives on land and water.

Really expensive cars

Aston Martin DB5
Finally got to see an Aston Martin DB5 up close.  This would have been helpful a few months back as I was/am working on the James Bond DB5 from Goldfinger for Hot Wheels Elite.

Last stop was Carillon Historic Park.  The attractions include on the the Wright Brothers' planes and a replica of their bike shop.  You will also learn about the history of Dayton and its contributions to the world such as the cash register and the pop top can.

Cash registers were invented in Dayton
This how pop tops are punched from a strip of aluminum
Wright Flyer III

Deeds Carillon
After a long day of visiting museums, it was back to the hotel for dinner and evening events.

Like DCS 2012, I had a presentation to give.  My presentation was a modified version of one from Orlando.

This guys has no idea what he is talking about

My presentation is different from most presenters.  While others talk about the DeLorean car or the company, I talk about toys.  Since 2012, I had acquired more information on the history and relationship of the original DeLorean Motor Company and Mattel.  Like last time, I gave those in attendance a sneak peek of that is to come from Hot Wheels regarding the DeLorean and Back to the Future Time Machine.

JLPMOVIES is working on a DeLorean documentary
One of  the great things about events like this is making new friends and meeting up with old ones.  I met Jordan Livingston of JLPMOVIES back in Orlando.  He is working on a DeLorean documentary that I may be a part of...if I do not end up on the cutting room floor.

To Be Concluded...

DeLorean Car Show 2014 - Part I

DeLorean Car Show 2014 in Dayton, Ohio
Thursday, 12 June 2014

Two years after Orlando, DeLorean owners and enthusiasts gather in Dayton, Ohio for DeLorean Car Show 2014.  This is the last show to be run by Ken Koncelik, before the reigns get handed over to Jason Sharkey.  This show was not to be missed.  It promises to be the best and biggest yet. 

Curtis Bryant's masterpiece
As we approach the hotel, there was no mistaking that the Dayton Marriott was hosting the event.  There was about twenty DeLoreans already parked in the lot.  Among them was Curtis Bryant's 'VNDIC8R'.  Photos do not do it justice.

Lighted replica dealer sign
Thursday was a relative light day as people were arriving at different times and registering.  There was still some setting up in the halls, as well as under the tents.  We were treated to Back to the Future Production Designer, Andrew Probert's presentation.

Andrew Probert and Jeffery Weissman
Our master of ceremonies was Jeffery Weissman, who played George McFly in Back to the Future Part II and III.  Andrew Probert presented some of his designs for the movie, along with storyboards for the original ending of the first film.

One of Andrew's first gigs was production designer on Star Trek - The Motion Picture, which eventually led to his work on Star Trek - The Next Generation.  He gave a great presentation on his work for the show.  This included designs for the Enterprise-D.  Yeah, he designed the ship, exterior and interior, the bridge, even some of the aliens.  As a designer and a Star Trek fan, it was quite a treat to see original sketches for one of my favourite shows.  I mean, we had just seen awesome designs for Back to the Future and now, Star Trek...nerdgasm!

Just some of the cars that were under the tent
As people arrived, the cars were being set up for Saturday's car show.  It was a long travel day, and a long day of events tomorrow.  Off to bed.

To Be Continued...

03 June 2014


School is out.  This could mean summer jobs and internships.  Which could possibly mean more fucking calls from telemarketers.  I am hoping that they go on some vacation, instead. It would be damn funny if they get calls from other telemarketers, selling them vacation plans.

3 June 2014
   310-464-1422 Gardena, CA - Apparently, this is a call from Time Warner.  I may or may not be a customer of TWC...either way, I would not buy what they are selling, all because they are using telemarketer tactics.  Besides what is with the 'intro pricing'?  They lure customers in with a low price then fuck you in the ass after a year and make you pay more.  Hey new potential customer, want your dick sucked?  Dear loyal customer, thanks for being with us for 12 months, now bend over.  Fuck me? No, fuck you!

5 June 2014
   209-239-8572  Manteca, CA - Manteca?  Have not heard that name in decades.  I remember there being some sort of water theme park in or around Manteca.  I wonder if it is still there.  What if the water park is calling me with a promotional deal?  Yeah, that would be awesome...no wait, that would be an unwanted telemarketing call.  So, fuck you!

20 June 2014
   215-525-0073  PA, USA -  I did a little Google search, and obviously it was some sort of scamming douche bags.  What is interesting is, this is apparently a scam to that offers Wal-Mart gift cards...I was in a Wal-Mart at the time.  What the fuck!  Is there some sort of spy shit going on here?  Wal-Mart drones, somehow tracking people, then calling them?  This is what I get for even being in a Wal-Mart.  We are not safe from telemarketers...and Wal-Mart.  We need to make these fuckers our number one...wait for it...Target.  Wwwaaaahhh!!!!  Oh, and fuck you.

24 June 2014
   310-464-1422 Gardena, CA - Hello there, Time Warner.  Want to offer me some shit deal that will only cost me more money yet not provide me with anything better than I already have?  At least you have not fucked my on service, I will give you that.  Your pricing sucks for loyal customers.  So, fuck you.

30 June 2014
   215-525-0073  PA, USA - Oh, you just had to slip in another harassment, I mean, 'call', before the end of the month. Why would I want a Wal-Mart gift card?  I do not want to go to a Wal-Mart.  Having a gift card virtually forces me to go in and spend money.  I guess I could give it to charity.  Whatever, this is a fucking scam and a fucking telemarketer call. So, fuck you!