01 August 2019


Well that did not take long.

1 August 2019
  714-988-6103  Brea, CA - Hmm, another call from Brea.  Totally random thought, Brea is almost bread.

Fuck you!

  714-543-5555 Santa Ana, CA - Two calls, both from the 714 area code.  Coincidence?  Probably not.  Telemarketer?  Obviously. Fuck you!

2 August 2019  
  646-520-8734  New York - This is interesting. First, this is another one of those text messages...and you know how much I love text messages.  Second...hold on, let us take a look at the text message.

So, the text is from one number, but they want me to call back at a totally different number.  I mean, toll free, but still.  Pretty sure this is a scam since my FICO was running fine last week when my neighbour borrowed it for the night.  No scratches, even washed it afterwards. My FICO does not need repair.

FICO...more like, fuck you!

 800-742-5877 - Another toll free number.


Another message left, another Chinese voice mail.  Another telemarketing scam.  Another...fuck you!

5 August 2019
  310-849-5424  Beverly Hills, CA - So, back to the Beverly Hills numbers. The robocall left a robomessage.  I purposely have a long outgoing message, so only humans that really need to leave a message will do such.  If you are a robot, most of your propaganda gets lost or, hopefully not even received.  Only the last 4 seconds of the robomessage was recorded.  Better luck next time.  Fuck you!
   818-927-3716  Los Angeles, CA - The phone marked this as Telemarketer.  Yeah, no shit.  Second call of the day and it is not even lunch time, yet.  Looks like it is going to be a telemarketer filled week.  Fuck you!

  817-444-5310  Azle, TX - Interesting number and origin.  Did a quick search, and this seems like a legit number, possible wrong number.  I for sure have no business receiving a call from this number.  This will most likely point to a spoofed number.  Fuck you!

7 August 2019
  310-849-5831  Beverly Hills, CA - Cool, one more number I can block.  Fuck you!

8 August 2019
  310-798-3132  Redondo Beach, CA - There is a Morrissey song called "Redondo Beach".  The great comedian Dana Gould once said something like, "Just give someone you don't like a gun and a Morrissey CD and they'll do the rest."  Or, was it a Mazzy Star CD?  Was it even Dana Gould?  Anyway, Dana Gould does a great parody of Morrissey, look it up.  Oh yeah, this was most likely another telemarketer call.  So, fuck you!

  310-849-4091  Beverly Hills, CA - Is this going to be a pattern?  Alternation between some other city in the Los Angeles area, then back to Beverly Hills?  Fuck you!

  Unknown Caller - Fuck you!

9 August 2019
  310-849-5191  Beverly Hills, CA - Uh, no.  Fuck you!

  310-849-1539  Beverly Hills, CA - Hey, the last four digits are almost the same but scrambled.  Okay, not really.  Fuck you!

12 August 2019
  573-461-2633  Ellington, MO - Whoa, Missouri?  Some random number, legit wrong number, or typical telemarketer.  I usually go with the latter.  Fuck you!

15 August 2019
  619-371-5892  Chula Vista, CA -  So I used the Google translate and "chula vista" roughly translates to "hot view".  The Google maps tells me it is just south of San Diego, like right next to National City.  Remember when I got the call from National City and I totally went of on a Supergirl tangent?  Now, that is a hot view.  Anyway, fuck you!

19 August 2019
  833-289-0000  United States - Almost got through the day without a call.  This one came in late in the day whilst I was at the gym.  First result on the internet points to a robocaller.  Fuck you!

20 August 2019
  573-217-6591  Campbell, MO - Last night, late call.  This morning, early call.  Mixing it up to try to fool me.  Fuck you!

21 August 2019
  310-849-3745  Beverly Hills, CA - One would almost think that I ask for this.  As if I love the abuse.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9232  Beverly Hills, CA - This is abuse, right?  Fuck you!

23 August 2019
  816-353-1376  Kansas City, MO - So, Kansas City is in both Kansas and Missouri?  Basically the same city divided by state lines.  Weird.  Well, the Kansas side seems cool.  But, the Missouri side has been invaded by telemarketers.  Fuck you!

25 August 2019
  562-583-3715  Downey, CA - The rare call on a Sunday evening. Good old Call Protect got to this and the number is labeled as Fraud Risk

Severe threat with 82 reports logged, and auto blocked.  One more thing, fuck you!

26 August 2019
  408-892-2824  San Jose, CA - Fuck San Jose!

  310-615-1639  El Segundo, CA - Another spoofed number.  Fuck you!

  956-266-0833  Brownsville, TX - Okay, we know this is a spoofed number. But, Brownsville...really? As in Shittown, USA?  Come on! 

Oh, this is the third call today. Why so many calls?  Well, same as highway patrol giving away tickets like Oprah giving away cars.  It is the end the month.  So, I would imagine there will be a shit tonne of calls this last week of August.  Fuck you!