02 August 2021


 Starting off August strong with this soon to be classic.  Jumping right to it...

2 August 2021

  1-410-100-004 - Yeah that was the number.  No effort at all, not even trying to spoof any number.  You think that was lazy, check out the message


Company name is misspelled.  Format is questionable.  Is this a text or fax?  Hey, there is a number that you call all crank call.  Oh, and the message?  Uh yeah.  The very obviously, rookie response, would be "did your cat walk on your keyboard right before you sent this? 

Anyway, message received, loud an clear.  We have a message for you.  Can you guess what it is?  FUCKYOU!

  310-504-8045  Redondo Beach, CA - Who are these 504 people coming out of nowhere?  Random thought:  Why is 'nowhere' an accepted word, when it can be confused with 'now here'?  No where, no here.  Interesting.  Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program.  Fuck you! 

3 August 2021

  itdudfyexg@gmail.com - Should have saved the 'cat walking on keyboard' joke for this one.  Seriously, how are going to give that as your email in an application or job interview?  As if the email address is not stupid enough, look at the text.  The fuck is that?


We know that this was a mass text to well over 20 people.  Perhaps it is time to start sending these email, and text, accounts some dick pics.  Did we mention this text came in before 7:30 in the morning?  Fuck you!

  917-428-7652 New York -  That is now how we spell Jamal. Also, not how one spells AirPods.

You fail, and fuck you!

  855-987-4336  - Thanks phone, for saving us the trouble of looking up this number.  But we all know that 855 numbers have a great chance of being a telemarketer.

Busy day, today.  You may all proceed to fuck yourselves!

4 August 2021

  786-586-3554  Miami-Dade County, FL - Did we order something...two of something?  So, this could be legit, but highly unlikely.  Pretty sure we did not order anything from Florida. 


The website looks suspicious, so we did a little search.  It seems that this website was created in April, of these year.  Less than four months old.  Did we really order something less than four months ago, from a suspicious site, and totally forgot about it?  Possibly, buy again, highly unlikely.  

Therefore, fuck you!

5 August 2021

  855-978-4336 -  Another 855 number.  We know that means, even without it being flagged by the phone and Call Protect.  Fuck you!

  559-593-9913  Clovis, CA - This is going to be a busy month.  We are barely a week in and averaging a call a day.  Fuck you!

9 August 2021

  310-452-7338  Santa Monica, CA - Considered a late call, coming in around 8:30PM.  no immediate results from search.  Could be a wrong number, but we are going with spoofed number.  Keeping August active.  Fuck you!

10 August 2021

  708-948-4695  Chicago, IL -  Well, we kinda asked for this.

Step 1.  Complain about a call coming in at 8:41PM

Step 2.  Receive text at 1:41 AM


Apparently, we are "friend 2514".  Wow, over 2500 friends.  Do you text all your 2500+ friends in the middle of the night?

Fuck you!

  855-987-4336 - Hey, we recognize this number.  Here is something else you should recognize.  FUCK YOU!

  714-831-0897  Brea, CA - Interesting.  Results from a quick search shows that this number has been linked to many telemarketing/scam calls way back in August/September of 2019.  Have they sat on this number for two years, and bringing it out now for another quick run?  

There are other reports on this number, but they all come to basically the same conclusion.  Robocaller, telemarketer, scammer.  So, we will conclude with this:  Fuck you!

11 August 2021

  707-832-4518  Eureka, CA - Ah, the advantages of having an annoyingly long outgoing message.  They tried, they really tried to leave a message. But only last half of their last sentence got through. 

 Clearly a robocall with a recording.  Wait, an option to opt out, and be on a do not call list?  And, all we have to do is press two now?  Shit, sign us up.  Fuck you!

12 August 2021

  855-987-4336 -  Call us once, shame on you.  Call us twice, shame on us.  Call us like five, six times, then maybe we should be blocking you.  

So, we blocked this number in the Call Protect app.  Yet, we still get notifications that this number called...but it is a 'Blocked Call'.  Yeah, we know.  This is why we blocked it. We do not give a flying fuck if and when they call.  Well, it is good info that these guys are still calling, despite being blocked.  Tune in tomorrow as they will surely try to call again, like a desperate ex.  Fuck you!

13 August 2021

  410-200-501 - These are getting boring.  


What the hell is Wells Banking?  Is that even a real bank?  For sure, this is not a bank that we do business with.  Besides, there is an app for this kind of thing.  Should we mention that the link is a little sketchy?  Fuck you!

16 August 2021

  855-987-4336 - Still calling?  Fuck you!

17 August 2021

    530-652-2305  Auburn, CA - Pretty sure the warranty on our car is well beyond expired and not eligible for any warranty extension.


This is typical cold call. Typical fuck you!

  310-504-7455  Redondo Beach - Another 504 number.  Another fuck you!

18 August 2021

  310-504-7427  Redondo Beach, CA - Guessing they are trying every number in the 310-504-XXXX until they reach us.


Surprise, bitch.  We got Call Protect and auto silenced calls.  Fuck you!

  626-604-4115  Alhambra, CA - Chalk up another one for Call Protect.  Also, the results from a quick search shows that this is a robocall.  Fuck you!

  855-987-4336  They just keep on calling.  Fuck you!

20 August 2021

  855-987-4336  And...fuck you!

23 August 2021

  310-504-7594  Redondo Beach, CA - Whittling down the numbers.  Here is another one for the books.  Fuck you!

25 August 2021

  877-603-0254 - Guess there was a break yesterday.  But coming in early and strong to make up for lost work.  Fuck you!

  310-504-7482  Redondo Beach, CA - Not once...

  310-504-7482  Redondo Beach, CA - Not twice...

  310-504-7482  Redondo Beach, CA - But three times within a minute.  Same old 310-504 numbers. Fuck you!

    310-504-8866  Redondo Beach, CA - Oh, mixing it up?  Those first three calls were not enough?  This was only one call, so far.  Fuck you!

  213-556-7886  Los Angeles, CA -  Gonna give you credit for a number that rolls off the tongue easily and smoothly.  Good number to have, easy to memorize.  But, too bad you are a telemarketer.  That suck to be you. Fuck you!

26 August 2021
  501-749-5970  Little Rock, AR - Interesting.  As usual, we did a little search on this number and it seems to originate from the Little Rock Air Force Base.  What business would an Air Force Base have with us?


Oh!  We were totally clueless to the fact that AT&T works out of an Air Force Base.  There is no way that this can be a scam.  Like, no way.  Sure, they misspelled our name.  Also, if they did over charged me, there is absolutely no way they can credit the account with the overcharge.  Yeah, totally need to click on that very questionable link to get compensation.  Yep, legit.  Fuck you!

27 August 2021
  310-504-6962  Redondo Beach, CA -  Another one?  Wow, just going through all the variations with this 310-504 prefix.  Amazed that new numbers just pop up daily.  Plenty left to use for more calls, cannot wait.  Fuck you!

  707-773-5499 Petaluma, CA - Nothing on initial search, could be a 'legit' wrong number. But, you know we always lean towards these being from telemarketers and scammers.  Fuck you!

30 August 2021
  310-504-7056  Redondo Beach, CA - Well, they did take the weekend off.  But back at it on Monday morning. Fuck you!

  310-504-6031  Redondo Beach, CA - Okay, this one was flagged by Call Protect and the phone.  While the previous call, was not. Does this mean it was legit! Fuck no, and fuck you!