21 January 2018

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 019-023 (sans 020)

Issues 019, 021, 022, and 023
Notice the gap in the photo?  Issue 020 is missing.  Apparently, there is a shortage of Issue 020 at the distribution center.  So, they skipped it and shipping Issue 023, that way we have our four issues this month.  This has happened to many subscribers who were waiting for 019-022.

I still find it kinda weird.  Why make, say, 1000 copies of Issues 1-50, but only, say 500 issues of 20?  Would it not make sense to make 1000 of each?  Anyway, looks like Issue will...should...be shipped with the next shipments, along with the next three in the series.  Let us get to the build.

Issue 019 - Engine Top, Water Pump

Issue 019 contents
Tiny parts, tiny screws.  Straight forward build, with no real problems. On a real DeLorean, this is a problem area, and has been called affectionately "the valley of death".  We get our first hose piece, a small tube about 1mm wide.  Luck for you, they included tweezers...which is pretty much useless. 

Needless to say, these are not professional tweezers.  They will work...in a pinch (ha).

Issue 021 contents
Issue 021 - Cylinder Head Covers and A/C Compressor

Good news.  You do not need Issue 020 to assemble 021.  You will have to wait until you receive 020 to complete the assembly at the end of this issue.

Issue 022 contents
Issue 022 - More Engine Parts

Bad news.  You kinda need 020 to assemble 022.  While you can pre-assemble some parts from this issue, most of the parts mount directly on to areas that would be included in Issue 020. 

I elected not to start assembly of this issue. 

Issue 023 contents
Issue 023 - Even More Engine Parts

These few issues have been relatively fast builds. Again, no parts that need special attention.  The parts from this issue can be assembled directly onto your engine from previous builds (up to Issue 018) or last shipment.  Issue 020 is not needed to complete this issue.

Finished engine up to Issue 023, without 020 and 022 should look like this

Update engine assembly
Well, this is not the first time I had to wait for DeLorean engine parts to arrive from a distributor.  While my car was getting its engine replaced, the shop needed to wait for parts. 

Now for the screw count, after 23 issues.  Note that I did not include the screws from Issue 021 that mount the top of the engine to the main block.  Also, screws from Issue 022 were not used, therefore were no 'extra' screws.

24-AP, 7-BP, 2-CP, 8-AM, 6-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 8-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 1-EP, 2-FP, 1-JM

to be continued...

06 January 2018

Painting DeLorean Louvres

Five years ago, I repainted the 'fake vents' on the DeLorean.  I had to look that up, did not realise it had been half a decade since I did this.  Well, it was time to do the same with the louvres.

Grey louvres and swirl mark
One day, I noticed that there was a blemish on one of the louvre panels.  I am not sure if I did this. Looking at the image above, if you can image, it looked like someone (possibly me) used something abrasive to clean what was resting on the panel.  There are swirl marks.  Something must have really been stuck on there to use an abrasive to remove the foreign substance.

Also, you can see that my louvres were fading and getting that old UV-ed grey look.  Similar to the side vents from a few years ago.

Oh, I should mention that there is a correct way of repainting your louvres, which involves removing them from the car, getting the correct paint, and properly spraying the paint in a paint booth with a spray gun.

But, this is me we are talking about. I am only concerned with the exposed surfaces.  I will be using SEM Trim Black...from a can.  And, I will be spraying it in my garage...of course, with the door open (most of the time).

Taping and masking
First step is to tape the areas not to be painted.  I installed a third brake lights, or CHiMSaL (Center High Mounted Safety Light), just under the top panel, a while back, those need to be masked off.  The hardware for the lid also needs to be free of paint.  You can see the green tape used to mask off those areas.  In addition, I covered the back half of the car in case of overspray.

Since I am only repainting the 'outside' surfaces and not removing the louvres, I needed to mask off the underside of it.  Basically, providing a backing for in between the panels.  You can see the brown paper through the 'holes'.  There is also backing on the bottom panel, under the vents.

The taping and masking process took over an hour.

First pass
This is a big area to rattle can, which means multiple coats are required.  One of the issues I had while spraying was the occasional spatter from the nozzle.  Sometimes, there are spots that are splotchy.  Multiple coats help blend these blemishes.

Multiple passes
I spent a lot of time chasing these blemishes.  Luckily, I am going for the textured look as that was what the original finish was.  If I wanted the gloss look, a spray can is not the way to go.  After multiple coats and two cans of paint, I was at a place where I was happy.  Well...more like I was at a place where it was good enough and I did not want to spray anymore.

Freshly painted louvres
The best part and easiest past was removing the tape and masking.  Although it did take about 15-20 minutes to get all the little pieces of tape, and gathering up all the paper.  Total job can be done in a weekend.  But you know me...this took me about a week since I had to get another can of paint to touch up the splotchy areas.  At the end, it looks much better...like a new 36 year old car.  I am happy with the results.

02 January 2018


Well, Happy fucking New Year.  I thought about 'retiring' from doing this series.  But, I just keep getting calls and text from these cock licks.  It also keeps me writing and thinking of (hopefully) new was to insult telemarketers.  So, I guess this is continue for now.  Feel free to share your thoughts on this.

2 January 2018
  339-970-5608  Lexington, MA - Here we go with another text message scam.  Text came in at 8:08AM, bright and early, great way to start off the day.  Assholes!

Looks legit
I did not know shitty 'graphic design' can be translated into text.  I mean, look at this shit.  I am no graphic designer per se, but let me break it down

- Fonts are all over the place.  Look at the "T" in Today, why is it the same height as the "o"?  Those circled letters for Adidas and Yeezy are just a fucking eyesore.  Why is there no circle around the "O" in Outlets?
- Random icons.  Stars?  Come on, is this some eight year old girl's diary?  What is up with the crown?  We are not talking Rolex here, or any kind of head wear.  Was there not a shoe icon that could have been used.  Oh, the pointy fingers.  What year is this?  Ye olde Yeezy?
- Total lack of consistency and flow.  It looks like a shitty ransome note.  How are you supposed to communicate your company with this shitty presentation?  Fail!

Fuck you!

3 January 2018
  310-238-2491  Santa Monica, CA - Another spoofed number.  Could be legit, as nothing came up on initial search, but no message was left.  But, I have no business in Santa Monica.  If I did, I would probably have a parking ticket on my car already.  Fuck you!

12 January 2018
   323-315-0403 "Debt Collector" Los Angeles, CA - This is new.  The Caller ID showed "Debt Collector".  I shit you not, check this out:

"Debt Collector"

Let us ignore the fact that I pretty much owe no debt.

Who the fuck enters the name "Debt Collector" as a contact on their phone. If I gave my number to someone I owed money to, it would be under that person's name, like Bill Payee, or something.  I mean, using "Debt Collector" as a contact name is like having "booty call" as a contact name and hoping to hide the phone from my wife/girlfriend every time I get a call from booty call.

So, we have these fucking telemarketers that are not only spoofing numbers, they are somehow spoofing the Caller ID to show "Debt Collector".  Why not make it something less 'threatening', like a generic name that I could have on my contact lust.  Again, something like Bill Payee.  At least with that, I can think, "Who the fuck is Bill?  Maybe I should pick up...oh, you got me, it is a cock licking telemarketer".  Fuck you up the ass with a coffee maker.  

  832-564-3248  Houston, TX - What the fuck?  At least this one left a message...but not a real message.  It was in code.  It was also in a thick accent, and I do not mean Texan accent.  Instead of Cowboys, think Indians...no, the other Indian.  So, code that was cut off (by my long outgoing message) that I could not hear nor understand.  Maybe I won the lottery.  Nope, pretty sure it was some telemarketer routed from half way around the world.  Fuck you!

16 January 2018
  206-596-0475  Washington - Oh, so sweet.  Call Protect caught this one.  Check it out.

Severe threat
It is all there.  Fifteen reports of potential fraud and flagged as a severe threat.  Fuck you!

18 January 2018
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - Well, well, well...look who came crawling back.  Almost been a month to the day (19 December 2017) since the last call.  Well, this makes it the thirteenth call from this spoofed number.  You know, maybe is it not a spoofed number, maybe this is a legit telemarketers number.  Fuck you!

24 January 2018
  310-896-3341  Redondo Beach, CA - Curious. Not your regular spoofed number from Beverly Hills, and nothing came up on initial search. Still, no message left.  So, I am guessing this is another spoofed number. Fuck you!

  956-815-0153  Laredo, TX - Normally, when I get a call from a not-so-well-known city, I make fun of the name.  I will do a little research on the town and, of course, make fun of any information I can find.  Usually, the first thing I do is do a quick search of the number and see if it has been flagged as a telemarketers.  But this time something pretty awesome happened.

 What?  The Caller ID came in as "Telemarketer".  Obviously, I do not have "Telemarketer" as one of my contacts.  There must be some algorithm running in the background, something in the operating system, or perhaps the carrier is running something.  Maybe all of the above.  Either way, this is some high tech shit!  Or, was just a fluke.

Oh, I got so excited, I almost forgot.  Fuck you!

31 January 2018
  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - Wow!  Strong push for the end of the month.

  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - This not a mistake.

  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - I did not go crazy with the copy/paste.

  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - Yeah, I kinda did.

  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - We should take a break.

  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - How about a picture?

Call Protect
Screen shot of the Call Protect notifications...so many that they all do not fit on the screen.

  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - Where were we?

  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - Oh yeah.  Look at the amount of calls.

  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - Heck, here is a screen shot of Call Protect

  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - Severe threat with 122 reports logged.

Severe threat
  323-306-4043  Los Angeles, CA - If you were counting, that was eleven calls from this number that Call Protect blocked.  Seriously?  Eleven calls?  Fuck you!
  503-961-9079  Portland, OR - Score another one for Call Protect.

  503-961-9079  Portland, OR - Yep.  Two call intercepted by Call Protect.

Funny thing is, it registered as a call from California. But, doing a quick search, the area code is from Portland, Oregon.  Has Call Protect tracked down the core origin of the spoofed call?  Either way, another severe threat with multiple reports.  Fuck you!