22 February 2012

My Car Is In A Movie

Spork movie poster
Remember way back when I said that my car was used in a movie shoot?  Well, it was.  Obviously, this happened before I purchased the car, but I found the movie.  Spork happens to be streaming on NetFlix, so I watched it to see if the car made the cut.  I have saved you the trouble of watching the movie and screen captured the scenes that my car is in.

At about the 00:06:00 mark
You can tell that they had the car for one day as the shots are all about the same.  Also, Danny at DMC-California told me he was up there with the car for a day for the shoot.  At about six minutes, you can clearly see the car paked in front of the trailer.  The car belongs to the lead character's brother.

At 00:38:51
Around the thrity eight minute mark, the brother and his friend are working on the car.  There are close up shots of them tinkering with the engine.  There is a close up shot of is, but you really cannot tell that it is a DeLorean that they are working on.  Unless, of course, you know what to look for.  You can see the recognizable DeLorean engine cover propped up.  Then, you see the wide shot above.  Looks like it was shot earlier in the day compared to the first on screen appearance.  There are some close up shots of the characters exchangin dialog, then at forty mintues in you see it one more time.

At 00:40:14
So, that is it.  Not much screen time, but enough to say that I have a DeLorean from a movie.  I admit that I do not have any real proof that that is my car.  It looks like 90% of all the DeLoreans out there.  Accoring to Danny, my car was used for a movie shoot and this was the movie...and there it is.  Again, feel free to check out the movie, but I pretty much gave you the best parts. 

18 February 2012

Cammalleri Scores In 1-0 Win

Mike Cammilleri celebrating his goal
Mike Cammalleri scores against his former team, the lone goal was all that was need for the Flames to win.  Okay, not all they needed, Miikka Kiprusoff stopped 28 shots for his fourth shutout of the year.  The win puts the Flames in a playoff spot, for now. 

The battle for the eight spot in the Western Conference was another game of brother vs. brother as Calgary's Brent Sutter goes 2-1-0-0 against former Flames GM and head coach, now Los Angeles head coach, Darryl, who drops to 1-1-0-1.  Next Sutter battle will be in their home province in the Saddledome on 28 March.

15 February 2012


A new month, a new record. We left off with Astoria tying the record at ten calls on the last day of January. Well, these assholes come swooping in early in the month with the record breaking call. I have to admit that I got a little excited when I got that call. I almost answered the phone to congratulate them.  

1 February 2012
   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Eleven! That is a new record. I love how these guys fight back. Slowly and steady wins the race. One only knows where they go from here. Congratulations on breaking the record, and fuck you!  

2 February 2012
   503-468-5227   Astoria, OR  Twelve...a dozen calls from the same number. So, that plan to call every three days is scrapped and now they are back to their old techniques. Am I to expect another call tomorrow? You can just go ahead and fuck the right off.

   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR   Oh, wait...you are going really old school, calling multiple times a day. You already broke the all time call record. Are you going for the calls per day record? That is two calls in two hours.  I can only say fuck you in so many ways, but I am up to challenge.

The last five calls:  The record tying call, record breaking call, and three more just to fuck with me.

   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  That makes fourteen calls, folks. Three in one day.  Wait, I cannot believe I missed this. Hold on. Okay, ready? Look at the date for today, 2 February...it is fucking Groundhog Day. No, not groundhog fucking day, just Groundhog Day. Yeah, like the fucking movie. Ugh, not porn, the regular movie. Anyways, it is like I am living in that movie with these goddamn calls. I wounder if terrorists actually have a sense of humour. Do you think they planned this, just for me? Oh, you guys are so goddamn funny...go fuck yourselves.

4 February 2012
   310-614-1082  Palm Desert, CA  Another fucking text message, FUCK YOU!  And...this shit comes in at 7:14...in the morning...on a fucking Saturday.  Oh but wait, apparently Apple wants to test out iPhone 5, and if I am the first 1000....you get the idea.  Uh, I am pretty sure that a company like Apple has their own internal testing group, and they do not need to hire terrorists to help test their products.  

   312-273-9245  IL, USA  What the fuck is up with these weekend calls?  These guys need to get out on the weekends.  Scratch that, these guys need to get out...and find a real job, a respectable job. 

5 February 2012
   661-623-7085  Taft, CA  Argh, another text massage...on a Sunday!  Calls and texts on weekends?  Seems like I am getting texts from California numbers on the weekend.  Fuck you, Calfornia!  I do not even read or respond to texts from people I know...but the 'receiving of up to $1,250 transfer to my account is really going to get my attention.  Yeah, take your $1,250 and shove it up your ass!

9 February 2012
   619-438-4347  San Diego, CA  Oh look, another fucking text.  This time, I can get $1500.  Step up, Taft.  I bet the next fucking terrorists texts me with a $1750 offer. Yeah, fuck you in the ass with Shamu.
11 February 2012
   410-000-002  Yep, this is another on of those text messages I get on occasion. Only this one came in at 1:22AM.  What the fuck?

14 February 2012
   773-449-5062  IL, USA  Too bad I missed the call, I bet they were calling to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day.  Well, fuck Hallmark, fuck Valentine's Day, and fuck all telemarketers.  I hope someone shoot an arrow through your heart.

15 February 2012
   503-457-1274  Tillamook, OR  Tillamook, really?  Hey, Tillamook is about seventy miles south of Astoria.  I like Nike, but Oregon sucks big donkey dick.

16 February 2012
   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  ...and that makes it fifteen calls.  We are halfway through the month, a short month, although there is that 'extra' day, I wonder if they can make it to twenty calls.  Do you think anyone in the cave office got flowers or candy for Valentine's Day?  Yeah, probably not.

   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Make that sixteen calls.  Colour me surprised.

   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Third call of the day.  Wait, if I was to do this like the public address guy at a hockey game.

With their third of the day, a natural hat trick and seventeenth of their career....call made by Assssstorrrriaaaaaa, OR!  Time of the call, 15:26.  Yeah, fuck you!

17 February 2012
   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Wow, eightteen calls.  They can easily break the twenty mark by the end of the day.  This is almost exciting.  Yeah, this is the stuff I look forward too.  Sometimes I think I do not have a life...then I think about the people of Astoria. 

   502-873-0246  KY, USA  KY?  How about you take some KY and lube up your phone and shove it up your fucking ass.  Fuck you, Kentucky...and fuck your shitty KFC franchises.

18 February 2012
   424-207-7911  Inglewood, CA  I did a Google search on this number, nothing came up.  Terrorists usually do not attack on weekends.
   424-207-7911  Inglewood, CA  My phone was in another room, so I ignored it.

   424-207-7911  Inglewood, CA   I am not sure if this is from a telemarketer, but they called three times in less than two minutes.  If if was urgent enough to call me three times, why not leave a message?  All the same...just to be safe, fuck you!

23 February 2012
   971-220-1017   Gresham, OR  Another return caller, been about a month since got a call from Gresham.  Based on the pattern, I should be getting another call from Astroia soon. 

24 February 2012
   360-529-6156  WA, USA  I have had a dozen calls from the 360-529-61XX number.  This is the first from this particular number.  Looks like Washington is getting back into business.  The Pacific Northwest is full of a bunch of hipsters anyways.  They can all go right ahead and fuck themselves.

   971-220-1017   Gresham, OR  Well, hello again.  Third call from this number.  I wonder if there is a big hat full of numbers, my number and I just keep getting picked by the same fucking douche bags.  How does this process work?  Nah, fuck it...I do not really care.

25 February 2012
   360-529-6156  WA, USA  At eight in the morning on a fucking Saturday?  Really?  How important is this that you need to call me this early in the morning...on a fucking Saturday?  If it was that important, why not leave a message like a normal person?  Oh, because it is automated and the fucking terrorists have won.

   360-529-6156  WA, USA  Another call on a Saturday.  I think these guys want to climb up the charts.  This is only their third call from this number.  Keep working on it.  By the way, the record is eighteen calls.  Hey, I have an idea...you should call Astoria and bug them.  In the meantime, go fuck yourself!

27 February 2012
   802-552-8144  Montpelier, VT  Montpelier?  Well, that is random?  Here I am thinking the Pacific Northwest was the hub of all telelmarketer activity.  Did you know that Montpelier is the capital of Vermont?  See, I do a little research, once in a while.  Actually, I kinda remembered it from Wacko's 50 States.  Here, check it out.

28 February 2012
   860-229-2992  CT, USA   Nice number, easy to remember.  Which also makes it easier for me to ignore.  There is something going on in the telemarketer community.  I normally do not get calls from the Northeast.  I think these crazy rise of gas prices has something to do with it...or not.  Seriously, I think they are setting up camp in another region of the country to throw people off.  They do this every few months.  I wonder if they will ever move to Hawai'i.

29 February 2012
   970-232-6238  CO, USA   What a great way to celebreate Leap Day.  How about you leap off a cliff somewhere in the Rockies.  We can scratch Colorado off the list, this is the first call from them.

   503-468-5227   Astoria, OR  That would be number nineteen.  I knew telemarketers were not that smart, back to their old ways.  Well, fuck you!

   503-468-5227   Astoria, OR  TWENTY!!!  I cannot believe that they did it, they reach the twenty call mark. This is history, folks.  They said it could not be done.  What is next for theses guys?  Thiery, forty, fifty?  Will they break a hundred?  Oh, I better not jinx them.  This is the best Leap Day, ever!

08 February 2012

I Cannot, And Will Not, Hear Verizon

Update on the Verizon situtaion.  I got fed up and dumped them like a prom date, and switching to Time Warner.  I hope they do not disappoint me.  If they do, you will be the first to hear about it.

I called a few more times to see if I could get another 'technician' to help out.  The automated line told me the problem was fixed.  And, you know how these automated things work, "your problem has been fixed, is there something else I can help you with?"   Uh, the problem is NOT fixed...otherwise I would not be calling you.  Oh wait, you can help me...you can help me by cancelling my account. 

I love how customer service tries to please you when you are about to drop them.  The guy on the other end was trying hard to keep me as a customer.  He offered compensation and upgrades to my service.  While it sounded good, but I was tired of Verizon's crappy customer service.  Where was this 'service' a few days ago?  What, I am not a premium member?  How about, I am not a member at all.

I will be out of internet service for a few days.  Funny, that they offered to compensate me for my time and by getting me set up with some kind of service.  Oh really?  What about the extra $14.99 a month, or the one time $39.99 charge to fix the line?

Here is a tip.  If a customer is loyal to you for years, waive the fee to fix things.  Actually, do not add a fee to fix things.  Like I said, things were fixed with a phone call...until this crap about 'premium members' came up, and now there is a fee.  What?  Am I the only one here that sees this as a stupid move.  I am no business man, but this is just stupid business practice.

Well, you lost a customer...granted, not a premium customer.

06 February 2012

Verizon Is Pissing Me Off

In general, Verizon has been great.  But, when they suck, they suck.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with customer service for a little over forty minutes.  My internet was down for no reason.  Actually, it still is down.  yeah, I know there are bigger problems that one should worry about, but I love to bitch about things...and why do you care?  Not like anyone reads this anyway.

So, I call and go through automated hoops.  They think that the 'speak into the phone' feature is better than pushing a number.  Well, let me tell you I much rather punch a number on my phone than speak and have a stupid computer tell me "I did not get that, could you repeat or press one for..."  Yeah, how about just have me press the damn number.  If you are not going to have a human speak to me, then just let me press numbers on my key pad.  Human to human, machine to machine...that is how it works.

After about 5-10 minutes, I get transferred to (one would assume) India.  Now, I understand the reason for outsourcing...this is the part where I sound like a racist prick...but, please have someone that has a better grasp of the language before they are allowed to speak to customers.  Hey, it is the same thing it they were in another region of the world speaking an entirely different language.  You need to be able to communicate with the person on the other line.  Oh wait, this thought just popped into my mind.  Verizon is a communications company...maybe you should have people that can communicate with your customers.  No fault on the employees, I blame the company.  I have to say that the person on the other end was as helpful as she can be.  She was unable to solve my problem, so i was transferred again to another department.

This time I get someone from the US.  Good news, bad news.  So, I pay about forty to fifty dollars a month or my internet service.  I have to call customer service every few months for littel problems like this.   Each phone call averages about thirty minutes, the best part is it usually gets fixed.  The bad part, I have to call again in a few weeks.  Slight tangent, last year, I had to call Verizon four times in a span of two months to get stuff working.  Like I said, I am already paying for the service...constanly paying for the service.  Not like I bought something a year ago and the warranty goes out.  I am constantly playing for a 'new' service every month.  This leads to the next paragraph.

How do we fix this problem?  Well according to this department, I have to be a premium customer.  For another $14.99 a month, I would have the service, 24/7/365, of basically tech support.  Wait, so I have to pay extra for something I am already paying for?  Before, I would call and state my problem, I jump through hoops for about 20 minutes, and they punch some buttons, flip a switch and I am go to go.  Now, they want extra money every month so I can call them when a problem arrises...then they fix it?

That extra $14.99 is just for the tech support.  Not like I get faster service or better connection, just to have someone I can call so they can fix it.  Kinda like the way it should be but without the extra fee.  I am already paying a monthly fee.  Yeah, obviously they changed their policy.  So, what is to stop them from flipping a switch for non-premium customers every few months just so they can get people to subscribe to their premium service?

Oh, it gets better.  I have the option to just pay a $39.99 one time fee for the same service.  Basically, instead of the monthly $14.99 where I get it 24/7/365, I pay the $39.99 and they fix it just this one time.  By the way, it is a leap year, so would it be extra for 24/7/366?  Oh wait, there is more.  Apparently, the problem is, there is a virus in my router.  Is that even possible? 

I am looking into Time Warner and dropping Verizon.  Can you hear me now, bitch?

02 February 2012

Learning Stuff via Twitter

Nice to get a reply from a celebrity
I thought this information about Bruce Lee was interesting.  Even better, it was confirmed by Shannon Lee.