31 December 2008

Five Point Game For Iginla and Cammalleri

Calgary Flames beat the Edmonton Oilers 6-4 in the New Year's Eve Battle of Alberta. Flames Captain Jarome Iginla and Mike Cammalleri each scored two goals and added three assists. The five point game is a first and career high for both. The also put the Flames at a solid first place in the Northwest Division heading into the new year....Happy New Year, indeed.

27 December 2008

Rene Bourque - First Career Hat-Trick

Rene Bourque scores three goals to get his first hat-trick in a 6-3 Calgary Flames win over the Ottawa Senators. Awesome!

24 December 2008

Awesome Scene

By far, the BEST chase scene in cinematic history. Enjoy.

09 December 2008

The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray

The biggest movie of the year is released on DVD/Blu-Ray, today. Also, I am going on vacation. Yeah, you guessed it, I will spend my time off watching The Dark Knight and all the special features. I also just got Call of Duty: World at War for PS3...yep, that is pretty much what I will be doing. Although walkinvisible would rather have me updating my blog during my free time.

Flames take on Canadiens tonight in a rematch of the 1986 and 1989 Stanley Cup Finals, the last time two Canadian teams met in the Finals. Could tonight's game be a sneak peek of the 2009 Cup Finals??? GO FLAMES!