13 July 2018

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 047-050

Issues 047-050

Oh boy, this shipment of parts will test one's patience.  So far, these four issues have taken the longest time to assemble.  Let us get to it.

Issue 047 - Steering Column

Contents of  Issue 047
The steering column will build onto the dash assembly from the last shipment.  This issue is pretty straight forward. I noticed a misprint in the instructions where they shows AP screws to secure the steering column covers. As no AP screws are included with this one, you are supposed to use the BP screws.

The steering wheel and steering column are die-cast.  I think the steering wheel should have a little thicker grip, maybe smaller diameter.  But, great attention to detail on the indicator and wiper levers, they are movable.

Issue 048 - Dash Wiring

Contents of Issue 048
Look at all those wires!  These are not injection molded wires, these are real wires.  This is where you will need to be very patient and have a steady hand.  

Pro tip:  I highly recommend a good set of tweezers, good lighting, and no caffeine.  Since some of the wires look the same, it is a good idea to double check the part with the parts list and part number at the front of magazine.

Work in progress
This is about half way through the issue.  Those nine little wires need to be individually threaded through the bracket before mounting to the glove compartment door.

Finished assembly up to Issue 048
It took about an hour, maybe more, to complete the wiring fest of Issue 048.  Tiny wires need to be plugged into tiny holes.  A good pair of tweezers is your friend. I have not cut my zip ties since the wires themselves have not been secured down.

Excerpt from Issue 047
Normally, in the magazines, you have about 4 pages of build instruction and another 4-6 pages of behind the scenes production notes and articles.  Well, this issue used almost the entire magazine as build instruction with only one page of production notes.  On to the next wire-a-thon.

Issue 049 - Seat Belt and Center Console Wiring

Contents of Issue 049
Oh look, more wires.  Luckily, this one is not as difficult and patient testing as Issue 048.  Simple routing of the wires, locking in the wires (from this and previous issue) with brackets, and zip tying.

We get a new screw!  The IP screw is introduced in this Issue.

Issue 050 - Driver's Seat

Contents of  Issue 050
Uh, the seats are die cast metal?  Yes, the core structure is die cast with a vinyl like cover to simulate the leather.  There are even foam cushion piece in between the metal and vinyl to give it that plushy feel.

The seat it mounted to the interior floor.  Note the slots on the floor.  Yes!  The seats are adjustable...and you can slightly adjust the recline of the seat.  You get about as much movement as your standard airline seat.

Assembled parts up to Issue 050
Again, look at all those wires!  The two cable ties on the passenger side will be tightened and trimmed once the passenger seat is installed in next issue.

Front part of interior almost complete

I can only imagine the fun times Joe Walser and the Time Machine Restoration Team had when they had lay down the wires and cables in full size.

Not a lot of screws in this shipment.  They more than made up for that in wires.  There are more wires in this shipment than your average Yeun Woo Ping movie.

Here is the screw count so far:

46-AP, 12-BP, 2-CP, 12-AM, 11-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 17-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 13-FP, 2-JM, 2-HP, 2-GP, 3-NM, 1-MM, 3-KM, 1-LM, 1-IP

to be continued...

09 July 2018

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines

Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines
I got this from my Eaglemoss subscription.  This is a collection of Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines, a collection of series of comic books that came out about two years ago.  The series is written by Back to the Future creator Bob Gale.

Note that this was not "bonus" issue.  I have seen a few 'complaints' about this on various forums and social media groups.  Apparently, you had a chance to opt out of receiving a copy of this, but I guess I missed that email.  You will be charged $24.95 for this graphic novel.  Good thing I did not have this yet.  Also note that that this is a special Eaglemoss Edition of the readily available graphic novel from IDW Publishing.

02 July 2018


Oh snap!  We are half way through the year and well in to the Summer season.

2 July 2018
  607-542-3928  Corning, NY - Normally, I would be talking shit about a town named 'Corning".  I mean, there are many ways I can go with this.  But...I know that The Corning Museum of Glass is there, and that is an awesome place.  Not that I have been there, but I have seen many demonstrations, via video and live, of their work in glass.  Someday, I would like to visit the museum.  Oh, where was I?  Yes...telemarketers, fuck you!

Update:  I noticed I had a voicemail, three days after this call.  The phone transcribed the message, obviously from the middle of their generic recording.  I purposely have a long intro for this situation.

"serious allegations"
Dude, "four serious allegations pressed on my name".  What you mean by 'pressed'?  Like embossed?  At least they say thank you...Fuck you!

5 July 2018
  310-849-2682  Beverly Hills, CA - Good to know that telemarketers and robots get Independence Day off.  America, what a country.  But, right after the fireworks, these fuck nuggets are right back at it.  Fuck you!

Only unlisted numbers call me
  310-849-8148  Beverly Hills, CA - Ah, see?  Telemarketers and robots are just like us.  They get National Holidays off, but have a shitload to catch up on the next day.  So, I get a second call...as always, do not pick up unlisted numbers. And, as always, fuck you!

7 July 2018
  251-239-3024  Alabama - Sweet, Call Protect intercepted this one and labeled it as "Potential Fraud" and auto-blocked the number.   

 Also, "Threat:  Severe" and 129 reports logged.  Fuck you!

9 July 2018
  310-849-3772  Beverly Hills, CA - Here I am, looking through photos on my phone.  All of the sudden, I get interrupted by an incoming call.  These fucking telemarketers.  Argh!  Fuck you!

10 July 2018
  310-843-5578  Beverly Hills, CA - Slightly different prefix, but same city...and same old shitfaced telemarketers.  Fuck you!

16 July 2018
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - Wait has it almost been a week since my last call?  Holy shit, you guys are slackers.  Watch, I will receive calls all week.  Anyway, we all know this number by now.  Heck, even Call Protect knows as it was intercepted by that fine app. Call Protect, thank you.  Telemarketer, fuck you!

  251-239-3024  Alabama - Two calls blocked by Call Protect.  Notice the call from earlier this month, also from Alabama.  I wonder if the telemarketer headquarters is in Alabama and they just forgot to spoof their number on this one.  Stupid idiots, fuck you!

24 July 2018
  310-849-2505  Beverly Hills, CA - Another week long break.  What, were you guys at Comic Con or something?  Fuck you!

  323-723-3174  Los Angeles, CA - I love it when the phone tag these calls.  Fuck you!

25 July 2018
  304-553-0136  Charleston, WV - Who dis?

Ah, 'suspected spam'.  Fuck you!