23 January 2012

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise is awesome

Yeah, I know I am over a month late on this one.  But, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is an awesome movie.  I am not just say that because Tom Cruise is in it...and you know how much I love Tom Cruise.  And of course, I saw it on opening day...on IMAX!

This is the first live action film directed by Brad Bird.  You know him from such great hits as The Simpsons, Iron Giant, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille.  For you Pixar fans, there are at least three direct references to Pixar in Ghost Protocol.  Keep your eye out for A113 through out the film.

I do not want to give away too much, in case you have not seen it.  This fourth film of the series is the best of the bunch.  The first one is good, second one is okay, third is great...this one is awesome! If you like to see Tom Cruise run, this is the one to see.  Slight tangent, have you noticed that the Tom Cruise likes to run in his movies.  I mean, the guy really likes to run.  I think it is in his contract.

Anyway, the iconic scene of the movie has to be the Dubai scene.  You have seen clips of this, unless you have no media access...in which case, you would not be reading this.  Actually, why are you reading this, go see the movie.  Uh...yeah. This is the iconic scene where our hero, Ethan Hunt (my hero, Tom Cruise) is climbing the world's tallest building.  Oh man, this was fun to watch.  Obviously, with a movie like this, one should just sit back and have fun.  But there are certain scenes were you are at the edge of your seat. 

Let me get to the point.  This is worth the price of the ticket, I would say worth the price to see on IMAX.  There is tons of action as one would expect.  I love the fantasy tech that is usually showcased in the series.  Also, Simon Pegg is there to sprinkle some comic relief.  Although, I think the funniest line came from Tom Cruise during the Dubai scene.  Jeremy Renner joins the gang to add a little 'youth' and action.  Rumour has it that the torch would be passed to Renner should Cruise decided to 'retire' from the IMF.  Paula Patton does a good job as the part of  'hot spy chick'.  Nice moves and great eye candy.

J.J. Abrams comes back, this time as a producer. While Michael Giacchino returns as composer.  Yes, I bought the soundtrack.  This was a great production team and cast that Cruise and Abrams put together. I hope they make another one with more of Tom running.  Until then, I eagerly wait for the Blu-Ray to be released.

14 January 2012

Cammalleri Back with the Flames

Cammalleri will wear number 93
Oh man, I am excited about the Flames again.  The Calgary Flames made a trade with the Montreal Canadiens. The trade that brought back Mike Cammalleri, some goaltender, and a 2012 draft pick to Harvey's house while sending Rene Bourque, some prospect, and a 2013 draft pick to Youppi's house.  Basically, Bourque for Cammalleri.

I have always been a fan of Cammalleri, ever since his days in Los Angeles.  I was excited when he played in Calgary, disappointed when he left.  Now, he is back.  Cammalleri will play his first game against his other former team, the Kings.  So, we have a player traded back to his former team and make his debut against another former team.

Also, in tonight's game.  We have brother vs. brother as former Flames GM/coach, Darryl Sutter, now coach of the Kings returns to Calgary to take on his brother, Brent Sutter, head coach of Calgary Flames.  Oh, this is exciting.

Cammalleri celebrates with Mikael Backlund.  Cammalleri scored the only goal in a 4-1 loss to the Kings.

13 January 2012


Starting off the new year with a call.  I need to remember to type "2012" instead of "2011"...just like writing checks.  Yeah, that is one joke that every fucking comedian has at this time of year.  Good thing I am not a comedian.  Heck, I am not really a blogger.  I just need an outlet to express my rage...since the bullshit of a registry does not do jack fucking shit.  And, it seems that this series of posts is quite popular on my shitty blog.  So, in addition to expressing my rage, it keeps you entertained.  You can thank me by spreading the hate...as if you like telemarketers.  May this year be just as annoying, if not more, than last year.

3 January 2012
   281-217-0441  Houston, TX  Not many calls from this area, but it is the second time I have received a call from the 281.  I know some people, nice people, that are in Houston...with real jobsSince it is the beginning of the year, and I kinda like the Houston area, I am going to let this one slide.  Heck, I did not even hear or feel the phone ring.  I must be tuning out my phone knowing that I get unwanted calls. 

5 January 2012
   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Call number five.  Have not heard from them since last week.  What happened, did you guys go on vacation?  I hope you guys were really busy fucking yourselves during that time.  Tell you what, continue to fuck yourself.

6 January 2012
   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Really?  At eight in the morning?  I barely got into to work, have not even checked my emails or did my morning routine yet, and you are already calling?  That is dedication to your craft, folks.  You are still a fucking loser.

   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Sweet, two calls in one day.  Looks like someone is working on fulfilling their New Year's resolution.

   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Wait, three calls?  That makes it eight calls from this number.  Wow, in two days, they doubled their total.  Closing in on the record.

9 January 2012
   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Early call at 8AM.  This is pretty exciting...I think the record stands at ten calls from a number.  This is number nine.  Only the second week of the new year and we may have a new record, even though they started late last year.  Oh, I should not talk about it.  I do not want to jinx it.  Did I mention I fucking hate Astoria?

10 January 2012
   678-804-7593  Buford, GA   Buford?  As in Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen?  Oh, man...this just writes itself.  Okay, ready?  Wait for it...I hope you eat shit.

Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, eating shit.
   312-765-7460  IL, USA   Call coming in at 7:30PM, that makes it 9:30 in Illinois.  If you have not figured it out yet...I do no negotiate with terrorists, no matter what time you call.  Fuck you!

13 January 2012
   612-325-8774  MN, USA  So, where has Astoria been?  This is not the first time I have received calls from Minnesota.  In fact, the 612 area code is no stranger to terrorising me.  Way back in December of 2010, a 612 number held a record at eight calls.  Are they gunning for another record?  Either way, fuck off!

16 January 2012
   574-970-9703  Elkhart, IN  Calling me on a National Holiday, have you no respect for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? What am I thinking, you have no respect for anyone.  I have a dream that citizens of the world are not harassed by unwanted calls, especially those who are registered on the Do Not Call Registry. 

19 January 2012
   971-220-1017  Gresham, OR  No more getting three calls a day, the new pattern is a call every three days.  I doubt they will call on Sunday.   Special note:  I have received calls from Gresham before.  Four, actually.  But from a slightly different number, 971-220-1019.  This fuck face must sit two cubicles caves down from the other douche bag.

23 January 2012
   302-394-9659  DE, USA  I kinda like these calls coming in every three days or so.  I like that they think it would fool me into picking up the call.  Joke is on you fuckers, no one calls me...who is the loser, now?  Wait, scratch that.  Anyways, they are calling...or routing their calls...from different areas around the country.  Again, smart tactic that would work on someone that uses their phone for communications and transactions.  I, however...like everyone else, use my phone for porn surfing the net and playing games.  Until next time, fuck the right off.

24 January 2012
   480-535-5818  AZ, USA  Wait, what happened to the new game plan?  I thought you were suppose to call every three days.  Are you assholes going back to the old format?  Well, at least you are mixing it up a bit.  Look at the last few numbers, all different and no return callers. I have received calls from the 480 Arizona area, but this is the first from this number.  I mean, look at the variety of places across the country that I am getting calls from.  One might think that I am important or something.  Well, if you really want my opinion...go fuck yourself.

25 January 2012
   920-602-0879  WI, USA  Forgot to mention that yesterday's call came in at 6:30PM.  Guess what time this one came in.  Again, trying to catch me off guard. According to my records, this is the first time I have received a call from Wisconsin.  One of these days, I should map out where these fucking terrorists are calling from.  I wonder which states have yet to call in. 

31 January 2012
   310-359-8957  Malibu, CA  Really, Malibu?  Such a plush area like Malibu is harbouring terrorist?  From sand dunes to sandy beaches, beach front property for the terrorists.  Close your eyes for a second (after you read the next part), and imagine these guys sitting on the beach, between surf runs and making calls to people around the country (okay, go ahead and close your eyes).  Are you back?  Okay, now imagine these guys surfing and getting eaten by a shark...that would be fucking awesome.

   503-468-5227  Astoria, OR  Well, hello Astoria.  Where the fuck have you been?  Crawling back to me at the end of the month?  What, you need to meet your quota?  Nice to see that you have now tied the record at ten.  This is the part where I say, "FUCK YOU!"

08 January 2012

Jarome Iginla Scores 500th Goal

Finally, something in hockey that I can talk about

07 January 2012

NHL Realignment Rejected

Hey look, a post about hockey.  It has not been a great season for the Flames (see last game against the Bruins), so I have not been writing about hockey much.  There is one thing in the news to distract us from that spanking.  The NHLPA has rejected the proposal to realign the league.

As I am writing this, I really have no clue as to why they rejected a plan that was basically approved by the NHL, the teams, and the players...mostly.  What I do know is the idea was a fairly good one...except for one part.

Currently, there are two Conferences (West and East) and within those two conferences there are three Divisions with five teams each.  (Pacific, Northwest, Central, Northeast, Southeast, and Atlantic) Pretty simple, it makes sense.

In the past, when there was fewer teams, there was two Conferences and within in them two divisions each.  It was great, back in the day. The names of the Conferences was named after the Conference trophy (Clarence Campbell and Prince of Wales) the teams play for before the Stanley Cup.  Where as the Divisions were named after historical figures in hockey (Smythe, Norris, Adams, Patrick).  When I first got into hockey, it took me a while to figure out Smythe, Norris, Adams, Patrick (or SNAP), and which teams were in each division. But it was unique to hockey.

So the proposal was to have two Conferences...makes sense here...with two Conferences each.  Wait, what?  Yeah, Conferences within Conferences.  How does that work?  How do you divide a Conference into Conferences?  It should be Divisions!  See how confusing this is?  This was the one problem I had with the proposal.  It just does not make any logical sense...at all.

You mean to tell me that 30 GMs around the league, a handful of board members, executives, and all those highly paid people came up with "Conferences within Conferences"?  There is no league, professional nor amateur that does that.  They have Conferences, Divisions...maybe a Regions.  Seriously?

I certainly hope that the one of the problems that the NHLPA has with the proposal is this. 

06 January 2012

Random Thoughts V

It is a new year, and here are some random thoughts. 

Today, back in 1925, John Zachary DeLorean was born.  He would have turned 86 today.  I am wearing a DeLorean shirt in celebration and drove the car in most of the week.  It had been about a month since I had driven, it still runs great...good enough.

Speaking of DeLorean...I am going to be a guest speaker at the DeLorean Car Show in Orlando, Florida in June.  I will be talking about how I got the DeLorean into the Hot Wheels line, and small bit of trivia about the history of the DeLorean in relation to Hot Wheels.  I just started working on the presentation this week, I got  about six months to work it out.  Hopefully, I can pull it off.

Going into my third year of ownership.  No big plans for any upgrades on the car.  Just going to enjoy the car and try not to spend any money on the car, other than fueling up.  I had some major work done on it last year including lowering the front end and major tune up.  I guess most of that money will be spent on the DeLorean Car Show.


Since I had a minor set back at the end of 2010, I did not get to ride my bike much. So, the plan is to get out there this year and put some miles on that bike.  Of course, I have to chose between riding the bike to work or driving the car to work.  I want to get back into shape.  Been kinda slacking off in the exercise department.

Hockey season for me should start back up in a few weeks.  Those first few games are going to be painful.  I hope to be up there amongst the team leaders in scoring.  In fact, I am thinking of buying a new hockey stick in hope that it will help my game.  I still kinda suck, but at least I will have a hockey stick made in this century.


When I went to visit my parents, I totally raided the Hot Wheels bin at the store and scored over 50 cars.  As usually, I only buy the cars that I 'designed'.  So, I got a good amount of the cars I did for the 2011 Line.  Lots of Time Machines, Batmobiles, and A-Team Vans.  I even found my first Treasure Hunt.

There will be three vehicles that I 'designed' in the 2012 line.  Two will be in the Basic/Mainline, while the other will be in one of the Collector lines.  More information as release dates get closer.


Did you see Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol yet?  You know I love Tom Cruise and  how I love (most of) his movies...Ghost Protocol is AWESOME!  And, I am not just saying that because Tom Cruise is in it.  It is really a good movie...not great, but very good.  If you like to see Tom Cruise running, there is a lot of  him running in this movie.  See, I need to get in shape so I can run around like Ethan Hunt.


In other news, I am totally addicted to Angry Birds.  I have to say that is it the best one dollar you can spend...other than a Hot Wheels car.  That one dollar has lasted me a few months now.

Found this little Back to the Future reference on level 14-5.  Notice what is clearly the Time Machine, with the flux bands and reactor vents.  You can see a representation of the clock tower.  They even kinda added the gargoyles from the clock.

Back to the Future level on Angry Birds

That is all I have for now.  Stay tuned for the usual crap that goes on here.