12 June 2018

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 043-046

Issues 043-046
The shipments are coming in a little faster than every four weeks.  I do not mind this at all.  Perhaps in a few months the wave one North America subscribers will catch up to the UK subscribers.  Keep it coming, as we are about thirty issues ahead

Issue 043 - Time Circuit Switch

Contents of Issue 043
Another exciting issue, the time circuit switch.  Pretty straight forward build.  Lots of great detail in the graphics and labeling of the parts.  The switched on the base are real switches that will no doube be turn on/off some cool stuff.

The parts assemble on the the center console from the last issue (042).

Issue 044 - Dashboard

Contents of Issue 044
Nothing fancy here.  Just three pieces that are screwed into each other.  Some of the detail is lacking on the sculpt.  For example, there should be speaker hole on the left hand (driver) side of the dash.  Only the right hand (passenger) side has speaker holes.  Some of the corners should also be a little more rounded.

Issue 045 - Binnacle

Contents of Issue 045
Like the Time Circuits, the Binnacle is back like with LED's mounted on a circuit board.  Even the top mounted digital speedometer is back lit.

The display in the binnacle has been corrected.  The earlier (UK) versions had an upside down DMC logo, which made it look like DWC.  Everything here looks correct, including the 95 mph speedometer.

The assembled binnacle is mounted on the dashboard.

Issue 046 - Plutonium Gauge

Contents of Issue 046
The plutonium gauges are back lit and 'linked' to the binnacle lights as the wires are directly connected to each other.  Connecting these two wires felt a little bit like Doc Brown on top of the clock tower.

Parts of this issue are directed mounted on to the dash.  The finished assembly of this shipment should look like this:

Assembled parts from this shipment
Neither the center console nor dashboard are ready to be mounted to the interior at this time.

Now, here is something you will really like...

45-AP, 11-BP, 2-CP, 12-AM, 10-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 16-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 11-FP, 2-JM, 1-HP, 1-GP, 3-NM, 1-MM, 3-KM, 1-LM

to be continued...

09 June 2018

DeLorean Splinters

If you are cursed with DeLorean ownership, surely you have dived into the fuse and relay compartment a few times.  Because of the awesome materials used and detailed finishing, you no doubt have received a splinter or two.

Luckily, for me, I have avoided the being stabbed by Dunmurry plywood...until now.

Casualties of DeLorean ownership
No big deal.  It could have been worse.

Lifting Rear Deckboard

But, I have noticed that every time I needed to plunge into the fuse and relay compartment, I always almost embed a wooded shard into my hand while lifting the passenger side Rear Deckboard.

Rear Deckboard - #106176
Every time I run my hand around the edge of the plywood cover, I run the risk of getting splinters...like I did today.

Ah!  There is a simple solution!

Hockey sock tape
All you need is tape.  I have a few rolls of clear hockey sock tape that I never use for hockey.  I use reusable straps to secure my socks. One time purchase and no waste of tape or money.

Where was I?  Oh, any thick plastic tape that is about an inch wide will work.  

Taping the edge
Center the tape along the edge and tape around the perimeter.  I started around the bottom left and followed the edge, all in one long strip.  You will want to make this in one pass so the tape edges do not get caught on the parcel shelf carpet.  Avoid stretching the tape too much while laying it down.

Finished laying tape
No need to tape the bottom edge.  Make sure the tape is centered on the edge of the plywood.  Once the tape is laid down, it should look like the image above.

Cut darts
Now the fun part.  Use a knife or scissors to cut darts in every corner, both sides.

Starting with the long curved side on the left, start folding over the tape on both sides of the deckboard.  On the top curve, cut two darts about 1cm from center.  See image above.

Finally, wrap over the straight edges...and you are done.

Finished deckboard
Now, your hands are protected by splinters.  Bonus:  Your carpet is also protected by the rough edges of the plywood.  You will notice the deckboard will easily glide along the carpet the next time you remove/install the #106176.

I do not access the other side that much, but a good idea to tape that up as well and save some skin and carpet.

07 June 2018

Hanging Out with the Co-Founders of Bremont

The English Tour with Bremont co-founders Nick and Giles English hits the West Coast this year.  Along the way, they stopped by Feldmar Watch Company on Pico in Los Angeles.  I got a chance to attend and meet Nick and Giles.

Bonus:  The event was also the unveiling of a new Limited Edition watch.

Nick's 1970 Series II Jaguar E-Type
Nick brought his Jaguar while Giles drove his Porsche

Giles' 1973 Porsche 911T
Since Feldmar does not have a parking lot, the boys parked their cars right on the sidewalk.  I thought about bringing my car, but the lack of parking changed my mind.  I found out later that they would have let me park in front, too.

Mingling at Felmar

I know it looks like Nick and Giles are doing a karaoke duet.  But, they did a quick intro to the brand and their tour.  A video was shown to get the crowd of about 50 pumped up about the brand.  I was already pumped to be there.

Carol, Giles, Scott (owner of Feldmar) and Nick

Giles and Mark Healey
The team introduced new brand ambassador Mark Healey.  Mark is basically Aquaman.  He surfs huge 60 feet waves, free dives to 160 feet deep, holds his breath for 2 minutes under water (over 6 minutes on land).  These photo are rare images of Mark on land.

Fish and Chips
After a brief introduction we were presented with a video about the new Limited Edition Waterman.  Limited to 300 pieces, based on the S2000 with GMT (like the Terra Nova and Endurance LE's). A white dial with blue lume, sapphire crystal and bezel, with sapphire display caseback.  Oh, and the strap...a black nylon strap with red stitching.

Kevin unveils the 2018 collection
Kevin, the new North American Director of Sales was there.  He unveiled the 2018 collection along with the new Limited Editions.

Limited Edition Waterman

Look at that strap!
I was the first to try on the new Limited Edition Waterman.  This was a prototype as it did not have markings on the back.

Limited Edition 1918
Had to check out the rotor on the Limited Edition 1918.  Such a beautiful piece.

Photo with Mark, Nick, and Giles
Spent some time looking at the other Bremonts on site as well as other watches that were on the floor.  I brought my Bremont cap for the boys to sign...and a silver pen.  Nick remembered me from the last Bremont event at Feldmar, over two years ago. 

Nick signing my Bremont cap
Argh, I forgot to ask Nick and Giles about getting a Bremont MBI on Tom Cruise for Top Gun:  Maverick.
Wrist shot
The obligatory wrist shot.  Nick is wearing an AIRCO MACH 1 with grey canvas NATO strap. I am wearing n MBIII with grey canvas NATO strap.  Giles has the U-2 on a Hambleden leather NATO strap.

One final shot of the Limited Edition Waterman with my signed Bremont cap.

Thanks to Nick, Giles, Carol, and Kevin, and everyone at Bremont.  Also Scott, Jamie, Ben, Fred, and everyone at Feldmar Watch Company for hosting a wonderful event.

01 June 2018


Well, that did not take long at all.  First day of the month and these guys are on it.

8:24 AM
1 June 2018
  209-766-9324  Modesto, CA - Bright and early, first thing in the morning.  At 8:24 AM, most people are not even up yet.  I know, because some slackers do not get to work until around 10...and we are supposed to start at 8.  Oh no, not the telemarketers, they are not slackers.  Fuck you!

  813-320-0432  Sun City Center, FL - Second call of the day, also marked as Telemarketer. No big deal, no surprise.  But, the name Sun City Center.  I had to look that up.  That cannot be a real name for a city, sounds like a shopping mall.  Oh, it gets better.  Living up to the Florida stereotype, Sun City Center is a Retirement Community.  Actually, they claim to be "America's Premiere 55+ Community".  They have a whole city devoted to retirees.  Classic telemarketer cold calling, hoping to take advantage of our elderly citizens.  Fuck you!

4 June 2018
  310-849-2081  Beverly Hills, CA - From Susan Tomper, via the Detroit Free Press (May 10, 2018):

American were blasted by 3.36 billion robocalls in April - up 6.5% from a record set in  March...It amounted to about 1,297 robocalls every second...robocalls are being sent by fraudsters to make it look like the call is coming directly from the IRS, FBI, utility companies, banks, etc...Unwanted calls - including illegal robocalls used by criminals pretending to be from the IRS and elsewhere, spoofed calls, and telemarketing - are a major source of complaints for regulators.  The FTC estimate that fraud from unwanted calls costs consumers about $9.5 billion annually...scammers increasingly know how to manipulate caller ID information to make it seem that the call is from a local area...scammers use such spoofing to increase the likelihood that consumers pick up the phone and increase the consumer's trust in the call.

It goes on and on.  Basically, it is good article that I can pretty much sum up into two words. Fuck you!

6 June 2018
   310-974-8105  Torrance, CA - D-Day!  While remember the brave soldiers that stormed the beaches of Normandy...I get a call from cowardly telemarketers, probably from Normandie Ave in Torrance.  Yeah, not the same.   Fuck you!

7 June 2018
  310-589-4924  Los Angeles, CA - This was blocked by Call Protect.  I did a search for it anyway, just to see where the number originates from.  Look what I found:

310-589-4924 = robocaller
Yep.  So, a big robo fuck you!

   310-849-6506  Beverly Hills, CA - No need to look this one up.  We all recognize this area code and prefix.  Fuck you!

13 June 2018
  310-849-5317  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh look at this shit:

A 6:51 AM call.  Fuck you!

14 June 2018
  310-849-8143  Beverly Hills, CA - Okay, a little better.  This one came in at 8:24 AM.  Still.  Fuck you!

18 June 2018
  310-849-9252  Beverly Hills, CA - I wish I kept count of how many calls I have received from 310-849-XXXX.  Out of 10,000 numbers, how many do you think are left that have been spoofed and called?  Fuck you!

   323-515-7370  Los Angeles, CA - What is up with Call Protect?  It seems the app is not intercepting calls.  No big deal, the phone marked this as 'Telemarketer'.  So, fuck you!

22 June 2018
  310-843-6231  Beverly Hills, CA - This is one of those rare searches where nothing really comes up.  So, this could be a legit number, like a genuine wrong number.  Or, as usual, this is spoofed number and we are dealing with a telemarketer. After all, the call did originate from Beverly Hills.  Fuck you!

25 June 2018
  310-849-4126  Beverly Hills, CA - Nothing came up on a search.  But, this from Beverly Hills...and we all know that 310-849-XXXX number is being spoofed.

And, the call came in just before 8AM.  Why would anyone call before 8AM?  Fuck you!

  310-409-0793  Beverly Hills, CA - Again, no search necessary.  The phone marked this as "Telemarketer".   Phone...thank you.  Telemarketer...fuck you!

26 June 2018
  310-448-1424  California - One

  310-448-1424  California - Two

  310-448-1424  California - Three

  310-448-1424  California - Four.  Four calls. Not only that, these were intercepted by Call Protect app.  Just when I thought the app was on hiatus, it bounces back like Mario Lemieux after radiation treatment.

 I should add that, to no surprise, all four calls were made within a minute.  I wonder if Call Protect counts each ring as a call or if they actually made four attempts within a minute. Either way, thank you Call Protect for stepping up.  As for the telemarketer, you get the usual:  Fuck you!

27 June 2018
  310-846-1380  Beverly Hills, CA - Yeah...you know...I know.  Fuck you!