19 March 2014

2015 Registration Sticker for My DeLorean

2015 registration sticker from DMV
Totally nerdy, but I got my 2015 registration sticker for the DeLorean.  Part of me wants to not put it on, so I can preserve the fresh 2015-ness of the sticker.  While another part of me wants to put it on, and never cover it up...to preserve the 2015-ness of it.

I like that the sticker is yellow, which matches the 1986 sticker, as seen on the OUTATIME plate.

Replica of the registration sticker on OUTATIME plate
Although, orange would have been acceptable, as it would match the 2015 plate.

Replica Back to the Future plates
This just came to me.  I would need to get another 'month sticker', then I can use my other plate for the year and stick the 2016 on my current plate.  Genius.  Now, were to get a 'month sticker', without waiting in DMV hell.

I am also waiting to get my blue plates.  Oh, you did not know?  DMV California has a program that will (hopefully) issue Legacy Plates.  So, if you have a 'classic' car in California, and you are currently sporting a current white plate...think about getting a period correct plate.  Heck, even if you do not have a car to put it on, it would be cool just to have a legacy plate.  You have until January 1, 2015 to place your order.  They need a minimum order to proceed with production, like a Kickstarter campaign.  You have until January 1, 2015 to back this project.  

16 March 2014

The Hidden LED's in the DeLorean

When I was replacing the AC Panel a few months back,  I realized that there were three tiny bulbs that I for got to replace.  Inside the light switch and hazard switch are two very small incandescent bulbs.  There is also a small bulb for the cigar lighter.  All of these just happen to be the same bulb.  These will be replaced by a #74 LED bulb.  So, back in to the center console.

Fuzzy picture, but I can almost do this with my eyes closed
First, the easy one.  Well, easy after you get the center console out.  The cigar lighter has a ring around it that lights up.  Just unplug the incandescent bulb and replace with LED 74-x.

I like blue
Naturally, I went with a blue LED.  Although the lens of the ring is green, I wanted blue to match the rest of the lights in the interior.  The blue LED bulb give is ring an blue-ish glow...when it works.  My cigar lighter ring would sometimes work.  Another thing I will have to figure out later.  So, sometimes, it looks awesome...the rest of the time, it just looks dark.  No matter, I do not use the lighter anyway, no need to call attention to it.  Heck, I even use the ashtray as my garage door remote holder.

Garage door remoter in ashtray
Next up, getting to the light switches.
DeLorean hazard switch
Once you extract the switches, you need to take it apart to get to the bulb.  The bulb is hidden way in the center of the switches, like the reactor core in the Death Star.

Bulb location in hazard switch
You will need to pry the outer casing to get to the juicy center.  The switches work on a cam like mechanism.  There is a wire that rides a maze like path.  Each depression of the switch 'guides' the wire along this maze, giving you different positions of the switch.  A simple design, yet fascinating to see in action.

Oh yeah, the bulb.  To get to the bulb, you will need to guide this wire outside of the maze.  The two parts will separate.  Careful of the spring.  Now, just replace your bulbs.  I went with red for the hazard.  Although I have never seen this light up. Again, another wiring issue that I will need to figure out later.  But, at least I have and LED, instead of incandescent bulbs in there.

Blue LED indicator for headlight switch
The good news, I got the light for the headlight switch to work.  This one was green.  It really stuck out when I replace my AC panel, everything was nice and blue...then you have this one green light just mocking me.  I will show you.

One more light to deal with.  Since I have an automatic, the shifter plate illuminates in green.  Well, not anymore.  My first attempt was to get some adhesive blue vinyl and stick a piece behind the existing green shifter plate lens.  This did not do too much, as it still looked a little green.

Modifying a white bulb into a blue one
Okay, the real way to do this is to get a blue LED.  You will need a BA7s LED bulb.  I already had a white one I replaced years ago.  While these are cheap, shipping costs nearly tripled the price of the bulb.  Luckily, I had a big sheet of that adhesive blue vinyl.  You guessed it, I am going to wrap the bulb.  Yeah, totally ghetto way of doing things.

Wrapping an LED bulb
Yeah, I totally wrapped an LED bulb.

Custom made blue LED
You know what, it actually worked.

Blue (ish) lights
Now the fun part of putting everything back together.  This takes up the most time.  Even though I have done this about ten times, now.  It still takes me a good fifteen minutes to take out and put back in the center console.  Lost of nuts, screws, and wires to maintain.

Yeah, blue lights all around...and all LED
Finally, with the exception of the battery light (which should remain incandescent), headlights, and high beams, I have LED's all around the car.  At least until I stumble upon another hidden incandescent bulb somewhere.  Ah, the perks of DeLorean ownership.

03 March 2014


Hey, new month.  You would think there are new callers.  No, same fucking assholes, as always.

3 March 2014
   310-734-1306  Beverly Hills, CA - Again, first Monday of the month.  These fuckers are right on it.  Oh, did I mention that this is a return caller?  Yeah, even calling exactly one month ago, today.  It works out just right since February was a short, twenty eight day, month.  So, I should be getting a call on the fifth.  Meanwhile, fuck you.

24 March 2014
   937-203-4263  OH, USA - Hmm, slow month?  So what has been happening the last three weeks?  Were you on vacation?  Just when you think that Do No Call List is working, in comes this fuck nut from Ohio.  Ah, it has been so long.  Just like how you have been itching to call, I have been itching to say, "fuck you!"

30 March 2014
   rockmanfzl@hotmail.com - Yes, this was a text message.  That totally counts as telemarketing and spamming in my book.  It also costs me twenty cents.  So, they owe me.  Anyway, these fuckers are trying to sell shitty sunglasses under the guise of raybansshopz.com.  'Shopz'?  Oh, how professional...fuck you, I hope the sun burns out your retinas.

31 March 2014
   331-000-0001  Unknown - What the fuck kind of number is this?  It says 'unknown, but a quick search on Google states that 331 area code is somewhere in Illinois.  But what is with all the zeros?  Well, fuck these guys.  But good on you for getting in before the end of the month.