07 September 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 103, 104, 105, 114

More missing issues arrived!  This allows us to not only continue our build, but we also get to dive into the parts that were shipped to us months ago.  With this shipment, we are kinda back on track. Although, we do have issues that are about forty ahead of our current build.

Issues 103, 104, 105, 114

Issues 103-105 are what we need right now.  We have 107-113 waiting, and 114 just keeps us on 'schedule'.

Issue 103 - Cable and Wires, Right Side

Parts in Issue 103

This is the same as where we last left off with issues 101 and 102, just on the other side.  More wires and more twist ties.

Issue 104 - Junction Box, Top Left

Contents of Issues 104

Issue 104 - Junction Box, Top Right

Contents of Issue 105

Issues 104 and 105 deal with the flux boxes mounted on the T-panel.  Some more fiber optic like tubes as with the front flux boxes.  Pretty straight forward build that should be familiar.

Issue 114 - Reactor Drum

Parts in Issue 114

We are not going to get to this issue this time. This was a relatively stress-free shipment that only required intermediate building skills.  Next time we continue with Issue 106 and on. I have already took a peek in the box and it looks like fun.  

Build up to Issue 105

Screw count:  96-AP, 25-BP, 2-CP, 22-AM, 13-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 38-DM, 3-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 19-FP, 2-JM, 5-HP, 3-GP, 16-NM, 2-MM, 9-KM, 2-LM, 15-IP, 1-OM, 1-PM, 4-JP, 2-KP, 3-QM, 2-LP, 6-MP 1-RM

to be continued...

02 September 2020

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2020

 The other day the news was on the background and they teased an upcoming story.  Guess the story.  Yep. "If you received a message about a overdue package delivery...beware of scam...".  Well, look what the first call/text is.

2 September 2020

  661-238-5659  Tehachapi, CA - First we had Connecticut, then New York, now California.  I know the postal service is not this incompetent.  By the way, this is supposed to be from the USPS.  I doubt the fine folks there would ever 'forget' a package from March.  Again, six months to deliver something when we have shit like next day and same day delivery?  Fuck you!

3 September 2020

  310-849-6140  Beverly Hills, CA - Kinda a relief to just get a regular telemarketer call from a spoofed number.  No text for some undelivered package that has been sitting at some unknown facility since the Stone Age, CBD promo, or some other scam.  But still, fuck you! 

5 September 2020

 800-433-4659 - One of those typical Saturday telemarketer calls.  Did a quick search and the 800-433-XXXX is linked to phone scams.  Shocked!  Fuck you!

8 September 2020

  310-944-9872 Redondo Beach, CA - This is the first of three calls within about a twenty minute span.  Fuck you!

  201-771-5601  Dumont, NJ - Second call of the day.  Fuck you

Three calls within twenty minutes.  

  203-643-0897  Brandford, CT - Well, this one left a message:

I did a search on 844-790-2700 and first results are from robocallers.  Sorry, "Nicole", you will have to cold call someone else.  Oh, Nicole...one more thing...fuck you!

  714-686-9614  Gardena, CA - Oh cool, I have another package from six months ago that has yet to be delivered. Tell you what...take that package and shove it up your ass.  Fuck you!

9 September 2020

  310-398-5894  Los Angeles, CA -  Today happens to be California Admission Day.  On 9 September 1850, California became the 31st state.  So, it is fitting that I get a call from California at six o'clock in the morning.  Anyone want to guess what this was about?  They left a message...

Clue, the transcript was in code...or in another language.  If you guessed the call came from some Chinese telemarketer, you are correct!  I wonder if the message was to inform me of an undelivered package.  Fuck you!

  747-236-9056  Los Angeles, CA - Another undelivered package.  For those keeping track this is the fourth package that I have sitting in some secret warehouse.  At least this one is from August, so only a month in storage.  Fuck you!

10 September 2020

  302-480-3805  Dover, DE - This is apparently the fifth package that needs to be delivered.  Wait, five packages?  Could these be the five lions?  Maybe if I get all five, I can form Voltron.  Fuck you!

12 September 2020

  ernaguluccivut5133@hotmail.com - How is anyone supposed to take this shit seriously?

How many red flags do you see?  

- Shit email address
- No information, just a link
- Link based on foreign soil

Check, check, and check.  Fuck you!

15 September 2020
  714-313-1598  Anaheim, CA - Dude, pro tip, check your grammar.  There are no commas, periods, or any sort of punctuations in this text.  Random words are capitalize, some which should be capital are not.


So, Apple wants to put a sticker on my car, but I need to contact some fool with a gmail address?   Dude, another pro tip, at least get an Apple address.  Also, 'small sticker'?  Like the ones that used to come with Apple products?  I feel like Apple could save a lot of money buy just bringing those back.  People used to put those on their cars, for free.  Fuck you!

16 September 2020
  publicrecordsnoticempnqaiwkd@zg0xjf.com  - No, seriously.  That is the address


You know how many people can type without looking at their hands?  Well, trying to type out this email address, I found out that I am not one of those people.  I got the first part, then it went all to shit, as I needed to hunt and peck.  Fuck you!

17 September 2020
  951-406-4304  Riverside, CA - Coming down from the rafters, Call Protect dives down to intercept this call.


We are in voting season, so get ready to be bombarded with these telemarketer calls.  Fuck you!

01 September 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 099-102

 It has been a while since we received four consecutive issues.  Lots of detailed work on these issues, get your tweezers and needle-nosed pliers and, let us get right to it.

Issues 99-102

Issue 099 - Front Flux Bands

Parts in Issue 099

Ah, the front flux bands.  If the Time Machine was an adolescence kid with crooked teeth, the front flux band would be its braces.  More of those gorgeous photo-etched parts to form the bands.  Fortunately for us, and at this scale, these were easy to mount.

Issue 100 - Front Left Flux Cables

Parts in Issue 100

It may not look like there is much in the bag, but there is a lot of work involved in this part of the build.  The molded (black) cable just plugs into the connector and then screwed into the flux box.  The cluster of coloured wires also plug in the flux box.  Then the fun begins as you twist tie the coloured wire bundle to the molded wire.  This is where your tweezers, needle-nosed pliers, and small hands come in.  Also, helps to have a little patience and good lighting.  

Was that fun?  Good.  You will get to do it again, later.  But first...

Issue 101 - Rear Left Flux Cables

Totally out of focus image of the parts in Issue 101

Finishing up the flux cables on the left side.  Very similar to Issue 100, you have one molded cable and a cluster of coloured wires.  There is a fun part where you need to untwist and separate the wires...then, slowly and patiently insert each wire into a small bracket...in a certain order.  You get to twist tie the cables together here, too.

Issue 102 - Front Right Flux Cables

Contents of Issue 102

Oh, you know you love to twist tie those wire together.  Same as Issue 100, now do the right side.  Enjoy

Here is were we are at the completion of issue 102:

Assembled car up to Issue 102

Now, we go back to the waiting game for the next shipment.  Will we get the next issues, or will we get issues from the future?

Screw count:  96-AP, 25-BP, 2-CP, 22-AM, 13-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 38-DM, 3-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 19-FP, 2-JM, 5-HP, 3-GP, 14-NM, 2-MM, 8-KM, 2-LM, 14-IP, 1-OM, 1-PM, 4-JP, 2-KP, 3-QM, 2-LP, 5-MP 1-RM

to be continued...

22 August 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 093, 094, 097, 098 - Part II

This is a bonus multi-issue post.  We last left off, exhausted, at Issue 091.  Luckily, we found some 'time' to dive back into this project.  So, quick build of last shipment of issues before we get to our current box of parts.

We start off with Issue 092 - Tail Lights

Contents of Issue 092

Ah, they tail lights.  These boards kinda look like the PCB in my car.  There are a bunch of LED to light up the tail lights.  Want to know what is exciting?  You get to dig up that rear fascia from Issue 001.  For me, that was way back in September of 2017.  Almost three years ago, and we are still waiting for issues to arrive.  Anyway, you get to finally mount that first ever piece onto the car.

Note, the LED's that are mounted on the PCB may not line up perfectly with the holes on your rear fascia.  Find out which hole is not quite fitting and shave a little with either a knife or drill bit.  You may want to remove the tail light housing.  Do not alter the LED bulbs.

Oh...also, you need to remove the rear bumper just to fit it on the car...then replace the bumper.  Why do they do this?  I bet since it was Issue 001, they wanted to make a nice display piece, a complete rear fascia for you to display.  I am sure many have dipped their toe into this project, only to find out that it takes months...years to complete.  Well, at least if you bought into it, you have something.

Here is where we need to jump into another box of shipments since.

Issues 093, 094, 097, 098

Between the last box and this box, we are just going to power through this.

Issue 093 - Front Fascia

Contents of Issue 093

Well, it makes sense that after we installed the rear fascia, we get to the front.  I would have made more sense to ship us the rear fascia around this point rather than in the very beginning.  

Anyway, here is something fun.  The folks at Eaglemoss have captured an imperfection that exists in some DeLoreans.  This is what is known as the 'eyebrow'.

DeLorean eyebrow

To my knowledge, the A Car has a near perfect front fascia.  No eyebrows.  On a side note, I think the headlight sockets looks like koalas.  I like koalas

Issue 094 - Grille

Parts in Issue 094

The photo-etched rock catcher is quite beautiful. 

Issue 095 -  Front Bumper

Parts in Issue 095

We go back to previous shipment for these parts.  This is also the last of the flux band brackets, they go along the perimeter of the front bumper.

Like the front fascia assembly this is a quick and easy build.  You may have a little trouble connecting the wires from the main body to the headlight wires from the fascia.  But, this is nothing like the task from our last post.

Issue 096 - Left Rocker Panel

Parts in Issue 096

Issue 097 - Right Rocker Panel

Parts in Issue 097

Issues 096 and 097 are mirrors of each other.  Just make sure when you stick down the door sill that the DMC is facing the correct way.  

Issue 098 - Front Flux Boxes

Contents of Issue 098

Our first flux boxes!  This is exciting. We also have some fiber optic tubes that will help those flux band glow.  But first those flux boxes need to be mounted on the front fenders.

When you are done up to this point, it will look like this:  

Progress up to Issue 098

I know, it has been a while since we posted a progression photo.  Yes, I tape up the doors, hood, and engine cover so they stay closed.  Otherwise, they will flop open when transporting or when there is a need to work on the underside of the vehicle.

Progress of build up to Issue 098

While we are missing some issues:   103, 104, 105, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141 142 143, 144, 145, 146

We have another set of parts ready to assemble, that is it for now.

Screw count:  94-AP, 25-BP, 2-CP, 22-AM, 13-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 38-DM, 3-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 19-FP, 2-JM, 5-HP, 3-GP, 14-NM, 1-MM, 7-KM, 2-LM, 10-IP, 1-OM, 1-PM, 4-JP, 2-KP, 3-QM, 2-LP, 4-MP 1-RM

to be continued...

13 August 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 087, 092, 095, 096

 We finally got Issue 087, an important issue needed to move on to other issues.

Issues 087, 092, 095, 096

We are just going to jump right to it.

Issue 087 - Roof interior

Contents of Issue 087

We have waited months for this, and it is finally here.  This issue completes the ceiling panel.   More wiring for lights.  If, like me, you moved a little ahead on your build while waiting for back issues to arrive...well, you will need to undo some areas to get pieces to fit.  For me, this included removing the inside panels so the ceiling piece can be fitted in.  Once complete, you can move on to the next issue.

But, if you are in the same goofy-ass schedule as me, you move on to Issue 091.  Way back in January, like eight months ago, I had already completed some areas of 091.  Of course, I was stuck with a number of issues yet received.  Well, here we are in August and we can finally tackle this issue.

Get ready for a ride.  This issue (091) is the most involved and will test your patience. The main task is to merge the upper body on to the chassis and interior.   

First, you need to connect all the wires from the body.  This includes the lights for the doors, ceiling panel (just completed in 087) and trunk (bonnet).  Remember those little number tags?  Make sure you double-check those and make sure they match.  Then, check again with the colour of the wires.  

Once you have your wires connected, the fun begins.  Make sure your wires are out of the way.  The engine bay wall will want to pinch the wires.  You will never get the top to meet the bottom.  Also, remember those inside panels?  They are in front of the door.  Make sure those are mounted flush.  Otherwise, the dash will not allow the top to settle into the bottom.  At this point, I am over an hour into the struggle.

Tired yet?  Oh, pro tip:  To get the wires out of the way, remove the passenger side air deflector from the chassis.  It is only seven screws.  This will give you access to the wires and a bent paper clip can hook the wires back and allow the engine bay wall to sit properly.  The nightmare is not over.

Before I continue, there is a new screw introduced in this issue, the RM.  Anyway, back to your regularly schedule nightmare.

When you finally get the body to settle onto the chassis, there are eight screws to secure it.  Two on the front, two in back, and two on either side.  Good new, eight screws...this should be no problem.  Oh, no.  You may need to see a psychiatrist after this part.  Maybe it is just on my build, maybe it is because the damn parts have been sitting for months and things shifted and warped.

The screw bosses do not line up with the holes!

One is perfect.  Half of them are okay.  About three of them will put you in a fit of rage.  I think I lost five pounds from sweating during this phase.  It will help if you had an extra set of hands.  I needed to squeeze the sides while someone else started the screw.  Once you get a few turns of the screw, you are home free.  Now, do it three more times..

Lucky for me, I noticed that my wires were being pinched.  So, I had to take it apart and do this again.  I think I spent about two hours on this part.  Once I was done with 091, that was it.  I did not get to 092, which is in this shipment.  Too damn exhausted to continue. 

We will get to the next few issues in the next episode.  We have a few shipments that should keep us busy for a few weekends.  Looks like Eaglemoss is restocking and shipping back issues.  Still, we are missing a few.

The missing issues include:   104, 105, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141 142 143, 144, 145, 146

Screw count:  92-AP, 23-BP, 2-CP, 22-AM, 13-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 34-DM, 3-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 19-FP, 2-JM, 5-HP, 3-GP, 12-NM, 1-MM, 5-KM, 2-LM, 9-IP, 1-OM, 1-PM, 4-JP, 2-KP, 3-QM, 1-LP, 4-MP 1-RM

to be continued...

02 August 2020


There has to be some sort of algorithm to telemarketer calls/texts.  I doubt it is random.  Sometimes there is a long break between calls and texts, sometimes we get multiple per day.

2 August 2020
  917-972-8264  New York - As expected, another CBD text.  This CBD campaign seems to have replaced the DoorDash attacks.  I may have jinxed this.  Surprised that there was no call/text yesterday on the first of the month.  But today, on a Sunday, I get a text.  What is the pattern?  Here is something we can always count on, fuck you!

6 August 2020
  creditalertsauqnahmwp@47dybv.com - Let us take a look at this email address.  Credit Alert Sauqnahmwp.  What the fuck is Sauqnahmwp?  Okay, maybe it is Credit Alerts Auqnahmwp.  So, what the fuck is an Auqnahmwp?  Pro tip:  If you have a credit alert company, maybe name it with something more legit...like "Miramar Credit Alert".


Now, check out that link.  Is the "ogruuqw" part of the link?  Why is it not blue? 

Speaking of company name, maybe invest in a better domain name than a number and some letters.  This is not a license plate, this is your "company".  I am going to do out on a limb and say this is a scam.  Fuck you!

10 August 2020
  210-729-2422  San Antonio, TX - Look at this mess


First, they sent to to ten people, hoping that one of these idiots (including me) bites.  There is "phishing" and there is "kasting a wide knet".  

Second, what the fuck are they trying to say here?  What does that number mean?  What website ends with a % sign?  If you are trying to get people to fall for your shitty scam, make an effort to make your message look legit.  Also, do not sent it o ten people at once.

Third, fuck you!

  213-201-7273  Los Angeles, CA - Total robocaller.  Left a message, but it was automated.  Only a portion of the message was received.    Something about mileage and warranty.  Uh, have you checked the news lately?  There is no mileage on anything when shit is on lockdown. Fuck you!

12 August 2020
  310-599-4292  Compton, CA - Another one to add to our block list.  Fuck you!

17 August 2020
  619-762-6194  Coronado, CA - Oh, they left a voicemail.

Yeah, looks totally legit...NOT!  Total robocall.  Their machine was talking to my machine.  There will be Judgement Day.  Fuck you!

19 August 2020
  541-325-2603 Oregon - Apparently, they are hiring folks to work from home for $500 a week.  Yep, that is it.  No info on what the job is, just $500 a week.  I assume that is before taxes.  No information on how many hours a week I need to work to get that $500.  Am I working 20 hours a week, or are we talking about 80 hour work weeks.  Fuck you!

21 August 2020
  f74c3445@dyfl4h.com - Well, holy shit!  Apparently, I have over $500 from the state that I need to claim.  Uh, just look at the address this bullshit is from.  With all these ridiculous taxes, do you really think the state is owes me money?  Fuck you!

22 August 2020
  cashappalertsjxoibtfcjfsduxfvfl@yahoo.com - I know it totally looks like I just typed 'cashappalerts-at-yahoo-dot-com', then my I moved my mouse and my cat attacked the mouse, leaving the cursor just after 'alerts'.  I know it sound crazy...but, then my cat stepped on the keyboard and "jxoibtfcjfsduxfvfl" was inserted in before the '@'.  No, that was the actual email address that sent this. Here is the screen shot:


Also, why does Cash App have a yahoo email address?  Fuck you!

25 August 2020
  inw-k-e-t-o-iqnowegyeg@yahoo.com - Imagine looking at a resume for someone and they give you this as their email address.  That resume goes straight into the shredder, regardless of qualifications.

Wait, are you saying I am fat?   Although losing 50 pound in 60 days sounds great.  Knowing these scams, I will most definitely lose more than £50 in days (see what I did there?).  Oh, but it is free.  Fuck you!

  310-683-6068  Redondo Beach, CA - No message left, so I know idea what they are trying to push.  Looks like another spoofed number.  Still, fuck you!

27 August 2020
  860-574-5786  Connecticut - So, I got a text message.  I also did a quick search on the number and someone else got about same message.  With a questionable link.  

we came across a package from March owed to you. Please claim ownership and schedule for delivery here: l3smr.info/i4ZOxUu9OvC

Some of the information, like the web address is slightly different, but it is essentially the same message.  Usually shit like this are from spoofed numbers.  So, it looks like they are reusing these numbers to try to scam others.  It is all scams however you look at it.  

What kind of operation are you running where you sit on someone's parcel for six months?  Since you texted me, i is obvious you have my information...just fucking deliver it, like you were supposed to six months ago, you fucking slacker.  Fuck you!

28 August 2020
  917-943-8437  New York - Oh, I got another one of those "claim your package" notifications.  This time from New York.   So, it seems that  I have a package in New York and one in Connecticut...and both have been sitting there for over six months.  

Hey everyone, this is the new scam.  No more CBD stuff.  Wait, what if the packages are CBD supplements?  Fuck you!

29 August 2020
   rewardsandmoreqrhwwsncj@yahoo.com - Again, the email address is questionable, but everything else seems legit.

Okay, the grammar is questionable, but other than that, this has to be legit.  Wait, the kinda incorrectly  spelled PayPal...and the address is totally questionable.  So, other than that, this is totally legit.  Fuck you!

12 July 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 076, 077, 085, 086

Oh, hello, it has been a while.

Some good news.  We got a few shipments whilst on lockdown.  This stuff is shipped to my work address, so it took a while to retrieve the boxes.  There are still some Issues missing, but for the moment, we can at least start building something.

Issues 076, 077, 085, 086
We have been waiting for some of these Issues since November of 2019.

Issue 076 - Right Front Fender (Finally!)

Contents of Issue 076

If you remember the way almost three years ago, in Issue 002 , we had the Left Front Fender.  That was way back in September of 2017.  Same build as the other side, the right side build is just attaching the  rub strips on the fender.

Then, it gets a little complex.  You need to dig up that Left Front Fender, because you are finally going to install, along with the Right Front Fender.  Good thing you kept it in its blister package like I suggested.  We should have received this and installed it eight months ago, but what are you going to do?

Remember this from 2017?
It looks like a pretty simple install.  But, you need to remove the luggage compartment to have access to the screw holes, installed in issue 065.  You will need to remove the four screws holding the luggage compartment along with the hood struts.  Gently remove the assembly, then you can get to those hard to reach areas to mount both front fenders.

If you are in the same situation as us, and have/had missing shipments, you may have gone ahead and worked on the interior lining around the door (Issue 088).  Well, you will have to remove those as they cover the screw holes need to secure the front fenders.

Once you have finally installed the fenders, re-install the luggage compartment and hood struts, and you will be ready for the next part.

Issue 077 - Left Rear Fender

Contents of Issue 077
This was supposed to be the first Rear Fender you receive, before Issue 079.  Simple built here, just install the vent at the base of the C-pillar.  Done.

Oh, wait.  If you have Issue 078, dig that back up.  Now, we can install the rub strips, rear marker light, fake vent, and flux band brackets.  Once the fender is ready, it can be installed on to the body. Remember those interior lining pieces around the door?  Yep, you will need to remove it to get access to one of the holes for rear fender install.

Okay.  Now, we are kinda caught up.

Issue 085 - Engine Bay

Contents of Issue 085
These long waited parts continue on our build from the 081-084 shipment.  So, unearth that assembly from seven months ago and we are in business. After put together, the Engine Bay assembly is mounted on the to body with six screws.

Issue 086 - Interior Ceiling

Contents of Issue 086
Excited for more wires!  This is a pretty straight forward build.  Once completed, we were done with this shipment and done until we get Issue 087.  Not going to build any further as we may need to disassemble areas if we move along without certain parts.

Here is where we are at:

Build up to Issue 086 (interior and chassis not pictured)

While some who have started after us have completed this build, we still wait for shipments to arrive.  We had additional shipments during quarantine, including these four Issues.  Based on what we have received the last few months:

The missing issues include:  087, 092, 095, 096, 099, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141 142 143, 144, 145, 146

I thought there were only 130 Issues, but we received a shipment with issues 147-150.  Based on start time of September 2017, we should to be on Issue 140 (with no missing parts).  This is well beyond the initial 130 Issues, and well beyond the on finished with the basic build.

We have a screw count:  90-AP, 22-BP, 2-CP, 22-AM, 12-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 34-DM, 3-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 19-FP, 2-JM, 5-HP, 2-GP, 11-NM, 1-MM, 4-KM, 2-LM, 4-IP, 1-OM, 1-PM, 4-JP, 2-KP, 3-QM, 1-LP, 4-MP

to be continued...

01 July 2020


Here we go.  First day of the month and we are already getting attacked by telemarketers.

1 July 2020
   delilahcminellase0245@hotmail.com - Sometimes I forget that you can receive emails via text, this like getting junk mail via text.  Good to have a reminder once in a while. Maybe I should click on that random link.

This could be their new initiative to send 'emails' since I have pretty much blocked every telemarketer number.  Fuck you!

  310-612-0217  Gardena, CA - Getting the band back together and playing some old hits.  Here is something we have not received in a while, a robocall in Chinese.  They left a voicemail, but the phone had difficulty translating.

I can see, or rather hear, why there were issues translating. The voice was sort of a droney and monotone.

Pro tip: If you are trying to sell me on something, be a little more enthusiastic about it.  If you are non excited about your product, how are you going to get me excited about it.  Also, make sure I speak the language.  Understanding what you are trying to sell is a huge advantage to getting a sale.

Fuck you!

6 July 2020
   718-755-7029  New York - Well, I guess these fuckers had a few days off during the holiday. Back to work on Monday.

Maybe I should give this a shot, I kinda do want to try some of these gummies.  Nah...fuck you!

7 July 2020
  310-599-9822  Compton, CA - Typical telemarketer call, fuck you!

  917-703-6379  New York - Typical text, fuck you!

10 July 2020
  310-599-2687  Compton, CA - Getting some calls from Compton.  Are we done with Beverly Hills, and gone to something better?  Fuck you!

12 July 2020
  213-528-5894  Los Angeles, CA - Call Protect to the rescue on a Sunday.  At least we know Call Protect still kinda works.  Anyway, a call on a Sunday?  Fuck you!

13 July 2020
  ethelbpelikanum7898@hotmail.com - Surprised that a classic (classic meaning old) name like Ethel still lurking about.  Ethel even has an email address.

I wonder what '7898' means?  Wait, was Ethel born in 1998 or 1898?  So there is a 22 or 122 year old out there named Ethel B. Pelikanum who may have just had a birthday, or about to have one.  Well, Happy Birthday and...fuck you!

14 July 2020
  702-276-7403  Nevada - Muthafucker sent this shit to ten people.  Look at the way the icons are aligned like a 10-disc CD box set

I mean, come on! The link you provided is not even a real link.  Fuck you!

  310-599-6379  Compton, CA - I thought I recognized that area code and prefix.  Here we go again with calls from the Compton area.  Fuck you!

15 July 2020
  310-599-5692  Compton, CA - What is so special about Compton?  Seems like the hub for telemarketers have moved to Compton.  Must be something in the water.   Fuck you!

  310-502-4300  Compton, CA - Oh, fancy.  Different prefix, but still Compton.  I actually like this kind of number, ending in 00.  It makes it look so official and legit.  Oh, is this a business?  Nah, just some fucking roboscam.  Fuck you!

17 July 2020
  917-755-3026  New York - Interesting.  Look at the entry above on 6 July...and look at this:

They have the same basic message, peddling the same stuff.  But note that while the area code is different, both texts are from New York...and both are from the same prefix.  The numbers are similar.  Is 755 the new 420?  Fuck you!

  917-756-7057 - New York - These New York numbers keep texting me with these CBD gummie deals.  Just got another one.  Maybe I am seeing things, but I see sort of a pattern in the numbers.  Here is another pattern that you may see.  Fuck you!

20 July 2020
  heatherdnanglebergerpml8640@hotmail.com - Uh, what?  Just a link with no information?  Is this more CBD gummies?  What the fuck are you trying to push?

If you gave anyone your email address and it is this long and makes no fucking sense, you will never receive an email.  Fuck you!

  606-359-5277  Kentucky -  I have enough stickers on my car

Remember a while back, we got this same (or similar) message?  We looked up the site and it is bogus, plus there was something about Dr. Pepper not really doing this sort of thing.  So, fuck you!

21 July 2020
  626-418-5806  Alhambra, CA - Hmm...not 100% sure on this one.  No results from a quick search.  But, as usual, I am leaning towards telemarketer than your legit wrong number.  So, as they say...fuck you!

22 July 2020
  559-264-6625  Fresno, CA - I have hear of Fresno, never been there.  Apparently, it is a very happening place.  A city with a major city vibe without being a major city.  Might be an ideal place to shoot a movie, I am sure location scouts have it on their go to lists.  I wonder why not many productions are shot there.  Is it the taxes?  Or, the fucking telemarketers?  Fuck you!

23 July 2020
  310-502-7618  Gardena, CA - Shit coming in from all over California.  Fuck you!

24 July 2020
  310-599-2857 - Compton, CA - I thought I blocked this number.  I predict that they will run through all these Compton numbers until they find another city as their base of operations. Fuck you!

  917-705-4083  New York -  I was just thinking to myself, "it has been almost ten days since we got a text about CBD".  Well, wait no longer...we got that text.  Patiently waiting for the next CBD text.  Fuck you!

26 July 2020
  407-492-6357  Orlando, FL - On an Sunday evening.  I will give you three guess as to what this was about.

If you guessed this was another CBD advertisement, you are correct. Bonus points if you guessed it was a text.  Will CBD oil block telemarketers?  Fuck you!

30 July 2020
  310-845-1695  Culver City, CA - Just a random call with no message.  Most likely a spoofed number.  At least, this was not peddling CBD.  Fuck you!