16 July 2022


 Something a little different.  Forget death and taxes as the two certain things.  In this day and age, spam and telemarketing calls are all the rage. 

We just spent a few a few hours going through our Junk Mail folder and unsubscribed to many of those random advertisements.  As they are coming in, we would unsubscribe, going through hundreds of spam emails.  Slow day at work.  Of course this is just an experiment, just like that Do Not Call List, that does not really work.  After a few...well two...we noticed that most of the spam comes from a few sources.  

By clicking 'unsubscribe' in the email, most of them take you to this link.  Very generic, very easy. 

Of course, by entering an email, we probably subscribed to a bunch of other junk mailing list.  Anyway, the next screen is what we found interesting.

Translation to what they are really saying.  "Your email address was sold and we acquired it.  While you may have unsubscribed to this advertisement, you have been put on many others.  If there is an issue, here is ridiculously long email address that you can write to.  Good luck with that."

Very doubtful that this will work.

While this is the generic version.  Some more specific version will have their company name on the top of the page.  Same format, enter address.  But the proceeding screen will have a disclaimer saying that it may take 48-72 hours to finish the process.  Some even say "allow up to 10 days to remove".

What?  That is fucking bullshit.  Some of the confirmation pages give you bullshit like "allow 3 business days".  Uh, we are receiving this shit on the weekend.  For spamming and telemarketing, everyday is a business day.  We live in a world that is instant.  How many times have you ordered something from a new site and immediately get put on a mailing list?  You get three emails once your transaction is complete.  Welcome to, Order Number, Save 15%.  That 'Save 15%' is your confirmation that you are on their mailing list. Instant!

Fuck you!

04 July 2022


We had a nice little break since our last call, a good three days of peace and quite.  It seemed like the telemarketers were taking the holiday weekend to celebrate Canada Day.  But, here were are on Independence Day with our first call of the month

4 July 2022

  +48 22 613 51 33  Warsaw, Masovian, Poland - Wow, this is truly an international event. This number tracks to a driving school in Warsaw that is 'temporarily closed'.  No doubt gone of  business due to global pandemic. 

Using numbers from out of service businesses to conduct telemarketing activities. Fuck you!

  310-849-4456  Beverly Hills, CA - ...and we are back to using the Beverly Hills numbers, again.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9589  Beverly Hills, CA - Here we go.  This is going to a the month packed of calls from Beverly Hills.  Fuck you!

5 July 2022

  213-547-4696 - Oh, this is the good stuff.  This is the rare occasion when they come up with something new to try to hook you in.  Be careful out there.  Check out this text:


We have some things that stand out, and we consider questionable.  Too many questionable things.

- What is "B zero A"?  This is not an "O", that is a zero.

- Aaron G?  No last name?  

- $551.5?  The proper way is to write it out, like this:  $551.50

- That IP address looks like it is somewhere in the Netherlands.  How many people in Netherlands are named Aaron?

- Of course, we checked that number.  It does not exist.  One would thing that a helpline would pop up on any search.  Also, proper formatting of a phone number calls for a hyphen between the "1" and "area code".

Oh, and call back number (helpline) does not match text origin number.  Fuck you!

7 July 2022

  +48 22 613 51 33  Warsaw, Masovian, Poland - Wait, is someone from Poland really trying to reach us?  We got this under "Silenced Call" and flagged by Call Protect as a Spam Risk, so we are leaning towards not.  Fuck you!

8 July 2022

  424-217-3283  Los Angeles, CA - Well, at least this was not a call from Poland.  Fuck you!

14 July 2022

  631-714-7163  Patchogue, NY - How does one respond to this?


It is situations like this when we want to reply with a dick pic.  Fuck you!

15 July 2022

  ujxxby@outlook.com - As the kid's say these days, "this looks a bit sus".


Is it even possible to order items without filling out a a shipping address?  This message came via text.  One would think that proper communications channels is via email.  Fuck you!

18 July 2022

  619-263-4888  San Diego, CA - Is this week San Diego Comic Con?  Why would anyone in San Diego be calling us?  Fuck you!

20 July 2022

  323-647-4566  Los Angeles, CA - Typical cold call.  Although they tried to leave a message, nothing came through.  Obviously, a robocall.  Fuck you!

26 July 2022

  310-897-2727  Gardena, CA - Initial search comes up with two results.  All signs point to this being a spoofed number.  Fuck you!

27 July 2022

  +49 69 0224 7697  Germany - We are a little rusty on our Deutsch, but was excited to see that there was a voice message.  Then disappointment, as the message was choppy.  Perhaps they were calling from a pay phone in Frankfurt.  

Also, from what we can hear, it did not sound German. Just sounded like English, "press one for..." auf Deutsch, bitte!  Darn, would have been nice to hear that this international call was all about.  Fick dich!