21 March 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 110-113

We have a new shipment.  Luckily, it follows last shipment's issue with no additional missing issues.  Fifteen issues are still missing and on back order. Who knows when we will get these.  Especially with the situation the world is in at this moment.

Damn, this would have been a perfect time to spend working on this project.  But, as we know, we are unable to continue due to missing parts.

Missing Issues:  076, 077, 085, 086, 087, 092, 095, 096, 099, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105

Issues 110-113

Also received in this shipment is that useless binder with wrong art.  Even better...they charged me $7.99 for that useless binder with wrong art.  I have told Universal about their wrong reference material before, but they still recommend and approve incorrect art and reference. 

Eight dollars for something I do not want, yet hundreds of dollars in missing issues and parts. Good jog, Eaglemoss!

Again, nothing I can really build because these parts assemble on top of parts we are missing.  Anyway, here is what you get.

Issue 110 - Spare Tire

Contents of Issue 110
I guess I could build this.  It also comes with windshield wipers.

Fun fact:  This is just another front wheel, the spare tire of a DeLorean looks like this:

I stole this image from myself
Pretty obvious that this is a 'filler' issue.  The wipers could have easily be packed with another issue.  Better yet, invest in a tool for an actual DeLorean spare tire.  Yawn.

Issue 111 - Reactor Platform

Contents of Issue 111

When converting your DeLorean to a Time Machine, it is best to replace your lower engine cover with a more sturdy platform for all the components that will be attached to.  This is a hefty die-cast platform.  I hope the screws holding this are larger and stronger than the ones holding the doors.

Issue 112 - Reactor Components

Contents of Issue 112
A bunch of small parts.  Hey, maybe throw the wipers in this issue.

Issue 113 - Reactor Drum

Contents of Issue 113
Reactor core base, and it looks like it lights up.  For now, they sit in the bag, in a box...with that stupid binder with incorrect Universal art.

Well, that is it for now. 

to be continued...

02 March 2020


I was hoping for a Leap Day call, but it looks like we will have to wait another four years to get one.  Not sure if this will go on that far into the future.  We got a call on the last Leap Day (2016).   Here we are in March

2 March 2020
  925-528-7049  Orinda, CA - Orinda...like they combined 'orange' and 'Linda' to name their town.  Fuck you!

  510-480-3859  El Sobrante, CA - Call Protect got this but it still kinda got through.

Call Protect flagged this as "Spam Risk",  I looked it up for fun and results came back with "roboscam".  So there you go.  Fuck you!

4 March 2020
  310-986-3016  Lomita, CA - First search result..."Robocaller Warning!".  First reaction...Fuck you!

5 March 2020
  310-736-3868  Culver City, CA - Here we go again, with another spoofed number.  Three calls in the first five days this month.  Fuck you!

6 March 2020
  559-596-3909  Dinuba, CA - These guys, again. Still trying to push some 'loyalty plan'.  Like I said, instead of trying upsell some shit I do not want or need, about about just giving your loyal customers a discount.  Fuck you!

7 March 2020
  559-596-3909  Dinuba, CA - Okay, it is my fault for not blocking this number...and blocked.  Fuck you!

13 March 2020
  361-212-7631  Victoria, TX - A call on Friday the thirteenth...could it be Jason Voorhees?  Would have been perfect if the call originated from Crystal Lake, NJ.

Wait, maybe it is Jason, looking for Michael Myers.  Could this be a legit wrong number?  Maybe I should click on the link.  Fuck you!

17 March 2020
  800-792-001 - Wow, this number looks legit, with the 800 and and 0001.  Call Protect got this one quickly.

I also did a quick search, and all sorts of robocall results came up.  Fuck you!

  800-286-1211 - Another 800 number and again Call Protect got this.  Do you think telemarketers are working from home?  Fuck you!

  800-423-1414 - Are we doing this shit all day?  Three calls, today! Y'all are supposed to be at home.  Doing my part in social distancing and not answering the phone.  Fuck you!

18 March 2020
  800-283-1211 - I am guessing we are all getting these telemarketing calls because they know we are all home on lock down.  Be careful.  The only thing worse than COVID-19 is a fucking telemarketer.  Fuck you!

  325-515-0089  Snyder, TX - Not one...

  325-515-0089  Snyder, TX - Not two...

  325-515-0089  Snyder, TX - But three attempts to contact me.

As someone has recently stated:
"Am I the only one who's been getting a ton of scam calls in the last couple of days?  It's as if the sum of this earth are ramping up efforts to take advantage of the chaos."
Yep, the scum of the earth.  Fuck you!

24 March 2020
  657-357-7872  Anaheim, CA - Been a while since we got a robotext:

I did a search on this number and it seems like it has been linked to various scams like Amazon and iPhone.  So, this is on brand.  Good guess on the name, you got the sex right.  Ha, imagine if this text was for "Michelle" or something.  That would have been awkward.

Okay, so you overcharged me for four months.  How much is a phone bill these days?  What, maybe $80.  So, for four months, that is about $360.  Your cheapest iPhone 11 is $700.  Do they do this every time they overcharge someone?  This is not the ideal business model. Normally, when companies fuck up your bill, they give you credit.  Take your overcharge and shove it up your ass, and fuck you!

26 March 2020
  657-237-0012  Anaheim, CA - Apparently, I am "Michael", now.

Gonna take a wild stab in the dark and say these are the same guys trying to offer me an iPhone 11 for fucking up my phone bill.  Fuck you!

27 March 2020
  951-642-5947  Cornoa, CA - This is the new trend.  No cold calling by robocallers, now we have cold texting by robotexters.  At least they did not refer to me as "Michael"

Obviously, this is another scam, taking advantage of our situation.  By the way, there is no stimulus package from Costco.  But wait, did you notice where the call originated from?  Corona!!!  Fuck you!

   949-293-7892  Anaheim, CA - Another text

I mean, why go with CBD, when I can just go with THC?  Fuck you!

29 March 2020
  424-450-6856  Los Angeles, CA - Another robotext...on a fucking Sunday

Wait, did you say bounty?

Fuck you!

30 March 2020
  publicrecordsvtehjcvvi@ajf48t.com - I forgot that you can email a text.

Yeah, this looks totally legit...NOT!  Who falls for this shit?  They are really turning it up since the lockdown.  Wait, is this a sign that telemarketers are working from home?

I do not give a fuck about telemarketers, but many are out of work during this pandemic.  These fucking telemarketers are taking advantage of people in need of work and money and pull this bullshit.  Fuck you!

31 March 2020
  310-359-6807  Malibu, CA - Oh, fancy.  A call from Malibu, how posh.  Fuck you!

15 February 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 106-109

Another shipment, another "skipment". 

Missing Issues:  076, 077, 085, 086, 087, 092, 095, 096, 099, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105

That is 15 issues missing...which in total, is more than 10% of the entire build.  Issues 099-105 were skipped since the last shipment.  That is seven issues!  Almost two full shipments.

Issues 106-109
Again, nothing I can really build because these parts assemble on top of parts we are missing.  Anyway, here is what you get in Issues 106-109:

Issue 106 - Rear Flux Boxes

Contents of Issue 106
Oh, more wires.  Maybe something lights up...who knows?

Issue 107 - Driver's Side Flux Bands

Contents of Issue 107
Looks like there are photoetched parts to create that 'holey' look of the flex bands.  I had photoetched parts on the Hot Wheels Elite Time Machine, and  as I recall, they were expensive to make.  So, on a positive note, Eaglemoss is spending money on photoetched parts.  Too bad they are no spending money on getting me the 15 missing parts.

Issue 108 - Passenger Side Flux Bands

Contents of Issue 108
Once you finish one side of flux bands, you get to do the other side of flux bands...that is, if you have all the parts.  Or, you can be like me and wait...and hope...for (usable) parts to come.

Issue 109 - Time Field Generator

Issue 109 contents
They call these hoses and cables "Time Field Generator".  I am not sure what they are talking about.  These are the cables and hoses that run from the top flux boxes to the rear deck. 

Apologies for another boring post with no real updates.  I know you are here to see the screw count. Unfortunately, one has to play with the cards that one is dealt, and I got nothing. 

to be continued...

01 February 2020


Since this year is a Leap Year, I wonder if I will get a call on Leap Day.

1 February 2020
  562-548-5014  California - First of the month...and on a Saturday.  Luckily, it seems like Call Protect is working again, and blocked the call.  At least we know that Call Protect is running again.  As for the telemarketer, you know the drill...fuck you!

5 February 2020
  310-272-9395  Beverly Hills, CA - I guess we area going back to the Beverly Hills number for this month. Boring. Fuck you!

10 February 2020
  310-849-9096  Beverly Hills, CA - Another spoofed number from a telemarketer/scammer.  Fuck you!

  701-989-7533  Bismarck, ND - This is interesting.  The call came through, yet also intercepted by Call Protect.

No matter, since I 'missed' the call.  Looks like it will be a week of calls.  Stay tuned, and fuck you!

11 February 2020
  408-469-2252  Sunnyvale, CA - Could be a wrong number, but I am leaning to another spoofed number from your friendly neighbourhood telemarketer.  Fuck you!

19 February 2020
  559-596-3909  Dinuba, CA -  Dinuba?  Fuck you!

21 February 2020
  720-613-1690  Hudson, CO - Another spoofed number, this time from the mile high city.  Same old game they keep playing.  Same old response from me...fuck you!

24 February 2020
  599-596-3909  Dinuba, CA - Wait, is this our first return caller of 2020? I highly doubt this is a legit call.  Fuck you!

  760-473-9367  Carlsbad, CA - Ah, I know Carlsbad. That is where LEGOLAND California is located.  Maybe I won free tickets.  Not!  Fuck you!

  916-338-9546  Arcade, CA - If you are keeping track, this is the third call in about three hours.  Hey, I wonder if they have an arcade in Arcade.  What would you call it?  Fuck you!

Who calls me?

26 February 2020
  599-596-3909  Dinuba, CA - Remember this number?  They finally left a message.

Marketing through the telephone...telemarketing, classic.

Oh, so you want to thank me for my years of loyalty?  With what?  A "choice of streaming service"?  So, I need to pay more?  How about this...maybe you can thank my loyalty by not raising the prices every few months. Maybe give me a discount.  When I can questioning the amount of my bill in regards to your service, maybe give me a fucking loyalty discount, instead of trying to up sell me on something that I should be getting as a loyal customer.  How about just not calling me.  Fuck you!

28 February 2020
  310-730-8037  Culver City, CA - Been a while, this is another one of those calls that is in Chinese. I have no idea what they are saying.  The phone's transcription is not able to dictate what was said.  Fuck you!

26 January 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 093, 094, 097, 098

So, I kinda made the "Screw Count" my thing.  Speaking of screws, it feels like we are getting screwed here.  While we have another shipment of parts, we also have more issues missing and it keeps us from moving forward with our build.

This also means I get to introduce an new 'segment' on this build series.  In addition to "Screw Count" at the end of every post, I will have a "Missing Issues" at the beginning.

Missing Issues:  076, 077, 085, 086, 087, 092, 095, 096  

A total of  eight issues, which Eaglemoss could easily make up in two shipments.  Let us get to the latest shipment.

Issues 093, 094, 097, 098
At first, it looks like only issues 095-096 are on back order.  Well, if you remember, we last left off at 091...so they skipped 092. 

Heads up, this post will have no build comments.  Just me bitching this poorly handled subscription service.  Feel free to read on or skip.

Issue 093 - Front Bumper

Contents of Issue 093
It was pretty cool to see the front bumper when I opened the box.  I was a little excited, but knew only disappointment awaits.  There is additional wiring for the headlights.

In our current situation, we can assemble these parts, but really, what is the point?  We are unable to merge this to the main body without the missing parts.

Issue 094 - Front Valance

Contents of Issue 094
While this can be assembled and merged with 093, why bother?  Next step would be to mount on to body...which is not finished because of missing parts.  I would just be left with another part sitting off to the side.  We already have an abundance of parts that are half assembled. Better to keep these in their protective packaging than to risk possible damage.

Issue 097 - Right Rocker Panel and Step Plate

Contents of Issue 097
With 077, 087 on back order, I was expecting 097 to suffer the same fate.  I thought this would be something I could assemble on what I have.  But, without the right front fender, fitting these pieces is another no go.

Issue 098 - Front Flux Boxes

Contents of Issue 098
Again, no right front fender means no place to mount these flux boxes.  Also, with 093 and 094 not joined to the main body, there is no way to mount the piping.  Of course, it would help to have the flux band brackets to mount the piping, but the Issue for those are on back order.

Well, there you have it, the latest shipment.  Not much to present.  Since I did not assemble anything, there is also no Screw Count as this time.  I could go on and on, but I think that is enough bitching for this post.  I will save it for the next shipment, as I am sure there will be Issues missing from that, as well.

to be continued...(hopefully)

06 January 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 088-091

Issues 088-091

Good news:  We have a shipment!  Remember I said the previous shipment might be the last of the year?  Well turns out that this came in whilst I was on holiday, so I did not get to it until the new year.

Bad news:  Still waiting on Issues 076 and 077

More bad news:  Also waiting on 085, 086 and 087.  So now, we are missing five issues.

Well, I guess we should get to what we can build...

Issue 088 - Seat Belts

Contents of Issues 088
This issue finishes up the interior around the doors, and has the seat belts.  While assembling and looking at the directions, I noticed some pieces missing on my build.  I figured these were included in 076 and 077, parts that should have been here months ago.  Anyway, we build on.

Issue 089 - Engine Cover

Contents of Issue 089
Other than the small QM screws, this is a very easy assembly.  All that is done is mounting the hinges on the heavy die-cast engine cover with tiny tiny screws. 

Issue 090 - Engine Cover Fittings

Contents of Issue 090
At this point, I realized that I was missing more than just Issues 076 and 077.  There is a lot of pieces  missing and assembly that is has yet to be done.  Now five issues behind, I am unable to complete some of the assembly

Issue 091 - Air Filter, More Wiring

Contents of Issue 091
With the five issues missing (I am just going to mention it every chance I get, thanks Eaglemoss), the only part I can move forward with is the air filter.

I still have remaining parts from 078 that have been sitting since November...but I should have received those parts in 2018.

This kinda messes up the screw count as some parts could not be assembled.  But, from the bags that were accessed, this is the latest screw count:

72-AP, 20-BP, 2-CP, 22-AM, 12-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 27-DM, 3-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 19-FP, 2-JM, 5-HP, 2-GP, 11-NM, 1-MM, 4-KM, 1-LM, 3-IP, 1-OM, 1-PM, 4-JP, 2-KP, 3-QM, 1-LP, 4-MP

to be continued...

04 January 2020


I started logging every received telemarketing call in late 2010.  So, I have been doing this shit for almost ten years, and I know this will never stop.

Through the decade, we have tried answering the calls and kindly asking them to stop calling. Attempts of reporting numbers to the Do Not Call Registry with, surprise, no results. In the last couple of years, we have technology to 'help' us, such as apps like Call Protect.  While it works on occasion, unwanted calls still slip through.  Additional technology like "Silence Unknown Numbers" do work.  As mentioned, this setting prevents the calls from coming in, but you get a notice of a missed call.  At least it does not disrupt your moment, and you only really know of the call when you happen to check your phone hours later.

Nothing has stopped or slowed down the telemarketers.  Those fuckers are always a step ahead, with sneaky tactics such as spoofing.

While I enjoy writing snarky statements with each call, it is hard to come up with exciting and engaging statements for...well, really no one but myself. Maybe it is time to retire this series.

4 January 2020
  855-454-7088  Unknown - First of the year, first of the decade...and on a fucking Saturday.  Other  numbers with different suffixes are linked to telemarketing scams.  So, it is safe to assume that this is also a Nazi terrorist telemarketer.  Fuck you!

7 January 2020
  855-454-7048  Unknown -  Oh, I see.  We are just gonna have to sit through all the 855-454-70XX numbers.  Fuck you!

8 January 2020
  818-309-2710  Unknown - This came up as 'unknown', but I am pretty sure the 818 area code is Los Angeles.  Search results rate this number as a 'negative' call.  So, fuck you!

9 January 2020
  855-448-1348  Unknown -  I guess this is the month that we get calls from the 855 area code, Virginia.  That is all we "know" of the "unknown".  Fuck you!

10 January 2020
   855-454-7086  Unknown - So far, the theory of using up these all these numbers is holding water.  Fuck you!

13 January 2020
  855-454-0920  Unknown - Okay.  Seems like 2020 is looking to be the year of Virginia based calls.  Keeping it consistent, good New Year's resolution. Fuck you!

23 January 2020
  855-448-2317  Unknown - Could this be, a ten day gap between calls?  This is one of the longest call droughts in recent memory, other than me turning off the phone whilst on holiday.  Ten day gap pretty much guarantees  a shit load if calls coming my way.  As you can see, the Virginia numbers are still being used this month. Fuck you!

24 January 2020
  855-454-0915  Unknown - Fucking Virginia.  Fuck you!

27 January 2020
   267-435-9464  Flourtown, PA - Flourtown?  Not Virginia?  Obviously, I searched for the number, and the first result to come up was obviously...wait for it..."Robokiller Lookup".  Well, the robot left a voicemail.  Not that I listened to it, I just skim through the transcript.  Here is the voicemail they left:

So, they call from one number, but want me to call back to a different number.  This number, 949-668-7772 is in the Costa Mesa, CA area.  That is on the other side of the country!  First result of a search..."Student Loan Scam".  Ha, jokes is on you if you think that 1. I have an education.  2. That education is/was worth paying for.  Fuck you!

29 January 2020
  562-226-7389  Norwalk, CA - Looks like they are spoofing numbers again.  Done with Virginia, moving to California.  Fuck you!

  530-623-5909  Weaverville, CA -  Weaverville totally sounds like a made-up Dr Seuss town. 

A call from Weaverville,
I wonder who.
Does not matter if spoofed or not
So, fuck you!

  650-362-6493  Redwood City, CA - Whoa! Three calls in a day from three different parts of California.  No wonder people hate Californians.  Fuck you!