02 August 2018


Summer is heating up but that does not slow down those telemarketers.  Oh how I hope these guys are working in a non air conditioned facility.  Even better if computers making robocalls are suffering in this heat.

2 August 2018
  310-849-1961  Beverly Hills, CA - Every time I see 1961, it reminds me of Mad Magazine issue #61, from March of 1961, the upside-down issue.  "The first upside-down year since 1881.  The last upside-down year until 6009".

Mad Magazine issue #61
That is about the only good thing about this call.  Telemarketers...fuck you!

  310-849-3019  Beverly Hills, CA - Making up for yesterday, I guess.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9376  Beverly Hills, CA - What, three calls in a day?  Well, fuck you...fuck you...fuck you!

4 August 2018
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - We all recognize this number.  Ah, but so does Call Protect.  That is why your ass was blocked, bitch.  Fuck you!

9 August 2018
  310-849-7714  Beverly Hills, CA - Still spoofing numbers.  At least they are switching up the last four digits.  Fuck you!

13 August 2018
  310-849-5339  Beverly Hills, CA - I wonder if there is a way to block all numbers with the same area code and prefix.  There are only 10,000 possible numbers...how many do you think they will go through until the move on to the next set of numbers?  Fuck you!

   310-849-8553  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh look, here is another number we can block.  Fuck you!

14 August 2018
   310-849-3667  Beverly Hills, CA - Looks like it is going to be one of those weeks.  Fuck you!

15 August 2018
   714-782-0572  Anaheim, CA - Pretty cool when the phone marks these calls as "telemarketer".  I usually have my phone on silent and occasionally, I do not feel the vibration of my phone (depending on how tight my pants are).  I do, however, have the phone linked via Bluetooth to my Fitbit.  When ever I get a call or text, it lets me know whom it is from.  It is times like this when you look at your wrist and see the words "telemarketer" and just think...Fuck you!

  650-437-9752  San Mateo, CA - Lori is a fucking cunt!  I am not Lori and I am no where near San Mateo.  I am actually near Chicago.

Lori is a cunt
Looks like fucking Door Dash and Lori the cunt is at it again.  I thought I was rid of this shit.  Number was immediately blocked so I would not get these text updates.  Fuck you!

23 August 2018
  407-915-9373  Sanford, FL - Random telemarketer text at 12:32AM. 

Check out the time, I was half an hour after midnight when this came in.  There is a setting that I use so text and calls like this 'do not disturb' me at night.  We all know that feeding after midnight leads to horrible things.  What the hell is SkyWage anyway?  Talk about shitty target marketing, I do not even like football.  Fuck you!

  310-841-7051  Culver City, CA - Hmm, a little switch in numbers.  Culver City is pretty close to Beverly Hills. Could be a legit number, but no message was left.  So, the only conclusion (pure science) is this number was spoofed by a telemarketing company.  Fuck you!

26 August 2018
  310-872-5801  California - Oh sneaky, a call on a Sunday.  Luckily, Call Protect blocked the call for me.

 Last few days of the month and I guess they need to meet quota by calling in on a Sunday.  Fuck you!

29 August 2018
  213-807-3668  Los Angeles, CA - Well, the robot left a message.  But, the message was in Chinese. How the fuck am I supposed to understand that shit?  I bet if translated, the message has something to so with the IRS and authorities being at my residence. Fuck you!

30 August 2018
  213-807-6068  Los Angeles, CA - Ah ha!  It seems that the 213-807 area code and prefix has taken over the telemarketing calls, at least for now.  Another message, in Chinese, was left.  It might be the same message, I have no idea.  They all sound the same.  Until tomorrow, fuck you!

  800-741-9413  Oh, another Chinese message.  I purposely have a long outgoing message for these bots.  They start their recorded propaganda well before my outgoing message is even done. I only catch the very last part of their scam.  Fuck you!

  310-827-5801  California - Okay, three things.

  1.  Third call of the day
  2.  Return caller (see above, 26 August 2018)
  3.  Blocked by Call Protect.
Oh, one more thing.  Fuck you!