26 October 2008

Dream Halloween 2008

My Darth Mater went up for auction at the Dream Halloween charity in Los Angeles...well, technically, Santa Monica.

There were a lot of celebrities there, movie stars and TV stars. But, no TV star as famous as this guy:

Yep, that is the real original Batmobile from the Batman TV series form 1966. Anyway, here is a picture of some dork with Darth Mater. You can see the size of it...if you know how big I am.

Along with about 15 other pieces, the item was auctioned off.

The winning bid went for $10,000 to this guy:

Uh...the one on the right won the auction, the one on the left has no money. It just happen that he is the President of Mattel's Boy's Division, so sorta like my boss. I wonder if he knows who I am or what I do for the company.

Before I left, I got a picture of one of the coolest people you will ever meet. A huge TV star for the past 20 years, and still does not look a day over 10 years old...Bart Simpson.

24 October 2008

Iginla Nets Hat Trick In Flames Comeback Win

Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla scores 3 goals to help the Flames to a 5-3 win over the Nashville Predators.


09 October 2008

2008-09 NHL Season

The NHL season has started, but the Calgary Flames do not know it yet. So far, they trail 0-3 mid way through the second period. Damn it!

Update: That would be a 6-0 lost.