27 January 2009

Sounds of the Universe out 21 April 2009 (20 April in UK)

I know it is a little late, but the name of Depeche Mode's new album is Sound of the Universe. The press release was announced two weeks ago. Expect the new single, Wrong, to be released sometime before that.

The supporting tour appropriately named Tour of the Universe will begin the European leg on 10 May 2009. Look for Depeche Mode in your local North American arena sometime in the fall.


From dm.com :

Depeche Mode Announce Track Listing For Forthcoming Album 'Sounds Of The Universe'

12th Studio Album Released April 20th, 2009 (these are UK dates, 21 April for North America)
First New Single 'Wrong' Out April 6th, 2009 (release date pending for NA)

Depeche Mode have announced the track listing for their eagerly anticipated 12th studio album 'Sounds Of The Universe', released April 20th, on Mute. The release is preceded by their stunning new single ‘Wrong’, out April 6th - the first single to be taken from the album.

'Sounds Of The Universe' marks a reunion between Depeche Mode and Ben Hillier, who previously produced their 2005 album 'Playing The Angel'. Eclectic and energised, the band's new LP was recorded in Santa Barbara and New York.

'Sounds Of The Universe' Track Listing

1. In Chains
2. Hole To Feed
3. Wrong
4. Fragile Tension
5. Little Soul
6. In Sympathy
7. Peace
8. Come Back
9. Spacewalker
10. Perfect
11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
12. Jezebel
13. Corrupt

Stay tuned for more details on the release of 'Sounds Of The Universe'.

04 January 2009

There Is A "Law", Now?

So, I am driving on the freeway and there are these electronic billboards that inform motorists about traffic conditions, Amber Alerts, closures, etc. You know, like in L.A. Story. Anyway, there is one now that says "DO NOT TEXT ON JAN 1".

Really? There is a law now. As if it was not common sense. You know, the state (California) just passed a law back in July that talking on the phone (without a hands free device) as a no-no. Now, they come up with no texting while driving.

Does there really need to be a law? Did we not all learn that one should have both eyes on the road and at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times?!? Why do you need to be that connected, even whilst driving? Put the phone down and drive. California driver are NOT good drivers. They are below average, at best. Me, I am Asian, so that already puts me at a disadvantage.

By the way, I see people on their mobile phones and driving all the time. These laws do nothing, in fact, there are still people still driving while intoxicated.

Be safe out there.