20 February 2011

Dreaming of Me - 30th Anniversary

Depeche Mode's first single was released thirty years ago today, on 20 February 1981.

Dreaming of Me - 20 February 1981
There is no official video, but I stole this one off of YouTube so you can have a listen.

09 February 2011

Titanium Update

Went to the doctor for my final check up.  Once again, I headed to the x-ray room and took another set of x-rays.  I think they have a total of three rooms for x-rays...I have been in all three.

Final X-ray - Three-quarter View
The doctor said the bone has completely healed and gave me the go ahead to do whatever I wanted.  There is a little chip of bone floating at the top of the ulna, but that is no concern.  It will just stay there, just hanging out...like a satellite.

Final X-ray - Front View

While my movement is about 90%, my strength needs a little more work.  I skated and shot the puck around a few weeks back and it felt great.  Other than the first two wrist shots I took, everything felt strong, even slap shots.  Cycling, however, will take some time.  All the weight, and stress (vibrations of the road) on the wrist is too much for now.  I tried to ride last week, but had to turn off early due to pain.  Doctor says it will be a few months before I can fully ride a bike.  But, I am cleared to play hockey!
Final X-Ray - Side View

03 February 2011


Well, another month.  When the opportunity arrives, I try to talk to them and give them shit.  Heck, I have plenty of roll-over minutes and I like pissing people off.

28 February 2011
   949-637-2302  Orange County, CA (via text message...at 5:51 AM)

26 February 2011
   949-637-2425  Orange County, CA (via text message...at 5:30AM)

25 February 2011
   214-506-1102 TX, USA  (one number off from yesterday.  I would expect to get a call from 1103, tomorrow)

24 February 2011
   214-506-1101  TX, USA

17 February 2011
   602-396-4332  Phoenix, AZ

16 February 2011
   917-793-5694  NY,USA

3 February 2011
   602-396-4332  Phoenix, AZ