31 December 2018

Fitbit Memory Storage

I think I mentioned way back that I have a Fitbit Alta HR.  I have been using this fitness tracker for almost two years.  The wife also sports a Charge 3...and both of us really need to be more athletic.

Recently, we were on holiday for nearly a month.  The problem with going to foreign lands is getting internet service...for free.  I am kinda cheap.  Sure, one can pay for roaming charges or acquire a SIM card for phone.  But, these things cost money and sometimes a vacation from social media is just as important as vacation from work.

Where am I going with this? You need access to the internet to sync your Fitbit fitness tracker.  Like most people I just sync with the app on my phone. Again, no internet on phone means no syncing.

The last time I synced my Fitbit was on 1 December, before leaving on this trip.  I should also mention that our destination was Southeast Asia, a 16 hour difference.  Another reason not to sync was time zone issues.  Would I loose/gain more hours in a the days I am flying?  How can I hit my step goals if I only had 8 hours?

Anyway...we just wore our trackers for over three weeks without syncing.  We charged every week like normal.  When we got back to our time zone and had internet service, on 28 December, we synced and all the data for the past four weeks was there.  Four weeks of data was not lost.  This is awesome since we did a lot of walking and set personal bests during our trip.

Fun fact.  I got sick during the trip. Noticed that my resting heart rate was 50% higher than normal while my body was fighting off whatever virus I had. Once I was feeling better, my heart rate went back to normal.

I am amazed that these wrist mounted devices can hold so much memory.  Next time, we should plan a longer trip. 

05 December 2018


A little disappointed that we are five days into the new month and five days since the last call.  What gives?

5 December 2018
  816-897-6519 Kansas City, MO - Wait, there is a Kansas City in Kansas and Missouri?  What, they are the same city?  Who makes a city border two states?  This is madness.  I wonder (too lazy to Google) if other cities straddle state, province, country line.  Where was I?  Oh, telemarketers...fuck you!

  513-715-8780  Harrison, OH - This is good.  I like it when they use random numbers from random locations.  It keeps me on my toes like a graceful ballerina.  But, as usual, if I see numbers and not a name associated in the Caller ID, that shit gets ignored, like a chubby ballerina.

Oh, they left a "message":

I love how the phone transcribes the message.  That was it.  It pays to have a long outgoing message so the robocallers are unable to start or finish their propaganda.  Fuck you!

7 December 2018
  613-593-4396  Greenport, NY - What, no more spoofed numbers?  Did your spoofing contact run out at the end of the year?  Did not pay your bills. Ah, fuck you!

  310-849-2210  Beverly Hills, CA - Nevermind. I guess you are going back to spoofing numbers. Awesome!  This makes it way easier for me to ignore. Thanks, and...fuck you!

02 November 2018


Can you believe it is already November?  I actually hate when people say that.  It basically means that they have no concept of time and have little responsibilities.

Of course I know it is November.  I have stuff due on certain dates, Halloween just happened, and it is time for another month long blog about telemarketer calls.

1 November 2018
  305-995-0099  Florida - I like this number, so does Call Protect.  Call Protect even marked this as "Potential Fraud".  Fuck you!

  305-995-0099  Florida - Call Protect blocked two calls from this number.  It is a 'catchy' number.  A number you can give someone and they should be able to remember it. "Three-Oh-Five, Nine-Nine-Five, Oh-Oh, Nine-Nine".  How about "Double-Oh, Double-Nine"?  How about, fuck you!

2 November 2018
  818-309-1766  Los Angeles, CA - Kudos to the phone for tagging this as "Suspected Spam".  Saved be the trouble of even caring.  Fuck you!

5 November 2018
  302-232-9640  Bridgeville, DE - A few rings and self disconnected.  Good, saves me the trouble.  Fuck you!

9 November 2018
  310-849-7471  Beverly Hills, CA - Who the fuck is this?  Oh, of course...another call from fucking Beverly Hills, another fucking spoofed number (no doubt).  Fuck you! 

10 November 2018
  310-849-5308  Beverly Hills, CA - Good old Saturday morning call.  Same comment as above.  Fuck you!
15 November 2018
 310-849-9292  Beverly Hills, CA - Slacking of a bit, I see.  Been a few days.  Fuck you!

16 November 2018
  310-849-4476  Beverly Hills, CA - Usually when I bring up the fact that it has been a few days since I have received a telemarketer call.  They call the next day.  I wonder if they will call tomorrow as well...it is a Saturday.  Fuck you!

17 November 2018
  213-807-1916  Los Angeles, CA - Surprise!  Just like I predicted, a call on a Saturday. After not getting any calls for four days, this makes getting a call three days in a row...and on a Saturday.  Hey fuck nut, why not make it four in a row.  Call me tomorrow, bitch!  Fuck you! 

18 November 2018
  478-419-8001  Swainsboro, GA - Guys, you failed to call me on Sunday.  Now, we have to start from zero.  Lucky me, the phone branded your bullshit call as Suspected Spam


I like that is says "missed call".  As if I 'missed' the call.  Oh on, we all know calls get ignored...especially ones marked Suspected Spam.  Fuck you!

  251-239-3024 - Bay Minette, AL - Call Protect, bitch!

Bay Minette sounds like a nice place.  Too bad, fuck you!

20 November 2018
  310-849-5607  Beverly Hills, CA - Right on queue.  I may be jinxing this, but I wonder if they will call on Thanksgiving Day.  I doubt telemarketers have family or friends to hang out with.  So, yeah.  Spend the day working and harassing people.  Stay miserable, and fuck you!

  251-239-3024 - Bay Minette, AL - Wait same number as yesterday.  Intercepted by Call Protect, like yesterday.  Just like yesterday...fuck you!

21 November 2018
  559-418-6320  Huron, CA - I am pretty excited that this makes it three days in a row with a telemarketer call.  But I am more excited about this - check this out:

AT&T Alert:  Telemarketer
Look how beautiful that is.  You know what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving?  This.  This is a new weapon in the fight against telemarketing.  Kudos to you, AT&T!

I am so excited that I almost forgot something...fuck you!

24 November 2018
  972-556-3547  Dallas TX - Aw, you missed a few days.  Do robots have Thanksgiving and shop on Black Friday?  I wonder what they were doing these past two days...not really.

What a bunch of douches.  A 09:15 call on a Saturday morning.  I am loving this new AT&T Alert.  I wonder if this is were callas are originating from before they are spoofed from Beverly Hills numbers.  Meh, whatever.  Fuck you!

29 November 2018
  310-849-8024  Beverly Hills, CA - Another spoofed number from those telemarketers.  Fuck you!

30 November 2018
  310-849-4670  Beverly Hills, CA - End of the week, end of the month.  One more harassment call before the end of the month.  Until next month, fuck you!

27 October 2018

Ending Daylight Savings Time

It is that time again.  Yep, time for me to bitch about Daylight Savings Time.  If you are in the UK and (I would guess) most of Europe, you need to "fall back" tonight.

But, if you are in North America (or other places) this stupid ritual does not take into effect until next week.  Good luck to all those international business meetings on Monday.  Better luck to drivers on the road.

It is time to end this practice.  There are two options:

  1. Leave the time at Standard Time.  Uh...because that should be the STANDARD
  2. My crazy idea that I have said this for decades:  just set the time (in all time zones) a half and hour off and leave it.  We do it once, and that is it.

I will give you a year on Option 2.  All we have to do is lose thirty minutes on 31 December 2019.  Some time before the clocks strike midnight, say at 23:00, we set the clocks ahead to 23:30...making New Years Day 1 January 2020 at 00:00 (wherever you are in the world) the new time.  From then on, we leave time alone.  Remember Y2K?  Well, this is Y2K2X!

21 October 2018

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Manual Transmission

Yeah, it has been a while.  This is the first update since July, that is four months.  Still nothing, no new shipment.  But, we have an updated and correct transmission.

Issues 016 and 023
Eaglemoss has supplied subscribers a manual transmission.  These are updated Issues 016 and 023.

Contents of Issue 016
The manual transmission, like the automatic transmission, is a simple build.

Contents of Issue 023
If you are further along like I am, you will only need the transmission mounts in this issue.  The tedious part is to remove the already mounted auto transmission.  Here is how I did it in a hundred easy steps (apologies for the blurry photos):

Remove plate
Remove the triangular plate buy removing the three screws.  Set the plate aside

Pro tip:  Screw the screws back in the screw bosses so you do not lose the tiny screws.

Remove engine mounts
Remove the three main screws holding the engine and transmission assembly.  Note that these first few steps can do not need to be in this order.

Remove hoses
The hoses need to be removed.  If you remember, these are just just held in by a mortise and tenon like joints.

Hidden screws under gasket
The two drive shafts (probably not what they are called) need to be removed.  Slide the gasket over and remove the screws.  They should pop right out.  At this point, you should almost be able to remove the engine assembly.

Remove one lower flux box mount
The lower flux box mounts make the engine assembly too wide to fit through the frame.  So, one lower flux box mount needs to be removed.  Now you are ready to ease the assembly out of the frame.

Now that you have freed the engine and transmission assembly from the frame, you will need to remove the transmission.

Remove distributor assembly
First remove the four screws holding the distributor assembly.  Carefully undo the wires from the block and set the six-legged spider aside.

Unhook the the belts
No need to remove the belts, just unhook them.

Remove top of engine
There are two screws way deep in the valley of death that need to be removed.

Remove these screws
Once the top of the engine is removed, remove the two screws holding the transmission assembly.

Remove pipe
The pipe that goes across the transmission needs to be removed before the assembly can be removed.  There are two screws holding down this pipe.

More screws to unscrew
Remove the three screws holding the plate to the transmission.  Also, it is necessary to remove that black plastic piece.

Last two screws
Take out these last screws and you will have successfully removed the transmission.  That was not that hard, was it?

Here is what the manual transmission looks like versus the automatic transmission

Manual on left, auto on right
Now, the fun part...putting it all back together with the correct transmission.

Finished transmission swap
Once your engine and new transmission is reassembled, it should look like image above.  Yay!

No screw count on this update, since this is a technically a replacement part. 

Now, I just wait until I get new issues from Eaglemoss.  We are approaching November, which would make it five months since my last shipment of parts.  Five months at four issues each...that makes them twenty issues behind.  

If you are wondering...Did I just happen to post this on Back to the Future Day?  Yes.  Yes, I did. NERD!

...to be continued.

01 October 2018


New month.  Heading into Fall.  For some of you business minded folks, start of the important fourth quarter.

1 October 2018
  310-849-9714  Beverly Hills, CA - Starting off the new month on a Monday means getting a call on the first business day of the week/month.  Well, fuck you!

  310-366-4627  Gardena, CA - This call was marked as "Suspected Spam" by the phone.  Looks like it is going to be one of those days.  Fuck you!

  310-366-4627  Gardena, CA - Second call of the day from same number.  First the phone tags this number.  Now, on the second call, Call Protect intercepts this and tags it as "Potential Fraud". See image below.  Again, fuck you

  323-686-9376  Los Angeles, CA - Wow, four calls in a day.  These guys make more calls to me, in about six hours, than I make in six months.  Fuck you!

Calls from a bunch of assholes
3 October 2018
   323-686-9376  Los Angeles, CA - Surprised I did not get any calls yesterday.  You can always count on these fuckers to call back the next day.  So here we are.  Fuck you!

9 October 2018
  323-686-9377  Los Angeles, CA - You know how Homeland Security gets a little antsy when there is no terrorist activity for a while.  I kinda feel the same when there are no calls from telemarketers for a while.  Something must be up.  Are they planning their attack?  Oh, I just noticed that it is one number up from the last call.  Fuck you!

12 October 2018
  310-849-1552  Beverly Hills, CA - It is 8:23 in the morning.  I am in the middle of actually working and this fucker calls.  That means I have to drop everything to write this shit.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9291  Beverly Hills, CA - They keep calling, I keep ignoring.  Is there a way to block an entire prefix?  Fuck you!

15 October 2018
  310-849-7697  Beverly Hills, CA - Who dis?  Fuck you!

19 October 2018
  650-437-9871  San Mateo, CA - Lori is a CUNT!  Another fucking Door Dash text.  Fuck these guys and their business model.

Lori is a cunt
I hope Lori gets food poisoning...but from something else, since this is not Chipotle's fault.  Like Chipotle needs another food poisoning scandal.  And, I hope Door Dash stock drops to rock bottom.  Fuck you!

Update:  I contacted Door Dash via Twitter, and looks like the issue is being resolved.  Almost three years later...seriously, the first Door Dash text was received in February of 2016.  I have tried to contact via their website with no results.  Luckily, I found social media links and contacted them. We will see if this is the last of texts from Door Dash. Not holding my breath. 

25 October 2018
  800-513-8282 - Ooh, fancy.  An 800 number.  Someone is stepping up.  Too bad your shit was pre-tagged with "Suspected Spam".

The early morning call is a nice touch.  Fuck you!

26 October 2018
  310-160-2155  United States -  Getting a little creative with the numbers.  Who has ever heard of a 160 prefix.  Not that is matters, this was pre-tagged as Suspected Spam.  Ha, nice try.  Fuck you!

Oh, we have an update.  They left a voicemail...yep, you guessed it. Some robo Chinese message.  Again, I say, fuck you!

30 October 2018
  310-849-9255  Beverly Hills, CA - Who the fuck is this?  Another spoofed number from another terrorist telemarketer.  Fuck you!

04 September 2018

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2018

We saw some interesting calls from 'unique' numbers last month.  The trend continues this month.

4 September 2018
  No Caller ID - A  'non-listed' number.  This is interesting as there was a message left.  The ID for the message was "Unknown".  And, as with messages left last month, this was in a foreign language, and not something I recognize.  Where the other message were clearly in Chinese, this was a Middle Eastern sounding language.  While it does not sound like they are trying to sell my anything, it could be another IRS call.  Whatever...fuck you!

5 September 2018
  310-849-4910  Beverly Hills, CA - Ah, here we go.  A familiar area code and prefix.  Kinda nice to have a recognizable number calling you, especially if you know it is a telemarketer. Fuck you!

6 September 2018
  310-647-7635 El Segundo, CA - Nice. Different number, and location. Still, I suspect this is another attempt at spoofing a number.  Good try, fuck you!

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - This is fun.  Not one...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not two...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not three...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not four...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not five...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not six...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not seven...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not eight...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA - Not nine...

  818-629-2373 Burbank, CA -  Ten.  Ten attempts

 All ten calls intercepted by Call Protect.  Check out the screen shot.  Despite having a pretty big screen, not all the notifications fit on one screen.  Thanks for playing, robocaller...and fuck you!

11 September 2018
  310-849-2892  Beverly Hills, CA - Off all days, for a terrorist...uh, telemarketer to call.  Fuck you!

  800-385-7221  Unknown - No initial results on first search. But, they left a message. Yep, another on of those Chinese messages, I have no idea what they are saying.  Fuck you!

12 September 2018
  310-849-9482  Beverly Hills, CA - There seems to be no end to spoofed number from this area code and prefix.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9506  Beverly Hills, CA - One...

  310-849-9506  Beverly Hills, CA - ...two.  Wow, at the same time the first call of the day came in, Call Protect blocked these two calls from going through.  It is early in the morning, not even 0830, three calls.  This might be a fun day.  Fuck you!

  213-803-5476  Los Angeles, CA - Could be a wrong number, could be a telemarketer.  Pretty sure it is the latter. Fuck you!

14 September 2018
  310-849-5367  Beverly Hills, CA - I wish I would have tracked all the numbers from this area code and prefix.  That way, I would know what numbers are left...like a telemarketers bingo.  My guess is about 20-30 numbers were used so far.  Maybe on a slow day, I will document all the numbers.  Until then, fuck you!

  410-100-001 - Not at typo.  Here, look:


Yep, another random text.  Clearly this is from a bot of some sort, otherwise they would have a name and not some long ass serial number.  Hey, maybe I should clock on that link.  NOT!  Fuck you!

17 September 2018
  310-849-4772  Beverly Hills, CA - Nice early morning call, coming in at 8:19.  Who calls anyone that early?  Fuck you!

24 September 2018
  818-288-3070  Burbank, CA -  This is a strange random text.

What is this?  No actual text.  Looks like it could be an image, but no actual image. Leaning towards spoofed number from another bot.  Who the fuck is Cindy Jean Roberts.  Fuck you!

25 September 2018
  510-297-7005  Oakland, CA - Love it when the phone and/or carrier tags calls as Suspected Spam.

...and, fuck you!

26 September 2018
  213-807-8016  Los Angeles, CA - First call...

  213-807-8016  Los Angeles, CA - Second call.  Two calls in less than a minute.

From a quick search:  Left voice mail in Chinese, sounds prerecorded then hung up.

I did not get the message, but I imagine that it is the same as the others I have received...and who the hell is Peishu Wang?  Fuck you!

27 September 2018
  310-849-6226  Beverly Hills, CA - One more to block. Fuck you!

  310-849-7603  Beverly Hills, CA - The phone is still ringing as I am typing this.  Oh wait, it just stopped.  Fuck you!

  310-849-1805  Beverly Hills, CA - So soon after the last call.  Fuck you!

02 August 2018


Summer is heating up but that does not slow down those telemarketers.  Oh how I hope these guys are working in a non air conditioned facility.  Even better if computers making robocalls are suffering in this heat.

2 August 2018
  310-849-1961  Beverly Hills, CA - Every time I see 1961, it reminds me of Mad Magazine issue #61, from March of 1961, the upside-down issue.  "The first upside-down year since 1881.  The last upside-down year until 6009".

Mad Magazine issue #61
That is about the only good thing about this call.  Telemarketers...fuck you!

  310-849-3019  Beverly Hills, CA - Making up for yesterday, I guess.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9376  Beverly Hills, CA - What, three calls in a day?  Well, fuck you...fuck you...fuck you!

4 August 2018
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - We all recognize this number.  Ah, but so does Call Protect.  That is why your ass was blocked, bitch.  Fuck you!

9 August 2018
  310-849-7714  Beverly Hills, CA - Still spoofing numbers.  At least they are switching up the last four digits.  Fuck you!

13 August 2018
  310-849-5339  Beverly Hills, CA - I wonder if there is a way to block all numbers with the same area code and prefix.  There are only 10,000 possible numbers...how many do you think they will go through until the move on to the next set of numbers?  Fuck you!

   310-849-8553  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh look, here is another number we can block.  Fuck you!

14 August 2018
   310-849-3667  Beverly Hills, CA - Looks like it is going to be one of those weeks.  Fuck you!

15 August 2018
   714-782-0572  Anaheim, CA - Pretty cool when the phone marks these calls as "telemarketer".  I usually have my phone on silent and occasionally, I do not feel the vibration of my phone (depending on how tight my pants are).  I do, however, have the phone linked via Bluetooth to my Fitbit.  When ever I get a call or text, it lets me know whom it is from.  It is times like this when you look at your wrist and see the words "telemarketer" and just think...Fuck you!

  650-437-9752  San Mateo, CA - Lori is a fucking cunt!  I am not Lori and I am no where near San Mateo.  I am actually near Chicago.

Lori is a cunt
Looks like fucking Door Dash and Lori the cunt is at it again.  I thought I was rid of this shit.  Number was immediately blocked so I would not get these text updates.  Fuck you!

23 August 2018
  407-915-9373  Sanford, FL - Random telemarketer text at 12:32AM. 

Check out the time, I was half an hour after midnight when this came in.  There is a setting that I use so text and calls like this 'do not disturb' me at night.  We all know that feeding after midnight leads to horrible things.  What the hell is SkyWage anyway?  Talk about shitty target marketing, I do not even like football.  Fuck you!

  310-841-7051  Culver City, CA - Hmm, a little switch in numbers.  Culver City is pretty close to Beverly Hills. Could be a legit number, but no message was left.  So, the only conclusion (pure science) is this number was spoofed by a telemarketing company.  Fuck you!

26 August 2018
  310-872-5801  California - Oh sneaky, a call on a Sunday.  Luckily, Call Protect blocked the call for me.

 Last few days of the month and I guess they need to meet quota by calling in on a Sunday.  Fuck you!

29 August 2018
  213-807-3668  Los Angeles, CA - Well, the robot left a message.  But, the message was in Chinese. How the fuck am I supposed to understand that shit?  I bet if translated, the message has something to so with the IRS and authorities being at my residence. Fuck you!

30 August 2018
  213-807-6068  Los Angeles, CA - Ah ha!  It seems that the 213-807 area code and prefix has taken over the telemarketing calls, at least for now.  Another message, in Chinese, was left.  It might be the same message, I have no idea.  They all sound the same.  Until tomorrow, fuck you!

  800-741-9413  Oh, another Chinese message.  I purposely have a long outgoing message for these bots.  They start their recorded propaganda well before my outgoing message is even done. I only catch the very last part of their scam.  Fuck you!

  310-827-5801  California - Okay, three things.

  1.  Third call of the day
  2.  Return caller (see above, 26 August 2018)
  3.  Blocked by Call Protect.
Oh, one more thing.  Fuck you!

13 July 2018

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 047-050

Issues 047-050

Oh boy, this shipment of parts will test one's patience.  So far, these four issues have taken the longest time to assemble.  Let us get to it.

Issue 047 - Steering Column

Contents of  Issue 047
The steering column will build onto the dash assembly from the last shipment.  This issue is pretty straight forward. I noticed a misprint in the instructions where they shows AP screws to secure the steering column covers. As no AP screws are included with this one, you are supposed to use the BP screws.

The steering wheel and steering column are die-cast.  I think the steering wheel should have a little thicker grip, maybe smaller diameter.  But, great attention to detail on the indicator and wiper levers, they are movable.

Issue 048 - Dash Wiring

Contents of Issue 048
Look at all those wires!  These are not injection molded wires, these are real wires.  This is where you will need to be very patient and have a steady hand.  

Pro tip:  I highly recommend a good set of tweezers, good lighting, and no caffeine.  Since some of the wires look the same, it is a good idea to double check the part with the parts list and part number at the front of magazine.

Work in progress
This is about half way through the issue.  Those nine little wires need to be individually threaded through the bracket before mounting to the glove compartment door.

Finished assembly up to Issue 048
It took about an hour, maybe more, to complete the wiring fest of Issue 048.  Tiny wires need to be plugged into tiny holes.  A good pair of tweezers is your friend. I have not cut my zip ties since the wires themselves have not been secured down.

Excerpt from Issue 047
Normally, in the magazines, you have about 4 pages of build instruction and another 4-6 pages of behind the scenes production notes and articles.  Well, this issue used almost the entire magazine as build instruction with only one page of production notes.  On to the next wire-a-thon.

Issue 049 - Seat Belt and Center Console Wiring

Contents of Issue 049
Oh look, more wires.  Luckily, this one is not as difficult and patient testing as Issue 048.  Simple routing of the wires, locking in the wires (from this and previous issue) with brackets, and zip tying.

We get a new screw!  The IP screw is introduced in this Issue.

Issue 050 - Driver's Seat

Contents of  Issue 050
Uh, the seats are die cast metal?  Yes, the core structure is die cast with a vinyl like cover to simulate the leather.  There are even foam cushion piece in between the metal and vinyl to give it that plushy feel.

The seat it mounted to the interior floor.  Note the slots on the floor.  Yes!  The seats are adjustable...and you can slightly adjust the recline of the seat.  You get about as much movement as your standard airline seat.

Assembled parts up to Issue 050
Again, look at all those wires!  The two cable ties on the passenger side will be tightened and trimmed once the passenger seat is installed in next issue.

Front part of interior almost complete

I can only imagine the fun times Joe Walser and the Time Machine Restoration Team had when they had lay down the wires and cables in full size.

Not a lot of screws in this shipment.  They more than made up for that in wires.  There are more wires in this shipment than your average Yeun Woo Ping movie.

Here is the screw count so far:

46-AP, 12-BP, 2-CP, 12-AM, 11-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 17-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 13-FP, 2-JM, 2-HP, 2-GP, 3-NM, 1-MM, 3-KM, 1-LM, 1-IP

to be continued...

09 July 2018

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines

Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines
I got this from my Eaglemoss subscription.  This is a collection of Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines, a collection of series of comic books that came out about two years ago.  The series is written by Back to the Future creator Bob Gale.

Note that this was not "bonus" issue.  I have seen a few 'complaints' about this on various forums and social media groups.  Apparently, you had a chance to opt out of receiving a copy of this, but I guess I missed that email.  You will be charged $24.95 for this graphic novel.  Good thing I did not have this yet.  Also note that that this is a special Eaglemoss Edition of the readily available graphic novel from IDW Publishing.

02 July 2018


Oh snap!  We are half way through the year and well in to the Summer season.

2 July 2018
  607-542-3928  Corning, NY - Normally, I would be talking shit about a town named 'Corning".  I mean, there are many ways I can go with this.  But...I know that The Corning Museum of Glass is there, and that is an awesome place.  Not that I have been there, but I have seen many demonstrations, via video and live, of their work in glass.  Someday, I would like to visit the museum.  Oh, where was I?  Yes...telemarketers, fuck you!

Update:  I noticed I had a voicemail, three days after this call.  The phone transcribed the message, obviously from the middle of their generic recording.  I purposely have a long intro for this situation.

"serious allegations"
Dude, "four serious allegations pressed on my name".  What you mean by 'pressed'?  Like embossed?  At least they say thank you...Fuck you!

5 July 2018
  310-849-2682  Beverly Hills, CA - Good to know that telemarketers and robots get Independence Day off.  America, what a country.  But, right after the fireworks, these fuck nuggets are right back at it.  Fuck you!

Only unlisted numbers call me
  310-849-8148  Beverly Hills, CA - Ah, see?  Telemarketers and robots are just like us.  They get National Holidays off, but have a shitload to catch up on the next day.  So, I get a second call...as always, do not pick up unlisted numbers. And, as always, fuck you!

7 July 2018
  251-239-3024  Alabama - Sweet, Call Protect intercepted this one and labeled it as "Potential Fraud" and auto-blocked the number.   

 Also, "Threat:  Severe" and 129 reports logged.  Fuck you!

9 July 2018
  310-849-3772  Beverly Hills, CA - Here I am, looking through photos on my phone.  All of the sudden, I get interrupted by an incoming call.  These fucking telemarketers.  Argh!  Fuck you!

10 July 2018
  310-843-5578  Beverly Hills, CA - Slightly different prefix, but same city...and same old shitfaced telemarketers.  Fuck you!

16 July 2018
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - Wait has it almost been a week since my last call?  Holy shit, you guys are slackers.  Watch, I will receive calls all week.  Anyway, we all know this number by now.  Heck, even Call Protect knows as it was intercepted by that fine app. Call Protect, thank you.  Telemarketer, fuck you!

  251-239-3024  Alabama - Two calls blocked by Call Protect.  Notice the call from earlier this month, also from Alabama.  I wonder if the telemarketer headquarters is in Alabama and they just forgot to spoof their number on this one.  Stupid idiots, fuck you!

24 July 2018
  310-849-2505  Beverly Hills, CA - Another week long break.  What, were you guys at Comic Con or something?  Fuck you!

  323-723-3174  Los Angeles, CA - I love it when the phone tag these calls.  Fuck you!

25 July 2018
  304-553-0136  Charleston, WV - Who dis?

Ah, 'suspected spam'.  Fuck you!