31 December 2014


If you are a frequent reader of this series, you might be wondering, "where is the December 2014 issue?"  Well, I was on vacation for most of the month.  This mean I had my phone turned off.  When I go on vacation, I go on vacation, no mobile or internet.  Well, mainly because I was out of the country and too cheap to pay for roaming and internet charges.  Anyway, we should get to the last call of the year.

31 December 2014
   918-930-9160   Westville, OK - No, not OK.  I think I used that joke the last time I got a telemarketer from Oklahoma.  While I am not surprised, I am impressed that these fuckers are so dedicated into scamming us.  I mean, they are calling on New Year's Eve.  That is dedication...fuck you and your dedication.

Even though I had my phone turned off for about three weeks this month, the terrorists managed to call.  I almost had a telemarketer-free month.  The only telemarketer-free month I have had, since October 2010, was December 2012.

Oh hey, October 2015 will mark the fifth anniversary of this series.  I am excited (not really) to bring you more telemarketing rants inn 2015.

22 December 2014

DMC Holiday Ornaments

Special day, today.  Five years ago, I went down to DMC-California and took a first look at the DeLorean I would eventually purchase.

This is also a special time of year for most as the Holidays are here, Christmas is a few days away, the year is winding down, and a new year begins as we start 2015.  Oh, I have a feeling there will be some exciting DeLorean related things happening in 2015.  Actually, I know there are some things planned.

Anyway, I got a package from DeLorean Motor Company.  Well, I ordered some stuff, so I was kinda expecting it.  Just play along.

Best wrapping paper, ever
I ordered a complete set of DeLorean Holiday Ornaments.  Back in 2004, DMC released their first ornament, limited to 500, individually numbered.  I noticed these back in the day during my many visits to the DMC website.  But, I never got any as they were a bit pricy.  Plus, at the time, I did not have a DeLorean.  Although, I did have a key blank.

When I finally got my car, it was really pricey to get the set and catch up to the current release of the series.  It meant I need to order 'back issues' of six ornaments.  I believe they started at $25 and when up as the older they were.  The investment would have been around $150-200.

In 2013, DMC ended the series at ten ornaments.  Getting all ten would have made about a $350-$400 dent in my wallet.  That is almost a price of a left front fender.  Having a complete numbered set was not a priority, but I would love a set.

A few weeks ago, DMC sent out their Holiday mailer with a special price of $99 for a complete set of the ornaments (with non-matching numbers).  What?  For the price of about three ornaments, I could get the whole set?  Sign me up!  A matched set would set you back $400.

Complete set of ten DMC Holiday Ornaments (grille emblem not part of set)
The package came the other day and to my surprise, this is almost a complete numbered set.  All but one (2004) had matching numbers.  Close enough.
  • 2004 - Front view, with doors up. Cast in pewter with painted red bow.
  • 2005 - Iconic pose, right side view with doors up.  Cast in pewter with "Happy Holidays" In door way and dangling snowflake from door in gold plate. 
  • 2006 - Rear view with a string of lights along rear fascia.  Cast in pewter, painted light bulbs and taillights.
  • 2007 - Left side view, with tree on roof (and most likely on a luggage rack).  Cast in pewter, painted tree, "2007" painted in red.
  • 2008 - Porcelain circle with image of DeLorean and Santa Clause.  Includes red ribbon.  Rear has DMC logo and list of the six DMC franchises.
  • 2009 - Not sure what metal this is cast in.  Polished finished of the DMC wheel.
  • 2010 - Polished thin metal ornament, with intricate detail.  "Happy Holidays 2010" in red
  • 2011 - Porcelain DMC logo.  Painted in silver with black trim and adorned with holly.
  • 2012 - Crystal disc with faceted edge.  Image of DeLorean etched.
  • 2013 - Polished finish, low front view with doors up. 
Finally seeing these up close, I would highly recommend getting a set or some individual ornaments if you are a DeLorean fanboy like myself.  These are quality items and really well crafted.

08 December 2014

Flux Capacitor Watch by ThinkGeek

The Flux Capacitor Watch by ThinkGeek
ThinkGeek is a great place to get your fill on geeky stuff.  Their 'Invented at ThinkGeek' items are almost always a hit.  I have quite a few of these exclusive items. ThinkGeek's latest awesomeness is the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Watch.  At only $50, this thing is worth your...wait for it...time.

Makes time travel possible
Out of the box, this thing is just amazing.  Maybe I am just a major Back to the Future fanboy, but I am truly impressed by the presentation.  Even the box is really nice.  The only complaint I have is the window shows too much of the foam surrounding.  While the pack out is acceptable, generally, you use a more 'quality' padding material if you display it in a window.  But enough about the box, we should talk about the watch itself.

This is heavy
This is one bulky watch.  The case is really thick and the band is fairly thick.  Having said that, this does feel like a quality piece of jewelry and quite heavy.  Watches are consider jewelry, right?  I just wanted to write that sentence without using the word 'watch'.  Because, you know that 'watch' will come up many more times in this post.  I guess you could also call a watch, a....wait for it...time machine.

Flux capacitor, fluxing
Telling time on the watch is a different from your typical watch.  There are three 'arms' to the Flux Capacitor, each arm with four LED's. This makes twelve total LED's for the twelve hours on a regular clock face.  Looking at the top left arm of the "Y", the four lights represent 1, 2, 3, 4.  The right arm of the "Y" is 5, 6, 7, 8.  Leaving the leg of the "Y" with 9, 10, 11, 12.

To read the time, press the middle button.  The lights will blink three times. For example:  at 9:41, the lights will blink 9, 4, 1.  It takes a little while to get used to, but it is quite simple.

Does it flux?  Well of course it does.  The main reason to get this is to see the chasing lights.  Just press the bottom button and flux away.  The time circuits will show a random date...you just traveled to this date.

Time circuits, on
The time circuits show the date; year, month, and day.  The liquid crystal display is a little dim and difficult to read in some lighting.  I wish this area was back lit somehow and would prefer the month-day-year format.  But it is red, and red meaning Destination Time on the real time circuits.  Oh, you guys at ThinkGeek think of everything geeky.

I have girly wrists
As mentioned, this watch is quite bulky.  I mean, look how it makes my wrist look all dainty.  I am guessing this is due to the minimal spacing of the LED's, any closer and you would not be able to read the lights as separate lights.  Also, the depth of the face needs to accommodate the "Y" and cable details, as well as the LCD time circuit screen.  Plus, you need all that room in there to shield against the 1.21 gigawatts of power.

The bezel and band are stainless steel.  Awesome, this matches my car.

I have a cool scar and cool car
The watch is secured with a heavy duty clasp.  This is a fold over clasp with dual button release, it also has a locking latch.  The band is quite wide, not only making my wrist look tiny (again), but also covering almost a third of my awesome scar.

Watch dimensions:

  • Band width - 24 mm (measured at middle of watch band, not bit rate of data)
  • Case width - 35 mm 
  • Case length - 44 mm
  • Case height - 17 mm
  • Weight - 164 g (weight as is, without removal of links for sizing)
Is it worth it?  If you read this far (by the way, thanks for reading), then you are obviously interested in Back to the Future and/or watches.  So, yes!  For $50, you cannot go wrong.  The cool factor alone is worth $34.50, be a man.  Any Back to the Future fan will enjoy this.  Plus, if you are driving your DeLorean and someone...everyone one...asks you "where is the flux capacitor?", you can show them your watch.  Heck, you can even do the poster pose.

For another cool Flux Capacitor item from ThinkGeek, check out their USB Car Charger.  I may or may not do a review on this.  But, it is really cool.