11 March 2016

Spring Back, Fall Foward

Spring back, Fall forward
Time change.  I bitch about this twice a year.  Well, it is that time again to set the clocks ahead one hour...just so we can set it back one hour in about six months.  Fall back, Spring forward.  Or is it Spring back, Fall forward?  What if I am walking down a path and I trip?  I fall forward.  What happens when you compress a spring, then let go?  It springs back.  Just that stupid saying along is damn confusing.

Why do we still do this?
During most of the week on the news on television and radio, we are being reminded to set our clocks ahead one hour on Sunday morning, from 2AM to 3AM.

As I listen to these broadcasts, I learned that Arizona and Hawaii are the only states that do not observe Daylight Savings Times.  California is considering the change.  This would be awesome news, as it can lead other states and eventually the entire world to rid ourselves of this useless act.

Pink areas like to waste time.
I find out that most of the world, at least by population do not observe the DST.  Last night, I was watching a show...it does not matter which show, as I am sure it will get cancelled soon...where the US and Russia worked on a program to launch a rocket to save the world.  It was not until ninety minutes until launch time that they realized that the Russians do not use DST, there fore the timing of the rockets would be off by one hour.  They US team needed to rewrite the code to adjust for this time change.  One stupid thing like this time change would have prevented the rocket from saving the world.  The rocket launched, not sure if it will save the world.   I will have to tune in next week to find out...if the show does not get cancelled.

One of the thing stats they threw out this morning regarding the issues time changes cause was a 24% hike in heart attacks, and an increase in traffic accidents.    I am not going to verify these stats, because they work in my favour.

We lose and hour this weekend.  But really, we lose two hours, as it will take about an hour to set all the clocks and watches the average person has in their house and car.  Yeah, do not forget about the clocks in your car.

Bi-annual dance we do
Since time is set to Greenwich, I realize that we need to convince the UK to abandon the Daylight Savings Time system in order for the rest of the world to adapt.

Again, here is my genius idea to end this crap.  Instead of setting the clocks ahead one hour, then back one hour every six months...we meet half way.  All we do is get Greenwich to set the clocks half an hour off and leave it.  Then, everyone will just need to worry about Time Zones  Those are usually based on longitude and borders, which only effects those who travel.

Oh wait,  I thought I was done.  I may have mentioned this before...but not everyone who observes DST changes their clocks at the same time.  What?!?  I will try to keep this short since we are losing an hour and you need to be setting your clocks.  Anyway...

I traveled to London in October.  When I got there I obviously had to set my watch to local time.  Well, the next day, I had to set it back one hour because it was the end of DST.   A week later, I am back in the states...setting my watch back to DST...then the next day fall back an hour because it was the end for DST in North America.  This is what drove Doc Brown crazy.

Time change!
UPDATE - 14 March 2016

As heard on the news this Monday morning.  Traffic accidents increase by 5% as EVERYONE is essentially 'jet lagged' from losing that hour.  In California, there was over 5000 traffic accidents on the Monday following the time change, last year.  It takes about 3-4 days for the average person to adjust to time change.

06 March 2016

What Happened to the Nike+ App?

Nike+ iPod Sensor
I realize I am really late to the game on this.  I am usually behind on the latest advances in technology, this is certainly the case.

iPod receiver and Nike+ sensor

A few years ago, Nike and Apple teamed up to make a tracking system for runners.  The Nike+ Sensor would sync with an iPod.  Depending on the version of iPod, one would either need a receiver that plugged into the charging port or, connect to device via Bluetooth and using it through an app.  This also worked with certain iPhone models.

The sensor would be placed in special Nike+ shoes.  If you are cheap like me, just carry the sensor in your pocket and it worked just as well.

Sensor placed in special shoes
While I do not do much running, on occasion I do a lot of walking during vacations.  I wanted to get one of these senors to track how much ground is covered on hikes and excursions.  I also do a little (very little) running on the tread mill.

My iPod already had the Nike+ app pre-installed.  All I need was the sensor.  So, about two years ago I got one and started tracking those long hikes.  I was able to earn FuelPoints in addition to my FuelBand.  I was not a frequent user of this sensor, although I did buy a pair of gyms shoes with the sensor 'hole'.

This worked fine what I was using it.  But, about two months ago, I wanted to track a short walk and could not find the app on my iPod.  I did a little research and found out what happened.

Obsolete Nike+ sensor

When Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, running on iOS 8.0.  The new operating system introduced the Health app which featured similar pedometer function as the Nike+ system, but with the addition of tracking via GPS.  This made the Nike+ sensor and system obsolete.  Ah, lucky for me, I am still using an iPhone 4S and only upgrades to a 5S.  While I was running iOS 8 on my phone and iPod, the Nike+ system was still working.

Along comes iOS 9.0 changing the game.  Once iOS 9 is installed, it deleted the pre-installed Nike+ app on your device.  This is why I could not find it on my iPhone/iPod.  There was no warning (that I know of), the app was just removed.  The Health app was the beginning of the end for the Nike+ sensor.  I guess I should have seen this coming as I noticed that Nike discontinued the Nike+ line of footwear, no more sensor holes.

There is no way to get the app back, as there is no (easy) way to install iOS 8. The easiest thing to do is find an old iPod and hope that it has iOS 8 or lower installed. 

New Nike+ Running app
So, there is a new Nike+ Running app for iOS.  It works with the Health app, using the accelerometer and GPS to track your movement and location.  I am going to give this a try on my next excursion and may or may not report back.

Until then, I need to find the foam plug for my shoe because my sensor work its way out of the hole when I put on my shoe.  Then it is like the Princess and the Pea for me and I have to re adjust the sensor.  Maybe a piece of tape would help.

03 March 2016


We had a pretty good February, as I got a call on Leap Day.  Still pretty excited for that.  Well, February is in the past.  We move on to March...or, should I say...we march on to March.  Genius!

3 March 2016
  657-220-1616  Anaheim, CA - Look at this, 657 area code.  I think this is  new, too lazy to look up, but I know that Anaheim and most of Orange County is area code 714.  I guess they ran out of numbers at Disneyland.  Hey, did you know that they are increasing Disneyland ticket prices?  As sure as I am that we will continually receive telemarketing calls...we will continue to see an increase in Disney theme park prices.  One does not effect me, as I can choose when I want to visit Mickey...the other harasses me (us) to no end.  To that latter, fuck you!

15 March 2016
  No Caller ID - Oh you mother fucker!  How am I supposed to bitch about your city, if there your information is blocked?  I cannot even verify if this is a legit call or not.  Who are we kidding here?There is no doubt that a "No Caller ID" is a fucking telemarketer.  Guess what...also did not leave a message.  Seriously, who picks up on a "No Caller ID"?  If my kids were abducted and they kidnappers tried to contact me, and they used a "No Caller ID"...I would not see my kids ever again.  Yes, I would rather not answer any call from any unknown number than negotiate with terrorists.  Fuck you!

650-727-1364  San Mateo, California - We have our first return caller, uh texter.  Last month, I was bombarded with texts from this number.   Again, according to the internet, this is a legitimate business.  But, they keep sending me texts, instead of this Lori person.

Same texts as last month
Or, this could be a total scam.  What if they are trying to get me to reply with "you have the wrong number".  Then, my number gets confirmed in their system...and I will be endlessly harassed by this another callers.  As if, that is not already happening.

I rate you at a 1, poor!
One would think that Lori or El Tarasco will correct this situation.  Unless our lines are crossed, I am not sure how Lori is receiving the first text for the coupon and order.  Then, the next text to know her food is picked up.  Something is not right here, and I am too lazy to investigate.  Anyway, fuck you, Lori for not fixing this...and obviously, fuck you El Tarasco for sending me texts.

16 March 2016
  323-593-2504  Los Angeles, CA - I guess the calls are coming in so these fuckers can hit their first quarter numbers.  Many California based numbers this month.  Could this be an election thing, or just your garden variety telemarketer call?  Who knows, who cares.  Either way, fuck you!

  480-217-8927  Phoenix, AZ - Second call of the day, how exciting.  I guess the team is moving east from California.  But, still trying to met their numbers for the quarter.   Good luck with that, and fuck you!

18 March 2016
  646-757-1552  New York, NY - Well, at least this time they left a message.  Okay, not really.  It was a robo-telemarketer...of course it was.  Like most robo calls, this was (probably) voice activated.  As soon as my "leave a message" message played, it thought I was a human.  So their bot was talking to my bot.  How cute.  Judgement Day is upon us.  Fuck you!

31 March 2016
  720-580-1568  Keenesburg, CO -  Oh no, end of the month, we need to make our quota. I love these last minute/last day calls.  Oh, you thought there they took a break for a week or two?  No.  I was on holiday for that time.  Who knows how many calls they attempted while my phone was turned off.

Funny but sad, the calls listed here are the only calls I got for the month of March.  Yes, the only people that call me are telemarketers.

I only get calls from telemarketers