06 June 2013

Keyport Slide 2.0 - Kickstarter

I buy a lot of junk, usually online...stores, auction sites, forums.   Sometime last year, I learned about Kickstarter.  As you know, it can be a great place for getting stuff...especially, if you want something with a bottle opener.  Pretty much every bottling plant uses twist tops.  Why is there more of a need for a bottle opener than ever before?  College kids and hipsters think it is cool.  Whatever.

Keyport Slide 2.0

Anyway, in March, I found a great product to fund.  The Keyport Slide 2.0.  I have always wanted one of these ever since I saw their first version.  I never took the time or money to buy one, for whatever reason, I never pulled the trigger on this...maybe I was busy buying more junk.  Glad I waited, now there is a new and improved version.  The guys at Keyport needed funding for their newest version and went to Kickstarter for help.  I decided, this was the time to get one, and at the same time, help fund it.  Sounds so much cooler to say I funded a project that went to production.

It took about two months, as they had over two thousand orders to sort through, but I got my kit today.

Keyport Kit from Kickstarter Project
Included the kit I ordered is the Keyport case or housing unit, four blades or key blanks, 8GB USB flash drive, and mini LED light.  Yes, there was an option for a bottle opener.

Colours available

The Slide 2.0 is available in white, black, and red.  Red is too...red.  Black just seems like you are trying too hard.  So, I went with white...also, because it looks like a Stormtrooper. 

Keyport side plats

One of the options was to have coloured side plates.  You have your default colours, matching the main body or you can add a little flare with blue, green, black, or fuschia.  While these were tempting, I want black ones, they were also an extra $3.99 a pair.  You know how cheap I am.  They were also just coloured plates with a Keyport logo.  If I was going to pay $4 for it, I would want something more 'customized' than just a colour difference.  The solution?

Custom side plates with DMC logo
I made my own side plates.  Of course, I would have to customize with something.  Oh, I know...a DMC logo, duh.  As soon as I got my kit, I took measurements and made them.  A few hours later, they were printed out on the machine...for FREE!  I painted these with SEM Trim Black.

Painted custom side plates
There is one more small piece I need to change.  The nodes come in black, green, yellow, red, white, and blue.  I am not a big fan of the green one, so using some nail polish I bought, I will paint it silver.  Oh yeah, I bought some nail polish.  Why?  I needed to touch up some paint chips on my wheels.  Yeah, I colour matched the nail polish to DeLorean wheels. 

Close up of nodes and custom side plate

Awesome, looks something a Stormtrooper would carry.  Although, I cannot think of a reason for a Stromtrooper to use keys.  Seems like everything in Imperial ships and space stations are accessed by push button and proximity.  Anyway, I will do a quick review once I get the keys cut and I have had time to test it out.

So far, I have funded four projects on Kickstarter.  This is the first one to arrive, and only took about two months.  My package/kit was $79, pretty good price as their first version with the same blade options would have been about $100.  I will write up new posts as I receive items from the other projects.  I think this one was a success for everyone involved.

If you want to get yourself one, head over to mykeyport.com.  Looks like you can only order V1.0 for now, I am sure V2.0 will be available soon.

Keyport in the ignition
 Update:   I went to my local locksmith and had my keys cut.  I installed the blanks into the holder and tried it out.  They keys work and the unit is strong enough to take the torque of turning a tough lock on a old door.  The only thing I had to get used to was the holder, as it is a little bulkier than a normal key body.  Actually, it give you a better grip and easier to torque the lock.

The buttons lock in open and closed positions.  A light press on the spring loaded button releases the lock and the blanks slide out much smoother than I thought it would.  The compact size is a big plus, it takes up less real estate in your pocket.  Also, the keys do not dangle and jingle.

I only have a couple of minor complaints on the Slide 2.0, they are really minor.  I think the body could be about a quarter inch shorter.  Maybe I have short keys.  When they are all the way in, I feel there is too much room to from the tip of the longest key to the end of the unit.  In contrast, I think the when the keys are in the closed position should be locked a quarter inch forward.  I feel the buttons are a bit too far back in the closed position to comfortably access.  Again, these are really minor issues.

When I really began to study the design of the entire system, I noticed that there was a lot of thought into it.  The Slide 2.0 is a great design. 

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