07 September 2019

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Still waiting for parts

If you are here, you may be expecting to read about the Eaglemoss Back to the Future Time Machine build.  Well, looks like you, like me, like last year, will still have to wait.  Heck, you may have thought that I had cancelled my subscription to this awesome build.  Nah!  Here is the scoop.

The reason why there have been no updates to my build is not because I am lazy...well, I am lazy...but, just like last year, my next parts are on back order.  If you remember, there was a five month gap between July 2018 and December 2018 where no parts were received from Eaglemoss due to back order issues.  According to various social media posts and blogs, this is an on going issue with this build.

Obviously, I have contacted Eaglemoss with the issue, only to get "your next issues are on back order" as a response.  Now, as someone familiar with the manufacturing and distributing business, I know things like this can happen.  But,waiting five months last year for parts is ridiculous.  

This year, I am again waiting for parts, as my last shipment was in April. So, we are approaching that five month gap, again.  And, again, this is fucking ridiculous!  This puts me ten months and 40 issues behind.  At this point, I should be about 85-88% complete on my build.  Instead, I am barley half way through. 

It was projected that this build would be complete at the end of this year, since I was on the first batch of subscribers when this project hit the US market.  Like many, I have been following this project since it debuted in the UK a few years ago.  Most of the subscribers in UK are done with their builds.

I know others, at least in the US, have also been waiting for their next shipments for months.  While others have been receiving shipments on a regular basis and are on 'schedule' to complete at the end of the year.  Even those who signed up on the second or later waves have caught up and/or surpassed first wave subscribers.  

So, if you are 'back ordered', we are in the same boat.  If you are thinking about starting this build or any Eaglemoss subscription based builds, be warned that there are major back order issues and give yourself at least a year cushion on your completion date.  

For now, my incomplete build is just sitting there waiting, like in Delago Mine, waiting for parts.  Hopefully, I do not have to wait 70 years or send a telegram to someone via Western Union to get my parts and finish my build.   

05 September 2019

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2019

New month, but it took a while to get to our first call of the month.  These guys are slackers!

5 September 2019
  310-849-5346  Beverly Hills, CA - Of course, we have to start the month off with a call from our favourite spoofed location, Beverly Hills.  How many of these numbers do they have in their spoof Roladex?   Fuck you!

  816-582-2450  Kansas City, MO - Oh, another call from Kansas City. We received a call, I believe for the first time, two weeks ago, from Kansas City.  This may be the first...uh, second of many to 'originate' from Kansas City.  So, we expect a nice dose of Beverly Hills and Kansas City in the future.  Fantastic and fuck you!

  863-733-8400  Bartow, FL - Marked as "Spam Risk" by the phone, this call comes in all the way from Florida.  It looks the the telemarketers are making coast to coast calls today...well fuck you from sea to shining sea!

By the way,the robot left a voicemail.  Here is the transcript from the call.  Again, fuck you!

6 September 2019
   305-689-0892  Miami, FL - Still in Florida?  Fuck you!

  919-337-6612  Cary, NC - Wait a second...first Florida, now North Carolina.  Hurricane Dorian is a telemarketer!  Fuck you!

9 September 2019
  919-608-1737  Raleigh, NC - Wow, bright and early on a Monday.  What is up with these calls from the East Coast?  Fuck you!

  305-728-2975  Miami, FL - Oh look, another call from Miami, just minutes after the call from Raleigh.  Looks like another day full of telemarketer calls.  Fuck you!

 435-772-8775  Saint George, UT -  We are getting calls from all over the country today.  The map is all over the place.  Possible spoofed number from another telemarketer.  Fuck you!

 954-503-9501  Fort Lauderdale, FL - Back to Florida!  Fuck you!

10 September 2019
  813-510-1400  Kansas City, MO - An early morning call from your friendly neighbourhood telemarketer.  A lot of calls from all around, this month.  Fuck you!

  801-229-5468  Provo, UT - Just three minutes later, a second telemarketer call, from a different location.  Fuck you!

  314-526-3734  Kirkwood, MO - Three calls in less than thirty minutes. It is not even 8:30 and the phones like I am cheer captain and it is homecoming season.  Fuck you!

  310-849-5504  Beverly Hills, CA - Ah, here we go.  Back to our familiar friends in Beverly Hills.  This should also sound familiar...fuck you!

  762-224-1507  Augusta, GA - Five calls in three hours.  Fuck you!

  573-212-5761  Oran, MO - How many cities in Missouri are housing telemarketers?  If you are keeping track, this is the sixth call of the day.  I think the record is 10 or 11 calls in a day.  So, you assholes are about half way there.  What are you waiting for?  Call!  Fuck you!

11 September 2019
  463-888-0377  United States - Well, listed as United States.  Face it, I am too damn lazy to look up where it really is from.  Not that it matters.  We know this is a telemarketer, possibly a spoofed number.  Kinda perfect for the origin show up as United States.  What a great way to honour those who perished eighteen years ago.  Fuck you!

  774-250-9325  South Easton, MA - Since I am getting telemarketer calls, at least they are making it interesting by calling from different parts of the country.  But still, fuck you!

  310-849-8848  Beverly Hills, CA - Less than ten minutes latter, we are back in Beverly Hills...

  310-849-8848  Beverly Hills, CA - Twice!  Fuck you!

  762-224-1657  Augusta, GA - At what point do we consider this as getting out of hand?  Fuck you!

The last two days, so far.
12 September 2019
  405-257-0915  Wewoka, OK - Wewoka?  I hope that is a Native American tribe.  I would really like to hear Bugs Bunny say "Wewoka". I would also like to hear Bugs Bunny say, fuck you!

  209-270-3485  Los Banos, CA - Only had to wait four minutes to get the second call this morning.  I think I have received a call from Los Banos before.  Pretty sure I made a to bathroom joke.  Fuck you!

  313-209-9677  Detroit, MI - Oh, Detroit?  What business do I have with anyone in or from Detroit?  Is it a car company calling?  Maybe the Red Wings want to sign me.  Oh, just a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

  430-255-8958  Kemp, TX - Wow, all over the map this month.  This is impressive.  Fuck you!

13 September 2019
  949-401-7779  San Clemente, CA - Marked as 'Telemarketer".  Ha, you could say it was 'telemarketed' as telemarketer.  Fuck you!

  605-550-7132  South Dakota - This is a text message with just "Hello!"  It may be a legit wrong number, but most likely some sort of phishing scam.

Who just texts "Hello!"?  No introduction, acknowledging me, or reason for contacting me.  Nothing like, "Yo, it's CJ.  This is Frank.  I got them goods."  Seriously, who dis, new phone.  Fuck you!

17 September 2019
  310-849-2636  Beverly Hills, CA - They took Monday off, must have been a telemarketer holiday.  But, we go right back to Beverly Hills.  Fuck you!

18 September 2019
  310-849-2702  Beverly Hills, CA - Here we go.  You guys need to be more creative with your locations.  Did you guys have a temp fill in last week?  I mean, there were a lot of calls and from all across the country.  This guy you have here just spoofs Beverly Hills numbers.  Slacker.  Fuck you!

20 September 2019
  310-849-2469  Beverly Hills, CA - The 2469 seems like a number a douche bag would get.  "Hey baby, want my number?  Yeah?  It's 2469...just think 24 hours of 69"  Douche!  How fitting that it is being used by telemarketers. Fuck you!

23 September 2019
  678-329-8001  Georgia - Call Protect, where have you been?  It has been a while, but good old Call Protect swooped in and blocked this, and marked it as "Fraud Risk".  So, that is your first Autumn call...or Fall Call.  Fuck you!

  586-519-6732  Center Line, MI - Center Line?  Okay, I had to Google this.  It is a real city, and its shape kinda looks like New Mexico.  Would have been better if its boarders were more straight and square.  The best part, something I was hoping for, there is a main street that runs up and down the center of the town...a 'center line', if you will.  The town looks flat, empty, and boring.  Perfect for telemarketers.  Fuck you!

24 September 2019
  717-790-6069  Mechanicsburg, PA - What the fuck is up with these weird city names?  Mechanicsburg, really?  Fuck you!

Here is a pro tip.  If you have an iPhone with iOS 13, there is a new feature that silences unknown callers.  Any call from a number not in your contact will just show up as a missed call.  If it is your dealer with a new number, they can always leave a voicemail.  Hopefully, not a robo voicemail.
Go to, Settings>Phone>Silence Unknown Callers  Turn that on.
All other calls (from your contacts) will ring as normal.  Enjoy!

  800-692-7753  -  Did a little Googling, and turns out, this is Apple's support number.  This is a spoofed number, so now the telemarketers are spoofing Apple.  Well, since I do not have that number in my contacts, and thanks to the "Silence Unknown Callers" this just ended up being a missed call.  No reason for Apple to call me and ask me for support.  I am the last person to ask when it comes to computering.  Fuck you!

25 September 2019
  310-986-2544  Lomita, CA - Interesting.  Ever since I updated to iOS 13 and used the Silence Unknown Caller function, there has not been a call from Beverly Hills.  Pretty sure I totally just jinxed myself.  Not matter, I love seeing these as missed calls hours later when I randomly need to check my phone.  Anyway, fuck you!

  310-849-9814  Beverly Hills, CA - Ha!  See, what I mean?  I totally jinxed it.  Fuck you!

27 September 2019
  310-986-2544  Lomita, CA - Argh, stupid me.  I forgot to block this number.  They called earlier in the week.  Well, maybe this is a legit number. Nope!  Did not leave a message.  Fuck you!

30 September 2019
  310-986-2544  Lomita, CA - Okay, this one is on me.  I neglected to block this number.  But still.  Fuck you!