15 May 2013


So, the new technique is to call me about once a month.  The old strategy of racking up calls has been tossed.  While in theory, this may work on their end...you know, with their powerpoint presentations and charts.  "Oh, we should call from different numbers and not so often, catch them off guard...etc.", it does not work on my end.  Hey, I do not answer calls from unknown numbers.

16 May 2013
   281-381-5470   Houston, TX   I know two people in the Houston area...and this is not their number.  Also, no message was left.  So, to that I say, fuck you!  Oh, I also did a quick Google search to confirm that this is an unwanted call.  Here is the fun part.  You probably found this post via Google. Anyway, this number has been reported to the Do Not Call Registry...so absolutely nothing will be done about it.

Top search words in the past 24 hours for this blog

Update:  In the first 24 hours of posting, I had over 100 visits to this very post. Most where via Google and searching for the very number that called you and I.  I hope some of my entries have provided you with information on telemarketing numbers...at the very least, I hope you are somewhat entertained.  Thanks.

17 May 2013
  580-258-0750  Coalgate, OK   Here is another number that got you here via Google.  Welcome.  So, Coalgate...like the toothpaste, but not.  Funny how telemarketers are the plaque of the universe, causing tartar build up, bad breath, cavities, gum disease, etc.  As much as you try to get rid of plaque, it always comes back and haunts you.  Fuck you telemarketers, and fuck you plaque.  I am brushing my teeth, and not with Colgate. 

29 May 2013
   321-937-8947  FL, USA  Did a quick search and nothing came up, quite possible that this is a legit number.  Or, I could be the first one they called...I could be patient victim zero.  No message was left, so I am going to classify this one as a telemarketer call.


With the NSA spying on the citizens of this country, the government should use this technology to hunt down these terrorists, and shut them down for good.  The NSA claims that they are using only number, no names or address, to track down phone calls.  First off, you can look up a name and address from a number using Google.

Anyway, the 'plan' is to use these numbers to track suspicious calls, like ones from terrorists groups.  I have been saying all along, telemarketers are terrorists.  Hey government, combine your resources, combine the useless Do Not Call Registry with the National Security Agency and hunt these fuckers down. 


Anonymous said...

This helped me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your site. Received a call from 2813815470 and others, will post again.

Anonymous said...

They called me too.thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just got a call from the 281-381-5470 number and I too do not answer unknown numbers. Thanks for logging your calls; I got to this site via Google. :)

titan said...

Just got a call from this # too thanks

Anonymous said...

This number called me twice the other day. Apparently these idiots that are calling us don't understand that most people never answer calls from numbers they don't know.