24 June 2011

Remixes 2 - My Review

This is going to be a long post.  I finally got to really listen to Depeche Mode's new remix album.  For the record, I listened to these on shuffle and wrote notes based on track number. So, I had no (clear) idea of what song I was listening to, or who mixed it.  I rate each remix on a scale of 1 to 10...whole numbers only.  None of that 1.21 out of 10 stuff.  Then, I take an average (using two decimal places) for the whole disc and entire album (using three decimal places).  This is just my opinion, so if you do not like it...you are just wrong.  Now, to figure out what my notes say.

CD and notes.

Disc 1:  Note that there is only one 'new' track on this disc.  Fitting that the new remix is the first (and probably only single from this album).  Average of 6.84 out of 10

   1. Dream On - Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix (2001) - Sounds like background club music, plain and uneventful. 5

   2. Suffer Well - M83 Remix (2006) - Good intro, I like the backing vocals.  Helps that the original is one of my favourites songs. 8

   3. John The Revelator - UNKLE Reconstruction (2006) - Safe remix, not to fancy.  6

   4. In Chains - Tigerskin's No Sleep Remix (2009) - Hint of People Are People, good remix.  Drags a little too long.  7

   5. Peace - SixToes Remix (2009) - Great remix, different approach from the original version.  Love the plucking of strings, and string section.  Almost like an acoustic remix.  8

   6. Lilian - Chab Vocal Remix Edit (2006) -  Dark, like the song.  Again, helps that I like the original version. 9

   7. Never Let Me Down Again - Digitalism Remix (2006) - Bad intro, distorted vocals.  Mash up of noise and one recognizable line from song.  Way over done.  3

   8. Corrupt - Efdemin Remix (2009) - Can do without the over repetitive intro, isolated vocal track.  Not much to offer, listen to the original...much better.  4

   9. Everything Counts - Oliver Huntemann And Stephan Bodzin Dub (2006) - Like the beat/instrumental part.  Vocals lack flow with the beat.  Too much distortion in areas.  7

   10. Happiest Girl - The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix (1990) - Good remix, does sound dated since it is from 1990.  There are better mixes of this great B-side track.  7

   11. Walking In My Shoes - Anandamidic Mix (1993) - Weird twangy stuff going on in the intro, rest of mix is easier on the ears.  8

   12. Personal Jesus - The Stargate Mix (2011) -  This track is the first single from the album.  Has a good beat, catchy.  Meets expecations, good update to a 21 year old song.  Also, only new remix on disc one.  9

   13. Slowblow - Darren Price Mix (1997) - Slow build, calm relaxing.  A remix of an instrumental B-side track.  Good track to end disc one.  8

Disc 2:  Note that this disc is all 'older' remixes.  Everything has been released in the past, usually on a single or DJ remixes.  Average of 8 out of 10

   1. Wrong - Trentemøller Club Remix (2009) - Kinda repetitive, lots of layers to listen to.  Once the vocals come in, it is good...actually, great.  9

   2. World In My Eyes - Dub In My Eyes (1990) - Classic remix.  Sounds dated...in a good way.  This one works on so many levels.  9
   3. Fragile Tension - Peter Bjorn and John Remix (2009) - Peter Bjorn and John opened for Depeche Mode during the US leg of their last tour.  Anyway, this remix sounds like a 60's spy movie theme song.  Love the xylophone-esque treatment.  8

   4. Strangelove - Tim Simenon/Mark Saunders Remix (1998) -  Love the inspector gadget intro.  Ten year anniversary remix of Strangelove.  Great remix, this one is flawless.  10

   5. A Pain That I'm Used To - Jacques Lu Cont Remix (2005) - Love the beat on this one, great remix.  8
   6. The Darkest Star - Monolake Remix (2006) - Beat does not match the vocals or the feel of the song.  Creepy spoken words.  5

   7. I Feel You - Helmet At The Helm Mix (1993) - Beat and vocals work well together on this one from 1993.  7

   8. Higher Love - Adrenaline Mix Edit (1994) - Always liked this mix of Higher Love.  This was the first song they played on their Devotional Tour, my first concert.  9

   9. Fly On The Windscreen - Death Mix (1985) - Another classic mix.  This mix can also be found on the US version of  the album Black Celebration.  May because I am used to it, but this is near perfect.  10

   10. Barrel Of A Gun - United Mix (1997)I like the change in tempo from the original version, brings new flavour to the song.  8

   11. Only When I Lose Myself - Dan The Automator Mix (1998) - Not much different from original version, although a bit more upbeat.  Very dated feel.  6

   12. Ghost - Le Weekend Remix (2009) - Over use of echo effects in the intro.  Beat works well once it sets in.  7

Disc 3: All new remixes, including ones from ex-Depeche Mode members, Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder.  Average of 6.58 out of 10

   1. Personal Jesus - Alex Metric Remix Edit (2011) - Fun beat in this one, nothing too crazy.  Almost sounds like a live mix. 8

   2. Never Let Me Down Again - Eric Prydz Remix (2011) - Cluby sound.  Very repetitive, yet soothing.  7

   3. Behind The Wheel - Vince Clarke Remix (2011) - Really like the techno beats on this, lots of layers to peel through.  6

   4. Leave In Silence - Claro Intelecto 'The Last Time' Remix (2011) - Nice intro, I like the slow remixes.  This really stands out from the over produced 'typical' remixes that one tends to expect.  8

   5. In Chains - Alan Wilder Remix (2011) - Like the slow build of this remix, adding layers of sound as if painting a room with multiple coats of paint.  A lot of work, at the end you have a beautiful finish.  Also helps that this was remixed by Alan Wilder.  9

   6. When The Body Speaks - Karlsson And Winnberg Remix (2011) - Great remix of a ballad.  Little much on the steel drums (or synth), but it gives the track a fantasy feeling.  It works.  8

   7. Puppets - Röyksopp Remix (2011) - Sounds like an Erasure song...or a Nintendo game.  It works well for this classic Depeche Mode song.  9

   8. Tora! Tora! Tora! - Karlsson And Winnberg (from Miike Snow) Remix (2011) - Uh, no.  Distorted vocals beyond recognition.  Beat and mix is all over the place, someone just went crazy with the synthesizer.  2

   9. Freestate - Clark Remix (2011) - I do not think this one works.  Too many things going on here, mix has no identity.  3

   10. I Want It All - Roland M. Dill Remix (2011) - A lot of these remixes have ridiculous long intros, this is one of them.  Once the vocals come in, everything falls apart, beat does not match the song well.  But, it grows on you.  6

   11. A Question Of Time - Joebot Presents 'Radio Face' Remix (2011) - Again, beat is too fast for the song, it almost works.  Everyone knows that remixing a track is all about a question of time-ing.  6

   12. Personal Jesus - Sie Medway-Smith Remix (2011) - Too much use of distortion on vocal parts.  Other than that, everything works quite well.  7

So tallying up my scores, the entire 3-disc album scores a 7.351 out of 10.  Not too bad, would rather have a one or two disc remix album with all new remixes.  Instead, we get one full album of new stuff, and two albums of past remixes that (if like me) most DM fans would already have some where in their massive collection.

07 June 2011

Remixes 2: 81-11

Depeche Mode's new remix album came out today (Monday in UK).  I have listened to two of the three discs.  As you know I am a total geek and ordered my copy from the UK.  Fortunately, I know someone who works for the US distributor, and he gave me a copy.  And, I play hockey with him.  He got a good view of me crashing into the net.  How awesome is that?  Now I have have a sealed copy and one to listen to.

While listening to the album, I received my copy of the first single from the album, Personal Jesus 2011.  The single was released on 30 May, in the UK.  Obviously, I ordered my copy from the UK and it arrived yesterday, about a week later.  So, I should be expecting my UK version of Remixes 2:  81-11.

I am going to listen to all of it a few times and perhaps write a brief review of the album.  But do not count on it, you know how I am with posting new stuff.

Special thanks to #21 and girlvaughn.

Update:  Just got the UK version.  A week after the initial release.

03 June 2011


Well, looks like the rapture did not happen for these sinners either.

3 June 2011
   480-719-7437  AZ, USA  These guys have called before.  Apparently, a cruise scam.  I wish it was Tom Cruise...I love Tom Cruise.  Maybe in Mission: Impossible 5, Ethan Hunt can take down the telemarketers. I would go see that.  I pretty much will see anything with Tom Cruise.

13 June 2011
   407-545-6413  FL, USA  Wait, what happened to Martin, ND?  They were so close to the record. Ah, but these guys have called before.  This is their fourth time.  Took a long break, with their last call in late March.  Keep it up guys.  You fucking suck big donkey balls.

15 June 2011
   404-891-5505  GA, USA  First time caller, long time terrorists.  I have received multiple calls from the 404 area code, all with 891 prefix.

17 June 2011
   323-334-5715  Los Angeles  Oh, you mother fucker.  This was a text spam that cost me twenty cents.   

21 June 2011
   517-937-2044  MI, USA  I looked this number up on google, and found this: 
Unfortunately while this number is a private cell phone, there is a company using this as their caller ID number when they call.  I hold this number and have been getting people calling back to see why this number was on their caller ID.  My cell phone provider cannot do anything so any help identifying the culprit would be greatly appreciated.  If this company calls you and you have a name please post so that I can finally get this resolved.  Any help out there would be appreciated.  Thank you
So, they are hacking private numbers.  Tell me, with a straight face...looking me in the eyes, and tell me...that this is NOT terrorism.  These fuckers are terrorists.
22 June 2011
   775-400-9774 NV, USA  Another twenty cents the terrorists owe me, this was via text. Apparently, I won a $100 gift certificate...all I have to do is call 855-257-4989 and redeem it with a code.  How can this possibly be a scam?  Screw the $100, you owe me twenty cents.

24 June 2011
   801-432-2126  UT, USA  At least this was not a text.  Regardless, fuck you!

29 June 2011
   917-739-5694  NY, USA  These fuckhead have called twice before from this number.  Actually left a message, same pre-recorded message as before.  They did leave a number, just in case you want to consolidate some credit card thing.  Whatever.  Give them a call and if you want, 800-706-6208.