05 November 2022


 Been a while since our last call. Maybe those assholes at "Telemarketer International" are winding down from their Halloween buzz.  Or, perhaps the bots over there are cashing in their vacation time and chilling on the beaches of the Caribbean.

4 November 2022

  650-305-9328  Los Altos, CA  - Yeah, we looked this one up.  Based on search results, we can confirm that we have no business with the owner of this number.  Plus, it would be very inconvenient to do business with this establishment, given the our respected locations.

We have another spoofed number, typical.  Fuck you!

6 November 2022


Yeah, that is the address this text came from.  Come on, you can do better than that with a google address.


Do we really need to get into how fake this shit is?  Fuck you! 

7 November 2022

  661-469-3196  Buttonwillow, CA - Buttonwillow is one of those 'middle of nowhere' places.  Yeah, they have stuff like people...population of less than 1400.  

Oh, and they have a famous racetrack.  So, how about you race on over to Buttonwillow and fuck off.

8 November 2022
  reminderslastactions.acxsdj7rglvknt-02932993931@pqiyweuvgxoua.org - Yep, that is the email address that this text cam from.


We are going take a wild guess and stay that this is scam.  That fucking email address.  Is their IT department a bunch of cats just walking on keyboards?  Fuck you!

9 November 2022

   410-100-010 - Another one from 410.  Note the late time this text came in.

Cannot remember when the last time we made a purchase at Walmart.  Heck when was the last time were at Walmart?  Fuck you!

10 November 2022
 310-993-0361  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, good old Beverly Hills numbers.  We can always count on Beverly Hills numbers being telemarketers

Typical robo voicemail, like many other before...and many to come.  Fuck you!

24 November 2022
   908-628-1441  New Jersey - Well, this seems random on a Thanksgiving morning

What should be do with all this information?  Send a dick pic?  Fuck you!

25 November2022
  +86 (21) 7391 2629 Shanghai, China - What do you make of this?  There was a message left, sounded like a recording.  It was also in Chinese, obviously.  Again, no reason for anyone in Shanghai to be contacting us.  Also, at the time of call, it would be about 1:00AM in Shanghai.  We are just going to file this under telemarketer.  Fuck you!

28 November 2022
  800-459-4724  - Well, we have the phone labeling this as a Telemarketer...and Call Protect flagging this as the same.  A message was left and three words...Publisher's Clearing House.  Two more words...Fuck you!

29 November 2022
  808-215-6628  Lania City, Hawaii - Aloha to you, as well

Spoiler alert:  We are not in Hawaii.  Mahalo and fuck you!

  206-210-9718  Seattle, WA - Pretty crazy that the Kraken are at the top of the NHL right not.  This call has nothing to do with it.  Fuck you!

30 November 2022
  626-565-4472  Alhambra, CA - Search results come up with nothing useful.  Could be a butt dial, most likely telemarketer.  Fuck you!

appyply-verifymailidslfsx111-9057.scrmailapps@sendumantamu.biz - Uh, this email address looks a little suspect.


Yeah, this looks totally legit.  Fuck you!