24 November 2011

Obi Wan Kenobi and the Death Star

Sir Alec Guiness

 Next time you watch Star Wars*, pay close attention to the part when Ben Kenobi is turning off the power on the tractor beam in the Death Star.  Two things.  It was raised an eyebrow, even as a kid, that the labels are in English.  Yeah, it actually, says "POWER" and "TRACTOR BEAM" on one of the level indicators. 

English is truly universal
In searching for pictures, I have discovered that in the original version, the labels are in English.  In newer releases, the labels have been digitally replaced with some alien writing.  See, even as a kid, I knew something was whacky about that.  I guess they needed to communicate to the audience that "this is the POWER to the TRACTOR BEAM, that Obi Wan is turning off".

Second thing.  When he see that there are a pair of Stormtroppers at the end of the hall, he throws something to distract them.  Well, some might think that he throw a small pebble.  Most believe that he used the force to 'throw' a sound over yonder.  Me?  I like to think that Obi Wan picked his nose and flicked a crusty booger across the hall.  Something to think about.

I always wanted this playset
Back in 1978, Kenner released a Death Star playset.  It was an awesome set.  It even had an area for your Obi Wan Kenobi figure to futz with the tractor beam power.  You can see it in the top right in photo above.  The set even had area for Luke and Leia  to swing across, even a trash compactor.  Kenner really knew how to make a great toy.

*Star Wars as in Star Wars (1977).  That was what it was originally called, that is what it should be forever known as.  Do yourself a favour and watch the original version from 1977.

08 November 2011


Starting out the month with a text.  I really hate texts, they cost me time and money.  Twenty cents is not a lot of money, but I am cheap.  Again, all calls are to my mobile phone...which I have been told is ILLEGAL.  Five calls and a bonus text in one day.  That is not a record, but it still bugs the shit out of me.  Fuck these people.

3 November 2011
   323-337-4657  Los Angeles, CA  On occasio, I get these "hey, do ya need some money?" kinda texts.  Here is an idea.  You save me the money by not texting me...and save yourself the time by not texting me.  Two birds with one stone.  Win/win...and you can go fuck yourself.

4 November 2011
   425-390-8126  Renton, WA  Clearly, Washington state is the new hub for telemarketers.  The wet climate is a drastic change from the Middle East desert for these terrorist.  

8 November 2011
   877-243-5604  Unknown  Oh, and unknown number.  I googled the number and it came up as possible telemarketer.  Better be safe, protect our country from terrorists and report to Do Not Call Registry.  We must keep up the fight. 

10 November 2011
   425-390-8126  Renton, WA  Second call from this number.

   425-390-8101  Renton, WA  Well what do we have here?  Eightteen minutes after the first call from a Renton number, I get this one.  What the fuck?  Both number will be reported...and nothing will happen, except more calls from Renton.

   425-390-8126  Renton, WA  Another call from Renton.  Should be getting another one in a few hours.

   253-246-8515  Kent, WA  I have had six previous calls from Kent, WA (253-246-8553).  This is frist time from this number.  According to Google Maps, Kent is about 7.5 miles south of Renton.  One nuke should take care of that.
   253-246-8515  Kent, WA  Well...hello, again...and fuck you.

   252-733-0084  Norfolk, NC   This one comes via text.  Again, that is twenty cents someone owes me.  Feel free to nuke North Carolina, too.

11 November 2011
   253-246-8515  Kent, WA  Really?  On Veteran's Day?  Have you no respect for the men and women who served your country?  Oh, I forgot...you people are fucking terrorists.  The day they end all telemarketing calls will be a National Holiday.

19 November 2011
   Unknown  Not only is it an unknown number, the call was made at 2:24AM.  Who calls people at two thirty in the morning ?  Terrorists, that is who. 

21 November 2011
   253-246-8515  Kent, WA  Fourth call from this number.  If you are in or near Kent, Washington, go ahead and hunt these guys down.  I am sure Homeland Security will reward you for your efforts in bringing down terrorism.

   253-246-8515  Kent, WA  Second call today.  Someone near Kent, Washington needs to layeth the the smackdown on these terrorists.

   626-384-0835   Gardena, CA  Another one via text...so, someone owes me twenty cents.  Ah, but I am in luck.  According to the text, I can get cash from these guys. 
Youre approved to get $1500 to pay your bills today!  Its easy and quick, goto http://www.cashfastsafe.com/ to getcash now, approved# 0.7469447
Think I can get my twenty cents back?  Notice the use of contractions and lack of apostrophes, and no space between some words. Fail.

22 November 2011
   253-246-8515  Kent, WA  Call coming in at 8AM.  Good morning, and FUCK OFF!

23 November 2011
   253-246-8515  Kent, WA  Seven calls from these fuckers.  FUCK YOU!

24 November 2011
   410-000-001  Unknown  Ah, incomplete number.  It can only mean one thing, a text message. According to Google, the 410 area code is from Easter Maryland.
FRM: Jules.Q.Cooper@iphone5testnkeep.com
MSG: Congrats! You were picked to Test & Keep the iPhone5-Beta, Confirm http://www.iphone5testnkeep.com
Feel free to to email Jules with goatse photos, gonna take a wild guess that their sight is filled with more viruses than a New Orleans hooker during Mardi Gras.

25 November 2011
   425-390-8134  Renton, WA  New number from Renton.  Same group of assholes, just different extension.  I wonder it is the same person that is assigned to my number and he/she works in both Kent and Renton.

28 November 2011
   253-246-8599  Kent, WA  Another new number from Kent, WA.   Notice the same area code and prefix...just different extension.  If pattern repeats, and it will, I will get about 5-7 calls from this number in the next two weeks.  Then, a new number will be issued to harrass me.  FUCK YOU!

30 November 2011
   253-246-8515  Kent, WA   Had to sneak in another on before the end of the month.  This is call number eight from this number.  I forget what the record was, I think it was ten.  Nice to see this number coming back.  I thought for sure it had been retired since I got another call from Kent.  I wonder if they actually retire numbers...do they hang them up in the rafters in Kent?  Go fuck yourselves.

   360-529-6175  WA, USA  Oh, just a generic Washington number?  Guess what...the area code also covers Renton and Kent, Washington.  There needs to be a few more Starbucks opened in Renton and Kent so people can have respectable jobs.  No one, and I mean NO ONE respects a fucking telemarkter.  Telemarketers bring nothing to the table, society is better off without them.

   360-529-6175  WA, USA  What a bunch of fucking assholes.  Second call from this number.

05 November 2011

Today In History

How appropriate that we set our clocks back on this day.  True time traveling.