30 July 2010

Recoil - Selected

I ordered this a few months ago, I guess in March. I received it about 2-3 weeks ago. Guess what, it is still in the box, in the shrink wrap. Good thing I found some pictures of it here. Otherwise, I may never know what it looks like. Packaging was designed by Un.titled.

“Un.titled were approached by Alan Wilder in the Spring of 2009, tasked with designing a record sleeve for his latest LP ‘Selected’ a 25 year retrospective of his Recoil project. The initial brief was to design artwork for a standard single CD jewelcase and special edition two CD set, incorporating elements from his existing artwork but giving the album an identity all of its own. A year on and we had not only designed two CD editions but two special edition boxsets, an iPhone App, European tour posters and photography of his live set in Berlin.

We always intended the project to have a raw, grimy edge offset with a clean typographic language. To achieve this we conducted a number of photographic experiments bringing together projected imagery, physical typography and found objects. The imagery represents each track featured on the album, with elements that would be identifiable to avid Recoil fans and abstract enough to ensure that Selected was an entirely new entity. The dark and textural imagery we created became the perfect accompaniment to the brooding, occasionally unsettling nature of his music.

“It was satisfying to find people who knew Recoil well and who were not only flexible and confident enough to incorporate the visual ideas from all the existing albums, but also skillful enough from that to create something new, fresh and recognisable at the same time. Not an easy brief. The designers at un.titled managed to do just that. Their team worked tirelessly and yet sympathetically until all parties were happy.” Alan Wilder – Recoil”

I also still have the Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe Box Set sealed. Actually, I have not even removed it from the shipping box...which is inside an unopened shipping bag. Yeah, I said bag.

Looks kinda the same, but from different designers. Maybe someday, I will open them.

25 July 2010

My "Highlight Reel" Goal - Part III

Well, not goal...but three goals and an assist. HAT TRICK and an assist! Yeah, four points...in a 6-4 loss. Girlvaughn told me I needed to score more goals.

The first of four points was an assist in the first period. I got a shot on goal, luckily someone got the rebound. That goalie was huge, hard to get around.

First goal was a semi-breakaway down the left wing, first period. Faked the forehand, went around the goalie and lifted the backhand just under the cross bar. Second goal was on the power play in the second period. I was dancing around the net, near the goal line Saw the puck drop in front of me and shot it backhand at the goal. The puck deflected of goaltender's arm and tricked in.

Between all this the other team scored a few goals. I had a couple of good shots...on the goaltender, one hit him in the face. I think I had two other breakaways. On one, I tried the Forsberg move, but lost the puck.

Third goal came in the third period. A goal a period, not bad. We were already down 6-3, with a few minutes left. I was standing in the slot, puck came to me and without looking, I took the shot. Saw the puck just make it under the goalie's arm. In the end, we lost the game.

There you go. Statistically (is that a word?), the best game I have played. Hat trick, baby! It is all down hill from here.