11 February 2013


Barely have way through the month and I get a call.  This might be the call the opens the flood gates to a 2013 full of calls that I will naturally ignore and get to write about, here in this blog.  Oh, how fucking exciting.

11 February 2013
   801-877-5855  Provo, UT  Utah?  Fucking Utah?  There is a Mormon joke in here, but it is way too easy to offend the religious groups.  I do not want their magic underwear to get up in a bunch.  So, I will just give them a nice "fuck off", and wait for the next call to ignore.

15February 2013
   402-982-0721   Omaha, NE  So it begins, fuck me.  Fuck me?  No, no, no...fuck you!  I knew the 'once a month' calls were not going to last.  It is a slow start with two calls in the same week.  But I know how this shit can ramp up. 

19 February 2013
  331-205-8765   Aurora, IL  Listed as "Unknown", but a quick search lets me know that the call came from Illinois.  Google also tells me that this is a telemarketing number...well, no shit.  It does not take a genius to figure that out.  I can only think of one person from Illinois that would call me, and that person has a specific ringtone.  "Unknown" calls, or unassigned callers have a good ringtone, also.  It is a pretty good one.  So, all is not lost when an 'unknown' calls.  I like the look on people's faces when they hear my ringtones.  Too bad there are too many telemarketer numbers to assign...this would also mean I would have to clog my contact list with telemarketer numbers.  Who the fuck wants to do that?  Fuck these guys.

21 February 2013
   239-322-3403  FL, USA  Oh, a call from Florida.  Well, it looks like the telemarketers are back in full swing.  Fuck these guys, fuck all telemarketers.

25 February 2013
   402-909-5728  Fremont, NE  Monday calls fear alert me.  This only backs up my theory that I am back on telemarketers' lists.  While they are ramping up to fulfil their February quota, they will surely bombard me with calls in March.  On the up side, this has been the busiest month since June of last year.  Fuck you, Fremont.  And, fuck you, Nebraska!

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