31 January 2013

Depeche Mode - Heaven (Video)

Depeche Mode – Heaven
Sometimes I slide away, silently
I slowly lose myself, over and over
Take comfort in my skin endlessly
Surrender to my will forever and ever

I dissolve in trust
I will sing with joy
I will end up dust
I’m in heaven

I stand in golden rays radiantly
I burn a fire of love, over and over
Reflecting endleŇ°s light, relentlessly
I have embraced the flame forever and ever

I will scream a word
Jump into the void
I will guide the herd
Up to heaven

Update 15 February 2013:  Live studio verison of Heaven

29 January 2013


Did you think I was done with this series?  Hell no, this is the most popular series (by views and searches) on here.  No way I would abandon this.  I just have not received any calls in a while. 

Can you believe it has been just over two months since my last call?  Granted I was on vacation for about a  few, and had my phone turned off...but that was only for maybe ten days.  Was it because of the holidays?  When telemarketers go on vacation, we all go on vacation.  I did not even think these fuckers would celebrate holidays...they have families?

Anyways, it looks like these assholes are on the prowl, again.  Bitter sweet, on one hand, I get harassed by these cunts.  On the other hand, I get to rant about it.  And, you know how I love to rant...and I know how you love to read this.  So, I take one for the team, for your enjoyment.

29 January 2013
   202-480-3747  DC, USA  Now, who the fuck in Washington, DC would call me?  I hope that this is not a matter of national security.  You know what?  Fuck you, Washington!  Fuck you!  The Federal Trade Commission is located in Washington, DC and you fuckers cannot even get the telemarketers from setting up camp in your own backyard.  You did great for two months, but you failed to see that there is a hub within an arms throw from you.  Hey Congress, how about you pass a fucking law to ban all telemarketing and enforce it...ENFORCE IT!   Fucking useless.

Red Line Club DeLorean - Supplemental

As you know the Red Line Club Special Edition DeLorean is limited to 4000, and they are individually numbered (0XXXX/04000).  It just happens that my VIN on my DeLorean falls right in the middle.  So, the quest was on to get #01942.  I realize that this is really nerdy...keep in mind that I got the license plate on the toy to match the one my car.  My nerd threshold is pretty high.

I shots some emails to request one.  I had my people contact other people's people.  My Engineer/Planner was contacting the plant overseas and the distribution center in Wisconsin.  Long story short, the manager at the distribution center was opening boxes to find this one car out of four thousand.  Meanwhile, I was searching on eBay for my elusive unicorn.  I even ordered a couple in hopes that one of them would be it...and just to have them around.  Alas, it was not to be found.

DeLorean Motor Company ordered about 200 to sell at their store.  This also allowed those in the DeLorean community to get this car.  Well, those who were too lazy to register at hotwheelscollectors.com, and complained about not being able to get it...even thought I told everyone about it months in advance.  By the way, registration is free.

Anyway, DMC posted the numbers they got so that some owners would want to match their VIN.  See?  I was way ahead of the nerd curve.

While DMC-Houston did not have my VIN, it was possible DMC-Midwest had it.  I gave Julee a call and lucky for me, she had it.  Julee seems to be my Hot Wheels hook up, she gave me the Boulevard version that I was unable to get.  A few days later, I got the car.

Matching VIN on my car and my RLC car
A great end to a chapter, but not the end of the overall story.  When I ordered the RLC car from Julee, I also ordered a set of shocks for the car.  I have been wanting to lower the back of the car, since I lowered the front a couple of years back.  More on that saga in the next few months.

More Trivia:  Today is my three year anniversary of DeLorean ownership. 

24 January 2013

Depeche Mode - Delta Machine

The title and track listing on Depeche Mode's thirteenth studio album was just announced.  Delta Machine.  Yeah, I know...goofy name.  They have spent the past few months promoting the 'triangles' or 'deltas', and it works with the "DM".  Whatever, I am just exited that there is a new Depeche Mode album coming, as well as a world tour starting this summer.  Albums drops on March 26.  Thirteenth album, thirteen tracks.  Track listing:

Delta Machine - New Album from Depeche Mode


1 - Welcome To My World
2 - Angel
3 - Heaven
4 - Secret To The End
5 - My Little Universe
6 - Slow
7 - Broken
8 - The Child Inside
9 - Soft Touch / Raw Nerve
10 - Should Be Higher
11 - Alone
12 - Soothe My Soul
13 - Goodbye

DELUXE EDITION: (includes hardcover 28-page booklet)


1 - Welcome To My World
2 - Angel
3 - Heaven
4 - Secret To The End
5 - My Little Universe
6 - Slow
7 - Broken
8 - The Child Inside
9 - Soft Touch / Raw Nerve
10 - Should Be Higher
11 - Alone
12 - Soothe My Soul
13 - Goodbye


1 - Long Time Lie
2 - Happens All The Time
3 - Always
4 - All That’s Mine
You bet your ass, I am getting the Deluxe Edition.

The new single Heaven, will be released on January 25.  Track listing:

Heaven - New single from Depeche Mode's new album, Delta Machine

“Heaven” CD SINGLE:

1 - Heaven
2 - All That’s Mine (b side bonus track)

“Heaven” CD MAXI:

1 - Heaven
2 - Heaven (Owlle Remix)
3 - Heaven (steps to heaven rmx)
4 - Heaven (Blawan Remix)
5 - Heaven (Mathew Dear vs Audion Remix)
Oh, this is so exciting.  More info can be found on Depeche Mode's official site.

21 January 2013

1.21 Gigawatts - Electrical Problems With DeLorean

I know it has been a while since my last post.  I would like to say that I have been busy, but the truth is, I am lazy...and I have not done much because of the holidays.  Anyway, I should have at least one entry for January.

Guess what...it is January 21, which can written as 1/21 or 1-21..1.21 gigawatts.  How awesome is that?  Speaking of gigawatts, I am having electrical issues with the DeLorean, again.  It is well documented that one of the major issues with the DeLorean was its electrical system.  So, that the hell is it this time?  Long story, I will try to be brief, but you know how I like to ramble on.

A few months ago, my signaling function stopped working.  What does this mean, exactly?  Well, throwing on the direction indicator and not blinky-blink.  This makes driving a bit unsafe and very annoying to other drivers.  I hate it when people do not signal, and being that person is embarrassing.

Blinky not blinking, but the hazard was working fine.  My first thought was to check the fuses.  Easy to get to, and easy to fix...maintenance that even I can handle.  Fuse was fine.  Disconnecting fuse resulted in both hazard and signal not working, which is what is suppose to happen.  Good news is the fuse is good, bad news is something else is wrong.

Next thing to check is the flasher relay.  The flasher relay has been there for over thirty years. Make sense for it to go bad, even if we are not talking about Lucas Electronics.  I went out an bought a new flasher relay.  I plan on switching all my lights to LED soon, anyway.  This would require a more modern flasher relay, one that works with LED.  I also ordered a cheap relay from China off of eBay, just in case.

Since the original flasher relay had been there for over thirty years, it was quite difficult to disconnect from the connector.  The 'connector' being the plastic part the corresponding wires would connect to.  I am sure there is an official name for it, but you know what I am talking about.  Why so much fuss about the connector, you ask?  Well, being over three decades old, it basically shattered as I tried to remove it from the relay.  No big deal, as the wires/leads are not damaged.

I switched to the new modern relay, and it did not work...for a day.  What?  Yeah, I did not work for a day.  But, it worked.  I have no idea why it did not work.  Maybe the car needed to get used to the new relay.  Whatever, it was working and I am not going to question it.

I brought my original flasher unit to work and had our electronics guy look at it.  Funny thing was, it was still working.  Nothing wrong with it.  He even commented that it was Lucas Electronics and they were not the best...okay, one of the worst electronics companies in the 70's and 80's.

So, are we all good?  Well, yes...until about two weeks ago.

Driving home, I noticed that the signals were not working, again.  I checked the usual suspects and could not figure out what was going on.  Funny thing about it is, if I engaged the direction indicator, and pressed the hazard switch about half way in, it would blink.  Pushing the hazard switch all the way in, and both left and right would blink like normal hazard function.  But, pressing hazard alone did nothing.  I drove the next few days by signaling and pressing the hazard switch half way to signal my turns.  Again, not safe.

I did some research, and asked around for some solutions.  One possible problem is loose ground connections.  So today, as I was about to work on the car, the signals work.  What the hell is going on?

Until I have more time to take apart certain areas to get to ground locations, I have decided to just let it go for now.  Again, this is me being lazy.