03 April 2017


The calls just keep on coming

3 April 2017
  323-639-4497  Huntington Park, CA - I got a call from Huntington Park last month, but from a different number.  According to my sources (Google), this caller is one of those that try to get you to say "yes", so they have a recording of your voice saying, "yes".

Slight tangent:  Obviously, do not answer if you do not know the number.  If it is a legit and/or important call, they will leave a message.  Fun fact:  I used to queue up Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up and Rick Roll telemarketers, way before Rick Rolling was a thing.  Believe it or not, I may have invented the Rick Roll.  I have a buddy that used to queue up the "the number you have dialed is no longer in service. Please hang up and try your call again".  That is genius.

Where was I?  Was this call a scam?  Yes!  Of course it was...all telemarketers are fucking scams.  I think this is going to be another busy month. Fuck you!

5 April 2017
  319-214-7297  Vinton, IA - Did you know that areas of downtown Vinton was featured in the 1996 film Michael?  I totally googled that.  Yeah Michael, that one movie with John Travolta plays an angel.  I have never seen it, but I am guessing it was not a great movie.  Fast forward twenty years later and Vinton's biggest contribution to society is telemarketing.  So, the highlight of Vinton's history is a shitty Travolta movie.  Way to go, Vinton!  Fuck you!

7 April 2017
  636-278-3405  Saint Peters, MO - This might be a misdialed number (legit), or it could be a routed number.  I default to telemarketer.  What had by gears turning was "Saint" Peters.  Usually, one sees "Saint" written as "St.", although we automatically pronounce it as "Saint".  When I was kid...okay, I still do this...I would read it as "street".  "St." to me was "street" long before it was "Saint"....so, Street Peters, Street Louis, Street Martin...and they live on Lombard Saint, Bourbon Saint, Wall Saint.  And yes, I had the same issues with "Dr."...Drive or Doctor.  Dr. Drive lives on Doctor Dr. I wonder if Pete Docter (of Pixar) lives on Saint St. Fuck you!

 650-480-9777 - San Mateo - Fucking Lori.  Fucking Door Dash.  Okay, shame on me for not blocking this number.  But, I have blocked Door Dash before and they have used other numbers to contact me...uh, fucking Lori...about her order.

Lori is a cunt
So, I have blocked this number.  Only time will tell when that lazy cunt Lori orders food, again.  Door Dash will probably use another number to contact me.  I think the next time I will start giving 1 ratings to Door Dash.  Fuck you!

12 April 2017
  206-483-2712  Seattle, WA - Grungy, coffee drinking telemarketer.  Fuck you!

20 April 2017
  480-704-2098  Phoenix, AZ - On 4/20, and Arizona happens to be one of the states that have legalized marijuana.   Maybe I should have picked up and got some free weed.  No red flags on initial search, but I am sure there are some red eyes.  Ha!  Fuck you!

21 April 2017
  916-758-8675  Sacramento, CA - Known telemarketing number, a robo caller.  Apparently, if you call back, you can option to 'press 9' and get put on do not call list.  Sure...a do not call list for this number, but you will no doubt be put on other call lists.  Fuck you!

24 April 2017
  213-205-5939  United States - Remember the lesson we learned from a few months ago?  When the original of the call is "United States" it is (pretty much) a telemarketer call.  So, this call from Los Angeles...uh, United States is no different.  Fuck you!

26 April 2017
  213-212-3038  United States - Looks like they are going with the "United States" as call location.  This is good, because it makes it easy for one to tell these are telemarketers.  Now, if they can just go one step further and make the call location read, 'telemarketer'...that would be awesome.  Fuck you!

  213-212-3038  United States - Yeah, repeat call.  Fuck you!

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