01 September 2022

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2022

 We did not realise it was a new month. We jump back in right where we left off last month.  Nothing new, same old shit.

1 September 2022

  800-225-6937 - This is the seventh call from a 800-225-XXXX, all with different suffixes. 

Yep, same damn message. Fuck you!

5 September 2022

  800-225-6038 - Eight calls in and all from a different number.


They cannot possibly have 0000-9999...can they?  We will soon find out.  Fuck you!

7 September 2022
  575-383-9234  Raton, NM - Call Protect, bitch!  Fuck you!

8 September 2022
  469-717-1209  Josephine, TX - We kind of miss those 800-225 calls.  It is nice to hear back from Josephine, their first call was back in June.  Maybe call back in three months?  Fuck you!

18 September 2022
  1410200504 - Return of the sketchy texts.  Such a shitty attempt, so many things wrong with this.


Fuck you!

19 September 2022
  310-492-9088  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, did Beverly Hills get new numbers?  As you can see, this one got labeled as Spam Risk by the phone.  Also, nabbed by Call Protect

Noticed that this call came in at 6AM.  Fuck you!

  308-222-8592  Miller, NE - Mark another for Call Protect and the phone. This is another telemarketer...but we knew that.  Fuck you!

21 September 2022
 308-222-8592  Miller, NE - Back again?  Already marked by the phone as Spam Risk and flagged by Call Protect the first time.  Nothing changes the second time.  When you call the third time, same shit.  Fuck you!

29 September 2022
  310-975-2053  Beverly Hills, CA - Pretty much every call "from" Beverly Hills gets flagged by the phone and Call Protect.  Fuck you!