15 February 2021

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issue 140-143

Oh, we have another shipment.  It was in a larger box, and that usually means we get another stupid binder.  One of these days we will get into why these binders are stupid.  Maybe we have already.  But, it has been so long...maybe you want to read about it again.

 Well, luckily this was not the case.  Some of the parts and packing material made this shipment too big to fit in their standard box.  They could have made it fit in a standard box.  Although, the feeling of expecting the stupid binder and be relieved that there was no binder is ecstatic.

Issues 140-143

By the way, we are still waiting on Issue 128...still waiting.  Anyway, here we go...

Issue 140 - Time Circuit Components

Contents of Issue 140

Tiny hands help when you have to deal with these little lightbulbs.  You also need a lot of strength.  Ideally, hands of a tree frog with strength of a bear.  Good luck. 

We also have some wire work in this issue. No, not like Yeun Woo-Ping...little tiny wires.

Issue 141 - Railroad Ties

Contents of Issue 141

Guess what.  Yep, same thing.  Although our parts came with an extra eight EP screws.  That is a lot of extras, as we normally get one, sometimes two, extra per screw.  We nearly doubled our EP screws after this shipment.  We know you are excited about the screw count.  Hold your horses, we will get to that at the end per usual.

Issue 143 - Rail

Contents of Issue 142

At this point, we do not even need to look at the build instructions.  Are we that good?  Nah, this is our fourth time doing this...and more to go.  Yay?

Issue 143 - Time Circuit Components

Contents of Issue 143

Yippee! We got two Issues with Time Circuit parts in this shipment.  Many small parts in this.  Careful with that cross piece, overtightening could bend the ends.  We found out the hard way.

This is what you have been waiting for...

113-AP, 25-BP, 2-CP, 22-AM, 13-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 38-DM, 3-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 21-EP, 22-FP, 2-JM, 5-HP, 4-GP, 16-NM, 3-MM, 9-KM, 2-LM, 23-IP, 1-OM, 1-PM, 4-JP, 2-KP, 3-QM, 2-LP, 6-MP 1-RM, 8-NP, 5-QP

to be continued...

05 February 2021


 Short month and these fuckers are wasting their own time in more ways than one.  Slacking off for almost a week before getting the first call/text.  Here we go

5 February 2021

  469-512-2469  Dallas, TX -  Okay, bonus points for having '69' twice in your number.  But, then it is fuck up after fuck up.  Follow along.  Reuben!  Close, but I usually go by a different name.


Oh wait, did I win something...I mean, did Reuben win something?  Sweepstakes, you say?  Well, shit.  Connecticut?  Wait, the text originated from Dallas.  There you go fucking up, again.  

Claim my prize?  Yeah, like I am clicking that link.  I will be disappointed, because I know that link will not lead to dick pics.  Seriously thinking about replying to these texts with dick pics.  Oh, I can show a code to an AT&T Store?  If I do, will the guy behind the counter whip out his cock?

Fuck you!

7 February 2021
  917-601-4549  New York - What, no more calls?  All I get are texts, now?


Come on, guys!  How many times do I have to tell you to check your spelling?  By the way, I looked up the number, and the first result was "Protect yourself from scammers and robocalls..."  Fuck you!

8 Februrary 2021
  310-849-9563  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh good, a call instead of text.  Ah, but a silenced call, because you sorry as is another telemarketer...and to that I say, fuck you!

  469-750-9048  Dallas, TX - Wait, three days ago, came in first in the Connecticut AT&T Sweepstakes. Now, I am second in the AT&T Rewards?  Wow, what luck!  


Okay, I get it.  AT&T Headquarters is in Dallas, but why would they run the sweepstakes and rewards program out of Connecticut?  Does the Connecticut branch not have the resources?  Considering I did not enter any sweepstakes nor rewards contests, and quite a drive from Connecticut,  that is pretty darn lucky of me to win...twice!  Fuck you!

9 February 2021
  310-504-6094  Redondo Beach - "Spam Risk"  Fuck you!

  714-748-1854 - Garden Grove, CA - Okay, we all know this is a fucking telemarketer.   But they left a voicemail.  We know, voicemails are a dime a dozen, but you gotta see this transcript.

"Spies now.."  This totally backs up our theory and explains everything.  Telemarketers are spies, looking for your information to use against you.  I mean, look how long the message is.  Double-O-seven.  We talking about James Bond shit going on here.  This is a matter of national security, we have international spies calling our citizens to steal our information.  Fuck you!

  310-504-6094  Redondo Beach, CA - They called back.  Pretty sure I told you to fuck off.  Okay not in those exact words.  How about now?  Fuck off!

12 February 2021
  833-736-0960 - This is a toll free number.  But, while toll free, still very likely a telemarketer scam.  Check this shit out:


We are going to look pass the many spelling and grammatical errors on this.  What are the odds that a Fortune 500 company cannot even write a simple note?  Nah, we just gonna gloss over that.

Look closely.  Is that fucking Comic Sans?  Okay, it is not Comic Sans, but it sure looks like an incestual relative of Comic Sans.  Again, we question the validity of a corporate memo when it is written in a questionable font.  Surely this robot is an uptalker.  Fuck you!

  760-653-3125  San Marcos, CA - ...and other thing...Fuck you!

13 February 2021

  844-725-0482 - Like the 833 area code number from yesterday, the 844 area code is allocated nationwide.  Therefore no specific location.  And, just like the previous scam we got the same message:


Same copy/paste message. Same spelling and grammatical errors...and the same fucking shit font.  It is so obvious they are cold texting people in hopes that someone will click the link and fall for their scam.

Speaking of link.  Note that they are different. If  the message/issues are the same, the links should be the same.  Nice try, fuck you!

18 February 2021

  310-801-4567  Beverly Hills, CA - Not once

  310-801-4567  Beverly Hills, CA - Not twice


   310-801-4567  Beverly Hills, CA - But thrice, and one shit attempt to leave a voicemail.  The voicemail was just some mumbling.  Perhaps they were shocked at our outgoing message, who knows.

As usual, we did a little research.  While this is a legit number of a business (maybe), we do not have business with them. So on a technicality, this is a telemarketing call. It can also be another spoofed call.  Either way, there is no need to call someone three times in one minute and not leave a proper voicemail.  Fuck you!

  310-801-4567  Beverly Hills, CA - Looks like they tried again to leave a voicemail.  Maybe it is a recording, maybe it was a robot.  It was in a foreign language, which we are not fluent in...and from what we have gathered, it has nothing to do with what the business is associated with...according to a search of the number.  

That was one awkward sentence. You know what is more awkward?  When your phone tries to transcribe a foreign language, or maybe they were trying to translate.  Tell me what they are trying to say:

Could be some spy shit

Could this be some spy shit?  Sure sounds like a secret password to confirm my identity before they transfer millions for the NOC List.  Fuck you!

  310-504-7886  Redondo Beach, CA - Today was a busy day, another Spam Risk.  Fuck you!

19 February 2021

  310-483-3648  Torrance, CA - And, the calls just keep on coming.  Of course, this was a Silenced Call.  But, just in case, we did a quick search and this number cam up as a "Debt Reduction Scam" and under High Risk.  Yeah, fuck you!

23 February 2021

  310-826-2787  Los Angeles, CA - This is pretty much your typical spoofed number.  Fuck you!

24 February 2021

  318-293-6285 Saline, LA - Spoofed number all the way from Louisiana.  Again, we have no business with anyone in Louisiana.  Heck, we do not have any business with anyone.  But, we do that this for them...fuck you!

  562-423-5062  Long Beach, CA - Yep, you guessed it.  No business with anyone in Long Beach, either.  Mind your own business, fuck you!