07 September 2017

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 001 & 002

Eaglemoss Build the Back to the Future DeLorean, Issues 001 & 002
By now, you should have heard about the Eaglemoss Build the Back to the Future DeLorean project.  This subscription based model kit (if you will) is 130 issues.  Each week, you receive a new issue with new build parts for your 1/8th scale Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine.  Yes, 130 issues...130 weeks.  If my math is correct, this build will take over two and a half years just to acquire all the pieces.

Each issues includes parts for the build and instructions.  That alone is pure awesomeness.  But, you also get (as part of the instruction booklet) a magazine with articles on the production of the Back to the Future trilogy, behind the scenes stuff, production notes, concept art, cast and crew interviews, facts and trivia, etc.  At the end of your subscription, you will not only have the most accurate Time Machine, you will also have one heck of a book on the history of Back to the Future.

If you are in the UK, Japan, and other countries, you are almost 40 issues in.  So, for weeks...months, those of us in North American have been waiting for this to become available.  Well, it is about time.  If you want to get started with your subscription, go to deloreanbuildup.com

The subscription also includes other goodies along the way:  posters, display stand, license plate, binders for your magazines, etc.

There are plenty of blogs, forums, videos, social media groups, out there on these builds.  You may even see me in one of these videos in the future.  The builds are simple, with about 5-10 pieces per kit, with an assembly time of about 5-10 minutes. For this series, I will just do a 'before and after' format with some random commentary.  The format may change as the build progresses.

Issue 001 contents
 Issue 001 - Rear Fascia

The build starts off with one of the more recognizable parts of a DeLorean, the rear fasciaThis is also (one of) the first part you see of the Time Machine as Doc rolls it off the van at Twin Pines Mall.  Did I mention that this build includes die cast parts?  This is heavy!

Pro Tip:  The kit does come with a screwdriver.  I think it is a #0.  Many have said that this is not the best quality tool and recommend investing in a better screwdriver.  There is and will be a lot of screwing around with this project.  The included screwdriver works fine, at least for now. But, I found that a #1 screwdriver works better for the AP and BP screws you will be working with. While not included with the kits, it is a good idea to have some tweezers and an X-acto blade handy.

The completed Issue 001 kit should look like this:

Rear Fascia, License Plate Bezel
Looks like you will be able to switch out the license plate if/when there is a 2015 license plate option.  Resist the urge to install he license plate bezel until you install the left rear light assembly...which you get in Issue 002.
Issue 002 contents

Issue 002 - Left Front Fender

DeLorean owners and enthusiasts know that the left front fender is a rare part.  Not too many 'extra' panels were made, so these are hard to find and very 'valuable' in the DeLorean community.

The kit also includes the left rear tail light that you have been waiting a week for.  North American customers received Issues 001 & 002 at the same time, so we did not have to wait...although, we are still twenty something weeks behind folks in other markets.

Pro Tip:  While the screws are self tapping, it might be a good idea to pre-tap some of the screw bosses...especially those on the die cast parts.  Slowly and carefully pre-screw a screw into the hole and back it out.  Then put the parts together and screw away.  I had trouble with screwing into the die cast parts on a later issue, more on that in the future.  The screws go in to plastic with relative ease.  Get yourself a little storage container with little compartments for your left over parts* like screws.

The finished assembly of Issues 001 & 002 should look like this:

Left Front Fender and Rear Fascia
You will not need the fender or rear fascia for a while as the next 20+ kits will be wheels, suspension, chassis, and other areas of the car.  So, keep these parts in a safe place.

Pro Tip:  Hold on to the inner and outer blisters from Issue 002.  You can store that coveted left front fender in there for the next few months as you work on other areas of the Time Machine.  Also a good place to store your left over parts until you get a storage organizer.

*Extra piece count after two issues:  5 AP screws,  3 BP screws, extra registration labels.

Left over parts after two issues
Bonus trivia:  Today in Back to the Future history, 7 September 1885.  The Shonash Ravine run of the Time Machine that sent Marty back to 1985.  This resulted in the Time Machine being destroyed by an on coming train.  Now, we start the journey of putting the DeLorean Time Machine back together.

to be continued...

04 September 2017

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2017

September is a month of change. The end of summer.  School starts. Your favourite television shows are starting up.  New car models are hitting the showrooms.  Telemarketers continue to call.

4 September 2017
  323-454-2892  Los Angeles, CA - What, on Labor Day?  Telemarketers do not even get a National Holiday off?  They do not even let the robocall machine have a rest.  Oh, the humanity.  Fuck you!

5 September 2017
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - This fucknut, again.  Spoofing.  Fuck you!

20 September 2017
  310-777-2109  Beverly Hills, CA - Well, this is a surprise.  Been a long time since our last call.  Kinda felt like a pre-teen girl waiting for that boy to call me.   Finally, after a fortnight, I get a call.  While nothing showed up on a search, this call is from Beverly Hills with the usual no message.  Therefore, according to my logic, it classifies as a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

25 September 2015
  732-865-8789  Farmingdale, NJ - Is it me or does 'Farmingdale' sound like another one of those sappy shows on the CW?  Great looking cast, but just a shit show.  Fuck you!

  424-356-4658  Inglewood, CA - Exciting!  Second call of the day but, from a totally different number.  What if the first number from the East Coast was a set up.  Then  hours later, they call from the West Coast...hoping that I will pick up...so they can sell me some typewriters or something.  By the way, "typewriter" is the longest word one can spell using only the top row of letters on a QWERTY keyboard.  And...fuck you!

27 September 2017
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - Ha, we all know this number.  I wish it was a person on the other end, and not a robot.  I might consider answering next time just to have a chat...nah!  Fuck you!