05 February 2014

Retribution High, by Bob Gale

Bob Gale's new short story deals with bullies in non-traditional way.

Retribution High, by Bob Gale
The writer/producer of the Back to the Future trilogies, Bob Gale, takes us back to your high school day.  Well, unless you are in high school now...and if you have not been to high school yet.  Either way, Bob Gale's tale is a fascinating look into social conflict.  We seem to be affected by bullies, whether you are in school or at a work place, the groups are interchangeable.

There are two versions of this book, a standard (green) version and explicit (red) version.  The explicit version holds nothing back.  I am not sure how the author toned it down for the 'standard' version.  It seems that you would miss out on some of the details in the standard version.  Given the choice, get the explicit version.

I enjoyed the story, even to the point where I 'could not put the book down' and staying up until 2AM to finish the book.  The story starts out with a slow build.  The first few chapters took me a few days to read.  Once you get to Chapter 8, the story picks up really fast and you will be up until the late hours reading to see what happens.  Sure, I am a slow reader, the average person could finish this in a few hours...about the length of a full-length feature.

The story revolves around two 'low life' high school students who are bullied by a group of 'better off' students.  One day, they pray for help.  Little do they know that help comes from different sources.  As the tag line of the book suggests, "Sometimes God answers prayers, and sometimes the devil does".

Both versions of the book are available at Amazon in print and Kindle.  You can even sample the first two chapters, just enough to get you hooked in.  You can find more information on the book and Bob Gale on the official website.

I would love to see the big screen version of this some day.  Hey, maybe my good friend Bob Gale will cast me as an extra in the movie.

03 February 2014


How long before I get a call in the month of February?  How about the first 'work' day?

3 February 2014
   310-734-1306  Beverly Hills, CA - Beverly Hills, home of the rich and famous.  Apparently, also the home of telemarketers.  Pretty fucked up to think that one can reside in such a posh neighbourhood by committing such crimes to humanity.  May you live on the streets of Beverly Hills, fuck you.

5 February 2014
  360-322-6663  Marysville, WA - Hello Marysville, it has been a month since you called.  And, a month since I ignored your call.  Hope you have been fucking off this past month.  Until next time, keep on fucking off.

6 February 2014
   407-932-5711  Kissimmee, FL - Such a cute name for a town.  Too bad your cuteness is tainted by the stench of telemarketers.  Maybe change your name to Stopcallingmmee...and fuck off.

10 February 2014
   701-771-9654  Rugby, ND - Happy Monday morning, and fuck you.  Oh, and fuck you twice for being a return caller.

11 February 2014
   407-932-5711  Kissimmee, FL - Kissimmee?  Fuckiyouu!

   310-734-1306  Beverly Hills, CA - I never liked the Beverly Hillbillies.  But, I did have a thing for Jennie Garth. Actually, I was not that much into Beverly Hills, 90210.  The plots were too complex for me.  No car chases or fighting.  Where am I going with this?  I have no idea.  Oh yeah, fuck the telemarketers.

18 February 2014
   407-933-4575  Kissimmee, FL - Smart move, Kissimmee.  Changing the number to get me to answer the phone.  You can change your number, but you are still in Kissimmee.  Here is a random thought.  There are two I's, S's, M's, and E's...but only one K.  I think there should be two K's.  Something like Kkissimmee or Kissimmeek.  What do you think?  Hey, maybe just one of each letter.  Something like Kisme.  Yeah, next time you call, change your number and your name...and fuck you.

21 February 2014
   509-381-1629  Spokane, WA - Yeah, the Northwest.  Why am I not surprised that I got a call from the fucking Northwest.  You know it is a fucking hipster on the other end, trying to sell me some shit I do not need.  Hey thanks, but if I want to spend money on unneeded things, I use eBay.  Fuck you, Spokane.

24 February 2014
   310-734-1306  Beverly Hills, CA - Fucking Beverly Hills, the world's most famous ZIP Code.  Even the luxurious areas has shit holes.  Deep in the center of said shit hole are telemarketers.  Fuck you.