22 December 2011

22 December 2011

Two years ago, today, I went down to the DeLorean Motor Company in Garden Grove, California to check out a DeLorean.  About a month later, I bought that car.  So, today is a good day in my book.  It is also my father's birthday.

Since then, I have done a few modifications to it.  Most of which is documented in this blog.  I will have more news about DeLoreans posted soon.

05 December 2011


This is a popular series.  I occasionally will check the stats and people seem to love what I have to say about these terrorists.  I know you do not come here just to read my shitty blog.  Obviously, my posts are showing up on search engines when people try to look up unknown numbers.  I hope you enjoy my rants, I know you are as frustrated as I am on this subject.

I have been filing complaints at donotcall.gov with every call I get.  Pretty obvious that registering and filing complaints on there does not do a damn thing.  Anyway, we start out the month right were the last one left off...a call from Washington (state).  It would be kinda sweet if I actually got a call from Washington DC, and it was a senator or even the president wanting to talk to me about ending terrorism telemarketing.

For those interested, the Do Not Call Registry made a little change to their site.  No that it means they are doing anything about the calls, because I am still getting these fucking calls, it just means they updated their site.

1 December 2010
   360-529-6175  WA, USA  Two calls yesterday...so far, one call today.  One can only guess at how many calls I will get from this number today.

   360-529-6175  WA, USA  Second call today.  That is four total from this number, for those keeping track. I think I need some sort of hall of fame for these numbers.

   360-529-6175  WA, USA  Three calls in one day, making the total five calls.  I think they are pushing for the record.  I fucking hate Washington.

2 December 2011
   360-529-6181  WA, USA  Do you really think that changing the last two numbers will fool me?  How long do you think I have been doing this?  First of all, I do not know anyone from Washington.  Every call from Washington is considered a National threat...let that sink in a little.  So, fuck you.

5 December 2011
   360-529-6181  WA, USA  It is safe to assume that the terrorists have relocated and acquired a new number.  They were getting so close the record, too. 

   360-529-6181  WA, USA  So, it takes about four hours to cycle through their victims.  I am noticing that there is about 3-4 hours between multiple calls.  I expect a call just before 'quitting time' in about three hours.  In the meantime, Washington can go fuck itself.

   360-529-6181  WA, USA  Ha!  What did I fucking tell you?  Right before quitting time, I get a call.  And, right about the time I predicted...about two and a half hours after previous call.  This is just for today.  Fuck you 24/7!

360-529-6181 - Go fuck yourself!
Oh and just so you know that I am not making this shit up.  Here is a photo of the last few calls I have on my phone.  I have 'protected' the legit calls, only showing the calls from terrorists.  There are a few calls on there from the November 2011 Edition of this series.  You get the idea. 

Hey Washington, go fuck yourself
Note:  I have to mention again that with this series, I usually post around the fifteenth - about half way through the month.  But, I am posting early in the month so you can see how many fucking calls I get from these terrorists.  Until tomorrow...unless the terrorist are working overtime.

6 December 2011
   360-529-6181  WA, USA  So, are we going to do this every day at the same time?  I guess my first time slot is around 10:15 AM.  Surely you have better things to do...like fucking yourself.

   325-320-3745  Abilene, TX  This one is via text...and where the fuck is Abilene, TX.  I guess I can Google that.
You have  been selected to receive $500 GROUPON gift card click here to receive http://500dollargroupon.info/ reply STOP to quit
I know replying with STOP will do jack shit, but if I reply with FUCK OFF, will you?

7 December 2011
   971-373-0141  OR, USA   Oregon?  Terrorists are heading south, the west coast of the United States is being attacked...on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

8 December 2011
   917-793-5694  NY, USA  New York?  Wait, John Lennon was killed in New York 31 years ago, today.  This has to be a conspiracy.  Also, this is a return caller.  Fourth call from Cunty...I mean, Cathy from Financial Freedom.  Yeah, 'freedom'...more like fucking terrorists.

   360-529-6181  WA, USA  I was just thinking to myself, "where did Washington fuck off to?"  Oh there you are. Welcome back.  Now, fuck off!

12 December 2011
   503-902-2859  Salem, OR  Wait, I am actually on vacation. I have my phone occasionally turn on to check my email from work. You you how some things go to shit when you do not check your email? So, I kinda need to make sure things go smoothly. I bet the terrorists do the same thing. They call from everywhere, including Salem Oregon. They some how snuck in a call while I was checking my email. What the fuck, they never rest.

Anyways, there might not be as many called for the next few days, not because they are not calling...but because my phone will be mostly turned off. But, in the event of a terrorist attack telemarketer call, I will try to update. This depends on my ability to access the internet. In the meantime, go fuck yourself.

19 December 2011
   702-521-6904  Las Vegas, NV  Yeah, I am still on my vacation...so, fuck you.  Oh, and this was a text message, another twenty cents, so a double fuck you.  I need to find a way to make money from telemarketers.  There needs to be an app for that.

22 December 2011
   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  So, I am back from my little vacation.  First call of the day is from Oregon.  Oregon is the new hub.  Fuck you, Oregon!  Although, I applaud the effort of changing their caller ID number every time they have called.  I guess they think it makes one think, "oh, and unknown caller...maybe it is someone I know."  Yeah, like I have said many times before.  If you are not in my system, you do not have a name...therefore I will not answer the phone.  If you are someone I know, leave a fucking message.  Fuck you!

   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Second call of the day.  I take it back, they are not changing their numbers.  I think it is obvious that they were calling me while I had my phone turned off for a few days.  Who knows, they could have been calling me 2-3 times a day for that last two weeks.  Theory will be proven tomorrow. stay tuned.

26 December 2011
     503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  It seems that terrorists did not call me on Friday.  I guess they got a three day weekend.  I wonder what the holidays are like at a telemarketer household.  I hope someone interrupts their evening with annoying phone calls.  Better yet, I hope someone called the police on them.  Fucking assholes!

   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR   Oh, making up for Friday, I see.  Second call today, and a late one.  This one came in just after five o'clock.  Must be putting in some overtime...you know, get some more money to pay those holiday shopping bills.  How about this?  Get a real job!  This is the fourth call from this number.

27 December 2011
   315-825-8529  NY, USA  Mother fuckers!  Another fucking text message. This one from "GetHolidaysLoans.com"...not get holiday loans, it is get holidays loan. I guess the correct one was already taken by some other terrorists. Fuck you , fuck you, fuck you.

28 December 2011
   773-449-5042  IL, USA  And...a fuck you, too.  This call came in at around 8PM...that makes it 10PM in Illinois.  Who the fuck is still manning the phones at that time?  Terrorists, that is who.

29 December 2011
   310-909-7530  Los Angeles, CA   What can I possibly say about Los Angeles that has not been said by every other comedian in the last 30 years?  I kinda wonder if the person on the other end was some struggling actor that could not even make it as a waiter.  What a fucking loser, get a real job.

Believe it or not, that concludes the year in terrorist attacks telemarketer calls.  Notice that they took the 30th off...just like they took off the 23rd.  Telemarketers get three day weekends, too.  I wonder if that call from Illinois got overtime pay.

Anyways, I am certain that 2012 will be a banner year for telemarketers.  So until then...fuck off, stop calling me.

04 December 2011

Tootoo Runs Into Miller

Ah, this brings back memories. This would have been the alternative to going around the goaltender and running into the net.  Instead, I have an awesome piece of titanium screwed into my wrist.  Looking back at it, having not injuring another player was a better choice for me...and I have a titanium in me.