20 September 2009

First Career Hat Trick

Played my first hockey game in 5-6 years. Also, it was my first roller hockey game. I knew going in that there are subtle differences between ice and roller...like not stopping. Anyways, I just went out there to have some fun and to get some much needed exercise.

Here is a summary of what I did in the game:


First period. Scored two goals. One on my knees, one on my stomach...both while falling down. I would like to think that it is because I am used to ice. Nah, that is just the way I play. I like being in front of the net looking for rebounds and deflecting shots.

Second period. Got pulled down on a semi-break away, awarded a penalty shot. You may be thinking, "Hey, two goals. This must be how he got the hat trick". Nope. Then, "the goalie must had made a great save". Wrong, again. I took the puck from center ice (Yeah, I am still going to call it ice. Even though it is cement with a layer of paint.), skated toward the net, got to the face off circles and...fell. Yeah, I just fell. It was awesome, I am sure you will see it on SportCenter highlights for years to come. I got up and congratulated the goalie on a nice save. Oh, and the bench cheered.

Third period. Offensive face off. I stood in front of the goalie, hoping for a one-timer or to rush the net. Face off is won, puck comes towards me as I get into position...the puck deflects off my skate. I get credited with the goal. First career hat trick.

...and yes, still gasping for air.

Fleury Nets Two Points In Flames Win

Calgary Flames defeated the Florida Panthers 5-2, in their pre-season game. Flames right winger Theoren Fleury scored a goal and added an assist in his second game of his comeback. He made get his chance to play with the Flames during the season if he keeps this up.

Fleury assist came when he made a beautiful pass to Daymond Langkow in the second period. Fleury rushed the net, looking for a rebound, but Langkow's shot trickled passed the Florida net minder. The crowd at Pengrowth Saddledome went wild when his assist was announced through the public announcement system. In the third period, Fleury made a nifty move and scored on the backhand, five hole. Again, the crowd went wild with chants of "THEO! THEO! THEO!".

Funny thing is, NHL.com has the assist listed as "more" and the goal listed as "Unknown Backhand". Fleury is not listed on the NHL.com roster.

Two points in two game, plus a shootout winner. I know it is just pre-season, but this season could be fun to watch. Maybe I should head up to Calgary to see a game. Who knows, maybe I will get a chance to Fleury play again.

Heroes Season 4

The fourth season of Heroes starts Monday at 8PM on NBC with a two hour episode. Yeah, it might kinda suck, but it is still on of the better shows on television.

16 September 2009

Playing Hockey Again.

I guess I should make a few comments about Theoren Fleury's attempt at a comeback. He has a been invited to the Calgary Flames' training camp and will hit the ice tomorrow in a pre-season game against the New York Islanders. This is pretty damn exciting for me, as Fleury was, and still is, my favourite player.

On a similar note, I am also on a comeback trail myself. I will started playing hockey again this weekend. Even though it is inline and not ice, it is still hockey. Is it a coincidence that we both start playing hockey again after a long absence from the game? Yeah, probably.

Will try to update stats and summaries of my games here so everyone no one can follow.

Update: Theo scores the shootout winner for the Flames.

What Good Is A Photograph Of You?

I just got back from vacation and boy, I tell you, I took a lot of pictures. I like taking pictures of random things, things like man hole covers from different countries. Of course, like everyone else, I take photos of landmarks and things like that.

Usually, I like the subject of the photo to be just the thing I am interested. Meaning, I am happy with a picture of just the Great Pyramid...I do not need to be in the photo. I take above average photos, not great, but good...enough. I will even lend a hand to a stranger and take a photo of them with a landmark or whatever. The trouble is, when I have to ask a stranger to take a photo of me with said pyramid and he/she takes a photo of me. Just me, with some sky and sand...no pyramid. What the fuck? I know what I look like, I have tons of photos of me, and I have a mirror. I do not need another picture of me standing there in like an idiot.

People, when someone asks you to take a photo of them, it is your responsibility to take a good photo of them AND the more interesting background. Leave a little space. Give the subject (person) about 1/3 of the frame. Give some head room, eyes should be about 1/3 from the top of the frame. Have the person turn slightly and make sure that the background is the main focus of the image. Believe me, they will thank you when they see the image, and sincerely mean it.

I have given my camera to a many strangers...most have failed. In this digital age, you can take as many photos as you want (given the disc space). So, offer to take two or three for 'safety'.

Oh, one more thing. If you are getting your picture taken...KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN until way after the picture is taken. Picture taker should check to see that all subjects have eyes open.

That is all for now. Say 'cheese'.