17 October 2014

New Battery for the DeLorean

I was having trouble starting the car, this happened twice in the last few months.  I did some testing with a volt meter and it was obviously the battery as it was not holding a charge.  Better to be the battery and not the alternator.  At least with the battery I can swap out with relative ease.

Missing the 'loop' part of the latch
I am going with a smaller, lighter battery that still packs a punch.  Before I install the new battery, I need to make sure smaller battery will be secure in the battery compartment.  There is a strap to keep the battery from moving, but I am missing half of the latch/hook system.

Sketches of the new latch
So, I will have to make one.  First, some sketches, a simple design.  I have no idea what the original one looks like, and I was unable to find images of one on the internet.  I did not look very hard.  This should be simple enough.  I took some measurements off the existing 'hook' and used that as my guide.

Laying out the lines in Illustrator
Next step it so to layout the lines in Illustrator in preparation for the laser cutter.  I need something a little stronger than styrene, so we are going with Delrin, again.

Delrin battery strap latch
The slot on top is for the hook, while the two slots on the bottom allow the strap to be adjustable.  The advantage of having access to a laser cutter, other fun tools, and co-workers willing to help out.  Meanwhile, I ordered a replacement battery and it should be here in a few days. 

Odyssey PC925L Battery
Here is my little battery.  So cute.  I did  a quick volt check and installed it in the car.  The old battery is about 40 pounds, while the new battery weighs in at 24 pounds. 

Strap is too long
Since the battery is smaller, the strap is too long.  Looks like I will have to come up with a strap shortening device.

Battery strap shortening thing
There are many similar/better strap or seat belt shortening clips out there. Of course, I realize this after I had my clip made.  Most of these seat belt clips only shorten the belt about three inches, I needed my strap about eight inches shorter.  Although, I could have borrowed and modified the design to shorten the strap to the appropriate length.

Delrin strap shortening clip and strap latch
Clip and strap works, batter is locked down.  Oh, and the new battery works, too.  I should be able to get a few years from this battery.  One less thing I have to worry about...until the next thing goes wrong with the car.

06 October 2014


Fall is upon us, the days are getting shorter as darkness creeps up faster.  But not as fast as the evil of telemarketer.

6 October 2014
   509-982-4532  Odessa, WA - Odessa?  Hey, remember Odessa, Texas?  That was one of the places in Heroes.  Remember Heroes?  Those people with extraordinary powers.  Well, telemarketers have the super power to annoy everyone.  I wish I had the power to destroy all telemarketers, that would be awesome.  Save the cheerleader, save the world.  Destroy telemarketing, save the world. By the way, the telemarketers seem to be calling from the Pacific Northwest, as they were few years back.  Fuck you!

14 October 2014
  ba17612@163.com - Yes, this was a text message.  The good news is, this was sent via iMessage, so it should be free for me.  Otherwise, these fuckers owe me twenty cents.  Either way, they owe me time...and time is priceless.

Telemarketers use iMessage, too
So, if you need some knock off Micheal Kors bags, give these guys a call or go to their website.  I am sure it is totally legit.  Fuck you!

  Unknown - Argh!  One of these numbers, again.  Could be someone I know, but most likely...since there was no message left...this is another telemarketers.  Oh, perhaps it is ba17612@163.com calling me to ask if I want some shitty handbags.  Fuck off!

28 October 2014
  347-898-5427  NY, USA  - Nice two week gap of no calls.  But, the end of month is near, so this could mark the beginning of a wave of calls.  Hey, anyone out there want to be a telemarketer for Halloween?  Ladies?  How about a sexy telemarketer?

This year's most popular Halloween costume, the telemarketer.
Okay, I had to Google 'sexy telemarketer costume'.  The image above is one that came up.  Works for me.