06 July 2015

My Bremont ALT1-C Anthrachite

My Bremont ALT1-C in front of DMC-CA

I have mentioned that I have a liking to Bremont watches, I even made a 3D model of one.  After months of research, I was able to acquire an ALT1-C.    About a month ago, I found one on eBay and pulled the trigger.  The watch was previously owned, but in great condition...a few minor scratches, nothing I would not eventually put there myself, as I have a history of running into things with my wrist.  The watch was recently serviced by Bremont and had a new bezel.  Basically, it was a 'new' watch.  Lucky for me, the auction was to close on a holiday weekend.  This meant, in theory, that others looking at the auction were too busy partying and not paying attention to the auction.  You snooze, you lose...more like...you party, you no get watchy for less than half price of retaily.

Watch with strap options
While the watch itself was in great condition, the strap that it came with was only in 'good' condition.  It came with a standard black leather strap with white stitching on a traditional buckle closure.  Strap can be seen in upper left in image above

I should note that this is an older model with 'old logo' and 'Swiss Made' on the dial.  Newer Bremont's have an updated logo and "London" on the dial.  Anyway, I wanted the deployant clasp for my watch.  It just happened that one was being sold by a member of  the ALT1TUDE Bremont forum.  He also had a new strap, black leather with red stitching, and gave me a good deal on both.  See image.

On the right side of the image is Bremont's NATO strap.  I got this from another member of ALT1TUDE. Now, I have options for every occasion.  Well, I do not have the metal bracelet, yet.

Remember that 3D model I made?  Here are some images for comparison.

Comparing 3D model to real thing
Nothing wrong with your monitor, the 3D model is slightly bigger.  For some reason it came out bigger than what I thought I measured. My model and/or print out came out about 2% larger.  Better that the real watch is smaller than I thought.  That way, when I wear my Bremont, it does not make my wrist look too small.  No worries, I can always adjust some number and print out another, more accurate, version.  You know...for research.

Back of 3D mode and ALT1-C
If you look closely at the lugs, you can see that the 3D model on the left is a little bulkier that it should be.  On the right the lugs are way more sexier.  The movement and rotor look pretty good, but the one on the right keeps better time. 

Analyzing the NATO straps
As you recall, I made a NATO strap from a convention lanyard.  I did not have great photos of this strap, but made my best guess.  As far as construction, I pretty much got it.  I do not have the velvet like lining for the back of watch (between the spring bars) and back of strap, due to lack of reference. 

Stunt double
Of course, the quality of the materials and construction of my band is no where near the quality of the Bremont strap.  My strap is also a little longer that it should be.  When it sits on my wrist, it is too loose.  The Bremont strap fits perfect.

There you have it, my first Bremont.

Bremont ALT1-C Anthracite

01 July 2015


Happy Canada Day!  First of the month, signings and trades are happening around the NHL.  Players, Agents, and General Managers are getting phone calls from across North America.

1 July 2015
   323-306-4417 Los Angeles, CA - Well shit, I got a call.  Have I been traded to a different team?  Nope, it is a fucking telemarketer.  A quick Google search tells me that a call from this number is an IRS scammer, a computerized voice claiming to be an IRS officer, and that there is a pending lawsuit. Selling shit is one thing, but I am pretty sure there are additional laws against impersonating a government official.  I hope the IRS tracks down these fucking telemarketers and shuts them down.  Fuck you!

3 July 2015
   567-242-5595  Lima, OH - Oh, this is good.  Another robot leaving a message similar, if not the same, as the number above.  Something about 'fraud' and needing to 'take care of it before it goes to Federal Claims Courthouse"...or it could lead to 'arrest'.  And I am supposed to call a number immediately.  Do you really think if I call on this day, 3 July...the day before a National Holiday, that I can sort this out with a government agency?  You cannot get shit done with the government on a regular day, come on.  Oh, the number, I looked that up. too.

The number 312-940-6951 also registers as a scam/fraud.  Mostly about IRS and tax scams.  Same as the other numbers earlier.  What the fuck is this?  Happy Birthday, America...we declared independence from England's taxes in order to get scammed by robots.  Shove this firecracker up your ass and fuck off! 

8 July 2015
   213-674-4949  Los Angeles, CA - Holy shit!  This is another robot claiming to be from the IRS and/or Department of Treasury, regarding 'tax fraud' and 'prison'.  You know the routine by now.  That is three calls this months regarding the same thing.  Although, one would think that they would just call from one number, and use an actual person to communicate these claims.  I hope you go to prison for impersonating a government agent and whilst there, you get gently fucked in the ass.

  323-621-5286  Los Angeles, CA - Two calls in one day.  Have not had that happen in a while.  Did a little Google search, and this is just a garden variety telemarketer call.  There was no real message left.  I should mention that the above 'messages' are really just the robot going through the motions and the recorder just picked up the last few seconds of their pitch...I mean, scam.  This one, tried to 'leave a message' but was cut off, so all I heard was a fragments digital voice.  So, fuck you!

31 July 2015
   310-695-1719  Los Angeles, CA - This one is strange.  I did a Google search and this number was auto-filled.  Looks like they have called before.  But, when I did a search on here, I could no find any record of this.  My guess is, I received a call from this number, looked it up...but upon listening to the message they left, figured it was a wrong number and ignored it.  I even looked through my phone records and was unable to find the previous time a call was received.  Recent search results show that this is now a telemarketer number.  So, just to be safe...fuck you!

Well, I guess the good news is, I am no longer a fugitive of the IRS.