23 October 2012

Depeche Mode Tour 2013

Depeche Mode Tour 2013
Depeche Mode opens tour in Tel Aviv on May 7th with 34 dates in Europe.  North American dates have yet to be annouced.  New album to be released in early 2013. 

MAY 7 - Tel Aviv - Hayarkon Park

MAY 10 - Athens - Terra Vibe

MAY 12 - Sofia Georgi - Asparuhov Stadium

MAY 15 - Bucharest - National Stadium

MAY 17 - Istanbul - Kucukciftlik Park

MAY 19 - Belgrade - USCE Park

MAY 21 - Budapest - Puskas Ferenc Stadium

MAY 23 - Zagreb - Hippodrome

MAY 25 - Bratislava - Inter Stadium

MAY 28 - London - O2 Arena

JUN 1 - Munich - Olympic Stadium

JUN 3 - Stuttgart - Mercedes-Benz Arena

JUN 5 - Frankfurt - Commerzbank Arena

JUN 7 - Berne - Stade de Suisse

JUN 9 - Berlin - Olympic Stadium

JUN 11 - Leipzig - Red Bull Arena

JUN 13 - Copenhagen - Parken

JUN 15 - Paris - Stade de France

JUN 17 - Hamburg - Imtech Arena

JUN 22 - Moscow - Locomotive Stadium

JUN 24 - St Petersburg - SKK Arena

JUN 27 - Stockholm - Borlange Peace & Love Festival

JUN 29 - Kiev - Olympic Stadium

JUL 3 - Dusseldorf - Esprit Arena

JUL 7 - Belgium - Rock Werchter Fest

JUL 11 - Bilbao - BBK Festival

JUL 13 - Lisbon - Optimus Alive Fest

JUL 16 - Nimes - Antic Arena

JUL 18 - Milan - San Siro Stadium

JUL 20 - Rome - Olympic Stadium

JUL 23 - Prague - Synot Tip Arena

JUL 25 - Warsaw - National Stadium

JUL 27 - Vilnius - Vingus Park

JUL 29 - Minsk - Arena

More information can be found at the band's website at DepecheMode.com 

22 October 2012


Can you believe that it has been over a month without a call?  Yeah, thrity two days since the last call.  I know, seems like a life time.  Is the Do Not Call Registry actually working?  This is election time and I will vote for the candidate that eleminates telemarketers.  This will help stimulate the economy and create jobs.  Face it, telemarketing is not a job.

Seriously, it has been so long, I think I forgot who to do this.  In all my excitement, I almost forgot to report this to the Do Not Call Registery. But this shit is like riding a bike.  On with the show...

22 October 2012
   253-246-8553   Kent, WA  These mother fuckers have called before...yeah, no shit.  But here is the kicker, they only called last year in October.  Of course, they had to call me six times. Go fuck yourself!

26 October 2012
   202-769-7192   DC, USA  Holy shit, a call from Washington, DC.  The president needs me, I must go on a sercret mission.  Oh wait, it is a fucking telemarketer call.  Shit, we were doing so well with just one call a month.  The flood gates have opened.  Fuck!

06 October 2012

Two Years Ago I Did Something Awesome

Taken about a couple of minutes after the break
Funny how the picture above, I am holding up two fingers, in typical Asian photo pose.  On this day two years ago, just at the NHL Season was about to start, my hockey season ended in an awesome accident that resulted in a broken, fractured, and dislocated wrist.  You can read about it HERE.

Today, the anniversary of a "break up"...next week will the two year anniversary of a "marriage" of titanium to my wrist.

Oh yeah, I still play hockey.  I have a game today...on the anniversary.  I think I have been watching too many Twilight Zone episodes on NetFlix.

While we are on hockey...you could say that the game I played two years ago was probably my worst game.  You know, having an injury and all.  Last week, I had my best game.  I scored four goals.  Yeah, four.  I better write this down, so I can remember it in the future.  Not for you, for me...but you could read on to see how amazing I was.

First goal.  First period goal, standing in the slot to the right of the net.  I see a shot rebound off the goal tender as I skate toward the open side (left of net).  Rebound comes to me, I take the puck just a little further from the goalie's reach an wrist it in.  1-0

Second goal.  Still first period, hanging around the crease area. Another shot towards net, I skate around the back of the net to the front.  Rebound off someone in front, I take the puck as the goalie comes to block, and roof it backhand...as someone whacks my stick out of my hands.  The puck hits the inside crossbar corner as my stick drops to the ground.  Believe me, this would have may SportsCenter.  4-2

Third goal.  Second period, two on one, I am on the right wing.  Receive pass from team mate, one-timer into open net.  Hat trick!  Breaking the tie, 5-4

Fourth goal.  Second period, end of a long shift.  I was tired, wanted off.  Puck was in our zone for a while.  Finally got it out, went for a slap shot but realized I was too tired to muster up a shot.  Did sort of an unintentional fake slap, did a little move around a defender and wristed it deep in the zone.  Wrist shot was low and on net...in fact, it went in.  I guess scoring goals 1, 4, and 5 were not enough as a hat trick...I scored 4, 5, and 6 for the natural hat trick.  I am awesome!  6-4

We ended up winning the game 6-5.  There was a lot of luck and help from the rest of the team to get those goals.  I doubt I will ever repeat that performance.  I have a game later today.  Hopefully, the bionic wrist will help...and I will not need any more bionic parts.  Although I do like titanium.

01 October 2012

DeLorean Control Knob Modification

I really like the blue lights on my window switches.  Time to do a simple modification on the control knobs.  I have already changed out the incandescent bulbs that light up the panel to LED's.

Stock control knobs and AC panel
The stock control knobs have a little indicator that I think is suppose to pipe light from behind the AC panel.  The plastic insert is semi-translucent.  Mine were painted white on the exposed areas, with what looks like White-Out.  Again, not sure if this is the way it was meant to be.  One would think that they could have just molded the inserts in a white, instead of painting them.  Having an early car, there might have been changes made.

Tangent:  Why is it "A/C" and not AC?  Is it "air/conditioning"? No, it is "air conditioning".  Then you have HVAC...and not HVA/C.   Because it is "Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning", no slash.  So, I am sticking with "AC".  My blog, my rules.

I removed the white from the inserts hoping to see some light illuminate the indicators.  This is when I got to idea to make blue ones so I could have blue illuminated indicators.

Control knob with insert removed
There are four of these knobs in a DeLorean. Three on the AC panel, these may or may not light up. One for the rheostat that controls the instrument lights.  The rheostat insert is molded in black, another reason why I think they could have just molded the others in white.  I used the black insert to make a mold, since this one was the most 'clean'.

Silicone mold of the insert
I consulted the mold shop on what shades of blue were available.  We have a variety of colours available and almost any colour can be matched by our Master Mold Maker, Mark Wyatt.  He even offered to make/pour the silicone mold for me.  The guy is a pro.

Finished cast inserts in clear blue
I need four parts cast from the mold.  Using one mold, Mark would cast four parts in exact matching shade of blue.  He had to mix the blue four times, and they are a perfect match.  I told you, the guy is a pro.

The rheostat insert stays black.  Now, just need to replace the other lenses.  The knob for the heat/cool gets one insert, main control gets two, and the fan control gets one.

Blue indicators on the AC panel
How does it look?  Well, it could be better.  Not much light gets through to illuminate the inserts.  Even when I had stock semi-translucent inserts in, there was not much light.  I think this is why they started painting them white.

There is a little blue showing through, so it is a partial success...not a complete failure.  I might just need brighter LED's back there...or a modified AC panel.