02 November 2018


Can you believe it is already November?  I actually hate when people say that.  It basically means that they have no concept of time and have little responsibilities.

Of course I know it is November.  I have stuff due on certain dates, Halloween just happened, and it is time for another month long blog about telemarketer calls.

1 November 2018
  305-995-0099  Florida - I like this number, so does Call Protect.  Call Protect even marked this as "Potential Fraud".  Fuck you!

  305-995-0099  Florida - Call Protect blocked two calls from this number.  It is a 'catchy' number.  A number you can give someone and they should be able to remember it. "Three-Oh-Five, Nine-Nine-Five, Oh-Oh, Nine-Nine".  How about "Double-Oh, Double-Nine"?  How about, fuck you!

2 November 2018
  818-309-1766  Los Angeles, CA - Kudos to the phone for tagging this as "Suspected Spam".  Saved be the trouble of even caring.  Fuck you!

5 November 2018
  302-232-9640  Bridgeville, DE - A few rings and self disconnected.  Good, saves me the trouble.  Fuck you!

9 November 2018
  310-849-7471  Beverly Hills, CA - Who the fuck is this?  Oh, of course...another call from fucking Beverly Hills, another fucking spoofed number (no doubt).  Fuck you! 

10 November 2018
  310-849-5308  Beverly Hills, CA - Good old Saturday morning call.  Same comment as above.  Fuck you!
15 November 2018
 310-849-9292  Beverly Hills, CA - Slacking of a bit, I see.  Been a few days.  Fuck you!

16 November 2018
  310-849-4476  Beverly Hills, CA - Usually when I bring up the fact that it has been a few days since I have received a telemarketer call.  They call the next day.  I wonder if they will call tomorrow as well...it is a Saturday.  Fuck you!

17 November 2018
  213-807-1916  Los Angeles, CA - Surprise!  Just like I predicted, a call on a Saturday. After not getting any calls for four days, this makes getting a call three days in a row...and on a Saturday.  Hey fuck nut, why not make it four in a row.  Call me tomorrow, bitch!  Fuck you!