04 September 2018

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2018

We saw some interesting calls from 'unique' numbers last month.  The trend continues this month.

4 September 2018
  No Caller ID - A  'non-listed' number.  This is interesting as there was a message left.  The ID for the message was "Unknown".  And, as with messages left last month, this was in a foreign language, and not something I recognize.  Where the other message were clearly in Chinese, this was a Middle Eastern sounding language.  While it does not sound like they are trying to sell my anything, it could be another IRS call.  Whatever...fuck you!

5 September 2018
  310-849-4910  Beverly Hills, CA - Ah, here we go.  A familiar area code and prefix.  Kinda nice to have a recognizable number calling you, especially if you know it is a telemarketer. Fuck you!

6 September 2018
  310-647-7635 El Segundo, CA - Nice. Different number, and location. Still, I suspect this is another attempt at spoofing a number.  Good try, fuck you!

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - This is fun.  Not one...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not two...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not three...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not four...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not five...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not six...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not seven...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not eight...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not nine...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA -  Ten.  Ten attempts

 All ten calls intercepted by Call Protect.  Check out the screen shot.  Despite having a pretty big screen, not all the notifications fit on one screen.  Thanks for playing, robocaller...and fuck you!

11 September 2018
  310-849-2892  Beverly Hills, CA - Off all days, for a terrorist...uh, telemarketer to call.  Fuck you!

  800-385-7221  Unknown - No initial results on first search. But, they left a message. Yep, another on of those Chinese messages, I have no idea what they are saying.  Fuck you!

12 September 2018
  310-849-9482  Beverly Hills, CA - There seems to be no end to spoofed number from this area code and prefix.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9506  Beverly Hills, CA - One...

  310-849-9506  Beverly Hills, CA - ...two.  Wow, at the same time the first call of the day came in, Call Protect blocked these two calls from going through.  It is early in the morning, not even 0830, three calls.  This might be a fun day.  Fuck you!

  213-803-5476  Los Angeles, CA - Could be a wrong number, could be a telemarketer.  Pretty sure it is the latter. Fuck you!

14 September 2018
  310-849-5367  Beverly Hills, CA - I wish I would have tracked all the numbers from this area code and prefix.  That way, I would know what numbers are left...like a telemarketers bingo.  My guess is about 20-30 numbers were used so far.  Maybe on a slow day, I will document all the numbers.  Until then, fuck you!

  410-100-001 - Not at typo.  Here, look:


Yep, another random text.  Clearly this is from a bot of some sort, otherwise they would have a name and not some long ass serial number.  Hey, maybe I should clock on that link.  NOT!  Fuck you!

17 September 2018
  310-849-4772  Beverly Hills, CA - Nice early morning call, coming in at 8:19.  Who calls anyone that early?  Fuck you!

24 September 2018
  818-288-3070  Burbank, CA -  This is a strange random text.

What is this?  No actual text.  Looks like it could be an image, but no actual image. Leaning towards spoofed number from another bot.  Who the fuck is Cindy Jean Roberts.  Fuck you!

25 September 2018
  510-297-7005  Oakland, CA - Love it when the phone and/or carrier tags calls as Suspected Spam.

...and, fuck you!

26 September 2018
  213-807-8016  Los Angeles, CA - First call...

  213-807-8016  Los Angeles, CA - Second call.  Two calls in less than a minute.

From a quick search:  Left voice mail in Chinese, sounds prerecorded then hung up.

I did not get the message, but I imagine that it is the same as the others I have received...and who the hell is Peishu Wang?  Fuck you!

27 September 2018
  310-849-6226  Beverly Hills, CA - One more to block. Fuck you!

  310-849-7603  Beverly Hills, CA - The phone is still ringing as I am typing this.  Oh wait, it just stopped.  Fuck you!

  310-849-1805  Beverly Hills, CA - So soon after the last call.  Fuck you!