24 March 2015

Hauling the DeLorean

I guess there is a time for most classic car owners to have to car hauled off.  Unfortunately, that time came for me. 

A little back story.  Back in January, the car died on me while I was sitting at a stop light. At first, I thought the car was not warmed up.  After restarting it, it died again at the light.  Thankfully, it did not die in the intersection.  I figured that it was an RPM issue, drove home that night while trying to maintain a higher RPM.  This meant revving the engine while at stops.

I drove it a few more times after that.  Each time, it would die on me during low RPM.  A few times at a stop light, once while pulling into a parking spot.  Trying to restart a car while at a light is not fun.  I guess it is better than having it stall on a highway.

Part of the full service that DeLorean Motor Company provides is pick up and drop off.  So, a call went out.

Official DeLorean trailer
Danny came by with a truck and trailer to load up the car.  The car started fine as usual, but I am sure after running it for a few blocks it would die, again.

All secured and ready to hit the road
Off to see the wizard

 Strange to see my car moving down the road, from the outside of the car.

Following my car in my other car
I told him the issues I was having and some other things I wanted worked on while they have the car.  Stay tuned, I will update with what has been done.  Should be ready in about two weeks.

10 March 2015

DeLorean Page Caption Contest

Add caption
Last week, the DeLorean Motor Company had a contest on their Facebook page.  They posted the above photo and challenged users to a caption contest.

Facebook caption contest
Obviously, with mad Photoshop skills and even better sarcasm skills, I went to work.  I only 'entered the contest' because I knew I had a smart ass comment. Well, most of my comments on social media are smart ass comments.  So, I took to the computer and created this:

DMC Air Filter
To me, the original photo looked like it was trying to be a DMC logo.  A quick zip-a-dee-doo-dah on the old computer thing and...poof...we have a winner.  Yeah, I actually won.  Okay, I was one of three winners chosen.  But, I won.

Today my package came.

Box of dreams
My pen and note pad
The items came in box that was larger than it needed to be.  I know this is due to there standard box sizes, but I thought for a moment that they sent me the actual air filters in the original post.

Thanks to the Sarah, James, Stephen, and everyone at DeLorean Motor Company for selecting my entry as one of the winners.

Yay, free stuff for being a smart ass.

02 March 2015


After a short February, we are off to a strong start for March...another return caller that we all know to well.

509-982-4532  Odessa, WA
2 March 2015
  509-982-4532  Odessa, WA - Not one call...

  509-982-4532  Odessa, WA - ...but two calls, within a minute.  I mean, come on.  Fuck you!

5 March 2015
   310-627-1540  Los Angeles, CA - This came in on the office phone, but it still counts.  As I was getting this call, I hear other phones around me, also ringing.  I assume they all got a call from the same number.  Hey, it could be a coincidence but I am not going to check. I did look up the number and it is from a telemarketer.  So, it still counts, and fuck you.

9 March 2015
   415-876-8484  San Francisco, CA - Oh, this is a new number. I get excited when I get new numbers.  It means I can post it here, this also puts the number on the results when you do a search.  So, welcome.  Looks like March is West Coast telemarketer month.  Fuck you!

11 March 2015
   509-982-4532  Odessa, WA - Hey, Odessa!  Welcome back...and fuck you!

23 March 2015
   310-736-1913  Culver City, CA - This is interesting, it might be a wrong number.  I did a quick search for this, and one person received a telemarketer type call from this number.  Meaning, no message left.  Well, same here, no message left.  But, I also found out that this number belongs to a 'person', a Thomas Martin.  Pro tip, beware of people with two first names.  Like I said, this could be a wrong number.  This guy is just bad with modern technology, used to rotary dials, and always calls the wrong number.  Hence, the telemarketer label.  Or, it could be the telemarketers piggy backing on poor Mr, Martin's number.  Either way, fuck you!