03 February 2017

Depeche Mode - Where's the Revolution

Some people wait four years for the Olympics, I wait four years for a new Depeche Mode release.  The initial anticipation is over for Depeche Mode fans, like me, across the universe.  Today, they released the first single from their soon to released album Spirit.  This is the band's first release since the October single release of "Should Be Higher" in October of 2013.

Depeche Mode - Where's the Revolution
I have listened to the new single a few times and while it does have the distinct Depeche Mode sound, it has a little too much of it.  Meaning, it sounds a little over produced to me.  This is the first time the band is working with producer James Ford.  Some of the lyrics tend to be repetitive, a what I call "copy/paste writing", the chorus suffers from this.  There is a lot this copy/paste in recent songs (by other artists) and it looks that Depeche Mode are following that trend.  I am not a fan of that.

Anyway, there are some great parts to this track. The intro is nice, it  sort of brings you back to 90's Mode.  As mentioned, there are a few sections that are over produced, with possibly some auto tuning in use...as well as too many layers of sound, each competing to be heard.  The five minute song could easily be trimmed down to a three and half or four minute track and be much better.

Not to worry.  If we just go by the last few 'first singles' we should be okay as (I feel) they were not strong singles.  Usually the second and third singles are the better ones.  Sometimes, the best song of the album is not released as a single.  We will have to wait until 17 March 2017 for Spirit to be released.  I will have a track by track review then, as I did with Delta Machine.  Stay tuned.

Slight tangent:  For the past few days, I have been looking for a place to purchase the Where's the Revolution single.  You know, the CD single.  I want the 'import' version, but unable to find the CD even as a US.  My usual place does not exist anymore.  The only thing I  can find so far is digital download...and even that is a "get it free when you pre-order the album".  Nothing physical or digital as a single release with remixes and B-sides.

So, if anyone out there knows where I can get the UK (or European) release of the single on CD, let me know.  Thanks.

Update:  The video was released today, 9 February 2017, directed by Anton Cobijn.

This is a much better version of the song. It has been edited down to four minutes by omitting the repetitive copy/paste lyrics.  Funny how I mention chopping it down to about four minutes would be result in a better track.  

02 February 2017


Short month, but that should not stop these fuckers from meeting their numbers.

2 February 2017
  213-266-9479  Los Angeles, CA - What on Groundhog Day?  How perfect would it be to be trapped in Groundhog Day with endless telemarketer calls...NOT!  Yeah, I am trying to bring the "...NOT" thing back.  Who knows, it could catch on.  Hipsters like that kinda vintage stuff.  Anyway, thanks for calling...NOT!  Fuck you!

  253-588-8137  Tacoma, WA - See that I mean?  That Groundhog Day shit is totally happening.  I am stuck in a loop where my phone is constantly ringing and I never answer it.  Fuck you!

3 February 2017
  747-245-6010  Los Angeles, CA - Well, this is new.  I did not know there was a 747 area code in the Los Angeles area.  But what I do know is this is a telemarketer number.  The bot did its thing and "left a message" saying that I am pre-approved for something.  Look, I know what my credit and reputation is.  No one approves of me...not credit cards, banks, my boss, my parents...no one approves.  I am a disappointment to everyone...but not as disappointing as being a telemarketer. So, fuck you!

6 February 2017
  952-374-1741  Minneapolis, MN - Technically, there was a message left.  But, there was no message, just three seconds of silence.  A search does show that this is a telemarketer number.  Yeah, I knew that.  How many calls from Minnesota do I get anyway?  Well, this is actually the second one.  Last month was the first...and what do you know, it was also from a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

  213-205-2254  United States - Oh, I know this is a telemarketers.  Everyone knows that 213 is in the Los Angeles area.  By now, everyone should know that if the location shows "United States", you have yourself a fucking telemarketer.  Fuck you!

   951-259-1269  Lake Elsinore, CA - Three calls in one day, all from different numbers.  Fuck you!

8 February 2017
  541-899-1906  Jacksonville, OR - The credit card scammers are hit us strong this month.  Just a theory, I am guessing that after the holiday season, there are people in credit card debt.  What better time and opportunity than to cold call someone and pull off a scam?  Fuck you!

  213-266-9501  Los Angeles, CA - I had not even finished typing the above entry and my phone rings, again.  Less than two minutes.  This time with a different number and instead of credit card scam, this is vacation scam.  So, I guess after the holidays, I need another holiday?  Fuck you!

Sad that the only people that call me are telemarketers.
14 February 2017
  213-266-9501  Los Angeles, CA - Could this be a call from a secret admirer, wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day?  Of course not!  Although you could say I have a stalker.  This is a return caller and not the first from this area code and prefix (see image above).  Fuck you!

15 February 2017
  855-653-4481  Unknown - As per usual, I do a search for numbers just to see what they are about and to confirm that they are telemarketers.  Well, it was to my surprise that I found this:
1-855-653-4481 is a deceptive number associated with cyber-criminals that is used to deliver fake alerts and trick them. This is a tech scam virus that throws scary pop-up notifications to urge users calling on the technical assistance number. It claims that your PC is infected with any malware and your private data can be endangered and thus to you need to call on 1-855-653-4481 for immediate assistance. But these services are highly chargeable than worth and most of the time associated with cyber criminals that will attempt to record all your data by remotely accessing your PC. You may be further asked to register for any fake security products. Please do not call on 1-855-653-4481 and quickly follow the removing instructions for 1-855-653-4481 tech scam virus.
Uh...fuck you!

16 February 2017
  360-577-9082  Longview, WA - Longview? Washington?  Hey, remember Green Day's hit album Longview?  That is what I thought of when I saw the call location.  I wonder if they named the album after the city...most likely not!  As far as I know, the guys in Green Day grew up in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area).  How dare you name a city after their album and allow a telemarketing firm to set up in your city.  Fuck you!

20 February 2017
  213-985-0858  Los Angeles, CA - I guess telemarketers do not get President's Day off.  These guys have no respect...surprise.  Our President wants to build a wall.  I say, build a system that stops telemarketing.  Fuck you! 

23 February 2017
  951-381-3380  Banning, CA - Banning?  Everyone and anyone with a phone has been asking for a ban on telemarketers...how ironic that a telemarketer call is from Banning.  Fuck you!

28 February 2017
  323-515-8527  Los Angeles, CA - Clearly, since this is the last day of the month, this is one of those 'meet my quota' calls.  I expect these terrorist to go full speed tomorrow, or at least the first week of March.  Fuck you!